Violence Against India’s Christians Reaches Record Levels


Christians in India suffered “a record number of violent attacks” last year, with much of the blame being placed on the Hindu-nationalist government of Prime Minister Narenda Modi, reported the Sunday Telegraph.

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Author: Michael Tennant


MAGA to Madness: With Election Approaching, Violence Against Republicans AGAIN Increasing


After a survey again showing that liberals have high rates of mental problems comes another warning that our Left has left sanity: Indications that, as during the 2016 presidential campaign, violence against conservatives is increasing in the run-up to the November election.

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Author: Selwyn Duke

Schools to Interrogate Kids on “Adverse Childhood Experiences”


Across America, hysteria about so-called “Adverse Childhood Experiences” (ACE), a relatively new buzz term, is being encouraged and exploited as a pretext to ask children highly sensitive questions about home and family life.

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Author: Alex Newman

Deep-stater McCabe Skates; Is AG Barr Scared, Fearing Prison Time Himself?


Attorney General Bob Barr is the smartest, stupidest, most courageous, most cowardly, quite conscientious, perhaps corrupt official in government — Barr none. All these interpretations, and maybe more, have been promulgated to explain why we continue seeing what many describe as a “two-tiered” (in)justice system. The latest example, adding to the list of Deep State deceivers escaping prosecution, is the Friday announcement that the Department of Justice has declined to prosecute ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

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Author: Selwyn Duke

House Ignores ERA Deadline So It Can Be Deemed Ratified. What Now?


In a move that ignores both logic and basic reading comprehension skills, the House of Representatives passed a resolution Thursday to pretend that the 1982 deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment never existed. The 232 to 183 vote was almost completely along partisan lines. The only exceptions were five GOP House members who sided with Democrats on the vote.

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Author: C. Mitchell Shaw