COUP BY LAWFARE DOMINATES D.C. — American Republic Under Dire Threat

Even the coup plotters called it a coup!

“When is a coup d’état a coup?”

“When the coup co-conspirators,
themselves, call it a coup—that’s when!”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

State of the Nation

Not only are the rogue C.I.A. agents and former leaders conducting a full-blown coup against the Trump administration IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, the conspirators have called it a coup from the very beginning of this insurrection.

As usual the operational directors behind this ongoing coup are treasonous former chiefs within the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Those spooks think they know much better how to oversee the United States of America than the American people or its elected government.

So determined are these traitors to the American Republic that they have hatched plot as nakedly seditious as CIARAMELLAgate.

All the C.I.A. ever does is regime changes,
color revolutions, civil wars, terror attacks,
VIP assassinations and nationwide protests,
so why would the globalist-controlled
entity not try to overthrow Trump?

(Source: CIARAMELLAgate: “There’s nothing more dangerous on planet Earth than a fired CIA director.”)

Coup by Lawfare

For the uninitiated, it’s important to understand that the C.I.A. always prefers to conduct regime changes by stealth and secrecy.  To do so avoids all the blood and gore associated with their terribly violent color revolutions carried out the world over since their inception after World War II.

The best way to do a regime change, therefore, is to remove the head of state through an impeachment process or by conducting a false criminal (really political) prosecution.  In this manner, the coup plotters can point to the veil of legitimacy should the body politic rise up in protest.  This highly deceitful method also avoids making an unwanted martyr as well as all conspiracy theories associated with a violent assassination or secret murder.

In point of fact, lawfare has been used to overthrow more governments over the past several decades than all the other tools in the C.I.A. toolbox.  Most citizens do not even understand it is happening in their respective nations, so complete is the CIA’s control of their Mockingbird Media in most countries.   Most even believe that a real high crime has been committed when in fact the prime minister or president is set up and convincingly tagged with an egregious crime or crime spree.

Operation Impeach Trump

This exact lawfare tactic and strategy — a malicious political prosecution — is now being used somewhat successfully against President Trump.

The pivotal liar lawyer in this “coup by lawfare” is, of course, none other than California Representative Adam Schiff who predictably represents Hollywood.

There are specific reasons why the treacherous Schiff was selected to unscrupulously commandeer the impeachment process which can be found here: ADAM SCHIFF: Deep State Agent, Serial Leaker and Traitor to the Republic

It should now be clear that “Shifty Schiff” was chosen because of his complete lack of integrity, honesty and trustworthiness.  His exceedingly low character is such that he will do or say anything whatsoever to achieve his purely political and self-serving goals…as well as the objectives of his clandestine masters.

Whereas the preceding exposé reveals Schiff’s MO, the following article discloses the deep back story behind this entire IMPEACHMENTgate charade as it concerns his central role and hidden purposes.

The Secret Back Story Behind the Outright Treason of Adam Schiff

KEY POINT: There are very good reasons why Schiff represents Hollywood that go way beyond his “acting ability” as a political hitman.  The primary reason is discussed is here: FIELD MCCONNELL Arrested: PICAZIOgate Blown Wide Open!

However, no impeachment process can be ushered along effectively without the full support of the Speaker of the House.  Hence, it ought to be obvious that Rep. Nancy Pelosi from San Fran also has some serious skin in the game.  As follows:

Everything points to an ongoing coup within a coup to overthrow Donald Trump and install, first, Nancy Pelosi as POTUS, followed by a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Getting rid of both Trump and Pence is Phase I. Installing Pelosi into the Oval Office is Phase II; and executing Phase III on behalf of the still-aspiring Clinton will require a herculean effort. Such a globalist scheme would also mean the final end of the American Republic.
(Source: COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility)

Whistleblower’s back story

Why CIA agent Eric Ciaramella was ever enlisted to be the whistleblower is anyone’s guess.  How is this guy even called a ‘whistleblower’?

It’s critical to understand Ciaramella’s dubious background and documented work history in order to grasp the true depth and breadth of this rapidly evolving insurrection. See: WHISTLEBLOWER IDed! Ciaramella —> Eric Ciaramella

The following title provides several excellent reasons why former CIA Director John Brennan picked the wrong guy to do the dirty deed of deposing Trump.

The so-called ‘whistleblower’ is a CIA spook, Deep State operative, Democrat partisan hack, Biden flack, Brennan-directed spy, agent of Adam Schiff and coup co-conspirator!

Especially with the Internet running at full tilt, the coup perpetrators surely knew that their absurd scheme would be outed as a transparent coup d’état.  And, yet, they decided to proceed.  Wow!  JUST WOW ! ! !

Even the whistleblower’s attorney is profoundly compromised, not only by him calling it a coup back in 2017, but because of his own connections to the all-powerful Pedogate control mechanism.

What is particularly disturbing is that ultra-liberal lawyer Mark Zaid is MUCH more liberal than anyone knows. For example, the two reports that follow indicate a seedy side to this highly adulterated impeachment process that enters Pizzagate territory.  And, just in time for the 2020 election.

Is this really how the Democrat traitors and Deep State insurgents are able to get away with so much reckless corruption.  The nation has never seen such a non-stop crime wave DURING PRIME TIME!

See Why does ‘whistleblower’ attorney Mark Zaid like so many videos of “Disney girls”?

How does the ‘whisteblower’ attorney boast about acquiring security clearances for “guys with child porn issues”?


What else can be written except the following self-evident fact of political life in America throughout this November of 2019 and beyond?

OVERTHROW IMMINENT! American Republic Under Withering Assault by Communist Coup Plotters

Bottom Line: The sheer desperation exhibited at every turn by the communist Democrats and their Deep State handlers is occurring for multiple reasons that go way beyond the scope of this article.  Suffice to say that the DEMs are in serious trouble on many counts.  As a political party, they are now forced to cover up so many real scandals and manage so many proven conspiracies designed to topple Trump that they feel they have no choice but to do the coup.  Truly, the list of felony crimes perpetrated at the highest levels of the U.S. Federal Government is mind boggling.  As follows:

RUSSIAgate Hoax

UKRAINEgate Hoax






However, it’s really CROWDSTRIKEgate that will take down the Democrat Party, once and for and for all.

State of the Nation
November 9, 2019


Excerpt from: CROWDSTRIKEgate: A Massive Deep State Scandal that Will Collapse the Democrat Party

“The impeachment hoax
was initiated because of
Trump’s determination
to fully expose
That radioactive scandal
perpetrated by CrowdStrike
and the DNC leadership
is so dangerous to the
Democrat Party they
desperately started the
impeachment inquiry.
Now Trump really wants
that epic fraud investigated
because his presidency
depends upon it.”

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Author: The Millennium Report

Zaid It Isn’t So: Whistleblower Attorney’s Dubious Impeachment Role

N.B.: I wrote the article below 2 hours ago. I came on line to see that Trump is echoing my exact sentiments:
Remember, I do not work for or support Trump, other than to the extent that I believe he is entitled to be treated fairly under the Constitution and that this is a first draft. RHS

Thousand Oaks, CA
November 8, 2019

by Rich Scheck

I met Mark Zaid in Chicago in early April, 1993 at a JFK Assassination Conference. We did not know each other but shared a room to cut expenses.

It turned out that we had more in common than being lawyers who were interested in finding out who killed President Kennedy in Dallas, 30 years earlier.

We didn’t speak much since we were both focused on the Conference Agenda which was one of many that took place after Oliver Stone’s JFK film. (Stone was in town and made a brief appearance but did not participate).

As best as I can recall, Mark told me he was from Great Neck, New York better known as West Egg to those familiar with the Fitzgerald classic, The Great Gatsby. I grew up there and graduated North High School 5 months before the tragic events in Dealey Plaza.

Zaid has made quite a name for himself in DC as a “super lawyer” who defends free speech and Whistle Blowers. Those familiar with current events will recognize his name as one of the attorneys representing the person whose actions are the basis of President Trump’s possible impeachment.

But both the case and Mark’s role in it raise lots of red flags regarding the legitimacy of what appears to some as a Kangaroo Court run by tainted Democrats who are projecting their own impropriety unto the president.

Adam Schiff has committed what can be called prosecutorial abuse in the way he has conducted the process. He met with the WB prior to the inquiry and then lied about that. His “parody” of the case against Trump was more than disingenuous: it tainted the process at its inception. Leaks and lies plus links to CIA operatives and those like himself
with ties to Ukraine undermine the appearance of fairness and do the nation a grave disservice.

Schiff, Pelosi, Biden, Hillary, Romney and other key players in this drama have major conflicts of interest that make their impeachment role suspect and subject to charges of partisanship.

So the question naturally arises: why would someone like Mark Zaid who has a history of exposing government lies and dubious official narratives like the one claiming Oswald shot Kennedy……..why would Zaid associate himself with a group of professional liars, leakers and conflicted politicians like those named above?

It’s a serious question that unfolds from his active role in championing the quest for someone to come forward and help his merry band of partisan activists take down Trump. Lawyers can be political activists but this conduct may have gone a step too far!

Rather than wait to defeat Trump at the polls in a year or bring solid impeachment charges against the incumbent for his Maladministration (a High Misdemeanor);or for abusing his power by bombing Syria based on lies and now stealing its oil; or massively arming 9/11 suspect nation Saudi Arabia, Zaid opts to collude with the participants in the continuing
RussiaGate intelligence operation now rebranded as UkraineGate.

I find his comfort level with liars, leakers, intelligence agency assets and the disgruntled mischief-making NSC holdovers from the Obama Administration deeply troubling and incongruent with his image as a “super lawyer” truth merchant!

Nor can I find any indication of outrage by Zaid at Trump’s failure to faithfully execute the laws when the president withheld release of all the JFK assassination files in 2017 as mandated by law……..a law both he and I promoted back in 1993.

In my opinion, that failure was an impeachable offense. Yet the DC Swamp Creatures let it pass without comment, the same way most of them save Tulsi Gabbard continue to let all Commanders-In-Chief get away with their illegal regime change wars. Such actions are clear violations of the Constitution yet folks like Zaid and the Members of Congress remain mute.

I find it unacceptable for those who label themselves as “Progressives” to participate in this spectacle that is tantamount to a coup designed to destroy Trump and his presidency. The hypocrisy of their actions is only exceeded by their complicity in the massive corruption by the DC Swamp warmongers who benefit so handsomely from foreign interventions like the one masterminded by Obama’s State Department team led by Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland that led to the overthrow of the pro-Russian government in 2014.

True, Trump is no “innocent” whose personal baggage and controversial conduct as president make him an apt target by the opposition. But Eliot Ness and J. Edgar Hoover were able to take down Al Capone without inventing phony charges against him, abusing the criminal justice system to convict him, improperly manipulating the public through leaks or colluding with witnesses and their attorneys to take down the Chicago mobster.

Impeachment is a solemn constitutional process designed to remove government officials who abuse their power and violate their oath to faithfully execute the law. To do so by sanctimoniously wrapping oneself in the mantle of legitimacy and pretending to rely on the truth while engaging in flagrant violation of the sacred norms used to justify the process is so abusive as to destroy the very fabric of authenticity they purport to evoke.

These people are putting the nation at risk. The actions of Zaid, Schiff, Pelosi, Clinton, Biden, Romney, Brennan along with the complicit Main Stream Media are in my opinion, as or more reprehensible than anything Trump may have done.

As things now stand, this cabal of coup-plotters may well prevail in removing the president from office. They certainly have the momentum on their side with Trump proffering a timid defense. That may all change depending on what is in the Barr/Dunham
Report, when (if) that ever gets released.

The public is caught in the Crossfire of this ugly confrontation with little recourse other than to watch in amazement as this spat intensifies in the run-up to the 2020 election. How it will all play out in the intervening 12 months remains to be seen. But history
is likely to record the role of its leading participants, including that of Mark Zaid, as deeply troubling in an era that is starting to make the McCarthy period look tame by comparison.


Impeachment Obsessed Democrats Poised To Pick Hillary Despite Gorbachev Warning of Colossal Danger! | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

*Mark S. Zaid is a Washington DC attorney, with a practice focus on national security law, free speech constitutional claims and government accountability. He was named as a 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 DC Superlawyer for his work on behalf of national security whistleblowers. He founded the James Madison Project in 1998, an organization dedicated to reduce government secrecy. It is interested in the Freedom of Information Act and government whistleblowers. He is the co-editor of Litigation Under the Federal Open Government Laws.

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Author: The Millennium Report

The Phony Anti-Defamation League’s Genocide Legislation

By David Boyajian

Why did I testify at the Massachusetts State House on Oct. 7 against legislation that would require public schools to teach the Jewish Holocaust, Armenian and Greek Genocides, and other genocides and “atrocities”?

Good question, especially as I’m an Armenian American journalist and activist.  My Christian grandparents landed on these shores over 120 years ago.

My answers:

  • A brazenly two-faced, alleged civil/human rights group — the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) — wrote and sponsored the legislation (H.566 & S.327). 
  • The legislation itself has problems.
  • Schools have been utterly careless in scrutinizing the programs and curricula proposed or created by outside organizations such as the ADL.

This article goes far beyond Armenian American issues.  It’s about how the ADL and similar groups intimidate and/or hoodwink respectable American organizations, schools, and institutions.

Genocide hypocrisy

The ADL continually demands worldwide recognition of, reparations for, and legislation on the Holocaust.

Yet the ADL long denied/diminished the Armenian Genocide that Turkey committed (1915-23).  The ADL also colluded with Turkey to defeat Armenian Genocide resolutions in the U.S. Congress. 

Jewish, Israeli, Turkish, and American media have outright admitted this.  So did a fine man, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Chief of Staff, William S. Parsons (now deceased), in a personal conversation with me.  He was distressed by it.

Such blatant hypocrisy renders the ADL unfit to author legislation or pontificate on any genocide.

Several other major Jewish groups are equally guilty.

Yola Habif Johnston of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) disclosed in 2006 that AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), American Jewish Committee (AJC), B’nai B’rith, and JINSA “have been working with the Turks on this issue” for more than 15 years.

“The Jewish lobby has quite actively supported Turkey in their efforts to prevent the so-called Armenian genocide resolution from passing.”

These Jewish groups would demand apologies and more from any mainstream organization that treated the Holocaust like that.  But they had few qualms about demeaning the Armenian Genocide.

We aren’t blaming these Jewish organizations’ rank-and-file supporters, who have often expressed disgust with their organizations’ hypocrisy.  We fault their leaders.

Trilateral conspiracy unmasked

In 2007, I publicly blew the whistle on the ADL’s war against Armenian Americans.  Many principled Jews and other non-Armenians, joined in.  The resulting scandal exploded across national and international media.

Turkey hurled accusations at Israel because the conspiracy among certain Jewish organizations, Israel, and Turkey to do the latter’s dirty work had been unmasked. At that time, relations between Israel and Turkey hadn’t yet soured.

Two respected, long-established American advocacy organizations, the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) and the Armenian Assembly of America (AAA), joined the campaign after a while.

Grassroots Armenian Americans and others did most of the heavy lifting, though, and quite successfully.

ADL gets slapped

Consequently, from 2007-8 a dozen Massachusetts cities and the Massachusetts Municipal Association (which represents the entire state) evicted the ADL’s alleged anti-bias program “No Place for Hate.”

Rarely had the ADL been slapped in the face so hard and so publicly.

New York, Michigan, and California saw similar, though lesser, actions against the ADL.

But like nearly all American organizations who criticize the ADL (and other powerful Jewish political groups), the two Armenian American advocacy groups worried about probable retaliation. 

So in mid-to-late 2008 ANCA and AAA dropped out of the campaign. Nevertheless, a small group of activists, including myself, carried on.

For instance, in 2013 then-Governor Deval Patrick nominated Atty. Joseph S. Berman, an ADL National Commissioner, for a Mass. Superior Court judgeship.

Berman subsequently acknowledged he failed to criticize his organization’s genocide hypocrisy prior to 2007.   He was grilled on this and other shortcomings by the elected Governor’s Council, which ratifies judicial nominations.  I testified against Berman.

In 2014, despite the backing of the entire Massachusetts political, legal, and media establishment, Berman lost.  We activists — without ANCA/AAA support — won a stunning victory over the ADL.  Don’t let anyone tell you groups like the ADL can’t be beaten. 

A weak deal

Two years later, I alerted ANCA and AAA that predominantly Jewish Newton, Mass. had — perhaps unintentionally — brought an ADL program into its schools despite having thrown out the ADL in 2007.

Unfortunately, ANCA’s Dikran Kaligian, AAA’s Anthony Barsamian, and Middlesex County Sheriff Peter Koutoujian (of Armenian-Irish ancestry) ignored my advice to simply push the ADL out of Newton once again.

They’re good people and have helped the Armenian American community in many ways.

But in 2016 they made a pathetically weak deal with ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.  He acknowledged the Armenian Genocide but only in a “blog” post, not a formal organizational declaration. 

The “blog” also said the ADL “would support” — not does or will support — an Armenian Genocide resolution.   

The rest of the deal has never been made public.

Andrew Tarsy was the New England ADL Director who was fired in 2007 because he acknowledged the Armenian Genocide.  “Inadequate” was what he rightly termed the ADL’s 2016 deal with ANCA/AAA/Koutoujian.

The ADL, said Tarsy, “ought to lead the conversation about reparations for these [Armenian] families … assets, land … everything that Holocaust reparations … has represented .”

We activists fought and wrote against the bad deal but to no avail.

The ADL’s only “support” for the Congressional resolution came in a letter three years later — a mere 24 hours before an overwhelmingly positive October 2 House resolution vote (405-11) whose success was already assured.

In 2007 Armenian Americans had demanded that as partial moral reparations the ADL must advocate as hard for an Armenian Genocide resolution as it has for Holocaust legislation.  The ADL never did so.

Nor has the self-centered ADL ever apologized to Armenians or made amends.

Regardless, the ADL’s chance to do the right thing expired years ago.

Koutoujian’s ambitions

I place the onus for ANCA/AAA’s weak-kneed 2016 ADL deal on Sheriff Koutoujian.  Like so many ambitious American politicians, he has openly allied himself with numerous Jewish organizations and individuals to advance his career.

During the nomination of the ADL’s Joseph Berman for a judgeship in 2013, for example, Koutoujian privately urged a councilor who opposed Berman to switch her vote.

A Jewish leader had apparently pressed Koutoujian to do this.  Had that councilor done as Koutoujian asked, Berman and the ADL would have won. 

In 2014, Koutoujian and thirteen others — mostly local police chiefs — went on an ADL junket to Israel for “counterterrorism” training, which is obvious nonsense. Curiously, Koutoujian happened to be the only sheriff.  A Mass. sheriff’s main responsibility is running county jails.

But even had the ADL never warred against Armenian Americans, it still wouldn’t qualify as a civil/human rights organization.

More bad ADL behavior

We can only skim the surface here of the swamp of ADL’s bad behavior.

In the 1990s and beyond, the ADL settled two civil rights lawsuits for illicitly surveilling thousands of individuals and organizations.  These included the ACLU, Greenpeace, and NAACP as well as civil rights, media, anti-Apartheid, and African/Asian/Hispanic/Jewish/Native American groups.

The ADL also illegally possessed reams of government records, including classified FBI documents. 

In 1993, political strings were reportedly pulled at the last moment before a San Francisco grand jury could hear the case.

The ADL did not escape entirely.  It had to pay over $50,000 to the city.

The mainstream media reported this scandal though not nearly enough.

In reality, then, the ADL is really just a political, rather than a civil/human rights, group.

Like most Jewish organizations, the ADL believes that Holocaust denial/diminishment is anti-Semitism and, hence, hate. 

By analogy, therefore, the ADL’s denial/diminishment of the Armenian Genocide would apparently make it a hate group. 

Dubious genocide legislation

Fast forward to October’s hearing on the ADL’s genocide legislation.

Again, because the ADL has been knee-deep in genocide denial/diminishment, it has no business writing genocide legislation.

Furthermore, the legislation’s text and concept are flawed.

The Holocaust is placed before the Armenian Genocide, even though the latter preceded the former by two decades and was a model for Hitler, who admired Turkey’s brutality.

The legislation refers to “atrocities in Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda, and Sudan.”   Some of these, particularly those in Rwanda and Sudan/Darfur, were definitely genocides not mere “atrocities.”

The numerous massacres of Native Americans are not mentioned.

Indeed, I suspect the text includes genocides other than the Holocaust mainly to increase its chances of passage.

Regardless, should genocide instruction as a separate unit be required when so many high school graduates have a poor knowledge of American history, not to mention the ‘Three Rs’?

By law, moreover, the Mass. Dept. of Education already has a unit on genocide which teachers can use.

And some schools already invite organizations such as Facing History and Ourselves to teach genocide history.

Genocide is legitimate history and should be included in history textbooks rather than presented as a wholly separate unit.

Moreover, ANCA and AAA should not, as they did, have explicitly teamed with the disreputable ADL to support this legislation.  Had they wished to support the bills, they could have done so independently.

If this legislation succeeds, the genocide-denying/diminishing ADL may well play a role in writing and teaching the curriculum.  That’s outrageous.

Are schools competent to bring in outside groups to teach genocide or other subjects?

Dubious outside groups

Consider the dozen Massachusetts city governments — often pushed by their so-called ‘human rights commissions’ — and the Mass. Municipal Assoc. that formally approved the ADL’s “No Place for Hate” but later rejected it. 

They probably didn’t bother to look into the ADL’s checkered background.  Or did so but didn’t care.  At a minimum, they’re inept.  Other cities and schools across America who have adopted ADL programs must also be inept.

Over one thousand cities, schools, universities, and law-enforcement agencies here and internationally participate in ADL programs such as “No Place for Hate,” “Campus of Difference,” “Classroom of Difference,” “Anti-bullying,” and more.  These curricula purport to instill ‘tolerance and diversity.’

But was the ADL ‘tolerant’ of the civil rights, media, anti-Apartheid, and ethnic groups and individuals it surveilled?  Far from it.  Did the ‘diversity’ of genocides the ADL recognized until recently include the Armenian Genocide?  On the contrary.

Are students in ADL programs told the facts about that organization’s distasteful history?  Doubtful.  That’s not education.  It’s deceit.

Any organization that presumes to inculcate morals into young people must come with clean hands.  That’s not the ADL.

Educators often fail to investigate other outside organizations and programs they bring into schools and libraries.

Consider DragQueenStoryHour (.org).

Hundreds of American public schools and libraries are hosting frightening, bizarrely outfitted, provocative adult drag queens who read to, physically contact, and sometimes strip before young, often pre-school, children.

Some of these drag queens have been convicted of child sex abuse and prostitution.

Problematic organizations that seek to influence unsuspecting students are making schools a battlefield.

Students deserve better.

America’s future leaders should not serve as guinea pigs just so the ADL can advance its political agenda with dubious legislation.

Many of the author’s articles can be found at

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Author: The Millennium Report

Bill of Peace 2020 Settlement Offer, Current Status & Deadline

The Truth Shall Make You Free!

(And this is more than enough proof A.M.R.)

Page_Page_1 945xe.jpg

For Full Text Private Law 114-31 (2016):


Page_Page_2 945xe.jpg


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Page_Page_11 945x.jpg

Bill of Peace 2020 – a free will choice –

John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

2019_11_02 Redacted Reduced 945x hp.jpg


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Author: The Millennium Report

REMEMBER: Field McConnell was the first to expose the nefarious Senior Executive Service

About Field McConnell

by Anna von Reitz

Field McConnell has been arrested and charged with three felonies of an unknown nature.

Remember that THEY can and do indict ham sandwiches. Their entire system is built and predicated on the presumption that a “person” is guilty until proven innocent. And it is hard to prove innocence.

Remember who or what is taking this action — Broward County, Florida, one of the most evil and corrupt County Governments in the United States Municipal Government flock of corrupt State and County franchises.

Remember that Field McConnell is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel in his seventies — Vietnam Era, and that these charges, whatever they are, are said to stems from things that happened in the 1970’s — Ollie North Era.

Remember that a lot of good men, especially pilots, got drawn into CIA and DIA and other plots hatched during the take down in Vietnam and Iran Contra and other illicit “Ops” and also remember that many of those men actually believed — and had reasonable cause to believe — that they were working for our actual government and in the “National Security Interest” when in fact they were being ordered and/or induced under conditions of deceit to commit crimes.

Remember then, too, that the very Agencies responsible for ensnaring these men into committing crimes in the first place, then hold those same crimes as blackmail over guys like Field. This could very well be that kind of hypocritical pay back scenario, where Field wouldn’t go along with their current agenda, so they pulled out ancient dirty laundry on him.

Remember that Field McConnell’s principal contribution to the world so far has been to expose the “Senior Executive Service” — the SES, the most powerful and venal part of the British Territorial Government in the US and elsewhere.

That makes for a lot of very powerful enemies.

Remember that Field McConnell’s anti-child trafficking efforts are in competition–at least in some people’s warped minds– with Craig Sawyer’s campaign against the same evil.

And finally, to make sense of this all, you have to know some basic history and Who’s Who.

At the Federal level there are two (2) “governments” employed as subcontractors — (1) British Territorial and (2) Roman Papist Municipal.

Both are ultimately controlled by the Pope, but one is indirectly controlled by the Queen and the other is controlled directly as part of the Roman Municipal Government system.

This results in two “Congresses” — staffed by the same people wearing different hats.

It also results in a multiplicity of services of all kinds. There are two or more departments, bureaus, and agencies covering (and charging for) every possible function of government.

There is the actual Department of Defense run by the British Territorial Government, and then, there’s “the DOD” run by the Municipal Government. And there are rivalries between these entities. Competitions. Snake Oil Sales. Separate contracts with various agencies — both foreign agencies and interagency contracts.

This makes for a very complex mix of organizational alliances and at the same time, competitions and oppositions, as all these various groups have somewhat the same and somewhat different motivations. Wherever there is money to be made, you will find two or more of these groups in the bidding, cutting deals in the back rooms, and trying to push each other off the playing field.

My initial “intel” on this subject as it concerns Field is that the snakes in Broward County who make a lot of money off of smuggling everything from child prostitutes and white slaves to drugs to tigers to booze, cut a “deal” with Craig Sawyer, one of Field’s competitors in the new burgeoning anti-trafficking movement, and that’s why Broward County is picking on Field.

Well, if you have two competing groups engaged in anti-child trafficking operations, and you are Broward County, you obviously want to buy them off. And if one of them will take the bait and the other one won’t, you obviously want to make the payola flow toward the group that will work with you and attack the group that won’t make a deal.

So the Smart Money is that Field and his group of anti-child trafficking heroes wouldn’t make a deal with Broward County (and behind them, the British SES involved in all this crap) to protect the Pedogate monsters, but Craig Sawyer would.

Or maybe Craig Sawyer was simply seen as the lesser of two evils and benefited from being less competent.

Or maybe this is just more of the Standard Operating Manual for the Scumbags among us, and the Deep State is attacking Field, and blaming Craig Sawyer for it, in an attempt to destroy both at once.

These things get complicated. You have to be able to play 3-D chess.

What is certain is that news channels associated with Craig Sawyer’s group are taking “credit” for Field’s arrest. But, that could be a set up, too.

After all, how many infiltrators have tried to set relationships with me, so that they could blackball me by association? Take nothing for granted.

This all gives rise to the spectacle of: (A) competition between two shadowy former-agency/former-military groups leading to harm of everyone’s efforts to stop child-trafficking; (B) dirty dealing with the dirty quasi-government officials ruling as kingpins in Broward County to allow trafficking to continue in exchange for a cut of the action; (C) petty personal conflicts leading some selfish and small-minded people to betray the best interests of all concerned; (D) agreements by some parties to protect Pedogate criminals in exchange for carte blanch to prosecute lesser criminals in Broward County; (E) some mixture of all of the above.

What I can tell you for sure is that any prosecution of Field McConnell for crimes committed back in the 1970’s is dirty prosecution by dirty people.

And, at the end of the Food Chain, they are high-ranking dirty people, too.

Many men, especially pilots, get into very sticky situations in the course of their professional work. The filthy Agencies that do the dirty work as subcontractors of the Departments of the swamp-dwelling foreign “federal government” subcontractors — are always in need of transportation for themselves, for their agents, and for various kinds of cargo.

Just think of Han Solo and the ET bar scene in the original Star Wars movie.

And at the end of the day, it also often comes down to whether a man chooses to work for the good side or the bad side on any given issue.

This much I can tell you— Field McConnell is a good man in my opinion and he has never said or done anything to my knowledge that was less than squeaky clean, intelligent, and fervent. His arrest has caused all sorts of consternation and butt-covering in the so-called “Patriot Movement”, but not here, not with me.

I’ve been around the block long enough to know an insider “interagency” job when I see one. And that is what this is and all it can be. Pray for Field and keep the faith with him. Don’t let the rats get away with anything. Keep your attention focused and your brains engaged. He has done enough damage to them by exposing their underbelly that this was, I suppose, inevitable.

Field himself has certainly lived under the shadow of the likely “payback” of the Deep State every day for years. It hasn’t kept him silent like so many other men who have ultimately yielded their own honor for fear of blackmailers and pedophiles and murderers. And fear hasn’t kept him on the couch, either.

Instead of running away because the known criminals in Broward County brought charges against Field McConnell — stick around and pay attention and keep the pressure on Broward County and all the Florida “officials” responsible not only for arresting Field, but for all the smuggling and trafficking and other crime that goes on in Florida.

Remember, there’s a reason they called the TV Show “Miami Vice”. And there’s a reason they call Mike Pence the “Vice President”, too. My sources say that Pence already ordered an agency “hit” on Timothy Holmseth, Field’s compatriot in Minnesota, who has been instrumental in exposing the Midwest child theft rings and their connection to Pedogate.

They also say that they have film of Pence doing some very, very nasty things.

So I will repeat my advice to all would-be Whistleblowers: don’t stand around talking about blowing the damned whistle. Blow it. Now. Get the bombs out of your hands and into the news cycle. It’s time.

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Author: The Millennium Report

MORMON MASSACRE IN MEXICO: The Back Story is too Radioactive to Publish

TROUBLED PAST Mexico massacre family’s dark history of links to NXIVM ‘sex cult’, polygamous ‘Mormon Manson’ and drug cartel slayings

Patrick Knox
The Sun

THE 18 family members involved in a brutal drug cartel massacre had ties to a notorious sex-cult and a polygamous murderer “Mormon Manson”, it has been revealed. 

The killing of nine US citizens, three women and six children, who were travelling in a convoy in Mexico has turned the spotlight on the troubled history of the remote Mormon sect they belonged to.

 Six kids were slaughtered in the attack on the convoy of three cars

Six kids were slaughtered in the attack on the convoy of three carsCredit: AFP or licensors

 Mum Rhonita Maria LeBaron died along with four of her children

Mum Rhonita Maria LeBaron died along with four of her children

The women were travelling together from Bavispe in Sonora state for “safety reasons” when they were ambushed by a drugs cartel gang on Monday.

The nine victims were members of the LeBaron family, a group of dual Mexican and American citizens who live in a fundamentalist Mormon community.

Police today confirmed that one arrest had been after the killings, which left one vehicle torched and riddled with bullets in what appeared to be a deliberate hit.

Heartbreaking footage also emerged today showing a wounded baby being treated for gunshot wounds in a hospital in the state of Sonora.

US President Donald Trump vowed to “wage war” on Mexican drug cartel “monsters” who allegedly carried out the atrocity against the families who were travelling to a wedding.

But the families are no stranger to exploitation, violence and murder.

As recently as 2010, two members of the community, including one from the LeBaron family, were slain by cartels.

Anti-crime activists Benjamin LeBaron, 31, and his brother-in-law Luis Widmar Stubbs were kidnapped and murdered by cartel after the abduction of his younger brother, who was later released.


In this climate of fear it has been alleged the NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere recruited Mormon women under the promise he could save them from the horrific violence unfolding around them.

Under the guise of a self-help group, Raniere allegedly tricked women into moving into his New York compound, where they were promised jobs as nannies.

But the woman were turned into his sex slaves through such means as shame, punishment and nude blackmail photos.

Some were even forced to have his initials branded on their bodies.

The 58-year-old was arrested in Mexico in 2018, convicted of sex trafficking and faces life in prison when he is sentenced in the New Year.


The group were also previously linked to Ervil LeBaron, known as the “Mormon Manson”, who led a murderous polygamous cult called the Church of the Lamb of God.

The group were responsible for the killing of at least 25 people.

It was disbanded in the early 1980s and Ervil died in prison soon after while serving a life sentence for murder.

One of his 51 children, Anna LeBaron, detailed the reality of the sect in a 2017 book, “The Polygamist’s Daughter”.

Anna said: “My father would order mob-style hits and those would be carried out by his cult members if they stopped believing in him or his practice or religion and left, or sometimes it was rival cult leaders that were blood-atoned for being false prophets.”

Just like followers of notorious cult monster Charles Manson, Anna says her father’s children truly believed everything he told them.

“As a child we were taught that we were celestial children because we were born of the prophet Ervil LeBaron,” Anna recalls.

 Nxivm cult leader Keith Raniere allegedly sought women from the same group as the murdered Mormons

Nxivm cult leader Keith Raniere allegedly sought women from the same group as the murdered Mormons

 The 'Mormon Manson' Ervil LeBaron was the leader of a polygamous cult responsible for multiple murders

The ‘Mormon Manson’ Ervil LeBaron was the leader of a polygamous cult responsible for multiple murdersCredit: AP1977

Following his death, six family members masterminded the notorious “four o’clock” murders.

This saw an eight-year-old child and three former members shot dead within minutes of each other in Texas in 1988.

Evril’s son Heber was later held in connection with slayings.

Meanwhile another son, Aaron, was jailed for 45 years in a conviction connected to the murders.

 A baby is treated in hospital after the horrifying massacre

A baby is treated in hospital after the horrifying massacre

 Tragic photos also show how a baby's bottle is covered in blood

Tragic photos also show how a baby’s bottle is covered in bloodCredit: Facebook/dinorah.liddiard

 A baby's car seats was also spattered with blood

A baby’s car seats was also spattered with bloodCredit: Reuters

 People walk into the emergency room at the hospital treating some of the children injured

People walk into the emergency room at the hospital treating some of the children injuredCredit: AFP or licensors

 A woman holds a picture of Mormon anti-crime activist Benjamin LeBaron, left, and his in law Luis Widmar during their funeral

A woman holds a picture of Mormon anti-crime activist Benjamin LeBaron, left, and his in law Luis Widmar during their funeralCredit: AP:Associated Press

 This is the brand of an escaped sex slave

This is the brand of an escaped sex slaveCredit: Frank Report

 Anna has spoken out about her life with her father she dubs the 'Morman Manson'

Anna has spoken out about her life with her father she dubs the ‘Morman Manson’Credit: facebook

 Heber LeBaron covers his face with a bible while he and his half brother Douglas Barlow leave a preliminary extradition hearing in Phoenix, Arizona

Heber LeBaron covers his face with a bible while he and his half brother Douglas Barlow leave a preliminary extradition hearing in Phoenix, ArizonaCredit: AP:Associated Press

 A sign announces the entry to Colonia LeBaron, one of many locations where the extended LeBaron family lives in the Galeana municipality of Chihuahua state, Mexico

A sign announces the entry to Colonia LeBaron, one of many locations where the extended LeBaron family lives in the Galeana municipality of Chihuahua state, MexicoCredit: AP:Associated Press


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Author: The Millennium Report

FIELD MCCONNELL Arrested: PICAZIOgate Blown Wide Open!

No one exposes PICAZIOgate
and gets away with it…
until now!

Field McConnell’s Stunning Arrest
The Most Radioactive Scandal in the USA Today

Submitted by the Florida Pedogate Investigation Team
SOTN Exclusive

“Here’s both the short story and the big picture: the Pedogate perps in Broward County, Florida had Field McConnell arrested in Pierce County, Wisconsin yesterday.  Why?  Because exploding an atomic bomb in the Alt
Media was preferable to detonating a hydrogen bomb in the mainstream media.  That’s why!”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

Even very few Pedogate investigators and researchers know, but the world capital for the global child exploitation syndicate is Broward County, Florida.

There are several reasons for this fact of life in 2019.  One of main reasons is the same explanation for why Jeffrey Epstein set up shop just north of Broward in Palm Beach County, Florida—that’s where the BIG MONEY is!  That’s also where the aging Illuminati families are who want to stay young forever.  The way they stay young is to pay BIG MONEY for the organs, tissues, blood and adrenochrome that are harvested from illicit child exploitation operations.

KEY POINT: It’s been stated by knowledgeable researchers that the Gold Coast of Florida — from Stuart to Miami — is home to the greatest concentration of Illuminati families on the planet.  These families represent the really old money of the Black Nobility, unlike the nouveau riche of California.  Those banking families of Northern Italy dating back to the end of the 13th century have their roots not only in the spoils of the Roman Empire, but also the plunder brought back from the Nine Crusades as well as the riches generated from the East-West trade routes opened up by Marco Polo’s journeys to China via the Silk Road.  Now that’s OLD MONEY.

There are specific reasons why the richest families in the world chose the southeast Florida coast to live on which are beyond the scope of this article.  Suffice to say, that the Gold Coast was chosen because of how prominently configured it is within The New Atlantis.

Now, back to Field McConnell’s shocking arrest.

The perps who ordered it knew that Field was striking at the root.

Anyone who gets too close to the real source of Pedogate is putting themselves in grave danger.

PEDOGATE: Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened for Deep State and the C.I.A.

Not even those folks initiated into the secret workings Pedogate know that Broward County is the global headquarters for that child exploitation operation.  Nor do they know that BROWARD COUNTY is the Operational Headquarters for Israeli Intelligence-Directed False Flag Operations and Mass Casualty Events in America.

Jeffrey Epstein

The biggest story in the United States today is the one that IMPEACHMENTgate knocked off the front pages—EPSTEINgate.

That’s because the Jeffrey Epstein scandal is truly the “Mother of all Scandals”.  When that multi-decade criminal conspiracy is exposed, all the others will likewise be revealed.  Then the Global Control Matrix will collapse in a day and a night.  The New World Order agenda and implementation plan will likewise come to a screeching halt.

That’s why Field was arrested.

He was exposing the “legal muscle” behind the Florida Pedogate operation, which is just one franchise of the global Pedogate syndicate.

One wonders if Field even knew just how his BIG research project really is.

Timothy Holmseth

With Jeffrey Epstein out of the picture (he’s not dead), and his worldwide crime syndicate exposed like never before, the whole operation was put into disarray and left vulnerable to crackerjack investigative reporters such as Timothy Holmseth.  As a matter of documented fact, Holmseth has been exposing the FL Pedogate scandal like no other journalist in U.S. history.  Which is why everyone in the reigning BEAST system wants him gone—as in yesterday! See: Judge Threw Out Illegal Restraining Order Against Timothy Holmseth—How was it ever issued in the first place

It appears that Field McConnell housed Timothy Holmseth at this home in Wisconsin.  That living arrangement resulted from the reality that Holmseth was ruined by forces who were determined to shut down his exhaustive investigation into Florida’s institutional culture of child trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation.

This was Field’s fatal mistake. Not because he broke the law; rather, because he provided a safe haven for the highly courageous journalist—Timothy C. Holmseth.  Field also issued some threats and promises that every Alt Media journalist has quietly made since Pizzagate was blown wide open in October of 2016

Not only was Holmseth onto the Epstein deep back story where it concerned high-profile Florida child kidnappings and killings Pedogate-style, such as the Caylee Anthony murder (Orlando, FL) and Haleigh Cummings kidnapping (Putnam County, FL), he was also onto the highly organized Broward County-run child exploitation ring.

Why was Timothy Holmseth charged in criminal court for publishing audios he obtained regarding an international baby sales operation he uncovered connected to JEFFREY EPSTEIN?

Field must have taken on this major Pedogate crime syndicate in Florida because he knew it was the BIG one, as well as the lynch pin.  That if the Florida pedo-crime spree was exposed, it could bring down similar crime waves in the other 49 states.

Back to Epstein and the Pedogate cabal.

Surely Field knew that once Jeffrey Epstein’s operation was shut down, others would try to fill the void.

What Field also knew was that the Florida franchise was connected directly to the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens, the Podestas, and many other Democrat VIPs as well as to Epstein and Company.  State Senator Lauren Book is a key player in this Broward County operation, especially where it concerns passing critical legislation in Tallahassee. (See chart below–click on to enlarge.)

Sen. Lauren Book is all over the place from access to ammunition, funds for homelessness, Medicaid access to breast milk, cat claws, definition of child abuse, school safety, abortion access, reproductive rights, access to hygiene products in schools, access to emergency contraceptives for victims, and making coconut patties the Fl state candy. The theme is to paint herself as a protector.

Kim Picazio, PA

First, see the screenshot that follows of Kim Picazio’s own website offering her services as a registered attorney in the state of Florida.  Why is her photo missing from her own professional site and even showing a male profile?  Isn’t that odd?

Now, here’s a photo of Ms. Picazio:
Here’s her own Instagram photo:

Just who is Kim Picazio?  And, how does she conduct her law practice?

The following YouTube videos provide just a glimpse into the legal affairs of lawyer Kim Picazio:

What follows is a screenshot taken from one of the preceding videos that offers an important insight into Ms. Picazio’s professional MO.

The true story of Ms. Picazio is still being investigated by some of the same PIs and researchers who produced the following unparalleled exposés on the FLVAXgate scandal just a few weeks ago.  Parts I and II of that ongoing vaccine investigative report follow.

Highly Organized Controlled Opposition in Florida Deceives and Betrays Anti-Vax Advocacy Groups

FLVAXgate: Controlled Opposition Vaccine Groups in Florida Carry Out Sophisticated COINTELPRO-Type Operation

The extremely nuclear content of the previous two links provided the impetus for this investigative report on FLPedogate.  The proven conspiratorial details in each post unveiled a much deeper plot about Epstein’s Florida Pedogate operation that could not be ignored.

What happened during the FL vaccine investigation is that many theretofore unknown connections and key relationships were made and observed, respectively, which compelled us to look much deeper into the exceedingly corrupt Broward County pedo-crime network.

The bottom line here for the newcomers is that there is a deep connection between the recent legislative initiatives to strip both religious and medical exemptions from all Florida residents via Senator Lauren Book’s SB 64 and the Florida pedo-crime spree that’s been ongoing for many years.  That perilous connection will be elaborated in Part III of the series.

KEY POINT: Infants and school children who have been exposed to the highly toxic childhood vaccination schedules are much more vulnerable to pedo-crime than those who have not.  These mandated vaccines contain minute chips that can be used to profoundly affect the individual both physically and psychologically.  For this and other reasons, FLVAXgate is directly related to FLPedogate.

Field McConnell

As many now know, Field McConnell was arrested yesterday in Pierce County, Wisconsin due to the execution of 3 felony warrants in Broward County, Florida.  He is being held without bond pending trial as he awaits extradition to Florida.  Which means Field could be in jail for a long time, even before his trial starts. See the “Extradition-Arrest Prior to Requisition“.

Such an arrest, given the flakiness of the charges in the context of today’s utterly lawless cyber-space, must have been executed to some extent to have highly impactful effect(s) on the Alt Media space.  Clearly, the attorney who triggered these warrants — Kim Picazio — has a reputation for using the law to strong-arm anyone who crosses her.  Such blatant abuse of the legal system occurs regularly in dark blue Broward County.

There are other purposeful black ops that take place in Broward, such as the staged Parkland FL false flag mass shooting.  That transparent psyop was so successful that new gun control laws were passed by the Florida legislature not long after that fake mass casualty event took place.  As follows:

Operation Hogg Wash Blown Wide Open in Broward County

Because Field McConnell is quite well known throughout the Alt Media, the severity of this arrest and detainment without bond will reverberate loudly among the many truth writers and speakers.  The NWO perps who are pushing this malicious prosecution aim to intimidate every alternative news website on the Net.  The truth will not be tolerated where it concerns such radioactive topics as Pedogate.

What follows is a screenshot of Field’s Twitter page.  Please take a close look at the top entry.

No other person on the planet did more to expose the Airline Industry for their corruption in the technical realm than Field McConnell.  After stints as a United States Air Force B29 bomber pilot, F16 fighter jet pilot and aircraft commander, Field became a captain for various commercial airlines.  His uncovering of the “Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot” was the first major setback for that aerospace company, as in devastating. See: How many passenger jets went down after Filed McConnell warned everyone about the “Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot”?!

Field’s other investigations surely set up Boeing to be exposed as a serial corporate criminal.  Their latest and worst scandal ever has seen the grounding of all Boeing 737 Max jets worldwide.  Anyone who bumps up against the Military-Industrial Complex triggering such dramatic consequences will certainly feel their wrath in one way or another.  Hence, this malicious prosecution in Broward County is quite likely related to Field’s very real whistleblowing.

KEY POINT: It should be noted that Field McConnell — wittingly or unwittingly — has sacrificed himself in the conduct of his advocacy for the children.  Little did he know he would ever be jailed under these circumstances; however, because of the sheer desperation of the dark side they have blown PICAZIOgate wide open.  Now the pedo-crime perps really kicked a hornet’s nest.


What makes PICAZIOgate so HUGE is that its uncovering will trigger all sorts of citizen investigations into the Broward County Sheriff Department, Child Protective Services, Judiciary, DA’s Office, Court System, as well as the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Much more significantly, PICAZIOgate will break open major pieces of the EPSTEINgate puzzle.  That will, in turn, expose the CLINTON FOUNDATIONgate scandal where it concerns child trafficking from various Caribbean countries and Central America to South Florida.  The world will be made aware of the carefully hidden child trafficking networks associated with UKRAINEgate.

It’s of paramount importance to understand that lawyer Kim Picazio is apparently just a low-level pawn in the Florida-wide pedo-operation.  That so many videos are available on the Internet which prove her various wrongdoings is quite shocking by any standard.  They also reflect the actions of a real amateur who appears to be clueless about how she has been set up to take the fall by the hierarchy above her.

For instance, why would an attorney ever be taped making these types of claims to a subordinate PI? See PICAZIOgate: Sex, Lies & Audiotape (Video)

The deeper any researcher digs into PICAZIOgate, the more obvious it becomes that there is something VERY wrong in Broward County.  What becomes evident is that there is a well established network of cops and lawyers, judges and prosecutors who are hooked into a county-wide child trafficking operation. See PICAZIOgate: Judge who unlawfully slapped Holmseth with injunction removed form office

However, this particular pedo-crime enterprise in Broward is only one of several throughout the state of Florida.  But, it is the premier Pedogate crime syndicate in the USA because of the endemic lawlessness and corruption of Broward, as well as Fort Lauderdale having been established as the LGBTQ capital of the world decades ago.  Consequently, the LGBTQ mafia essentially runs Broward from Lauderdale, particularly all the law enforcement departments.

KEY POINTS: Florida has seen a dramatic uptick in the number of ‘missing children’, child kidnappings, inexplicable child murders, child sexual abuse and child trafficking over the past decade.  So alarming is this disturbing trend that there is now a network of likeminded advocacy groups forming to combat it.  Parents who are deathly afraid that their children could be snatched right off the front yard by a drive-by kidnapper, or seized on their way home from school, or sexually abused by a school teacher or sports coach are banding together informally.  Florida has become ground zero for this pedo-crime wave because the weather is quite conducive for kids to spend a lot more time outside, especially during the winter months.  Likewise, many runaways go to Florida for the warm weather and these young souls are especially susceptible to all sorts of schemes and con men.

SOTN Editor’s Note: This report is a very much a work-in-progress.  There are new developments every day now.  Much is being uncovered by the various investigative journalists and Florida-based investigators and Internet researchers as they learn more about Field’s arrest and Picazio’s hidden work history, all of which will be added to this post in the days that follow. (These additions will be added as “Updates”.)

Florida Pedogate Investigation Team
Submitted to State of the Nation
November 5, 2019

Special Note: SOTN has published more original exposés and reposted articles on Pedogate than any other website on the Internet today.  As soon as SOTN coined the phrase —  “Pizzagate is Local, Pedogate is Global” — in the definitive exposé here, we knew this was the BIG one we’ve all been waiting for.  The FPIT has informed us that their preceding report only skims the surface of this never-ending pedophilia/pederasty scandal.  And, that Part II promises to delineate the fine details of their in-depth investigation into PICAZIOgate as well as the many related criminal conspiracies that are much larger in scope and effect.  While this post only represents a tiny tip of the massive Pedogate iceberg, it is nonetheless a pivotal piece of the plot.

Recommended Reading

Kim Picazio has HUGE evidence-based legal problems to contend with

Why did celebrity Florida Attorney Kim Picazio really file false police reports against an Alt Media journalist?

Legal Reference

Kim Picazio’s Original Petition for Injunction (4) 9.9.11

Video Reference

Every investigator is encouraged to send any material on Agent19, the producer of the following video.  The FPIT wants to know who Agent19, Montagraph, Speak Project and other characters are who have been working in the background for Kim Picazio.  By studying the first Google page after conducting a search for the phrase “field mcconnell arrested”, it was immediately obvious that those bad actors and other like posters knew about Field’s arrest before the cops did.  How, pray tell, did that happen?!

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Author: The Millennium Report

The C.I.A. Will Assassinate Trump One Way Or Another

All the C.I.A. ever does is regime changes,
color revolutions, civil wars, terror attacks,
VIP assassinations and nationwide protests,
so why would the globalist-controlled
entity not try to overthrow Trump?

The Rogue C.I.A. carries out a Color Revolution right inside the Beltway

Just like the C.I.A. took out JFK in broad daylight,
The Company is assassinating Trump during prime time.

State of the Nation

If you count carefully in the marked photo above, there were actually 8 sniper nests surrounding Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963 just before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a complex conspiracy that was fastidiously coordinated by the Central Intelligence Agency.  The following exposé reveals the CIA’s operational commander of that assassination plot which doubled as a coup d’état: JFK Assassination Plot Exposed, Multiple Co-Conspirators Identified

Moral of the Story: There’s nothing more dangerous on planet Earth than a fired CIA Director.  Truly, hell hath no fury like a CIA director scorned.

Now, fast forward to this November of 2019.

The following picture portrays the plight of another POTUS who has run afoul of the C.I.A.

The C.I.A. is well known as The Company within global intel circles because it is, in reality, a massive global intelligence apparatus that controls — either directly or indirectly — almost every Fortune 1000 company, as well as the entire Military-Industrial Complex.

In point of fact, the CIA has completely controlled the entire mainstream media (MSM) for many decades.  Which is why the MSM, now often called the Mockingbird Media in recognition of Operation Mockingbird that was launched after World War II specifically to take over the corporate media, is routinely used to carry out one character assassination after another against all enemies of Deep State.

So, instead of assassinating Trump like they did JFK, the CIA perps are dead set on relentlessly character assassinating him until he’s no longer a viable political figure.  What they will attempt to do to him at that point then is anyone’s guess.

Character Assassination

The CIA perps at the very top of this convoluted conspiracy know the numbers well.

They know that President Trump has a HUGE following that is YUUUGELY loyal to him.

Hence, the decision-makers know they cannot physically assassinate him like JFK without HUGE blowback from his base.  Given the national mood, that blowback could translate to hunting down every co-conspirator and hanging them live on the Internet—LITERALLY

Therefore, the character assassination cabal has disseminated orders throughout the media realm that it’s open season on Trump until Election day.  And, that there’s nothing whatsoever that’s off limits in terms of the type or tone of the scandalous content about Trump, no matter how fictitious and/or scurrilous it is.

Of course, the MSM has been recklessly running these psyops and black ops since the very day he announced his candidacy in June of 2015.

However, the stakes in 2020 are much greater.  And, the unrelenting defamation of character via MSM slander and libel reflects that.

As a matter of historical fact, no POTUS in history has weathered the unceasing media superstorms geoengineered right over the White House as this President.

And, as long as the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is firmly in charge of this assassination conspiracy, it will only get worse.


Not only does IMPEACHMENTgate, demonstrate just how far the C.I.A. will go with this transparent soft coup, it also reflects the true depth and breadth of Deep State’s power to act with utter impunity. See: IMPEACHMENTgate: The Scandal Is Much Worse & Plot Much Thicker Than Anyone Knows

Were it not for the well-armed Patriot Movement nationwide, surely Trump would have already been removed from office, or killed like Kennedy.

That the perps have been successful with improperly staging an impeachment process clearly show how much control the CIA still exerts over every House Democrat and RINO via the Pedogate control mechanism.

P E D O G A T E: A Global Child Trafficking and Exploitation Crime Syndicate

All the major Deep State players are also perfectly controlled by Pedogate, which is why they pursue Trump with unparalleled audacity and ferocity.  They all know that if they do not neutralize Trump, their multi-decade crime spree will be exposed in glowing color.

Perhaps the strongest evidence that the C.I.A. is spearheading this ongoing coup d’état against Trump is a very bad actor by the name of Eric Ciaramella—a proven CIA operative.

WHISTLEBLOWERgate: The so-called ‘whistleblower’ is a CIA spook, Deep State operative, Democrat partisan hack, Biden flack, Brennan-directed spy, agent of Adam Schiff and coup co-conspirator!

Really, you can’t make this stuff up!   Except that the C.I.A just did, and made up much, MUCH more to present it as a real juicy Hollywood political thriller (The CIA has also owned and operated Hollywood since the very beginning, too).

The more anyone looks deeply into Ciaramella’s background, they quickly understand that he’s today’s version of Lee Harvey Oswald.  However, where Oswald was totally innocent, Ciaramella appears to be a real assassin.  Which is why this scandal has been memed WHISTLEBLOWERgate: How the coup plotters protected a partisan hack ‘whistleblower’ from being exposed and answering for his treason.

But then you never really know until the whole story is told.  It’s quite possible that even Ciaramella was set up from the start, although his work history would not at all indicate that.  Who knows, maybe he’s a good mole who was found out like LHO, and now they’re using him to do their dirty work but he will eventually be disposed of.

$64,000 Question: Why would anyone allow themselves to be used so dangerously and disrespectfully as the perps have used Ciaramella, his name and his apparently perfidious conduct?  Something does not add up here.


Former CIA Director John Brennan, former DNI James Clapper, former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Hayden, among many other former and current leaders of the U.S. Intelligence Community have expressed their extreme dissatisfaction with President Trump.

Of all of these “scorned spooks”, it is John Brennan who is playing the same role as  former CIA Director Allen Dulles did when JFK was assassinated.  Brennan has already shown how utterly ruthless and shockingly savage he can be by overseeing much of the Arab Spring carnage, so there’s nothing he will not do to advance his malevolent agenda.

CAVEAT: The longer that Brennan et al. are on the street, the more precarious it will be for Trump. All of these stone-cold traitors to the Republic need to be arrested and prosecuted post-haste.  Each day these turncoats are free to run their soft coup only brings US closer to a violent coup d’état that can easily evolve into a low intensity civil war.

State of the Nation
November 4, 2019

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Author: The Millennium Report

Trump Has HUGE Problems With The FBI

Nobody Home,
Out to Lunch
or All Four?!

“Why in the world would an FBI Director so fiercely resist firing
a proven liar on his staff, especially a dangerous political miscreant
in senior FBI management?! Andrew McCabe’s documented close
relationships with the transparent Deep State cabal attempting to
overthrow President Trump revealed an unindicted co-conspirator.
And, yet, Director Wray “threatened to resign if McCabe was
removed”. When even the spineless Sessions demanded the
termination, you know the guy is BAD! It looks like we have another
fox guarding the foxhole.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

As the FBI protects the swamp, Deep State closes in on Trump. DoJ under AG Barr neglects to indict a single swamp dweller.

State of the Nation

MIA CHRIS WRAY: The Missing Piece of the Federal Law Enforcement Puzzle

If FBI Director Christopher A. Wray’s actions and inactions are any indication of where his loyalties lie since taking over from hopelessly corrupt James Comey, what needs to be said.

Only that someone close to Trump recommended Wray to do the job of cleaning up the FBI, which emphatically has NOT happened.

SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG! “Not one prosecution, or even an arrest, of a single swamp creature!”

Since assuming the office as the 8th Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Wray has done absolutely nothing.

Actually, that’s not entirely true — Director Wray has permitted the same endemic corruption to persist at the nation’s largest federal law enforcement agency that it has been notorious for over decades.

In other words, there are stone-cold criminals still working at the FBI (they know they are) who Wray will not expose or fire.


There can be only one answer to that extremely important question.

Because Chris Wray is yet another agent of Deep State who was stealthily installed in that key post in order to make sure that the swamp is NOT drained … not even a little.

Truly, has there ever been such a lackluster FBI director in that hot seat?

There’s no question that Wray put together a picture-perfect Deep State resumé over the course of his career with a Yale law degree as seen on his Wiki page.

Even Wray’s photo betrays a man who is clueless, but only by design.

How, pray tell, can an FBI director be so utterly clueless … about everything?

With all of the criminal acts committed by the FBI in collusion with other agencies within the U.S. Intelligence Community, how is there not a single investigation going on that will drain the swamp. Are they all being conducted in secret?

Cover-up man

Unfortunately, everything points to Wray being appointed only if he promised to cover up every crime spree carried out by the FBI, including Robert Mueller’s epic cover-up of the false flag terrorist attacks of 9/11. Mueller was specifically installed as FBI Director just days prior to September 11, 2001, where he remained for 12 years. That’s 12 long years of the greatest criminal cover-up in U.S history by the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.

Now we have Wray in the job.

As long as he’s director, how will AG Barr prosecute even a single swamp creature inside the Beltway?

Cover-up men

The answer to that question can only be correctly understood by examining the actions and inactions by Attorney General William Barr.

That’s because AG Barr seems to be guilty of the same type of cover up as Wray.

Do these two chaps even talk to each other?

Here we have one side of the political aisle — the Democrats — guilty as sin and accusing the other side — the Trump administration — of the very crimes that they, themselves, are stone-cold guilty of.

And, yet, the DoJ just sits by idly and does absolutely nothing but allow the rule of law to get totally trampled IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

The following analysis breaks down this rapidly deteriorating predicament quite simply.

“What Are They Waiting For?” DOJ’s Inaction Allows Swamp Creatures To Run Wild and Impeach Trump!


When any nation ceases to be run as a nation of laws … legitimate laws … that country degenerates into a full-blown Banana Republic.

It was just over four months ago that “Trump refused to say if he has confidence in FBI director“.

Given the reality that President Trump cannot even trust FBI Director Wray to uphold the rule of law, it appears that there is only one way to resolve this situation.

However, there is a fast closing window of opportunity discussed here:

OVERTHROW IMMINENT! American Republic Under Withering Assault by Communist Coup Plotters

State of the Nation
November 3, 2019

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