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Trump announces E.U. beef trade deal today; U.S. signs $1.37 trillion budget deal; R.N.C. passes resolution on organ harvesting in China; and U.S. pulls out of nuclear treaty with Russia.

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The Coming Middle Eastern Storm

Since 2013, Israel has attacked Iranian targets in Syria hundreds of times, killing soldiers and decimating equipment and facilities. Israel’s aerial campaign led Iran, which seeks to establish another military front against the Jewish state, to move the bulk of its assets away from the Syrian-Israeli border to Iraq earlier this year. Since then, Iran has entrenched itself militarily in Iraq, where, according to Israel’s intelligence assessment for 2019, “the domestic and international situation … created better opportunities for [Tehran] to prepare its regional plans” to dominate the Middle East. Specifically, Iran deployed more members of its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Lebanese Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed terrorist organization, to bolster the two cornerstones of Iran’s military entrenchment in Iraq: missile systems and Shiite militias that obey Tehran.

Media outlets previously reported that Iran set up missile launchers in Iraq and gave ballistic missiles to its Iraqi proxies, while developing the capacity to build more missiles there with the ranges to threaten both Israel and Saudi Arabia. Now Tehran is, according to Israeli intelligence, actually providing the militias with accurate missiles capable of striking anywhere in Israel. Such intelligence appears to be why, just this week, the media reported Israeli airstrikes in Iraq for the first time since 1981, when Jerusalem destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor. This ongoing expansion of the conflict between Iran and Israel foreshadows a coming storm in the Middle East, one that could engulf the entire region.

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Israel struck Iranian targets in Iraq twice in the last two weeks, according to Asharq al-Awsat, an Arabic newspaper based in London. Citing Western diplomatic sources, the publication reported Tuesday that the first attack occurred on July 19, when an Israeli F-35 fighter jet hit a base in the Saladin province, north of Baghdad. Arab media outlets reported separately that members of the IRGC and Hezbollah were killed, and that, shortly before the attack, Iranian ballistic missiles arrived covertly at the base. A state-run Iranian news agency appeared to corroborate these reports, announcing the death of a senior IRGC commander in an “Israeli-American” attack in Iraq on the same date. ...read more

Hot Takes on the Democratic Debate

DETROIT — Democrats debated again in Detroit on Wednesday, and this time the candidates didn’t pretend Barack Obama’s presidency never happened. Instead, they embraced his legacy as an example of how political leaders have failed the country.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the clear frontrunner going into the debate, was attacked on all fronts as he persisted in his role as the most vocal advocate for the accomplishments of his former boss. “Obamacare is working,” Biden said during the health care portion of the debate. Many of his rivals disagreed.

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The Invisible Man

If you listen to Democrats discuss their solutions to political challenges these days, it’s easy to forget the fact that Barack Obama served as President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. His name is rarely mentioned, and his accomplishments rarely acknowledged much less celebrated.

Such was the case at Tuesday night’s debate in Detroit, when Mayor Pete Buttigieg talked about summoning “the courage to walk away from the past.” When Elizabeth Warren said our “problems didn’t start with Donald Trump,” and proceeded to trash the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement negotiated by the Obama administration. It’s easy to forget that Democrats passed, and Obama signed into a law, something called the Affordable Care Act when every candidate on stage was lamenting the woeful state of healthcare affordability in this country.

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Obama’s name was only mentioned a handful of times throughout the debate, including once by way of John Delaney citing former Obama homeland security chief Jeh Johnson’s recent comments that the party’s de facto embrace of open borders was “unwise” and “unworkable.” The sentiment was echoed after Tuesday’s debate by former Obama adviser David Axelrod, who thoroughly trashed the emerging Democratic consensus on health care and immigration. ...read more

Hot Takes on the Democratic Debate

DETROIT — Perhaps the most important takeaway from Tuesday night’s Democratic primary debate is the fact that celebrity journalist John Heilemann, 53, was wearing this jacket — the Adidas Firebird Track Jacket with Keiichi Tanaami Graphics (€ 89.95) — as he strolled past Fox Theater in Detroit.

The debate also happened. Indeed, one day after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) forced the resignation of a gay female combat veteran in response to criticism of the organization’s lack of diversity, ten white candidates strolled on stage to answer questions like, “What makes you the best candidate to heal the racial divide?”

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The night kicked off with Democrats tearing into other Democrats on the issue of healthcare reform, with a number of the so-called “moderate” candidates doing their best to provide soundbites for future Republican attack ads. Gov. Steve Bullock (D., Mont.), the new kid on the block, said he opposed the “Medicare for All” proposal championed by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) because it “rips away quality healthcare from individuals” and would “[disrupt] the lives of 160 million people.” ...read more

Media Overlook Warren’s Comparison of Wall Street Bankers to Bloodsucking Vampires

Earlier this month, two senators outlined separate visions for the country. Both lawmakers used language that is not intrinsically anti-Semitic, but that, historically, some anti-Semites deployed to demonize Jews. Any reasonable person, however, could tell that neither senator had any intention of evoking animus toward Jews—in fact, anti-Semitism was probably nowhere near their minds as they were concentrating on their actual, non-anti-Semitic messages. Yet the mainstream media and a network of like-minded, left-leaning advocacy groups accused only one of the lawmakers of knowingly using anti-Semitic language to appeal to Jew-haters, creating a national news story, while the other received no such criticism, despite using a more dehumanizing term. It is no coincidence that the one accused of bigotry is a conservative Republican, while the one who escaped any condemnation is a liberal Democrat.

On July 16, Sen. Josh Hawley (R., Mo.) used the “C-word” while delivering the keynote address at the National Conservatism Conference. “For years the politics of both left and right have been informed by a political consensus that reflects the interests not of the American middle, but of a powerful upper class and their cosmopolitan priorities,” Hawley said. “This class lives in the United States, but they identify as ‘citizens of the world.’ They run businesses or oversee universities here, but their primary loyalty is to the global community.” He added that “cosmopolitan elites” distrust patriotism and “dislike the common culture left to us by our forbearers,” and that they “look down on the common affections that once bound this nation together.” This modern-day aristocracy has, according to Hawley, created an economy that primarily benefits itself.

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Hawley was clearly arguing that coastal elites are out of touch with, and have no empathy for, the American heartland, and that they have benefited economically at the expense of the working class. One can disagree with his message, but there is no logical way to connect it to anti-Semitism. Sure, the word “cosmopolitan” has an ugly history—Joseph Stalin, for example, effectively used it as code for “Jewish” as he repressed, and purged Soviet culture of, dissenting voices—but academics also use it in various disciplines for legitimate purposes. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy says that “cosmopolitan” has been used “to describe a wide variety of important views in moral and socio-political philosophy. The nebulous core shared by all cosmopolitan views is the idea that all human beings, regardless of their political affiliation, are (or can and should be) citizens in a single community.” This description fits with typical definitions found in dictionaries, which define the word as worldly or composed of people or elements from many parts of the world. In discussions of nationalism, the word “cosmopolitan” is very apt. ...read more

#PEDOCRIME: ASAP Rocky’s Prosecutor Protects Pedophile! #JUSTICE4ANNA

8/2: With ASAP Rocky being released from jail in Sweden today pending the verdict of his case after nearly a month in jail, we find that Daniel Suneson, the Prosecutor in his case, is also prosecuting a case that protects a pedophile, the Stockholm PD, Swedish CPS and victimizes an abused 7 year old boy who is still in the custody of the abuser. PLEASE TAKE ACTION!

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First Bitcoin, Then Libra: Why Nation States Are Petrified

Authored by Mark Jeftovic via Guerilla-Capitalism.com,

A few months ago I was on the Lite Show (Litecoin) podcast, we got to talking about Facebook’s forthcoming crypto currency, which hadn’t been named yet. I mused then that it would totally suck for the entire crypto-currency space to have come this far with Bitcoin, et al only to have Facebook swoop in and take all the marbles. (In marketing parlance this maneuver is called  “grabbing the microphone”)

Then Facebook announced their digital currency, it’s Libra, and it was met with immediate resistance. But the pushback, didn’t come from wherer one might expect it, the crypto community, there was plenty of commentary about it to be sure, but nobody from within the crypto space was saying that Libra had to be stopped. ...read more

Tesla Ex-Employee: Production Was A “Circus”, Company May Be “Infiltrated” By Ford, Chevy, And Short Sellers

The pro-Tesla cultists over at InsideEVs published an article Friday morning highlighting an ex-employee who revealed “what it’s really like to work for Tesla”.

But instead of highlighting the interview’s content right off the bat, the article starts by immediately making excuses for Tesla at the expense of short sellers, claiming that “instead of dealing just with production and sales issues, [Tesla] also has to deal with the so-called shorters.”

The article claims that short-sellers are “everywhere,” even in the media. You know, because public conventional auto makers like Ford and General Motors don’t have people shorting their stock. ...read more