Why The S-400 Is A More Formidable Threat To US Arms Industry Than You Think

Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Generally, when discussing air-defense systems here, we are referring to Russian devices that have become famous in recent years, in particular the S-300 (and its variants) and the S-400. Their deployment in Syria has slowed down the ability of such advanced air forces as those of the United States and Israel to target the country, increasing as it does the embarrassing possibility of having their fourth- or fifth-generation fighters shot down. read more

Trade War Nightmare Causes Collapse In Demand For US Industrial Space, Says Cushman & Wakefield

The latest Cushman & Wakefield commercial real estate report shows demand for US industrial space collapsed 60% on year in 1Q19, reflecting the global synchronized decline and the deepening trade war.

Cushman & Wakefield’s economists warned President Trump’s trade war is unraveling complex supply chains around the world that have led to a slump in demand for industrial space. They also said the restocking trend by importers forced by the tariffs is likely over. There is also another possibility that the slowdown could be linked to some seasonal factors, the economist said. read more


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Author: Black Conservative Patriot

Goldman: Here’s Why The Fed Is About To Shock The Market

As discussed earlier, and as both Bank of America and JPM explained, the biggest risk for the market next week is if the Fed not only doesn’t cut – the market assigns a very low probability to such a “pre-emptive” move – but fails to signal an aggressive dovish reversal in the form of a rate cut in July. And yet, despite its upbeat outlook – it still expects the S&P to close the year at 3,000, Goldman’s strategists are certainly taking the over on how hawkish the Fed will sound next week. read more

Credit Card Debt Spikes In Hawaii As Economy Falters  

Total credit card debt among American consumers jumped 29% since 2015, reaching a whopping $807 billion in 1Q19, according to the latest Experian data. In the past year, as the economy cycles down, overall credit card debt rose 6%.

More than 60% of Americans used credit cards for basic purchases in 1Q19. That’s an 11% increase when compared to 1Q16, and a 3% increase from 1Q18.

The average American carries four credit cards with a balance of $6,028.

Experian said all 50 states plus Washington, DC, saw an increase in its average credit card debt on a YoY basis. read more

LIVE UPDATES: Hong Kong Protester Dies After Unfurling Banner on Side of Building

A man has died after unfurling a banner protesting the proposed extradition laws from the side of a shopping mall, local media reports.

According to Hong Kong media Apple Daily, on the afternoon of June 14, a 35-year-old man wearing a yellow raincoat climbed up the scaffolding at Pacific Place mall and unfurled a banner calling for the complete withdrawal of the extradition bill and for Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam to step down. Written on the back of his raincoat was “Carrie Lam Kills Hong Kong.” read more

Ilhan Omar’s Team Colluded With Newspaper to Shut Down Bad Press


Documents related to campaign finance violations by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) reveal her team’s admission of attempting to kill unfavorable news coverage of the representative by leveraging personal relationships with journalists.

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Author: Luis Miguel

Williams: How To Create Conflict

Authored by Walter Williams, op-ed via Townhall.com,

We are living in a time of increasing domestic tension. Some of it stems from the presidency of Donald Trump. Another part of it is various advocacy groups on both sides of the political spectrum demanding one cause or another. But nearly totally ignored is how growing government control over our lives, along with the betrayal of constitutional principles, contributes the most to domestic tension.

Let’s look at a few examples… read more

Police Dog Comes on BGT Stage, His Heroic Story Has Simon Cowell in Tears

Audiences all over the United States and United Kingdom know Simon Cowell as a tough but fair judge who never minces his words with contestants and has inspired fear and awe on Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent.

But Simon has his soft side, and this tough music industry veteran is a wonderful guy who has donated lots of money to children’s and animal charities, included PETA and the Manchester Dogs’ Home. Just this spring, Simon had a close encounter of the furry kind on Britain’s Got Talent that left him completely overwhelmed with emotion. read more