How The US Is Pushing Lebanon Into The Arms Of Iran And Russia

Authored by Elijah Magnier, Middle East based chief international war correspondent for Al Rai Media

Lebanon is readying to receive US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week in his first ever visit at a time when the Lebanese economic-political map is being redrawn and while Lebanon is suffering its most serious economic downturn in recent history.

Reasons for the deterioration of the local economy include not only the corruption of Lebanon’s political leadership and lower level administration but also US sanctions imposed on Iran. The latest sanctions are the harshest ever imposed. They will also dramatically affect Lebanon so long as President Donald Trump is in power if Lebanon does not follow US policy and dictates. read more

Why Does The Mainstream Media Purposely Ignore Mass Killings Of Christians Across The Globe?

Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,

Last week, when a deranged lunatic gunned down dozens of Muslims at two mosques in New Zealand it suddenly became the biggest news story in the world, and rightly so. 

It was a major news event, and it needed to be reported.  But shouldn’t mass killings of Christians be given the same sort of media coverage?  Sadly, we all know that doesn’t happen.  Whenever there is a mass killing of Christians, it is usually entirely ignored by the mainstream media in the United States, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why this is happening.  Those that control the mainstream media consider Christians to be one of the main obstacles to “progress” in this country, and so any story that would put Christians in a positive or sympathetic light simply does not fit any of the narratives that they are pushing. read more

Poll: Losing Amazon Second HQ Deal Was Bad for New York

ALBANY, N.Y.—Most voters in New York think it was bad for the state when Amazon dropped plans to put a second headquarters in Queens and many think U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bears blame for the deal falling through, according to a new poll released Monday.

The Siena College poll of registered voters in New York state found that 67 percent of those surveyed said the internet retailer’s decision last month was detrimental to New York. Sixty-one percent support the state and city again offering Amazon up to $3 billion in incentives to create 25,000 jobs if the internet giant reconsiders. read more

William Barr Gives Trump Mueller Report Before Congress to Claim Executive Privilege

White House expects to see Mueller findings before they go to Congress Washington (CNN)White House lawyers expect to have an opportunity to review whatever version of Robert Mueller’s report Attorney General Bill Barr submits to Congress before it reaches lawmakers and the public, multiple sources familiar with the matter said, setting up a potential political battle over the hotly anticipated document.

The attorneys want the White House to have an opportunity to claim executive privilege over information drawn from documents and interviews with White House officials, the sources said.
The White House’s review of executive privilege claims are within its legal purview read more

“Guaido Is The Most-Hated Man In Venezuela” – On-The-Ground In Caracas Versus The Media Spectacle

Authored by Paul Cochrane via,

British photojournalist Alan Gignoux and Venezuelan journalist-filmmaker Carolina Graterol, both based in London, went to Venezuela for a month to shoot a documentary for a major global TV channel. They talked with journalist Paul Cochrane about the mainstream media’s portrayal of Venezuela compared to their experiences on the ground.

Paul Cochrane (PC): What were you doing in Venezuela, how long were you there and where did you go? read more

15th-Century Italian ‘Castle in the Sky’ Renovated Is Now Available for Rent

If you’re a travel enthusiast, chances are you already know what a huge draw the Italian countryside is. With gorgeous landscapes, quaint towns and cities, and incredible food and culture, it’s an easy choice for that dream vacation.

There’s always something to do and breathtaking sights to see, rich with history. But for the lucky tourists who manage to book themselves a stay at the “Castle in the Sky” in the rural village of Roccascalegna, there’s more than just fun during the day—there’s an adventure awaiting them at night, too. read more

California is Drought-Free After 376 Weeks, Rewarded with ‘Super Bloom,’ Butterflies

The Pacific US state known for its drought and wildfires is officially drought-free after a staggering 376 weeks. California is now experiencing a surge of flowers and butterflies known as a “super bloom” following increasing abundances of snowfall and rain.

The super bloom, which happens only once every 10 years, is making for some incredible scenery, as you can see. In fact, the blooming wildflowers are so plentiful that they can be seen from space. Even NASA is taking notice.

California Superbloom: Unusually persistent rains bring iconic Golden State’s drought-stricken wildfire-ravaged hills, dales and deserts an extraordinary gloriously showy display of Springtime Wild #Flowers #california #superbloom via @Strange_Sounds read more

Brave Wildlife Workers Risk Their Lives Rescuing Trapped Cougar

A poacher’s trap has left a male cougar trapped by his paw hanging over a tree. This is another painfully awkward video to watch as we see two brave men who take it upon themselves to help free the cougar. Sadly, cougar trapping seasons still legally exist in certain parts of the United States. As many people classify this type of hunting as a sport, so much so that National Geographic has reported in January 2018 that all native eastern cougars were now extinct.

Even though Cougars are a protected animal under the Endangered Species Act. In November of 2007, the federal courts had to reinforce this law as poachers appealed against the banning of poaching in their local area, believing that they should be allowed to hunt on private property. read more


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Teen-Slapping Aussie MP Refuses To Resign After Blaming Muslims For NZ Attack

“…as far as I’m concerned, it’s just a statement of fact and for some reason I have upset a lot of people…”

This was the response from Queensland Senator Fraser Anning a day after a teenage protester had egged him for his recent statement implying that Muslim immigration was a reason behind Friday’s mass shooting in New Zealand.

Stating that he was opposed to “any form of violence,” Anning claimed that the atrocity highlighted the “growing fear over an increasing Muslim presence,” in both New Zealand and Australia. read more