In Australia, Worship of the State is Mandatory

In Queensland, Australia a nine-year-old girl was punished for refusing to stand for the national anthem. 

From The Telegraph:

Student Harper Nielsen was given detention last week for not joining classmates in a rendition of Advance Australia Fair, a song she says ignores the nation’s indigenous people.

As should be expected in such situations, defenders of the state rushed in to condemn and threaten violence against the school girl.

Harper’s stance on the anthem, with echoes of the kneeling protests of NFL players in the United States, irked Australia’s most prominent conservative figures.

Former Wallabies rugby coach turned radio shock jock Alan Jones suggested her parents be told to leave the school if they disagreed with “the rules”.

Australian politician Pauline Hanson, who has made a career of leaping on such controversial issues, labelled Harper “a brat”, before taking aim at the parents for encouraging “divisive” behaviour.

“Here we have a kid that has been brainwashed and I tell you what, I would give her a kick up the backside,” the 64-year-old said in a video posted to Facebook.

I thought advocation of violence violated Facebook’s terms of service. I guess that only applies to those not following the establishment narrative. 

The state has long made it mandatory to pledge allegiance to a symbolic piece of cloth and an “anthem.” 

Failure to show the appropriate degree of obedience and tractability results in hardship, even for a little girl. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo