A Summery Steak Dinner

For many of us, the perfect summer meal is a simple grilled steak and a plate of sliced ripe tomatoes, dressed with nothing more than a drizzle of olive oil, maybe a few drops of balsamic vinegar, and a few grinds of salt and pepper. Round that out with a pile of steamed or grilled corn, maybe some greens with a light vinaigrette, and that is all we need.

And then there are other nights when you want to kick things up a notch. This is that steak dinner—all of the components you love from those simpler meals, but combined with a layer of seasonings on top, just for fun.

The Rub

This rub is a lively combination of seasonings, with a Tex-Mex bent. You don’t need to rub the meat ahead of time if you are in a rush, but you can do so up to a day ahead of time and leave the steaks uncovered on a plate in the fridge until ready to grill. This will deepen the flavor. ...read more


House Votes Top Trump Officials Barr and Ross in Contempt in Census Dispute, Ross Calls It ‘Political Theater’

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to hold two top Trump administration officials, Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, in contempt of Congress for not complying with subpoenas related to the administration’s attempts to include a citizenship question in the U.S. 2020 census.

Ross called it “political theater.”

The move comes within an hour of the House voting to kill a resolution to impeach the president. ...read more

Indiana Parents Arrested After Allegedly Abandoning Their 4 Children in Deplorable Conditions

A husband and wife have been arrested for allegedly abandoning their four young children in a filthy Indiana mobile home without electricity or food for more than a week, authorities said.

Kila Hill, 37, was arrested last week while Richard Hill, 41, was taken into custody on Tuesday, July 16 after their oldest child went to the Johnson County Sheriff’s office and told authorities there that she and her three siblings had been abandoned by their parents, reported RTV6.

The girl, 14, said she hadn’t seen her parents in more than a week and believes they away doing drugs. ...read more

Secret US Nuke Locations In Europe Accidentally Dumped Online By NATO Committee

An embarrassing gaffe has severely compromised NATO defense security and readiness after a public document inadvertently revealed too much. 

A NATO affiliate body called the Defense and Security Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly published a draft report last April entitled, “A new era for nuclear deterrence? Modernization, arms control and allied nuclear forces,” specifically authored by a Canadian senator. In an egregious accidental leak, the document actually identified the locations of American nuclear weapons sites across Europe, which is considered highly classified information. 

...read more

Wife Says Imprisoned Husband May Be Killed for His Organs in China

WASHINGTON—The wife of a prisoner of conscience fears that her husband may be killed for his organs by Chinese authorities, she said at a U.S. State Department event on July 17.

Yuhua Zhang’s husband, Zhengyu Ma, is currently serving a 3-year prison term in China simply for practicing his faith in the spiritual discipline Falun Gong.

“I worry day and night about my husband,” Zhang said during a session at the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom hosted by the U.S. State Department in Washington. ...read more

Buick: Increasing Their All-Important Crossover and SUV Lineup by One

In this business, it’s not too often that you have an opportunity to establish a relationship with senior management within the Canadian OEM market. At least twice a year, we like to sit down with the always engaging Michael MacPhee, Buick Canada’s brand director.

The Buick brand has been attempting to establish itself as a premium luxury brand within the marketplace generally and General Motors, specifically. Buick continues to encourage innovative thinking, introducing new technologies and, as Mr. MacPhee continues to state, “We have one of the freshest showrooms in the industry.”

Michael MacPhee. (Buick Canada)

Buick as a brand continues to evolve the most of any General Motors marque—both here at home and internationally, particularly in China. ...read more

Democrats Vote Against Impeaching Trump After William Barr Ends the Hush Money Probe

Comey: request gave me queasy feeling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCY0pB2f3o4

James Clapper Knew There Was No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion In 2016 https://thefederalist.com/2019/04/24/james-clapper-knew-no-evidence-trump-russia-collusion-2016/ ...read more

House Speaker Pelosi, Laugh the Girls Off


I preside from time to time over a supper club called the Saturday Evening Club. It meets in Washington and occasionally in New York. We try to invite a special guest from either of the major political parties to discuss important issues that our special guest deems worth discussing. I say from “either” of the major political parties, but actually only one party ever responds to our invitation. I shall not name the party that abstains from my invitation, or, for that matter, I shall not name the party that often responds to my invitation. We must be fair-minded.

Apropos of the Saturday Evening Club, I recently heard from the office of the most famous freshman member of Congress. I invited Congressgirl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be our special guest at a dinner some months ago. The congressgirl’s office finally replied with a telephone call. Though the call was very businesslike, the message was somewhat confusing. I believe the import of the message was that Congressgirl Ocasio-Cortez would not be able to attend the dinner because her mother does not want her staying out that late, and besides, her mother has her on a gluten-free diet. Well, at least the Saturday Evening Club tried, and Congressgirl Ocasio-Cortez took the time to reply during a very busy time. ...read more

Sharpening Our Claws: Teaching Privacy Badger to Fight More Third-Party Trackers

The latest release of Privacy Badger gives it the power to detect and block a new class of evasive, pervasive third-party trackers, including Google Analytics.

Most blocking tools, like uBlock Origin, Ghostery, and Firefox’s native blocking mode (using Disconect’s block lists), use human-curated lists to decide whether to block or allow third-party resources. But Privacy Badger is different. Rather than rely on a list of known trackers, it discovers and learns to block new trackers in the wild. It works using heuristics, or patterns of behavior, to identify trackers.

Last week, we updated Privacy Badger with a new heuristic to help it identify trackers that have flown under its radar in the past. Here’s how it works. ...read more

House Judiciary Committee Continues Its Antitrust Inquiry Into the Internet Marketplace

The House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Antitrust held its second hearing on whether our antitrust laws and their enforcement are keeping up with the Internet marketplace. Notably, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple were present as witnesses along with a range of experts to follow, giving Congress a lot to assess. EFF supports this inquiry by Congress and shares the concern that the lifecycle of competition has been on the decline, bringing serious risk of a small handful of gatekeepers having disproportionate power over user expression and privacy online.

Congress Asks the Wrong Question: “How Can We Make Big Tech Behave Better?”

A persistent theme from some in Congress is applying pressure to Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon to modify their practices to appease some constituency. This misses the point of an antitrust inquiry, which is to figure out if these companies are exerting market power in ways that foreclose competition, harm consumers, and suppress innovation, and then remedy the harm with thoughtful interventions. But not all industries share this objective—some would rather have the dominant Internet companies become regulated monopolies in order to further their own policy goals.

For example, major entertainment companies submitted a letter to the House Judiciary Committee claiming that Google and Facebook are not doing enough to stop copyright infringement, and attempted to shoehorn the copyright issue into an antitrust discussion. Echoing this theme, Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon asked the tech companies to explain their copyright enforcement practices. Google’s witness responded by discussing Content ID, their wildly expensive and poorly functioning system of copyright filters for YouTube. ...read more