Marines Team Up with Islamists in Syria

Trump and the Pentagon have sent a number of Marines to al-Tanf in Syria where they are participating in live-fire exercises. According to Reuters, the objective of the exercise is designed to send “a strong message to Russia and Iran that the Americans and the rebels intend to stay and confront any threats to their presence,” that is to say their illegal presence in Syria. 

It is hardly a coincidence this event is taking place ahead of a meeting between Iran, Russia, and Turkey to discuss ways to end the “civil war,” which was ignited by the CIA, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Salafists in Dera’a, located north of the border with Jordan (where the CIA and US military plot the overthrow of Basha al-Assad).

Colonel Muhanad al Talaa, commander of the Pentagon-backed Maghawir al Thawra group, told Reuters the eight days of drills that ended this week at the U.S. military outpost in Tanf were the first such exercises with live-fire air and ground assault, involving hundreds of U.S. troops and rebel fighters.

In addition, the base on the Syria-Jordan border is intended to be a “bulwark against Iran and part of a larger campaign against Iran’s military expansion in the Middle East.”

Here’s what Reuters failed to mention: Maghawir al Thawra, aka the Revolutionary Commando Army (RCG), is an Islamist group pretending to be “moderate,” thus acceptable to the United States and its partners. It received training from the Authenticity and Development Front and the CIA in Jordan.

The Authenticity and Development Front (ADF) is funded and supported by Saudi Arabia, known for its long-standing support for Wahhabi-infused terror groups. ADF partnered up with head choppers, including the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement, a recipient of US TOW anti-tank missiles. The Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement is accused of war crimes, including beheading a Palestinian boy named Abdullah Tayseer Al Issa, executing people by throwing them off rooftops in Aleppo, and abducting and torturing journalists. It’s said Trump ordered the halt of support for al-Zenki and other Salafist terror groups in Syria. 

The RCG is also aligned with Jaysh al-Islam, a group that formerly called for the establishment of an Islamic state and Sharia law in Syria, but is said to have changed its tune and now calls for the Syrian government to be replaced by a technocratic body that represents the diversity of the Syrian people. It is not explained how this comports with Wahhabi Islam (and is undoubtedly a PR campaign to clean up its image so it can be “vetted” by the CIA). It is quite unbelievable to think such a radical group could possibly change its spots. 

For example, in 2015 Jaysh al-Islam said the Bilad al-Sham (Damascus) should be “cleansed of the filth” of the Shi’ites and Alawites. As with other murderous Salafist groups operating in Syria with US encouragement and support, Jaysh al-Islam’s preferred method of cleansing would be mass execution and the genocidal removal of all Shi’ites from Syria. 

These groups, sharing an ideology little different from that of al-Qaeda, are now working directly with US Marines, leaving little doubt the US is exploiting crazed Wahhabi terror to overthrow the elected Syrian government. 

This is part of the master plan for the Arab and Muslim (and Persian) Middle East, designed by the United States and inspired by the writings of Likudnik and other Zionist radicals in Israel (see Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties,” and “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism,” by Livia Rokach). In addition to grabbing more land in Syria—adding to its theft of the Golan Heights—Israel would like to see its Arab neighbors either under the thumb of brutal autocrats and dictators or busted up into powerless and ethnically divided bantustans unable to challenge Israel and the United States. 

The latest decision by the US to stay in Syria—after Trump said he would exit—and send in hundreds of Marines is a clear signal the US and Israel have not admitted defeat in Syria and will continue to work to overthrow the government there. 

Of course, this effort to prop up and train a gaggle of “moderate rebels”—it was long ago determined there are no longer any moderates fighting in Syria—will fail against the defensive military moves of the Syrian Arab Army with help from Russia and Iran. 

And this is where the danger lies. If US Marines fight alongside al-Qaeda spin-offs, there is more than a chance there will be a confrontation with Russia. 

Although most Americans are oblivious to what’s happening in Syria, they will certainly wake up on the day the US and Russia go to war with thermonuclear weapons. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Trump Says He Doesn’t Need a Fake Chemical Attack to Bomb Syria

Now that the noninterventionist president appears ready to give the go-ahead to kill more people in Syria, the corporate script reading media is providing the sort of necessary propaganda required to get the American people in the mood for mass murder.

There is NO EVIDENCE of this. But we no longer need evidence, merely the word of a “anonymous officials” and a crop of neocons who are demonstrable liars and deceivers in the name of state inflicted violence, what they call democracy.

A few days ago, Trump’s combative UN ambassador said the US will not help the Syrian people rebuild their country following its criminal destruction by CIA-Saudi Wahhabi murderers.

This has been the plan all along. It’s the same treatment Iraq and Libya received, turning those countries into failed states. Nikki didn’t come up with the idea. It was planted in her head by the Israelis and the neocons.

Here’s Haley on September 7:

Hardly comparable to the countless tons of rubble—and the dead buried beneath—the US has produced on a practically non-stop crime spree since the Vietnam War. In fact, this has been the state of affairs since the creation of the national security state after the Second World War.

It’s 2002 all over again, the same caliber of premeditated deception and lies are burbling up like acid reflux in the propaganda media, designed to convince us bombing Syria is the sane and logical thing to do in response to what are—and have been—fake chemical attacks, usually staged by the White Helmets.

Naturally, the most ardent neocons in Congress support the coming attack on Syria which will, this time, target al-Assad, his military, and his people.

It looks like an improbable chemical attack really isn’t required as a pretext to turn Syria into the next failed state where ethnic and religious sectarian violence make sure balkanized states cannot challenge Israel and the United States.

Trump and Bolton have apparently decided it doesn’t matter one way or the other if the White Helmets are now in the process of staging a chemical attack. It’s not required.

Bombing the shit—as Trump so eloquently promised—out of Syria will be complimented with a new crop of US soldiers and bases. Trump’s Pentagon will stay there until the process of political and social disintegration is complete—and will (if Germany, Japan, and South Korea serve as examples) stay there indefinitely. That’s how democracy works.

For a large number of Americans, an organized kill fest soon to be committed in their name is far down on the list of concerns. In fact, it we can believe Gallup, there is virtually no concern about what this impeding war crime will produce.

The “situation with Russia” is directly tied to Syria. Russia has said it won’t permit the US to attack al-Assad, his government, military, and the Syria people. It has an armada of warships gathered in the Mediterranean. Putin and the Russians might actually do something this time despite increasing the odds of direct conflict with the US and its ultimate nuclear endgame scenario.

Of course, this “situation” is not about Syria. It’s about another fictional tale—Russian influence of the US election.

Americans are simply not all that interested in war and organized mass murder perpetuated by a government in cahoots with the most pathological of partners—Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Most Americans are worried about falling out of the middle class, availability and affordability of healthcare, and the economy. Nuclear war with Russia and the horrifying prospect of the end of life on planet Earth isn’t even a blip on the radar.

In a climate like this—where a majority of Americans can’t find Syria on a map—war and misery are inevitable.

Like the character Tommy Ray Glatman in the film Dreamscape, the neocons believe they can do whatever they want in this emerging nightmare.

Recall the observation of Republican political strategist and former Nixon dirty trickster, Karl Rove.

“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

An empire that may soon be reduced to radioactive ash.

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Trump’s Wars and the Threat to Free Speech

It looks like Trump will plunge us into war, either in Iran or Syria, and possibly both with the truly frightening prospect of Russia and the US going up against each other. 

I remember Bush the Elder’s first war in Iraq. I recall my coworkers all of a sudden morphing into little war zealots overnight, demanding I show the flag and support for “our” troops. 

During the second rape of Iraq it was simply remarkable watching the televised talking heads condemning those of us opposed to that illegal and criminal war. Bill O’Reilly of Fox News told us to shut up. All of a sudden practicing the First Amendment was considered traitorous behavior (unless you worked for Fox News). Supporting the troops was mandatory. There were waving flags and SUPPORT OUR TROOPS billboards and bumperstickers everywhere. Yellow ribbons tied around old oaks trees. Endless super-hysterical news broadcasts spreading easily debunked lies. 

Later, it was discovered Bush and his coterie of mentally-disturbed neocons had lied about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But this didn’t matter, not to the president and his advisers or, for that matter, millions of Americans who were convinced—thanks primarily to non-stop war propaganda—Saddam wanted to kill every last American with nukes and nerve agents. A couple years later George W. Bush responded to the criticism by staging a comedy routine about not finding WMDs under his desk. 

If Trump decides to bomb Syria and Iran, the same demands will be made. Support our troops. Show your support with a flag or lapel pin. Anti-war protests—rare events these days, although they do happen on occasion—and criticism of the government will be considered giving comfort to the enemy and seriously unAmerican. 

Corporate polls report Americans believe Iran is America’s gravest and most portent threat. China and North Korea follow Iran. Thanks to ceaseless propaganda churned out by the corporate script-reading media, Americans also consider Syria, Afghanistan, and the Islamic State as enemies. 

The internet-based alternative media—now under attack as Russian fueled useful idiots—is far more prevalent and influential than it was in 2003 when Bush invaded Iraq. If a serious confrontation occurs in Syria between US and Russian troops, there will be close to zero tolerance for criticism. Ditto an incident in the South China Sea or on Russia’s border where NATO is piling up troops and staging live fire exercises. 

If war comes, the state will move to—as that great libertarian Bill O’Reilly said—force you to shut up and support the troops, which is code for supporting mass murder, war crimes, and turning largely defenseless countries into failed states unable to resist occupation and dismemberment. 

The destruction of Alex Jones and his Infowars is only the beginning. He was taken out because he is the loudest and most abrasive critic (although this criticism generally doesn’t extend to Trump and his cronies). But make no mistake—the deplatforming of Jones is a template for the ultimate destruction of all dissenting voices, including those over on the easily compromised left who are not on foundation payrolls or taking cash from George Soros. 

War brings out the true nature of the state. Its violence and murder is not confined to foreign enemies who “hate us for our freedom.” It extends to all critics, especially those with reach like Alex Jones. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Trump’s Neocon Conversion and the Syrian 180

You have to feel a little sorry for the folks who voted for Trump expecting him to live up to his promise to bring the troops home and stop killing people. 

On Thursday Trump cleared up any doubt about his neocon conversion. Once again he made his supporters—or those interested in nonintervention at least—out to be fools, that is to say any principled supporters left after killing thousands in Syria. 

The CIA’s favorite newspaper reported:

President Trump, who just five months ago said he wanted “to get out” of Syria and bring U.S. troops home soon, has agreed to a new strategy that indefinitely extends the military effort there and launches a major diplomatic push to achieve American objectives, according to senior State Department officials.

These “American objectives” reflect those of Israel, which has worked diligently to undermine Syria for decades. The first objective is to replace Bashar al-Assad with a malleable client that takes orders from the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. 

Second, Trump—channeling Netanyahu—demands the removal of all Iranian troops in Syria. Both the Russians and Iranians were invited into the country to help al-Assad flight the CIA and Saudi Arabia’s bloody Wahhabi-infused terrorists.

Third, Trump wants more illegal US military outposts in occupied Syria. 

It was rumored the troops already in Syria would be brought home by the end of the year, but like all things Trump, this promise was flipped one hundred and eighty degrees.

“The new policy is we’re no longer pulling out by the end of the year,” said James Jeffrey, a retired senior Foreign Service officer who last month was named Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s “representative for Syria engagement.” About 2,200 U.S. troops are serving in Syria, virtually all of them devoted to the war against the Islamic State in the eastern third of the country.

Jeffrey said U.S. forces are to remain in the country to ensure an Iranian departure and the “enduring defeat” of the Islamic State.

“That means we are not in a hurry,” he said. Asked whether Trump had signed off on what he called “a more active approach,” Jeffrey said, “I am confident the president is on board with this.”

More like a representative for Syria’s destruction and balkanization, based on the Iraq and Libya models. 

James Jeffrey is a Bush era neocon who served as George Bush’s deputy national security advisor. He is a former “principal deputy assistant secretary for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the Department of State, where his responsibilities included leading the Iran policy team and coordinating public diplomacy,” states his bio at the Washington Institute website. 

U.S. policy is not that “Assad must go,” Jeffrey said. “Assad has no future, but it’s not our job to get rid of him.” He said, however, that he found it hard to think of Assad as a leader who could “meet the requirements of not just us but the international community” as someone who “doesn’t threaten his neighbors” or abuse his own citizens, “doesn’t allow chemical weapons or provide a platform for Iran.”

Meanwhile, the US is working to make it so.

The Donald was a little more direct in his response to the elected leader of Syria remaining in office. “Let’s fucking kill him! Let’s go in. Let’s kill the fucking lot of them,” he said, according to Bob Woodward and his latest book. 

Back in May, Israeli Energy Minister and Cabinet member Yuval Steinitz said al-Assad should be murdered. “If Syrian President Bashar Assad continues allowing the Iranians to operate out of Syria, it would be the end of him, the end of his regime,” Steinitz said. “If Assad allows Iran to turn Syria into a forward operating base against us, to attack us from Syrian soil, he should know that will spell his end.”

Of course, if Hillary Clinton had won the election there wouldn’t be much difference. During the campaign, she worked hard to out-do the neocons. 

From The Telegraph in 2016:

[James Jeffrey, former CIA and Pentagon liaison] describes a foreign policy more hawkish than that of the current administration. He said there were a “lot of clues” to how Mrs Clinton will behave as commander-in-chief from her time as secretary of state. During that time she championed the intervention in Libya and advocated the arming of Syrian rebels against the regime.

Indeed, there are a lot of clues. Clinton is responsible for killing 30,000 Libyans and the country’s leader, who was brutally raped and murdered. Libya went from one of the richest and most developed countries in Africa to a failed state where competing cutthroat jihadists engage in bloody street warfare. Iraq suffered a similar fate—and continues to do so, as planed—in order to eliminate the risk to Israel and “moderate” (translation: dictatorial) Arab regimes in the neighborhood. 

Trump the geopolitical ignoramus is too busy defending his inflated ego and narcissistic personality to be bothered with the finer details and consequences of his decision on Syria, which is in fact a decision made by his national security advisor, John Bolton, and a gaggle of neocons waiting in the wings.

Trump’s love for Israel and his animosity toward Syria and Iran is a product of his Likud-loving son-in-law, who often confers with Netanyahu. Jared Kushner supports the genocide-minded Israeli settlers. He supports the Likud-neocon collaboration to turn the Arab and Muslim Middle East into string of client states with balkanized ethnic and religious minorities engaged in endless sectarian violence, not unlike Iraq and Libya today. If the British gave anything to the Zionists during their “Mandate” in Palestine, it was the conquer and divide strategy. The Israelis turned it into a science. 

Trump’s foreign policy hasn’t gone off the rails. It is owned by Israel and the neocons. It’s true, most hate Trump and are actively working to replace him with somebody (Pence) who isn’t suffering from narcissistic derangement, or at least does a better job of hiding it than Trump. 

Obama’s strategy in Syria was to hide the truth and pave it over with lies. He is responsible for arming crazed Wahhabi murderers and the sadistic killing of Gaddafi in Libya. 

500,000 dead in Syria, 30,000 in Libya, that’s Obama’s legacy. 

Despite this, liberals and Democrats love him, same as they respect and fawningly admire the legacy of the war criminal John McCain, who bombed civilian targets in North Vietnam. 

Trump’s 180 pivot on Syria is not a surprise. The man has no ideas of his own and was guided hand-in-hand by Jared Kushner into a den of assassins and thieves. 

Did we really expect this self-infatuated narcissist to Make America Great Again, bring the troops home, and finally return America to the noninterventionist principles held by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Trump Admin: Kill Syrians Until “We Get What We Want”

I’ve said this for years. The neocon strategy in the Middle East is total, unrelenting war and mass murder, not the delivery of “democracy,” but rather to destabilize and remake nations into compliant client states approved of by Israel.

So when an “unnamed” Trump administration official said “our job is to help create quagmires [for Russia and the Syrian regime] until we get what we want,” I wasn’t surprised.

This is the Trump response to the battle for Idlib, where a US engineered proxy, al-Qaeda, is holed up.

However, it probably isn’t fair to call this a Trump decision. The Donald doesn’t make foreign policy calls—unless his daughter is upset about something like staged chemical attacks—and he has delegated foreign policy strategy and decisions to the Pentagon and his neocon national security adviser, John Bolton, and the former CIA boss, now secretary of state, Mike Pompeo.

Recall Trump saying our only business in Syria is the fight to eradicate the Islamic State. However, this threat was largely suppressed by Russia and Iran, not Trump, Pompeo, and Mad Dog.

According to The Washington Post, Trump’s secretary of defense and his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo made this “rediscovery” of Syria while the nation was distracted by the death of John McCain.

Trump’s neocon national security adviser, John Bolton, “warned publicly last week that the United States would respond ‘very strongly’ if President Bashar al-Assad’s regime used chemical weapons,” in other words, if the elected leader of Syria tries to remove the last vestiges of US-Saudi Wahhabi mercenaries from his country, the US will respond “very strongly,” that is to say more bombs will fall, more innocents will die, and Russia may very well be targeted in Syria.

U.S. goals in Syria have been sketched publicly by Pompeo and Mattis: withdrawal of all Iranian-commanded forces from the country, rather than just from a 50-mile buffer zone along the Israel border, as in the deal Russia arranged; and a political transition that can prevent Syria from becoming a terrorist base again and stabilize it enough that refugees can return to their homes. Pompeo and Mattis want more U.S. involvement in the Geneva deliberations on a political transition, too.

In short, Syria’s capitulation to Israel and the neocons.

This is not going to happen and Bolton, Mattis, and Pompeo know it. The ultimate plan for Syria was formalized decades ago by Israel and later adopted by a gaggle of Israel-first neocons.

Israel, however, knows it does not have the military resources to push into Syria and depose al-Assad and drive out the Iranians, so that job will be completed by the United States. “Israeli officials say they’ve concluded that only the United States can drive Iranian commanders from the field,” reports the Post.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said last week the al-Qaeda associate Levant Liberation Committee planned a false flag chemical attack “in the northern Idlib province, and that it would be filmed by first-responders known as the White Helmets, who Russia has accused of fabricating past attacks,” the Associated Press reported.

According to Russian Maj. Gen. Alexei Tsygankov, British special services were to be used for the false flag.

That brought a heated denial Tuesday from Britain’s U.N. ambassador. “Even by the egregious standards of Russian propaganda, this is an extraordinary allegation,” Karen Pierce said during a Security Council session on the humanitarian situation in Syria. “It is wholly untrue.”

However, considering the history of British intelligence and centuries of brutal colonialism and violence by the United Kingdom, Ms. Pierce’s denial holds little water. As the findings of the Chilcot committee revealed, the UK is up to its neck in collusion with the US and its wars.

How to counter Tsygankov’s accusation? Denounce it as “fake news,” the now preferred method of countering all that challenges the narrative, in this case a fictional account that lacks any evidence to turn it into a fact.

She said the claim was either aimed at disseminating “fake news” or “as a smoke screen for a possible impending attack by the Syrian regime, once again against its own people, in Idlib.”

It’s own people?

The Levant Liberation Committee (Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham) is a terrorist group that wants to establish a Salafist caliphate in Syria. It is led by Abu Mohammad al-Julani, the emir of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, who also led its predecessor, al-Nusra Front, otherwise known as al-Qaeda in Syria.

Bolton and Pompeo must now decide how to proceed. The false flag chemical attack was exposed by the Russians, but that doesn’t mean the Trump neocons will jettison the plan.

The neocons rely on The Washington Post and The New York Times to put the appropriate spin on things in order to keep the American people in the dark.

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

US-UK Chemical Weapons Plot in Syria Exposed

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov says the UK is plotting a chemical attack in Syria to be blamed on Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Army.  He said this will be used as a pretext for a direct attack on the Syrian government by the United States. 

TASS posted Konashenkov’s remarks on Saturday. 

“According to the information confirmed simultaneously by several independent sources, the active terrorist grouping Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra) is plotting a new provocation with the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government forces against civilians in the Idlib province,” Konashenkov said.

Hayʼat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is but the latest al-Qaeda clone. It is holed up in Idlib to make a final stand in the long and disastrous war against the Islamic State, the most vicious to date of the al-Qaeda spinoffs. 

HTS member groups include some of the most brutal human rights offenders in Syria: Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly al-Nusra Front), the Ansar al-Din Front, Jaysh al-Sunna, Liwa al-Haqq, and the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement (DZM).

Nusra was particularly pathological in its approach to sectarian mass murder campaigns. It has murdered large numbers of Alawites, Druze, Christians, and Shiites. It also executes Syrian Army prisoners. Both are serious violations of international law. 

DZM already had a solid relationship with the Pentagon. It was the recipient of BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles manufactured by Raytheon. The group is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, the CIA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. It worked with Nusra to abduct and torture journalists and humanitarian workers. It also beheads non-believers, including children. 

All of these groups are either strict Wahhabi Sunnis or variants thereof and are fighting not only to overthrow the Shia Alawite Bashar al-Assad, but also establish a Salafist caliphate in Syria, as foretold by a declassified government document. 

Considering the mutually beneficial relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia—now more enthusiastic than ever under Trump—and its documented past supporting, training, and arming Salafist murderers in Syria, it is entirely possible the plot is authentic. 

“A special group of terrorists who have been trained by specialists of the UK private military company Olive to handle chemical warfare agents has also arrived in the area of Jisr ash-Shugur,” Konashenkov said.

These militants have been tasked to simulate a rescue operation for locals allegedly hurt in the chemical attack and will be clad in the outfits of the notorious White Helmets group, the spokesman said.

The Olive Group is billed as “a leading provider of innovative risk management solutions.” It is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates with offices in the UK and the US. Previously known as Olive Security, the group adopted the “ethos of the UK’s Special Forces.” The company received a contract from Bechtel for work during the invasion and occupation of Iraq and also worked with USAID, the folks involved in the color revolution business. 

It will now be impossible for the US and the UK to stage another chemical attack, at least in the short term. Trump’s neocon national security adviser John Bolton will have to devise another way to attack Syria. In the meantime, there is always Iran. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

The Energizer Bunny of Creative Destruction

No, John Bolton hasn’t gone away. 

He was back today with a message for Bashar al-Assad and Syria.

There is virtually no evidence Assad conducted chemical attacks during the US-Saudi sponsored jihadist invasion of his country. But then evidence is passé. It does not apply to the Exceptional Nation. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Most Americans are Oblivious to the Bush-Obama-Trump Plan to Takedown Syria

Thanks to Brandon Turbeville for connecting the dots on the US-Israel-Saudi plan to take down Bashar al-Assad and Syria. Turbeville reminds us of an article published by TIME in 2006. 

TIME revealed a leaked two-page document circulating amongst key figures in the Bush administration that openly stated that the U.S. was “supporting regular meetings of internal and diaspora Syrian activists” in Europe. The document made no bones about expressing hope that “these meetings will facilitate a more coherent strategy and plan of actions for all anti-Assad activists.”

This “coherent strategy” included using Wahhabi serial killers to topple the al-Assad government. This strategy resulted in the murder of more than 500,000 people in Syria. This has been portrayed in the West as al-Assad killing his own people. 

It’s never explained why al-Assad is killing his own people. It’s just something brutal dictators do. We’re told they also like to use chemical weapons. 

The Muslim Brotherhood—long a US and British intelligence asset—was used in the effort to oust al-Assad, according to the documents. Before this happened, however, the Brotherhood needed a facelift. 

The [National Salvation Front] includes the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organization that for decades supported the violent overthrow of the Syrian government, but now says it seeks peaceful, democratic reform. 

The TIME article adds further evidence the United States, Israel, and the Saudis have actively worked for years to take down Syria and turn it into a compliant puppet state—even a Wahhabi caliphate, if need be. This effort has failed.

But none of this really matters. 

The American people are not on that wavelength. 

Most are seriously deficient in history and politics. Those who have not tuned out completely are busy attacking their enemies on the other side of the great—and largely manufactured and excessively exploited—political divide.

Hysteria—most recently over separated children—is exacerbated by the propaganda media. It dominates the foreground as the murder of children by Trump’s drone and missile attacks remain out of focus and ignored in the background. 

For the corporate media, the crimes of the United States—in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa—are far less important than to a thug stealing a MAGA baseball cap from a kid at a burger joint. 


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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Debunking the Persistent Myth of US Precision Bombing

(CN Op-ed) — Opinion polls in the United States and the United Kingdom have found that a majority of the public in both countries has a remarkably consistent belief that only about 10,000 Iraqis were killed as a result of the U.S.-British invasion of Iraq in 2003. Estimates of deaths in Iraq actually range from 150,000 to 1.2 million. Part of the reason for the seriously […]


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