Globalist Warmonger Choir: Trump’s U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Syria Is a “Betrayal”


Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass is leading a chorus of foreign policy “experts” and media commentators that is condemning President Trump’s actions and demanding a continuation of their Orwellian “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace” program.

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Author: William F. Jasper


Labeled a Russian Stooge, Gabbard Takes on Clinton, Democratic Establishment


Representative Tulsi Gabbard came out swinging against Hillary Clinton’s charge that she is a “Russian asset” who will throw next year’s presidential election to President Donald Trump by running as a third-party candidate.

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Author: Michael Tennant

Failed “Climate Change” Lawsuit Against Exxon Mobil Is Now About Accounting Practices


The State of New York’s lawsuit against Exxon Mobil has devolved from the original accusation that the company hid its knowledge about the effects of greenhouse gases into an investigation of the oil giant’s accounting practices.   

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Author: James Murphy

Globalist Model to Crush Self-Government | Behind the Deep State


Video – In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman explains how the European Union superstate has stripped the self-government, sovereignty, diversity, and liberties of once-independent European peoples and nations. The scheme is a major threat. The CIA was involved. And it is the model being used by globalists to advance their New World Order, worldwide. With Brexit, Alex says the world is starting to see how difficult it is to regain a nation’s freedom and independence.

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Author: TNA Video

Hungary Responds to Turkey’s Thuggish Threat: May “Use Force” to Repel Migrants


After Turkish president Erdogan again threatened to send millions of “refugees” into Europe, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said that no migrants will pass into his nation, and has vowed to “use force” to stop them if necessary.

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Author: Selwyn Duke

Schools Are Brainwashing Kids to Hate America Through “Ethnic Studies” Curricula


School lessons teaching vitriolic hatred of America, Christianity, the traditional family, individual liberty, and more are spreading across the country like a deadly cancer.

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Author: Alex Newman