The Climate “Cult”


VIDEO – In this video, Dr. Duke Pesta talks with TNA foreign correspondent Alex Newman about his experience at the COP25 Climate Summit in Spain this past December. Alex describes the atmosphere of the summit, including the use of children to promote the “climate crisis,” the verbal trashing of the U.S., and the general “cultish” feeling.

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Author: TNA Video


Bolshevik Bern? Shockingly, Sanders Hasn’t Fired Bloodthirsty, Pro-gulag, Marxist Staffer


Presidential contender Bernie Sanders has thus far failed to fire campaign organizer Kyle Jurek, who talked about putting political opponents in Stalinesque “gulags” and saying that the campaign is full of people of his mind.

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Author: Selwyn Duke

Virginia Governor Abuses Law to Declare State of Emergency, Ban Guns for Planned Pro-gun Rally


In an egregious attempt to pervert the law for his own political agenda, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has issued a state of emergency and banned all weapons during a planned pro-Second Amendment Rally in Richmond. 

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Author: C. Mitchell Shaw

Senate Passes Globalist USMCA, Further Eroding American Sovereignty


Even as it began the ridiculous impeachment trial of President Trump, the U.S. Senate passed the U.S. Mexico-Canada Agreement, the long-awaited replacement for NAFTA, the failed North American Free Trade Agreement.

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Author: R. Cort Kirkwood

NASA: 2020 Will Mark the Lowest Solar Activity in 200 Years


With all of the pseudo-scientific propaganda being peddled about anthropogenic climate change, people sometimes forget that there are other, more important drivers of the Earth’s climate than mankind’s carbon dioxide emissions.



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Author: James Murphy

Police Say Salvadoran Illegal Molested Girl, Charged With 19 Counts


Yet another illegal alien has been arrested for multiple sex crimes against a child. Cops in Annapolis busted Jose Mellecio Argueta, a 44-year-old church van driver, for molesting a girl almost 20 times.

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Author: R. Cort Kirkwood

Inspector General Confirms Government Lies About Afghanistan


Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko told a congressional committee Wednesday that the government has routinely lied about the progress it has made in its Afghanistan efforts.

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Author: Michael Tennant