Dems’ Tit-For-Tat: Gun Violence National Emergency

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Why a future Democratic president will never declare a national emergency over gun violence…

President Donald Trump has encountered criticism from both sides over his declaration of a national emergency on border security. Beyond the discussion of whether the situation warrants such action, many in the political world have raised the prospect that Trump is setting a dangerous precedent that will give future chief executives the opportunity to declare national emergencies to address any domestic issue by fiat, bypassing Congress. read more

3Y Auction Tails As Yield Drops To One Year Low

Starting a new month of coupon (and deficit) funding, today the Treasury sold $38 billion in 7 Year Treasuries at a high yield of 2.448%, the lowest yield since March 2018, which tailed by 0.4bps the 2.444% When Issued and followed the first “stop through” in February, after 10 consecutive tails.

The internals were in line with recent auctions: the bid to cover of 2.56 was virtually unchanged from January’s 2.55 and was right on top of the 6 auction average. More notably, the Indirect takedown rebounded from last month’s 45.7% print, rising to 49.5% the highest since December 2018 and above the 46.7% average, as Directs dropped sharply from 18.5% in February to just 9.4%, the lowest takedown since November, leaving Dealers with 41.1% of the auction, right on top of 41.2% 6 auction average. read more

NASA Is About To Test A Solar-Powered Drone That Broadcasts 5G 

SoftBank and AeroVironment are ready to conduct flight tests of its experimental solar-powered drone that can deliver 5G connectivity to anywhere in the world, reported Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Dubbed Hawk 30, the drone is a curved “flying wing” design. Filings with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Securities and Exchange Commission show the drone has ten electric engines and an operational altitude of over 12 miles.

read more

Italy’s Intention to Join China’s One Belt, One Road Under Scrutiny

The Italian government appears to be divided over whether to participate in China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative, as concerns are being raised within Italy and its ally, the United States. 

Italian’s intention to join China’s project for growing geopolitical clout was first announced by Michele Geraci, undersecretary of the Italian economic development ministry, in an interview with the Financial Times on March 6. Geraci stated that negotiation was underway and Italy could formally sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China to enter the initiative when the country’s leader Xi Jinping visits Italy sometime in March.  read more

US Warns Germany Against Using Technology of China’s Huawei: WSJ

WASHINGTON— The United States has told Germany that it will share less intelligence with its security agencies if the country’s wireless network uses China’s Huawei Technologies Co to upgrade to 5G, the Wall Street Journal reported on March 11 in the first explicit U.S. warning to Germany of consequences for declining to shun Huawei.

The U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, issued the warning in a letter dated Friday, the newspaper said.

In Germany, Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said on Thursday on a ZDF talk show that Germany did not want to ban Huawei but said that Berlin will change the law to ensure that all components used in the 5G networks will be secure. read more

Federal Reserve Chairman Says Trump Can’t Fire Him

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell believes that President Donald Trump does not have the legal authority to fire him and intends to serve out the rest of his four-year term.

In an interview with “60 Minutes” aired on March 10, host Scott Pelley asked Powell if the president can fire the chair of the Federal Reserve.

“Well, the law is clear that I have a four-year term. And I fully intend to serve it,” Powell responded.

“So no, in your view?” Pelley asked.

“No,” Powell answered. read more

Boeing Stock Plummets After Second 737 MAX Jet Crash, Parries Losses by Day’s End

Jet maker Boeing saw its stock plummet by nearly 12 percent when the markets opened on March 11, struck by the news that its second 737 MAX 8 plane crashed in less than five months. However, traders quickly started to buy the dip, helping the company recover about a third of the loss by the day’s end.

The 737 MAX 8 debuted less than two years ago and airlines have ordered over 5,000 of them. But on March 10, Ethiopian Airlines’ 737 MAX 8 crashed about six minutes after take off from Addis Ababa, killing all 157 aboard. read more

Family Posts Unforgettable Warning Sign to Speeding Drivers

After a family dog was allegedly killed by a speeding driver, the family posted up a warning sign.

“We buried our dog last week because you won’t SLOW DOWN,” the sign said, according to TheBlaze. “If you hit 1 of my kids your family may be burying you.”

The image was first posted on Reddit. It’s not exactly clear where the sign was posted.

One person noted: “Am I the only one who doesn’t like people who won’t keep their dog contained in their yard and then upset that their dog is endangered?” read more


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Baby Boom To Baby Bust – Martin Armstrong Exposes The Crisis In Socialism

Authored by Martin Armstrong via,

There is a real crisis in the fertility rate which has fallen to such a low level that all the socialism going forward will simply collapse.

What used to be the Baby Boom is now being called the “Baby Bust,” which means that in all first-world countries there is a real crisis for they have insufficient children to maintain their population size.

This has been one excuse for allowing the refugees into Europe. read more