Surprised? Democrats’ Mail-in-Voting Campaign Funded by George Soros


A coalition of groups financed by progressive billionaire George Soros are pushing for universal mail voting in the 2020 election and beyond.

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Author: Luis Miguel


Why New Orleans’ Coronavirus Death Rate is 7 TIMES NYC’s


New York City may be considered the Wuhan virus’s current epicenter, with more than 57,159 people testing positive as of Friday morning. But the disease’s mortality epicenter just may be New Orleans, with its death rate being seven times the Big Apple’s. (In fact, the disparity may be even greater, unless The Big Easy is lying about its rate the way NYC is alleged to be doing.)

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Author: Selwyn Duke

United Nations Wants 10 Percent of World’s Income to Fight COVID-19


A plan touted by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres asks the world to contribute 10 percent of global GDP to fund an $8.7 trillion dollar plan to battle the effects of COVID-19. All of it administered by a global authority, presumably the UN itself.

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Author: James Murphy

Rep. Massie on Massive $6 Trillion Stimulus


VIDEO – Congressman Thomas Massie joins Christian Gomez to discuss the recent $6 trillion stimulus package, where most of that money is going and the refusal of his request on the floor of the House for a recorded vote. Rep. Massie also addresses the dangers of universal mail-in voting.

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Author: TNA Video