“Lunatic Farmer” Warns Of The Rise Of Rogue Food

Authored by Adam Taggart via PeakProsperity.com,

A ‘food freedom’ revolt against the government is starting…

This week, we welcome back Joel Salatin to the podcast. Labeled by The Washington Post as “the most famous farmer in America”, Joel has spent his career advocating for sustainable farming practices and pioneering models that show how food can be grown and raised in ways that are regenerative to our topsoils, more humane to livestock, produce much healthier & tastier food, and contribute profitably to the local economy. read more

Did Wilbur Ross Screw Over A Bunch Of People Before Becoming Commerce Secretary?

If even half of the accusations are legitimate, the current United States secretary of commerce could rank among the biggest grifters in American history. –Forbes

Forbes is out with a fascinating Tuesday read detailing allegations that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who the magazine estimates is worth around $700 million, engaged in a series of ruthless business practices prior to joining the Trump administration – including former employee David Storper who claims Ross “stole his interests in a private equity fund, transferred them to himself, then tried to cover it up with bogus paperwork,” writes Forbes’ Dan Alexander.  read more



Manafort Judge to Prosecutor: ‘There’s Tears in Your Eyes’

Grassley Seeks Documents Relating to Bruce Ohr from Justice Department https://www.grassley.senate.gov/news/news-releases/grassley-seeks-documents-relating-bruce-ohr-justice-department

Nunes Says Obama’s FBI Withheld ‘Exculpatory Evidence’ In FISA Application https://saraacarter.com/nunes-says-obamas-fbi-withheld-exculpatory-evidence-in-fisa-application/ read more

Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans For Government Takeover Of The Internet

Authored by Elizabeth Nolan Brown via Reason.com,

All your base are belong to us.

A leaked memo circulating among Senate Democrats contains a host of bonkers authoritarian proposals for regulating digital platforms, purportedly as a way to get tough on Russian bots and fake news.

To save American trust in “our institutions, democracy, free press, and markets,” it suggests, we need unprecedented and undemocratic government intervention into online press and markets, including “comprehensive (GDPR-like) data protection legislation” of the sort enacted in the E.U. read more

EU Threatens European Firms That Comply With Trump’s Iran Sanctions

European firms that cut ties with Iran over new US sanctions which kicked in at Midnight might find themselves subject to sanctions of their own, warned an EU official. 

“If EU companies abide by U.S. secondary sanctions they will, in turn, be sanctioned by the EU,” Nathalie Tocci, an aide to the EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, told BBC Radio 4 on Monday, according to NBC News.

The EU is helping Iran “In order to signal, diplomatically, to the Iranians that Europeans are serious” about trying to salvage the Iran nuclear deal – which President Trump pulled out of in May, sending former US Secretary of State John Kerry running around Europe and the UN to try and nurse his baby back together.  read more

Trump To Slap $16 Billion In New Tariffs On Chinese Imports Starting August 23

Completing the latest round of tariffs pledged against China, the US Trade Representative announced on Tuesday (after the close of course) it will impose 25% tariffs on $16 billion-worth of Chinese imports starting August 23. The new round of tariffs completes Trump’s previously disclosed threat to impose $50 billion of import taxes on Chinese goods. The first $34 billion-worth went into effect on July 6th.

According to the USTR statement, customs will collect duties on 279 product lines, down from 284 items on the initial list; as Bloomberg notes, this will be the second time the U.S. slaps duties on Chinese goods in about the past month, overruling complaints by American companies that such moves will raise business costs, tax US consumers and raise prices. read more

Big Plans For Jeddah Tower Spark “Skyscraper Alert” For Looming Economic Crisis

Authored by Mark Thornton via The Mises Institute,

The Skyscraper Index is a chronicle of world record-setting skyscrapers that culminate in a major economic crisis – the Skyscraper Curse. The Index has a remarkable record from the late 19th century to the present and is described historically and theoretically in my new book, The Skyscraper Curse, and How Austrian Economists Predicted Every Major Economic Crisis of the Last Century.

In a 2005 article I first explained how otherwise unrelated events — skyscrapers and business cycles — are connected. Of course skyscraper construction does not actually cause business cycles and economic crises. Both phenomenons are caused by monetary expansion and artificially low interest rates. read more

KIDS INC.: An interview with The Honeybee

KIDS INC.: An interview with The Honeybee

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Voluntaryism In Action: Fairy Tale Park In Oregon Gets A Reboot

For years, Galen McBee Airport Park has been deteriorating in McMinnville, Oregon. That was until a group of local volunteers decided to restore the whimsical forested trails, and take care of one of the most unique public spaces in the Willamette Valley.

According to Oregon Live, Dean Klaus, a Sunrise Rotary Club member, read an article detailing the lack of funding the park had suffered leading to maintenance issues. McMinnville parks and recreation director Jay Pearson had said that the city hit an economic slump in 2008 and ever since it’s been hard to keep up with the maintenance of its sprawling park system. “I read it [the article] and I thought, ‘Man, what a sad story to put on a travel page,’” he told the News-Register. “And then I thought … any time there’s a problem, it’s an opportunity.” read more

Was U.S. Military Veteran “Organ Harvested” While in Police Custody?

A devastated army veteran’s family is demanding answers after the 41-year-old died under mysterious circumstances while in police custody and his organs went missing.

It all started when Everett Palmer Jr. was charged with driving under the influence, failing to stay in his own lane, and careless driving after being found responsible for a single car accident in October 2016. The only person harmed in the accident was Palmer himself. When he failed to show up for court to address fines and fees related to the accident, a warrant was issued for his arrest. read more