It’s A “Matter Of Life And Death” – White South African Farmers Seek Refuge In Russia

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As the violent attacks and death threats against white farmers in South Africa ramps up, many of those affected are seeking refuge.  A delegation of 30 South African farming families has arrived in Russia’s Stavropol region as the South African government continues to steal their land. more

Researchers Unmask Anonymous Twitter Accounts With 97% Accuracy Using Machine Learning

As many learned for the first time earlier this year when popular outrage forced Facebook and Google to publicly reveal just how much valuable personal data they harvest from their users, tech companies know almost everything about us, including the establishments we frequent, the stuff we buy and the people we know. And in the latest example of just how much detail is unknowingly embedded in our social media profiles, researchers at University College London and the Alan Turing Institute have demonstrated that they can identify a twitter user with a staggering 96.7% accuracy using only their tweets and publicly available metadata run through a machine-learning algorithm.


For users who occasionally engage in anonymous tweeting, this revelation shouldn’t go unacknowledged. In their study, the researchers discovered that their most basic algorithm could correctly identify an individual user in a group of 10,000 using just 14 pieces of metadata from their posts on twitter nearly 96.7% of the time. Furthermore, attempts to obscure the individuals’ identity by tampering with the data were remarkably ineffective: Researchers found that they could still identify users with 95%+ accuracy when 60% of their metadata had been tampered with. When researchers broadened their scope to the 10 most likely candidates, the algorithm’s accuracy rose to 99.2%. A single tweet reportedly contains 144 fields of metadata, according to RT. more

Buffett Cashes-Out Equity Index Puts He Wrote Nearly A Decade Ago

Warren Buffett – the man who has literally bet it all on Keynesian theory (who in late 2017 speculated that the Dow could be on its way to 1 million) – is unwinding a huge put option position in equity indices that he wrote during the worst of the financial crisis in 2008, about a decade ago. According to Bloomberg, the puts that he wrote have netted Berkshire Hathaway $2.4 billion in profit over the course of the last decade.

But hey, when you know you have the Federal Reserve on your side to bail you and the entire global economic system out, why wouldn’t you write several billion dollars in equity index puts? more

Strange “Sonic Attacks” Against US Diplomats Reach Epic Proportions

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The bizarre “sonic attacks” against diplomats began in Cuba, but have now spread to other countries with over 200 illnesses reported. It all started in the fall of 2016 when diplomats at the United States Embassy in Cuba reported some hearing loss and mild brain damage after hearing unusual and puzzling sounds. more

Yet Another Juvenile Attempt by the UK to Wreck Russia’s World Cup

Forensic investigators wearing protective suits in Amesbury, Britain, July 6, 2018. © Henry Nicholls / Reuters

The death of Dawn Sturgess from what police say was exposure to Novichok has sparked a new fit of Russia-blaming, as an MP, high-profile commentators and mainstream journalists pointed the finger at Moscow. more

Hillary Clinton Covertly Plans To Run Again in 2020

Hillary Clinton (Justin Sulliavan/Getty Images)

NY Post: Hillary Secretly Plotting 2020 Rematch Against Trump

By Eric Mack

Hillary Clinton is secretly planning a rematch against President Donald Trump in 2020, according to the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin in an op-ed Sunday. more

Watch: President Trump Unveils His SCOTUS Pick

Update: The White House managed to keep President Trump’s pick a secret until roughly 8 minutes before the President’s planned announcement, when NBC News reported that Trump will nominate circuit court judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.

One Bank’s Striking Admission: The Fringe Is Now In Charge Because Of Central Banks

Whereas several years ago, forecasting that central banks would unleash wars, bloodshed and social conflict was considered so preposterous, it was relegated to the domain of fringe, tinfoil hat blogs, it has gradually been “normalized” as even the mainstream realized just how clueless the world’s central planning elite truly are, and this scandalous topic has since migrated to the permitted list of items for discussion by respected, establishment institutions including banks and wealth managers, such as the UK’s Clarmond Wealth.

Last October, in a market comment note by Clarmond’s Chris Andrew and Mustafa Zaidi, the duo warned, in no uncertain terms, that “central banks are currently furnishing the excess credit that, in the past, has been followed by an orgy of blood.”

In today’s note, instead of looking at the inevitable militant outcome of failed central bank policies, they instead take on the connection between monetary policy and the rise of the “fringe” in politics, buoyed by a resentful electorate, which unable to partake in the “rise in asset prices, be they in equities, fixed income, or real estate” and where the “continued stagnation in income has only highlighted the disparity between income and asset growth”, meant that the “resentment has simmered in the electorates of the developed world. more

“FBI Lovebird” Lisa Page To Face Congressional Grilling On Wednesday

Lisa Page, the former FBI attorney who exchanged anti-Trump messages with former FBI special agent Peter Strzok, has been subpoenaed to appear in front of a joint panel of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, according to CNNciting two congressional sources.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, a Virginia Republican, subpoenaed Page to attend a deposition on Wednesday, the sources said, one day before Strzok is slated to testify publicly before the two House panels. more

Scaramucci Admits His 10-Day Political Career Cost Him Billions In AUM

Anthony Scaramucci said his brief stint in the Trump White House “cost me a lot,” and there’s a “less than zero” percent chance he’ll ever return to politics. Instead, the 54-year-old hedge fund impresario is taking his ball and going back into finance, he told Bloomberg Television in a 25-minute interview. 

“I’m not really great at the Washington scene,” said Scaramucci. “Having experienced that now has made me a lot wiser, but it’s also made me appreciate where I was and who I really am — which is an entrepreneur and money manager focused on growing people’s money.” more