Judge James Buckley Echoes JBS: Demand Adherence to the Constitution


Judge James L. Buckley holds the rare distinction of having served in all three branches of the federal government. Even rarer among one who has spent nearly five decades in the federal government — and perhaps because of that time and experience — Buckley believes it is time to return to constitutional adherence if America wishes to preserve liberty.

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Author: C. Mitchell Shaw

Dana Boente’s Many Key Trump Admin Positions

…And an ARREST today announced by the DOJ
..And a teaser for my next video on the Obama Admin role starting in Jan 2016… A BIG Clue from John Solomon at the end of this video.

Show Notes: https://www.one-tab.com/page/6J1vTc0aQMu2bB2YcU-coQ

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Lawyer Impressed by Shen Yun: ‘Everything Was Perfect’

LONDON—At the heart of every Shen Yun performance is classical Chinese dance, a uniquely expressive art form that’s been passed down for many years.

“I was very interested to learn that a lot of the moves that we regard as being modern gymnastic moves used in the Olympics, actually date back many thousands of years to ancient Chinese tradition,” said Michael Cooper, a lawyer who watched Shen Yun at London’s Eventim Apollo on April 24.

“[Shen Yun] was very informative and entertaining at the same time,” he said. read more

Non-Executive Director Says Shen Yun is ‘Exceptional’ and ‘Very Emotional’

LONDON—Non-executive director and board mentor Tea Colaianni said she loved every minute of Shen Yun when she saw the performance with her mother in London.

“I love the costumes, I love the music, I love the dancing, I love that there is a strong message, strong values, it’s unique, absolutely fantastic,” she said.

“It was exceptional, my mum said, absolutely exceptional. We haven’t seen anything like this before.”

The mentor saw Shen Yun at the Eventim Apollo in London on the afternoon of April 24. read more

#CHRISLUM: One Religion Under S_tan, Gl_balist B_nkster Endgame #Frankenham

4/24: As we see the culmination of t-ist events pushing for world wide internet news censorship, behind it is the hidden hand orchestrating a globalist religion.

Major problems with YT and this video, Links to come…

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Author: You Are Free TV

University Hosts No-Whites-Allowed Listening Sessions… To Promote Inclusivity

Authored by Jennifer Kabbany via The College Fix,

Wake Forest University is hosting a series of “listening sessions” for faculty and staff of color that aim to advance inclusion efforts on campus.

The listening sessions come amid ongoing racial tensions on campus, including a protest Monday at which some students decried the “white supremacy” that allegedly runs rampant at the private, North Carolina institution.

“Dear faculty and staff colleagues, this is a reminder about our upcoming listening sessions on inclusion that I am holding for faculty and staff of color over the next several weeks,” stated an April 18 email from Michele Gillespie, dean of the college, to campus employees. read more

“Robbed By Legal Means”: Former CEVA Execs Blame Apollo For Devastating Employee Stock Losses

Former executives of CEVA Logistics, a Swiss company that was LBOed by Apollo more than 10 years ago, are claiming that their savings were wiped out after a series of financial maneuvers by their acquirer. In a $34 million class action suit against Apollo and CEVA, former executives say that Apollo used financial engineering to wipe out their equity in the company. Apollo, naturally, disagrees, and an Apollo spokesman told Bloomberg: “We believe the claims against Apollo have no merit, and we intend to continue to defend the case vigorously.” read more

Joe DiGenova Explains Where The Russia Hoax Is Headed

Authored by Thomas Lifson via AmericanThinker.com,

Throughout the unfolding of the Russia hoax, nobody has topped the clarity provided by DC super-lawyer and former US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joseph DiGenova. In his television and radio appearances, he has not minced words about the nature of the illegal coup underway, and has not hesitated to name names.

Undoubtedly, he has sources within the DC legal community that, combined with his experience as the top federal prosecutor among US Attorneys, give him a bird’s eye view of where this scandal – the biggest political scandal in history – is heading. read more

Filipino President Duterte Threatens ‘War’ if Canada Does Not Take Trash Back

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte threatened Tuesday to set sail to Canada next week to return garbage dumped in the Philippines several years ago.

“I want a boat prepared. I’ll give a warning to Canada maybe next week that they better pull that thing out or I will set sail to Canada and dump the trash there,” Duterte said, according Philippine News Agency, the government’s online newswire service.

A total of 103 container vans labelled “plastics” from Canada arrived at a Manila port during 2013 and 2014 for recycling. However, the containers were actually filled with Canadian household waste, including adult diapers, electronic garbage, and non-recyclable plastics. read more

Candle Engulfed a Sofa in Flames and Burned a 6-Year-Old in Neighboring Apartment

A 6-year-old girl suffered traumatic burns after a candle fell on a sofa and started a fire in a neighboring apartment in Indiana on Dec. 16, 2018. Her mother is warning everyone about the dangers of lighting candles.

Kenzie suffered horrific burns across 68 percent of her body after an unattended candle caused the fire.

Jared Mosgrove, 44, desperately looked for his three children as thick smoke engulfed his apartment and made vision difficult, reported the Journal and Courier.

He could find 11-year-old Liam and 4-year-old Teagan but Kenzie was nowhere to be seen. “She couldn’t get to me,” Mosgrove told Journal and Courier. read more