Had there been a competent, credible special counsel running Midyear Exam independently—the way Bob Mueller’s Russia investigation has been run – I think circumstances might have been very different, and we would not have been where we ended up in July,” McCabe said.
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Author: H. A. Goodman

Illinois Considering “Asset Transfers” To Pensions: Be Afraid

Submitted by Mark Glennon of Wirepoints

Governor JB Pritzker’s administration has now made clear it will seriously consider the latest idea to address Illinois’ pension crisis – transferring public assets directly to state pensions. It recently announced the formation of a task force on the subject.

At its core, the concept is exceptionally simple. In practice, however, it’s exceptionally subject to smoke and mirrors and would further obscure a pension system that’s already far too opaque. More importantly, asset transfers do nothing to improve the state’s overall fiscal health. read more

OPERATION CRAFTY BEAVER: Deep State attempts to start a race war before stealing the 2020 POTUS election

Operation “Crafty Beaver”: Jussie Smollett’s Juvenile Hoax to Frame the MAGA Movement Exposes a Much Deeper Conspiracy


“Female Obama” Kamala Harris Poses as a Deep
Co-conspirator to Inflame Racial Tensions Before
She Tries to Steal the 2020 POTUS Election

State of the Nation

There are two main players in Operation “Crafty Beaver” as seen in the photo above — Jussie Smollett and Kamala Harris.  Both of them are very “crafty beavers” in their own right.

There is a rapidly unfolding Deep State conspiracy afoot to rig and/or steal the 2020 POTUS election.  But this election theft will be preceded by an attempt to race war. read more

America’s Socialist Revolution Has Begun

Submitted by Simon Black via

On October 31, 1517, an obscure German theology professor put the finishing touches on a paper he had written about the current state of the Catholic Church, and sent it off to Archbishop Albert of Brandenberg for review. The professor’s letter was polite and professional, with a formal tone that one might find in a modern academic work. It could hardly be described as revolutionary.

Yet within a few years, the professor would find himself excommunicated by the Pope, branded an outlaw and heretic and living in hiding under the protection of an army of followers. read more

Will The Trade War Lead To Real War With China?

Authored by Chas Freeman via,

What the U.S. faces with China is not a new Cold War but a contest unlike any it has known before…

Five hundred years ago, Hernán Cortés began the European annihilation of the Mayan, Aztec, and other indigenous civilizations in the Western Hemisphere.  Six months later, in August 1519, Magellan [Fernão de Magalhães] launched his circumnavigation of the globe.  For five centuries thereafter, a series of Western powers — Portugal, Spain, Holland, Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and, finally, the United States — overturned preexisting regional orders as they imposed their own on the world.  That era has now come to an end. read more

The Outlook For Automation And Manufacturing In Seven Charts

Submitted by Visual Capitalist

Over the last decade, the prospect of mass automation has seemingly shifted from a vague possibility to an inescapable reality. While it’s still incredibly difficult to estimate the ultimate impact of automation and AI on the economy, the picture is starting to become a bit clearer as projections begin to converge.

Today’s infographic comes to us from Raconteur, and it highlights seven different charts that show us how automation is shaping the world – and in particular, the future outlook for manufacturing jobs. read more

Lawsuit To Halt $500 Million Obama Library May Proceed, Judge Rules

A federal judge in Chicago ruled on Tuesday that a lawsuit aimed at scuttling President Obama’s $500 million library may proceed, according to the Associated Press

Dubbed an “ugly waste of taxpayer resources” by angry Chicagoans, the presidential center slated for construction in a park beside Lake Michigan may be in jeopardy after Judge John Robert Blakey denied the city’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Protect Our Parks. 

Supporters of the project had hoped the court would grant a city motion to throw out the lawsuit by Protect Our Parks, some fearing any drawn out litigation might lead Obama to decide to build the Obama Presidential Center somewhere other than his hometown. read more

Amazon Paid Zero Corporate Tax For Second Year In A Row

Submitted by

President Trump has never hidden his disdain for cyber-retailing giant Amazon Inc., accusing the company of unfair tax practices and antitrust violation. The president probably won’t be too amused by a new report that the company avoided paying any federal income tax in 2018 for the second year in a row despite posting billions of dollars in profits.

The purveyor of two-day delivery of just about everything posted a massive net income of $11.2 billion in fiscal 2018 after doubling it from the previous year’s tab of $5.6 billion. Yet, a report by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) shows that the company did not pay a single cent in income tax on both occasions—ironically in large part due to Trump’s tax bonanza of 2017. read more

Grand Canyon Museum Tourists Exposed For Years To Dangerous Radiation, Whistleblower Admits

For nearly two decades at the Grand Canyon, tourists, employees, and children on tours passed by three paint buckets stored in the National Park’s museum collection building, unaware that they were being exposed to radiation.

Federal officials learned last year that three five-gallon buckets stored in the Grand Canyon’s museum building were literally overflowing with highly-radioactive uranium ore. The buckets were moved to the museum building when it opened in 2000 and were so full of the ore one literally wouldn’t close.  read more