Police use SUVs to aggressively attack, plow through, crowd of protesters

Officers use SUV to faceoff with, plow through, unruly crowd

(INTELLIHUB) — Several City of New York police were captured on video using their police vehicles as weapons to ram, run over a defenseless crowd of citizens who were protesting the police killing of George Floyd on Sunday.

Two officers driving two separate SUVs pulled up to a crowd of human beings in a faceoff before stoping on the gas striking innocent civilians.

The sickening display of excessive force should be considered nothing less than the attempted manslaughter of Americans.

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Jordan Maxwell: It’s a communist takeover of the United States of America

(INTELLIHUB) — One of the world’s top thinkers Jordan Maxwell appeared on the Intellihub Podcast on Thursday where he talked with Intellihub editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas about the current communist takeover of the United States of America.

“You cannot run a block of land if you do not take down the biggest guy on the block first and the big guy on the block is America,” the famous researcher into the occult told Ambellas. “That’s why you have to take America down and out in order for the rest of the world to fall… so when Trump comes and says ‘make America great again’ they don’t want that–they don’t want America to be great again they want this country destroyed–they want it wiped off the map.”

“They want the whole world to be under a world revolutionary movement–a world communist movement,” Maxwell pointed out also making it clear that the powers-that-be are using the same old method to create division between the haves and the have-nots.

The bottom line is that “we are being invaded by a foreign power,” Maxwell explained. “They are trying to destroy what we have built up in America.”

The visionary also predicts we will see an October surprise to the likes of which the world has never seen.

‘We have to worry because we are entering the constellation of Scorpio,’ which he explained signifies “war.”

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Team of NYPD officers filmed breaking into jewelry store with metal cutting wheel during riot

NYPD’s finest

NEW YORK CITY (INTELLIHUB) — A team of NYPD officers was filmed breaking into a jewelry store with a metal cutting wheel Wednesday night as onlookers watched in shock.

The team managed to use a commercial metal cutting circular saw to breach the armored storefront of Oscars Gold & Diamonds located at 2356 Grand Concourse in the Bronx while rioters created pandemonium in the streets.

It is unknown if the officers were actually robbing the shop at the time or if the breach was authorized and part of an existing operation. (i.e. did the shop owner lose their keys? If, so why open the shop during a riot?)

Four officers could be seen doing the brunt of the work while at least one other officer stood guard in the street.

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Aircraft fly patterns above NYC, display ‘New Federal State of China’ propaganda

“Congratulations to the New Federal State of China”

(INTELLIHUB) — A total of five aircraft could be seen flying patterns above New York City on Wednesday while displaying large aerial banners–one of which read: “Congratulations to the New Federal State of China.”

The uncanny communist propaganda is creating fear among the general public who may be questioning if they have been sold out to China for payment on U.S. debt.

However, news outlets such as Fox Business were quick to report that the banners were likely sponsored by exiled Chinese billionaire Miles Guo who purportedly funds a fake news operation.

Needless to say, political strategist Steve Bannon and the said Chinese billionaire Miles Guo conducted a LIVE special broadcast from Guo’s yacht on Wednesday in which the two celebrated the National Day of the New Federal State of China.

“If you see where the Chinese people have had access to the rule of law they flourish,” Bannon explained. “The Chinese have gone throughout the world with no advantages… and it is outrageous…”

“I think this is the great awakening,” Bannon who is an advisor on the group’s committee said. “We are having a great awakening of the world… we are having a great awakening of the plight of the Chinese people.”

“To me, it’s inevitable that the CCP has to fall,” he said. “…it will fall.”

Bannon went on during the live feed to say that he is honored to play the role.

Keep in mind, this all dovetails with similar rhetoric that Hillary Clinton and Rachel Maddow spewed out over the airwaves on Monday night when the former Madam Secretary called on China to work hand in hand with the Democrats to illegally obtain President Donald Trump’s tax returns in what she claimed was a hypothetical scenario.



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Pastor Paul Begley talks about current state of nation with Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Pastor Paul Begley joined the Intellihub Podcast today where he talked with Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas about the current riots, state of the nation, and prophecy.

Pastor Begley’s website:

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Author: Intellihub Podcast

NYPD officers discover ANTIFA brick cache on Brooklyn street corner

Yet another cache of bricks has been discovered by police ahead of nightfall

BROOKLYN (INTELLIHUB) — Officers with the City of New York Police Department discovered another ANTIFA-sponsored care package of bricks on Tuesday that was neatly placed on a street corner ahead of the nighttime riots.

Police discovered about 100 bricks that were placed inside blue plastic toats and then left on the corner by those that wish to cause mayhem.

The discovery which proves an actual organized operation is in effect isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last as rioting has intensified in the U.S. for over a week.

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Author: Lexi Morgan

HRC calls on China to “get Trump’s tax returns,” claims media will “richly reward”

(INTELLIHUB) — In what should only be considered to be nothing short of a major psychological operation ran by the bought and paid for Democrat-swayed Bill Gates-funded multimedia conglomerate MSNBC during a segment of the Rachel Maddow Show on Monday–Hillary Clinton and Rachel Maddow called for the “hypothetical” help of the Chinese in the latest attempt by the powers-that-be to program the masses and create more chaos in America.

Both Clinton and Maddow reveled in glee while they presented their twisted script on-air.

The duo’s hypothetical scenario suggests in a nutshell that since the Russians aided the Republicans during the 2016 election then the Chinese should aide the Democrats in 2020.

“Why should Russia have all the fun?” Clinton asked. “…since Russia is clearly backing the Republicans–why don’t we ask China to back us?”

“Not only that,” she added. “China–if you’re listening–why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns–I’m sure the media would richly reward you.”

The two could be seen on the segment carefully dancing around and spouting about their hypothetical nonsense in which Clinton claims that there is “nothing wrong with.”

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White busses marked “Soros Riot Dance Squad” spotted in Michigan: It’s official, the riots are staged

The invisible man behind the curtain has now become visible

MILAN, Mich. (INTELLIHUB) Several white busses marked “George Soros Dance Squad” were spotted passing through the city on Monday which essentially goes to show the current Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA-sponsored unrest is most likely without a shadow of a doubt part of a much larger George Soros, Barack Obama, Democratic National Committee-backed plan aimed at taking back the Office of the President once and for all.

Exposing the entire operation in one fell swoop, a photo posted to Amy Caneva’s Facebook page reveals two white passenger buses bearing the phrase “George Soros Dance Squad” down the side in bold lettering driving through the city on Monday.

The image is simply captioned: “Soros Riot Dance Squad.”

These are planned attacks designed to undermine not only the American people but the Office of the President of the United States as well.

Community organizing at it’s finest.

H/T: @AmeriforceJ on Twitter

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