Black Americans Who Care About Their Communities Speak Out Against Illegal Immigration

I am glad to see that many in the black community are waking up to the fact that they are Americans and their communities come before illegal immigration!

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats that run California could care less of what these people have to say, but they still need to speak with a united voice and vote and get them out of office. California is going to hell in a handbag.

Video Source: Grindall61

This video should be mandatory viewing for everyone within the boundaries of the United States. People call me racist for being against illegal immigration but, I’m not. I have many friends who are of Mexican descent and here legally. There are many, many Americans of Mexican descent in the Air Force and I served with many and loved those guys like my brothers but, they are here legally.

We welcome you here as long as you go by our rules. No other country on planet earth lets you walk right in and join the club. How do we know you are not here to hurt us, steal from us, spread infectious diseases from God knows where? Those are just a few things for why people coming here need to be checked first. Lots of people who can’t provide anything for themselves have to take lots of tax money that is for Americans first. It’s our money! Americans pay for this, not the illegal family of 16 who has 10 EBT cards between them and gets cash and housing assistance when our neighborhoods are stricken with poverty and our failing schools in the cities need new competent teachers, computers, textbooks, food, and more. Our government doesn’t rectify that, they use our money to feed 10,000-plus illegal immigrants who jumped the border last month. Yes that many a month people.

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It’s not a joke and the first community to take the huge economic hit will be the black community and lower-income people of all races because the uneducated illegal immigrants are now in competition with you for your job and he will work for way cheaper. If all of our communities come together, we can force the government to send huge amounts of border police in to start taking these people out. Mexico sold California to the US government, so it’s rightfully America, not little Mexico. If you don’t want your family split up, don’t brake the law by coming here illegally for money.

I am happy to see other black and brown citizens call themselves Americans.

African heritage is one thing but claiming to be African American when you have never been to Africa makes no sense. Americans, plain and simple and doesn’t matter what your race is as long as you are born in the US you are an American citizen. We have to break down these descriptions that divide us and come together as one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all!

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Author: The Daily Sheeple