Saudi Slaughter of Shiites and Other Innocents: THE INSIDE STORY

Saudi Arabia is carrying out a second oppressive mass slaughter in the era of King Salman, including children, protestors, and activists

Without the knowledge of the victims’ families, the Saudi government today circulated awful news of the execution of 37 people, including minors, protestors, and the disabled. Many of them were linked to the Arab Spring protests that took place in Saudi Arabia, particular in the governorate of Qatif beginning on 17 February 2011. Others were charged by Saudi Arabia with spying for Iran, although most of the charges did not include evidence of actual acts of espionage.

Among the names were at least six minors: Abdullah Salman Al Sarih and Abdulkarim Mohammad al-Hawaj, whose charges go back to when they were 16 years of age, and Said Mohammad al-Sakafi, Salman Amin Al Quraysh, Mujtaba Nadir al-Sweiket, and Abdulaziz Hassan Al Sahwi, whose charges date back to when they were 17. There are also suspicions that others are likely minors, but the European Saudi Organisation for Human Rights (ESOHR) was unable to obtain further details. read more

Dark Money Leftist Group Runs Facebook Ads Targeting Kavanaugh

A dark money progressive organization hoping for a leftward turn on the courts is targeting Justice Brett Kavanaugh with advertisements, suggesting the Court is illegitimate following his elevation last October.

“Brett Kavanaugh’s performance during his testimony in front of the Senate was a disgrace. His blatant partisan attacks and hostile behavior towards senators calls into question his ability to serve as a fair and impartial judge. His conduct undermines the legitimacy of his decisions and the entire Supreme Court,” the ad reads. read more

How the Palestinians Created Their Own Plight

It is easy to forget that, in 1947, when the United Nations recommended the creation of a Jewish state in Mandatory Palestine, the international body also recommended the creation of an Arab state—what would today be a national home for the Palestinians. The idea was to partition the land into two separate entities—in other words, a two-state solution. Indeed, in 1988, the Palestine National Council described the partition resolution as what “still provides those conditions of international legitimacy that ensure the right of the Palestinian Arab people to sovereignty.” Yet at the time of the resolution, the Arabs—no one used the term “Palestinians” then—boycotted the U.N. Special Committee on Palestine, which the General Assembly empowered to make recommendations about the future government of the territory, rejecting both the partition and a single, binational state. Then the Arabs completely, and unambiguously, rejected the General Assembly’s partition plan, believing that, once the British left Mandatory Palestine, they would defeat the Jews and control the entire area. Of course the Arabs failed, despite the help of several armies. The Jewish state of Israel, established in 1948, endured, and the Palestinian Arabs, who could have had their own state, remained stateless. read more

No Thanks

The negative reviews of Bret Easton Ellis’s new book are almost enough to make one want to defend it. Perversity may be underrated as a motive for human behavior: Nothing makes me want to cut my lawn less than a prissy neighbor’s complaint that the grass is growing long; nothing makes me want to defend a book more than a chorus of the self-righteous decrying it.

So, with White, the hip young novelist of the 1980s has produced an aging man’s 2019 tirade against political correctness, and the denunciations of his nonfiction collection of essays have been relentless. Ellis baits readers into calling him “a sexist, a misogynist, a racist,” the Washington Post casually opens its notice of the book. Ellis is “a resentful, bitter man still caught up in the heat of arguments, years after everyone else has left the restaurant,” adds the Guardian. “For years now, Bret Easton Ellis has been accused of being a racist and a misogynist,” and his latest book proves that “these things are true,” Bookforum chimes in. read more

Ohio Budget Provision Would Require $250 License for Tattooers, Body Piercers

A provision in Gov. Mike DeWine’s budget proposal would require a $250 licensing fee for tattoo artists and body piercers, ear piercing excluded. The fee would be a per-person fee, not a per-facility fee.

The provision also would make training requirements more uniform and subject to state oversight. Although the state does not license body artists, Ohio already requires certain levels of training, which are enforced at the local level by health departments.

The Ohio Department of Health has been pushing for a more centralized and uniform approach to these regulations for years. But despite citing health concerns as the primary motivation, the department does not have any numbers suggesting a health epidemic stemming from either qualified or unqualified body artists. read more

Lawmakers Find Louisiana Alternative to Affordable Care Act Might Not Be Affordable

Louisiana lawmakers on Wednesday reviewed two bills that would create a state-level replacement of the federal Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, if the ACA is thrown out by the courts. They learned the state may not be able to afford to replicate the act’s protections.

Attorney General Jeff Landry is supporting a lawsuit that seeks to have the ACA declared unconstitutional. He also supports Senate Bill 173 by Sen. Fred Mills, R-New Iberia, to preserve in Louisiana some of the most popular aspects of the ACA, such as guaranteeing access to insurance for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. read more

Classical Ballet Teacher Impressed by Shen Yun Performers’ Togetherness

COSTA MESA, Calif.—As a formally trained classical ballet dancer with an extensive repertoire, Galina Barinova appreciates the hard work dancers go through to make sure every movement down to the tiniest details is perfect on stage. She said, once a performer is on stage, everything is under the microscope.

When Barinova experienced Shen Yun Performing Arts, she was impressed by the dancers’ flexibility, control, and artistry; but in particular, she was impressed by their ability to move on stage as a “single organism.” read more

Sri Lanka Troops Raid Terrorists, Find 15 Bodies in House

Sri Lankan security forces found 15 bodies, including six children, early Saturday after terrorists linked to the Easter bombings opened fire and set off explosives during a raid on their house in the country’s east, police said.

The gunbattle began Friday night after police tipped off soldiers to a suspected safe house near the town of Sammanthurai, where authorities said the terrorists detonated three explosions and opened fire. At least three others were wounded in the attack, said police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara. read more

Why Globalists Are Actively Working to Exterminate 90% of the Human Species


The annihilation of the vast majority of humans on planet Earth is now openly advocated by left-wing influencers and the wealthy elite, including Bill Gates, Ted Turner and even comedians like Bill Maher who just wants people to, “Not have kids, DIE, and stay dead.”

“As he argued that humans hurt the environment, he concluded that it would be better for Earth for more people to ‘not have kids, die and stay dead,’” reports

CLICK HERE for a List of 32 ‘Elites’ That Support and Promote Depopulation read more