Murder in Pittsburgh and the Targeting of Alternative Social Media

Robert Bowers, the suspected shooter at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, is being used to denounce social media not on the corporate reservation.  Bowers had an account on Gab, the free speech social media alternative to Twitter and Facebook, where he posted antisemitic content, and this is now being used to portray the site as a [...]

Reverb Celebrated Deplatforming Alex Jones, Cries Foul After it is Purged from Social Media

It’s like a mental defect, this inability to understand something very simple and straightforward.  If you’re not part of the corporate club, you’re not going to be allowed the privilege of posting on social media. If you rub the state-sanctioned narrative wrong, you will be deplatformed.  Reverb Press found this out the hard way. It [...]

PropOrNot Celebrates Death of First Amendment

An article posted today on Global Research features a couple screen grabs from the PropOrNot Twitter feed. Both celebrate the takedown of hundreds of social media accounts this week.  Notice the emojis. Cute touch, would’t you say? I don’t believe for a second the anonymous group or individual behind PropOrNot actually believes Russia had anything [...]

Video: Google’s Good Censor Plan

The Good Censor document admits Google and the other Silicon Valley tech giants now control online conservation and have undertaken a shift toward censorship. Nafeez AhmedHow the CIA made GoogleInside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet [embedded content] Share this: Like this: Like Loading... Go to Source Author: Kurt Nimmo

The Information Terrorists, Part 2

Finally, a glint of truth.  Russia is not responsible for filling your head with fake news and forcing you through a mysterious form of thought control to vote for misogynistic white nationalist digital terrorists. From Popular Mechanics:  [Facebook’s] reputation for fake news blew up during the 2016 presidential election, when it was overrun with political [...]

The Information Terrorists

Molly McKew taught me something last night.  I’m an information terrorist.  McKew has a story up on Wired, a magazine and website owned by Condé Nast Publications.  She begins with the Brett Kavanaugh kerfuffle and from there identifies several terrorists.  Among those cheering on the hate-trollers were many familiar faces from the sewers of the [...]

Social Media Censorship Intensifies

Both the Free Thought Project and The Anti-Media lost their social media accounts in a coordinated attack today by Facebook and Twitter.  Antiwar critics of establishment politics @AntiMedia and @TFTPROJECT just had their pages with millions of followers deleted by Facebook, along with hundreds of other alternative media outlets. Latest escalation of corporate censorship used [...]