Hosting The Eye Opener hands down was one of the greatest opportunities I had in my life!

Ok guys, everyone who owns a mug that matters please grab it and let’s have a final toast. Let’s toast to the power of TRUTH…the truth is what has brought us all together and the truth is what will set us free! The truth about the CCP and their evil plan to ruin America…the truth about the MSM and their evil plans to manipulate us, the truth about progressive politics and their evil plan to destroy America from the inside out, the Truth about Big Tech and their evil plans to control and censor us, the truth about big pharma

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World leaders are viciously scapegoating the unvaxxed; WH tweet may DOOM Biden’s vaccine mandate

A common trait among left-leaning leaders is a penchant for exaggerating or distorting facts to achieve their political ends. President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are in this category. They slander Americans and Canadians who oppose mandatory vaccine mandates, using them as scapegoats. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even labeled unvaccinated Canadians as "extremists," "racists," and "misogynists" who deny science during a talk show in Quebec last September.

President Biden’s mandate requiring vaccines for businesses with 100 or more employees was supposed to take effect this Monday, but the Supreme Court heard an emergency motion to block it.

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Desantis’s opinions cut through the political distraction; Poll shows Trump easily beats Biden 2024

As the Jan. 6th breach of the Capitol remains unresolved Gov. Ron DeSantis’s comments cut through the politics of the event. He said that the legacy media would milk the situation for all it’s worth blaming the demonstrators and Trump for inciting violence.

A Rasmussen poll of 1,000 U.S. voters conducted by the center on Jan. 2nd-3rd showed that only 28% of U.S. voters believed that Biden would win if he ran for president in 2024; 37% believed that he would lose to the Republican candidate if he ran in 2024; 21% believed that Biden would resign before the end

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Upcoming major events will determine U.S. Future;CALIFORNIA:first illegal immigrant-majority state?

The winds of change are blowing strong across America and the world. Major events will shape our future and we must be prepared. U.S.-China relations will stay in flux for this year with each trying to gain global dominance. Back home Americans will continue to see major shifts in populations as people move to more accommodating states. As Californians continue their exodus will the state be the first illegal immigrant majority state?

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Schumer THREATENS to destroy the filibuster with “Nuclear Option” if GOP keeps putting America first

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is threatening to annihilate the filibuster if Republicans don’t get in line and vote to pass the Democrats’ voting bill. The threat is a strange one considering Schumer doesn’t have all the Democrats on his side. He can threaten and cajole all he wants but when push comes to shove it’s Manchin who is putting the party and Americans first.

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Twitter suspensions of Dr. Malone & Rep. Greene pushed Joe Rogan to lead his 7.8M followers to Gettr

Joe Rogan, the largest podcaster in the world with the largest audience at 11 million per show, has decided to move From Twitter to GETTR in light of the unethical banning of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dr. Robert Malone. Voices of truth refuse to be stifled. To give you a sample of Rogan’s influence, once he announced the move, GETTR said they had more than 150,000 new users sign up in a single day.

#JoeRogan #Greene #RobertMalone more

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Let’s usher in 2022 with a positive episode.We must become the change we want to see in America

I hope each and everyone of you have been able to get your mind off politics and just relax and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. So in the spirit of the season and taking our minds off the worries of the world…the Eye Opener team has put together a special episode. Now if you are a regular viewer of the show you have come to know that we enjoy veering off the political path every once in a while and tell stories of Encouragement, American Tradition, art, wisdom and of God and spirituality.

So please grab all

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To move in the right direction for CHANGE in 2022 we must Review 2021, let it go and embrace HOPE

The year has been a difficult one with all the lockdowns and the financial problems everyone is facing. But this episode will give you a glimpse at how far we have all come. Before we get into it once again I wish you all the best in the coming year.

Joe Biden began his term by immediately repealing many of the policies of the previous Trump administration in favor of a far-left socialist government that set the scene for a year of many serious crises. By the end of the year, almost every one of Biden’s policies had failed, and

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Sen. Paul uncovers SHOCKING sums of money wasted; Cruz slams MSM’s dishonest coverage of Dr. Fauci

Since 2015 Sen. Rand Paul has released an annual report on the waste in government called the Festivus Report. This year he found $52 BILLION, yes BILLION dollars in waste. Some of the more outrageous projects include the Defense Department paying out $250 million for border walls around Middle Eastern and North African countries, spending $549 million for aircraft for the troops in Afghanistan and then literally throwing them away, and spending $11.3 million, in part, to ask Vietnamese citizens in Vietnam to stop burning trash. And there’s so much more.
Mainstream far-left media’s distorted coverage of the news has

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DESANTIS WARNED:Stop BlackRock’s pension investments in CCP;US media outlets accept huge CCP payouts

We know that the Chinese Communist Party has been stealing intellectual property and sending spies to the U.S. for years. But did you know that state governments have been investing state pension fund money in the CCP? Well, Gov. Ron DeSantis plans to put an end to that.

The scandal of the Chinese Communist Party paying huge sums of money to Western media to use it as a big foreign propaganda outlet has increasingly raised concerns in the U.S. Recently, it was revealed that a radio station in Washington, D.C., received $4.4 million from the Chinese Communist Party. more

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