To The Young, The Warriors, and The Elderly

Time stood still for all of us. Days that once moved so quickly, often feel like quicksand, as we all struggle to find our compass and direction in these changing times. This is a worldwide movement battling against evil that has seeped into every institution and has been controlling us all for many, many decades. It should be observed from a birds eye view to get full perspective of the grand scale of this spiritual battle and how we are all exactly where we are supposed to be, right here, right now. This will not be an easy road to travel, and it’s never been done before on this scale, but the reward will be worth it – to restore justice, to restore compassion and community, to create new ways moving forward that do not further jeopardize our health, our livelihood, or our children.

To All of The Children

My heart aches most for you. Your world suddenly came to a halt. You could no longer go to school, laugh on the playground, or spend time with your friends. The doors kept closing around you, and everywhere you turned people were wearing masks, and it must have been so scary and confusing. As a child, your friends are your whole world, and that was taken away from you. They closed up all of your favorite places, including summer camps, sports, swimming pools and water parks. Your summer family vacations had to be postponed. You could probably see the worry on your parents faces, and that must have been scary as well. That’s why it’s so important to focus on laughter and release the fears.

There will be times in the future where things or events
will remind you of this time, and it may upset you. Just remember that you got
through it, your parents kept you safe, and you will be okay. Remember the
nature walks, the games you played with your family, the extra time you got to
spend with your parents and your pets, and how happy you were to get to see
your friends again. Remember those happy moments filled with love, because they
will always carry you through. Know that we are fighting for you, will guide
you, and do everything we can to protect you as you evolve into young adults
with the heart of a warrior.

To All of The College Students and Young Adults

I don’t envy this challenge you are faced with. You have had
a lot thrown at you in just a short amount of time and trying to reconcile all
of it while still in the middle of indoctrination is tricky and difficult. You
have no doubt been dealt a tough hand. The peer pressure in today’s world makes
everything more challenging. Many of you missed your proms and graduations,
never to get those back. Those are important moments that were taken away from
you. One day you will understand the true dynamics of this situation, and how
it was weaponized against all of us, and how important it is for everyone to
unite. Hopefully that time comes sooner than later.

You are the most important group to the future of this country, and the world for that matter. Though many of these experiences are painful, they are necessary for mankind to evolve, justice to be restored, and the creation of new systems. Realizing the spiritual and psychological battle taking place between good and evil, is critical. Understanding our true history and how this country and world have operated and been run by very few holding power over the masses, is vital. Letting go of everything you think you know, stripping it all down to raw knowledge, tapping into your intuition, and educating yourself on both the realities and the illusions, is absolutely necessary.

It’s a tall order and a lot of responsibility. Everyone has
or is experiencing this and needs to go through this transition and education
process, but your group is the one that needs to move mountains for future
generations. Some of you are already young warriors leading the way. It’s time
to set things right for humanity. It’s time to cut through the propaganda you
have been indoctrinated with and see with clarity. But cut yourself some slack,
as you have all been through a lot, and balance is needed. Be sure to cut loose
and have some fun, laugh with your friends, and keep love in your heart, for it
will guide you through the days ahead.

To All of The Middle-aged Warriors

You are my kin. We have been through hell and back. Many of us have been fighting this battle for a long time. We saw this coming, we know the game well, we spot the propaganda, and we know who’s behind each action taken to keep the human race dumbed-down and numbed up. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride, but we are pushing through and making headway, though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

You are the ones who must remain the strongest, for many of
you are raising the children and young adults. Recognize that what they are all
having to endure is very traumatic and they need a high level of compassion,
safety, and stability right now. Teach them and educate them on truth but go
easy because their minds are being jacked up, unraveled, and mystified all at

We are the exhausted ones – the fatigued, but we continue to
fight because we know exactly what is at stake. Sometimes we feel defeated and
have to brush ourselves off and get back up again. To all of my fellow warriors
– I salute you, I thank you, and I love you for having the courage to fight,
the will to endure, and the faith to hold the light. We will see this through

To Our Elders

This one hits home. To all of the older folks who have spent
their lives serving our communities, building up our economy, fighting for this
country, and raising your families with love, devotion, and integrity – you
have my heart. To have given so much, to have worked so hard, and to now be
faced with this chaos, it must be incredibly stifling, burdensome, and
depressing. Many are probably frightened or saddened by the idea of one day
leaving behind your children and grandchildren in a world that feels like it’s
moving into communism.

But fear not, as we warriors will never allow that to
happen. We will carry the children and young adults through this, and they will
carry on the torch. After all, it is your generation that taught us integrity,
responsibility, loyalty, and determination.

Some of the information coming out must be overwhelming to
see how much has been manipulated for decades, the lies you’ve been told, and
the propaganda you’ve been fed. This is devastating to all of us, but I imagine
it’s more difficult for you after spending a lifetime here. Don’t feel duped,
shame, or guilt over any of these revelations. It was well concealed and has
taken many decades to finally surface. Try to take stock in knowing that you
are here now to witness one of the greatest transformations ever to happen on
earth, and you helped to build many of the warriors fighting this battle today.

You have already given so much, that your love and prayers
alone carry us all through. This is your time to try to relax, enjoy your
families and nurture yourselves – you deserve it!

Today we fight. Together we will succeed. In the end, we will all be together again. Love conquers all.

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Author: Corey Lynn

House of Mirrors

Everyone feels the shake up, the wake up, the house of
mirrors reflecting back their every thought and emotion, while this carnival
ride spins faster and faster. Everyone wants to know what’s coming next, what
to prepare for, what to hope for, and how it’s all going to roll out. Inhaling,
exhaling, trying to reclaim thoughts, shed fears, and play in the world’s
largest game of charades. Trying to figure out body language, reading between
the lines, reviewing endless documents, attempted legislation, and tuning into
some of the most graphically disturbing videos of our time. But the house of
mirrors is at the center of it all.

Reaction is everything. It drives your thoughts, emotions,
possibilities, opportunities, and hopelessness. Each new piece of information
or action that is witnessed, is another reaction, and in that reaction is the
reflection of yourself, revealing your innermost hopes, fears, and doubts. For
each person, it is different. Though everyone may feel rage over a specific
incident, the rage is triggered for different reasons in each person, and the
reactions vary. Recognizing and reconciling all of this brings necessary
awareness. Each action is another mirror – another self-discovery.

While everyone is using all of their energy to focus on what
is taking place outside of them, it is fueling anger, fear, anxiety, and
depression, while creating a mass scale collective energy bomb of lowly
vibration that perpetuates and manifests a furtherance of the same negative
energy. Don’t get stuck on their hamster wheel. It’s a trap.

People are often afraid of the unknown, not knowing what’s
going to happen next, of change, of lack, and not being in control. We are in
the thick of that forest right now, but there is a path one can follow through
that forest instead of getting lost. Letting go of control is probably the
hardest part for most. Following the path of faith and knowing that no matter
what happens, it is as it should be, and for reasons much bigger than you or I.
This path is lit, you just need to trust in yourself and take the first step.
Remove all of the chaos from your mind, let go for a moment, breathe deeply, and
put one foot in front of the other.

Judgement is a hurdle for everyone right now, as it feels
that there is much to be judged. In a battle of evil vs good or dark vs light
where everyone involved feels they are in the right, and everyone is judging
each other, it turns to a dark pool of mud that entraps all. The longer one
remains in anger and judgement, the more hardened their heart becomes, the more
pain they feel, and love takes a backseat. What would happen if with each
reaction or statement that comes from anger and judgement, one were to balance
it with love in their heart and mind, simultaneously?

In fighting this battle, if we lose ourselves, if we turn
over our soul to rage, if we push love to the side, what will become of us? We
are fighting necessary battles on multiple fronts right now, but do not lose
sight of what we are fighting for or the dark will win. Remember, they relish
in power and control, and that includes breaking you and your spirit. They
gather energy from this and find joy in it. Let these mirrors reveal that which
you wish to shed, and project back the strength, power, and love in you that
will diminish their power.

I once knew someone who was a sociopath. She tried
relentlessly to get to me, to push my buttons, to figure out how to take my
power away. She couldn’t do it. It made her furious. I wouldn’t react, or I
would simply smile. One day, after two long years, she finally did it. I lost
my cool and screamed – something I have done less than 5 times in my entire
life. Do you know what she did? She had no comeback, nothing to say at all,
because she had achieved her goal – she finally broke me for one minute, and
she smiled. That’s all she did – a great big smile. Here’s the reality to this
scenario. She expended enormous amounts of energy for two full years and
remained angry and frustrated over not being able to get under my skin, while I
stood back and watched her energy drain. That’s a huge investment on her part.
The moral to the story is, don’t over expend your energy on dark forces,
because they gain energy from it, and will drain you in the process if you feed
into it. Use your energy wisely and in positive ways as often as possible. Take
action to achieve goals, not to just spew anger.

Everyone is feeling fatigue from this battle. If you don’t
pace yourself, ground yourself, and balance yourself, you will run out of fuel.
Defining goals, and bringing things into a realistic perspective while making
sure you are utilizing your energy in the most effective way, will go a long

No matter how much each of us may feel that we are
individuals in this battle all alone, and some are terribly burdened with
loneliness and depression right now, the fact is, we are all in this together
because we are all fighting the same demons and are all feeling the
repercussions. Even when a new piece of unconstitutional “mandate” or “law” goes
into effect in a state we don’t live in, we all actively and collectively rally
for our fellow citizens in those states, because we see the injustice and we
fight for all of our brothers and sisters. The same goes for our brothers and
sisters in other countries. What we are experiencing on a global scale is a
sense of unity that is so profound and so significant to the future of mankind,
it is important to continue to lift each other up more than anything right now.
We need to remain strong, compassionate, and clear-minded to take action
against these injustices. If we allow ourselves to sink to their depths and
lose focus, we will lose the battle.

I think an analogy can be made for the seven stages of
grief, in that it seems to parallel our collective experience, even though our
minds ponder separately.

Shock and denial – Most have long surpassed this.

Pain and guilt – So many have felt the pain and
betrayal. Some have felt guilt for buying into their schemes for so long. Let
it go.

Anger and bargaining – Oh we’ve hit anger alright.
Many are still stuck here. There has been an awful lot of bargaining taking
place in the government, but for most of us, we want a hard line.

Depression – I believe most people have experienced
this, even if short lived, over these past months. It’s been a rough ride.
Psychological warfare on our loved ones is difficult to witness, and spiritual
warfare against all of us can be exhausting.

The upward turn – We are almost here. In fact, as
difficult as it is to see through that forest, there are signs pointing in an
upward direction. Keep the faith.

Reconstruction and working through – This will be
the single most important part to all of this. We need all hands on deck in
reconstruction and creating new systems. We’ve spent so much time on
deconstruction and are still fighting to prevent their NWO plans of
reconstruction. Don’t let the well go empty because a lot of work lies ahead.

Acceptance and hope – This will be a combination of
heartache and hope. There will be new changes moving forward and some of those
things we will not like, which will require acceptance. I am not referring to
our constitutional rights being taken away – that is something we should never
stop fighting for. But there will be change – some good, some not so good. Hope
will be in the opportunities to create some of the changes we wish to see, and
that is already happening.

Don’t get lost in the house of mirrors – see it for what it
is. It is a gift to show you all aspects of yourself, to unleash every emotion,
and force you to feel, process, and see truths. It is what is needed for people
to move beyond the illusions, including those they’ve had about themselves.
Settle your intentions, draw from your heart, and act on them. You got this!

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Author: Corey Lynn


The great USA – the land of the free – where life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness are supposed to be the foundation of this country,
is being shredded by tyrannical governors for a political agenda. And, by all
appearances, they seem to be okay with sending people to their death to achieve
this goal. When cures and freedoms are intentionally suppressed and fear is
stoked, it is a recipe for disaster.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Despite the fact that Hydroxychloroquine was well documented to have been saving lives from COVID-19, the media, CDC, FDA, coronavirus task force, politicians, and Hollywood all pushed dangerous messages and fear tactics around it, only later after thousands allegedly died from COVID-related deaths, did they come clean about its ability to cure. Only then, did the FDA lift the restrictions on it. Many of these individuals and organizations knew the history and benefits of Hydroxychloroquine, as well as recent data on its life-saving abilities with COVID. Why didn’t they want Americans to have access to this extremely inexpensive drug?

The CDC, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx of the coronavirus task
force, all repeatedly instructed every American citizen to stay home and not
seek help if they didn’t feel well. They told people that only those who were
extremely sick and couldn’t breathe should go to a hospital for help, which
meant the inflammation caused by the virus would be so drastic that they would more
than likely be put on a ventilator, resulting in death. This is not how America
deals with sickness, virus, or disease. This is a country that treats people
before symptoms worsen. Why did they want Americans to stay home and suffer
until the virus escalated instead of allowing them to be treated?

Perhaps the biggest atrocity are the hospitals in New York that were putting healthy people in with COVID-positive patients, and in some cases documenting some as positive who in fact tested negative. If that wasn’t enough to inflate the numbers, Governor Cuomo made sure the death toll vastly increased by sending COVID-positive patients to nursing homes – the very place that hosts those most susceptible to the virus. Why would he do that?  

The level of reports coming out on how COVID-positive patients allegedly tested positive, how these numbers were documented, and how deaths were recorded, reveals overwhelming data illustrating how the numbers have been conflated since the virus hit. In fact, the tactics being used after the US “flattened the curve” are even more disturbing because they are being used by governors to instill mandatory masks and lockdown businesses again. Dr. Birx and several state officials have told people that anyone who has died from other comorbidities, that also tested positive for COVID, was being documented as COVID for cause of death in numerous states. There are volumes of evidence, whereby even the CDC had to fess up to the antibody test showing COVID-positive when in fact a person could have the common cold, a different coronavirus strain all together, and if the antibody tests come up positive for COVID, they are being documented as new cases. Why are these numbers being intentionally inflated and how are governors getting away with creating unconstitutional mandates and unlawful demands that grossly overstep their authority, based on these numbers?

And finally, why are governors trying to force everyone to wear masks when the Surgeon General, Dr. Fauci, and the World Health Organization all told people they will not protect anyone from the virus? Why are they pushing this, when even the CDC doesn’t have scientific evidence to prove they work, let alone telling people to wear basic cloth masks? Instead of providing evidence that they can prevent the spread of COVID, mainstream media focuses on trying to debunk all of the science that shows the harm wearing masks can cause. Millions of people are suffering from respiratory issues, asthma, anxiety, and PTSD by wearing masks that are illegally mandated, yet some states are failing to provide these medical exemptions. What is the real reason they want you masked?

In a recent poll Corey’s Digs ran, asking if people suffer
from any symptoms when wearing masks, 39.1% of 4,451 people said they suffer
from asthma or respiratory issues, 31.5% suffer from PTSD or anxiety, and 18%
suffer from dizziness, while only 11.4% said that the masks do not bother them.
There were over 250 comments with a large amount saying, “I can’t breathe” when
wearing a mask. The very slogan splashed across every mainstream news headline,
in every marketing ploy, on thousands of protester signs, and even on masks
themselves, allegedly for the purpose of bringing attention to George Floyd.
But the reality is, they are inducing the thought “I can’t breathe” with a
visual of people suffocating by masks to intensify fear, weaken people’s minds,
and bring them to their knees. It is quite a destructive psychological game
they are playing, and unfortunately, many are succumbing to it.

Another Powerful Cure May Exist

Aside from Hydroxychloroquine, which has shown great success in curing one from the virus, there is another cure that allegedly exists, which will likely be getting more attention soon through both real news and fake news, and given how Hydroxychloroquine was shut down by those with a political agenda, this too will likely receive retaliation. In fact, Dr. Bartlett is already being attacked in the mainstream news. When doctors aiming to discredit this treatment make the claim that “it is too good to be true” while others suggest there is no evidence it works, it’s difficult to take them seriously, being as the low death rate is a good indicator of evidence.  

Dr. Richard Bartlett, a 28-year general practitioner in Odessa Texas, has been using a treatment since March that has successfully worked on all of his patients thus far. This same treatment has been used in several other countries who just so happen to have some of the lowest COVID-19 death rates. Bartlett has been using a combination treatment of Budesonide, Clarithromycin, and Zinc. He refers to Budesonide as “the silver bullet” which is a steroid given through a nebulizer. It has been safely used for over 25 years for treatment of those suffering from asthma, and Bartlett says the delivery method works much better on coronavirus through a nebulizer rather than a standard inhaler device because it instantly begins to break up the inflammation.

Just how well does this steroid treatment work? In other countries that have been using the same method of treatment, but a slightly different steroid, have seen very little deaths, especially compared to the rest of the world. Now, the mainstream news setting out to attack this, will push the narrative that their death rates are low due to wearing masks and social distancing, yet these same sources will allege that the thousands of people rioting and protesting are not spreading the virus. In fact, according to them, masks must not work at all, as California is set to release another 8,000 prisoners after having already released 10,000, because the virus is allegedly spreading in prisons. But, those bumping bodies all day and night at protests surely have no impact.

Taiwan – only 7 deaths
Japan – only 972 deaths
Singapore – only 26 deaths
Iceland – only 10 deaths

California Gov. Gavin Newsom just put the state of California on lockdown again, shutting down businesses and leaving people unable to support their families. Once again, no one can pray in church, but they can swap sweat in the streets during packed protests – those are still allowed, so long as the protests are not against the lockdown. Does this make any logical sense?

Bartlett explains that Budesonide is very inexpensive,
costing only $200 without insurance. That alone will likely put a target on it
by those carrying out an agenda to seek trillions from a future vaccine. In
fact, Bartlett stated that NIH is currently doing a study on it but have
already set it up for failure by testing it on people who are in the hospital
with advanced stages and possibly comorbidities. Their study is scheduled to
release in October. This is the same scenario everyone witnessed with the
attack on Hydroxychloroquine.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s office reached out to Bartlett recently, and
requested his unpublished paper because they were interested in his success
with treating the virus. They also informed him that President Trump would have
this information within the next week.

The WHO, GAVI, President Trump and A Vaccine

Though President Trump has officially pulled out of the World Health Organization (WHO), there is still concern over his potential support for Bill Gates’ GAVI and funding for a COVID-19 vaccine. As reported by Corey’s Digs in April, USAID committed $1.16 billion to GAVI over the course of the next four years when Mark Green was the administrator of USAID. Green announced his resignation in March and later went on to be the Executive Director of the McCain Institute. USAID has granted over $2 billion to GAVI between 2001-2019.

Despite President Trump’s repeated calls for Hydroxychloroquine and other potential treatments, in a recent summit, President Trump recorded a short message in support of GAVI, and the $8.8 billion that was raised is said to be going toward “essential vaccines” to the most vulnerable children in other countries, as well as a COVID-19 vaccine they intend to jab the globe with.

The question on everyone’s mind remains – is a vaccine inevitable? By April 2020, Iceland had already discovered 291 mutations of COVID-19. In order to isolate the virus to produce a “life-saving” vaccine, they would continuously have to reassess and create a new vaccine as it mutates which would be incredibly difficult for a respiratory virus. To date, they have never been able to produce a successful vaccine for a coronavirus. Is a vaccine even necessary when there is one treatment and quite possibly two treatments that are working effectively? If they do produce one, will it pass the FDA’s regulations? What happens if they do manage to pass it and collect data that shows it was ineffective? Will they falsify that information, or will they be ok with reflecting ultra-low efficacy rates just as they do with the flu vaccine that is still recommended, despite thousands of injury and death claims? These are all realistic questions rolling through everyone’s mind, and it’s important to maintain perspective as new information comes out, without jumping to conclusions. We don’t have all the answers yet.

In Florida and other states they have sneaky clauses stating that they can give mandatory vaccines by any means necessary when it comes to the health and safety of the country. This is important legislation everyone should be aware of, primarily before it is passed in your state. There are lawyers in the midst of battling this right now in Florida. This very scenario is reminiscent of 1907, when the forced “sterilization law” was created in the US, and resulted in sterilizing 60,000 Americans against their will by 1935 when it was shut down.

Is it possible that there simply aren’t enough constitutional lawyers that know how to win these overreaching laws and mandates against humanity? Is it possible that even if they do know how to win them, that they are faced with a corrupt justice system and a judge that will allow this injustice to continue? This is all plausible. Where are the citizens in all of this? Are they storming the court houses, calling their representatives, hiring lawyers to fight these battles, telling their communities to rise up and fight, assisting with campaigns and registering voters, making darn sure that the corrupt in power are recalled and removed while voting in those who will fight for our constitutional rights? Or is everyone staying snug as a bug in their homes because they’ve been instructed to stand down, submit, and hide in fear while slipping into cognitive dissonance and depression?


Fear is a funny thing – it can cause one to see things that
aren’t really there, to believe things that don’t truly exist, and to submit to
tyrants while rationalizing in their mind that they are just being “selfless
instead of selfish.” All the while, their rights are being stripped away, and
one day that fear is going to catch up with them and they will know what real
fear is. The reality of the situation is that there are accessible and
affordable treatments available, masks do not protect against coronavirus
spread and are being used for intimidation and psychological warfare while
shielding the terrorists and normalizing new “mandates” in the US. The reality
is that there is a political agenda that seeks to destroy us from within, that
goes far beyond the presidential election, into a land of communism that will
stifle everyone and bring your life to a hard stop. The reality is, if you
think George Floyd was an “I can’t breathe” movement for Black Lives Matter to
rally this country together for black justice, you are sadly mistaken, and if
you feel like “you can’t breathe” while wearing your mandatory mask – just you
wait until you see what other “mandates” they have in store for you.

There is a choice to make, right here, right now. You either
recognize the gravity of the situation, the magnitude of what is being
attempted against all of humanity, and the complete and utter charade being
played out via a totally treatable virus with a death rate less than half a
percent, and you stand up and fight – Or, you continue to hide behind that mask
in fear, you close up your business and submit to your masters, you shame your
fellow Americans for standing up for everyone’s freedom, and you get lost in
the abyss as our country self-destructs. What’s it going to be? Are you going
to be “selfless” and care about humanity and your God given rights and freedoms,
or are you going to be “selfish” and wallow in your fear?

A Cuban defector recently warned Americans of the communist agenda being rolled out in the U.S. because he is all too familiar with it. His profound story of our great country, how blessed we are, and how this agenda is now destroying us, should be shared around the globe.

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Author: Corey Lynn

Truth is Erased by The Racial “Whitewash”

By James Fitzgerald

have to admit that my skin color has been a problem for me throughout my life:
it’s pale, prone to blushing and gets incinerated by the sun in the blink of an
eye. I envy anyone who has a complexion that isn’t reactive and can handle
sunlight. All other things being equal, my friends of Kenyan and Caribbean
origin really have it easy.

of the most wholesome and selfless women I have met have had Caribbean, Indian
and South American roots: generous, warm and caring to such an extent that you
enter a private reality in their presence — of safety and nurture and
self-worth. That’s not to say that I haven’t had negative experiences with
people of other ethnicities: I had a Nigerian flatmate once who hated me on
sight, because no doubt he took me for a middle class white boy who was born
with a silver spoon in his mouth. A drugged up black guy threatened to stab me
on the subway many years ago, because, again, my affluent Anglo-Saxon appearance
triggered his programing or sense of victimhood. Both of those people were
wrong in their assumptions; the first one, who had changed his surname to sound
more English than mine, had a family who phoned him regularly and generally
looked out for him; that was more than I could boast. The other thug was
greatly deceived in thinking his hard life made him a more ferocious foe than
Little Soft Pale Skin on the seat opposite. I had recently been on the martial
arts tournament circuit and was fit, with honed reflexes.

easy to forget, if you don’t hang on the media’s every word, that many people
live a life of regurgitated clichés — they talk like a sitcom character and
their value system is as vapid as a Saturday afternoon ball game. It’s no
surprise then that they react on cue when the media authorizes them to be
incensed about an issue that previously they hadn’t even thought about. The
anger; where does that come from? Well, maybe, from trying to reconcile the
blandishments of a Babylonian slave system, where consumption and
self-gratification are substituted for introspection, self-knowledge and

As a
man working in the public relations world, I was outnumbered by women seven to
one. Some of those people were belligerent and vocal feminists. Most were not.
What possible balance could a workplace have with staff who actively push an
agenda of “men are inferior” and therefore fair game? The most heinous derelictions
that I have witnessed have come from female social workers who have been called
in to investigate abuses against children by their mothers, and who have
covered up the evidence and then apportioned blame on the father — to satisfy
their extreme liberal lesbian ideology. Statistically, in America at least,
those lesbian couples are more prone to domestic violence than the general

Gender, race, or socioeconomic status as a justification for hating other people is just a cover for mental illness, in my view. “Projection” of their own perversions onto others is the sin that binds them all together. The soundbites of media and government are the cultural equivalent of Prozac and neuroleptics to sociopaths and narcissists. Life would be too painful without the crutch of empty platitudes and victimhood narratives that are dispensed free of charge from the TV each night. It may be that because minorities of all kinds have had to fight for equal standing in society that they are being hailed or targeted now to lead an uprising against foes real or imagined.

headline from a Canadian news site this week grabbed my attention: “Vancouver
police to investigate tire marks on LGBT crosswalk as ‘gesture of hate’”. Fox
News ran a story on how the City of Seattle told its white workers to undo
their whiteness, and that their skin color was a crime. This “anti-racism
training” has been instituted across the US — in offices, schools, the military
and local government.

public records request into Seattle’s “Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and
program revealed
that white staff were told that their intrinsic qualities, of “perfectionism”,
“objectivity” and “individualism” were offensive. The scheme is designed to
help those employees to “undo your own whiteness”. In order to achieve this,
they are being ordered to give up “comfort”, “guaranteed physical safety”,
“control over other people and over the land”, “relationships with other white
people”, “niceties from neighbors and colleagues” and “the certainty of your

more: Washington state has suggested giving priority to non-white students
during the reopening. A Black Lives Matter leader in Toronto, Yusra Khogali,
was reported to have written in a 2016 Facebook post that “white people are a
genetic defect of blackness”. She went on to write that “white people need
white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because
all they can do is produce themselves. Black people, simply through their
dominant genes, can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.”

ideology and mentality reminded me of the scribes of old; the ecclesiastics of
the ancient world and middle ages who would generate prose to underpin the
imperial ambitions of their emperors and kings. The Roman Church scholars
penned similar verses to Ms Khogali to justify the invasion of Poland by the
Germans and the takeover of Ireland by the English Crown. It has been repeated
a millions times since to lend credence to any number of causes.

of my ancestors, Giraldus Cambrensis, a Cambro-Norman ecclesiastic, wrote in
1188: “The Irish are a rude people, subsisting on the produce of their cattle
only, and living themselves like beasts”. These sentiments appeared shortly
before the Normans invaded.

I am
less sure of the historical origins of “hate crime hoaxes” — lecturers sending
themselves hate letters and sports personalities “finding” nooses left on their
door handles — but they are no less disturbing, perhaps hinting at a deep
desire by the individual to relinquish personal responsibility in a
manufactured scenario of victimization. Talk about jumping on the bandwagon.

For the millennial video game generation, the hyper-real worlds of pixelated characters are not far removed from the simulacra of the news media. Both are constructed narratives and neither have much bearing on objective reality — but they do stimulate the cerebral cortex and provide a kick to the nervous system. Religion has little hold on this generation, and yet they seek guidance and an organized way of thinking and something to fight for — but don’t expect them to carry out due diligence on any of the radical groups vying for their attention, especially when it includes state bodies, universities and “charities”. Professors at Princeton University have sought to create a “racial thought police” department to advise on diversity and to punish insufficiently diverse disciplines. The manifesto makes 48 demands on the Ivy League college, including extra pay, additional awards and sabbaticals for the “invisible work” that non-whites do for the college. The anti-racist drive sounds a bit racist — at least by prior societal measures.

rush to label everything — including white flour, street signs and cosmetics — as
racist does not tackle the ignorance that might lead to racist views, but more
widely develops a system that will condemn anyone with dissenting views on
anything. If you trace the funding of the think tanks and groups that have
pushed these narratives you invariably find yourself back with a banker or
financier of caucasian ethnicity. When a questioning middle class threaten to
pierce the veil of fiat money and false history, the Hegelian dialectic is the
favored weapon of attack by the secret power brokers.

incomprehensible justifications for “racial damnation” follow a rising scale,
where Orwellian double-speak eventually diffuses into the language and
discourse. Anyone who has ever listened to Chinese radio will testify to the
stupifying effects of the jargon employed by the political class and its

Good and evil are universal concepts; they are discerned by the heart as much as through the head — the oppression and subversion of free thought, the censure of speech and intimidation through violence are as corrosive on Earth as they are on Alpha Centauri. Society is indeed taking sides and experiencing a great divide: between good and evil — now and from the past. Sometimes dramatic and sustained resistance is necessary to face down tyranny and expose injustice, but amid the barbarian clamour for reparations and an “eye for an eye”, the crowd might save some ire for the real supremacists lurking in the shadows, pulling their strings.

“sins of the fathers” are indeed being revisited, if not addressed
convincingly. Does this pastiche theatrical witch hunt mean that western
society has been living a lie all through the Flower Power generation and
racial equality movements of the 1950s and 60s? It is dawning on many people
that the capitalist fiat money system has not delivered the American dream for
all, as promised by the detergent and auto commercials, but does that mean that
we should revert to the caveman ideology of bludgeon and bully?

we inherent more than genes from our parents and ancestors — and by suffering
prejudice do we atone for their misdeeds through a greater understanding of
injustice. When we evolve enough to put away the desire to lash out, and
instead use those genetic traits (that everyone seems so proud of) to better
ourselves and our world in a peaceful manner, then we save our own skin  from being excoriated — figuratively and

might have been politically expedient for Giraldus Cambrensis to look down on
the Irish, but the dirt on the faces of that pastoral people would have added
to the imagined difference that wasn’t even skin deep. His kin would lead the
crusade across the water from Wales and Bristol, and in a short few years
became “more Irish than the Irish”. What an irony.

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Author: James Fitzgerald

Attorneys Fight for Constitutional Rights Against Tyranny

First, they wanted everyone masked and stocked up on hand sanitizer,
then came the toilet paper mania, and in short time states were mandating
stay-at-home quarantines and “non-essential” business closures due to COVID-19.
What began as a two-week quarantine, turned into weeks and months, and by May
they had crashed the entire economy. Everything was blown out of proportion,
including the potential death rate, sending a lightning bolt of panic through
the country. With each week, more freedoms were stripped away, people’s constitutional
rights were stomped on, unjustified fines and arrests were being implemented
against people who couldn’t wear masks, those who attempted to open their
business so they could feed their families, or those who wished to pray at
church. In a matter of a few short months, the country was turned upside down
and governors were abusing their authority.

Eventually, class action suits began in multiple states, citizens organized protests only to have their 1st amendment rights shut down due to “health concerns,” by the same governors who promoted and attended George Floyd protests. Hundreds of other class action lawsuits against companies for committing fraud, failure to refund tickets, impact on voters rights, impact on employees, business interruption, impact on legal rights, schools, homeowners and other cases during COVID-19 were also filed. It is a lengthy list, well worth reviewing. In Western Pennsylvania, Giant Eagle supermarket is facing over 30 lawsuits for not allowing shoppers to enter who are not wearing masks due to disabilities. Lawsuits are likely to continue for months to come, as more and more people stand up for their rights.

Corey’s Digs has reported extensively on the COVID-19 situation since it began:

COVID-19: Inside The Hospital & Why The Lockdown?

When The Masks Went On, Their Masks Came Off

Investigations & The Battle for a Vaccine: Where is This Headed?

Bobby Roush, and The Truth Behind Contact Tracing Surveillance

Protesters Provide Cover While The Country Bleeds

Historical Hypocrisy & Psychological Warfare


In April 2020, Attorney General Barr said that the DOJ would support legal action if governors’ restrictions go too far, and setup a hotline for people to report violations of civil rights: 866-720-5721, press 1. “We’re looking carefully at a number of these rules that are being put into place, and if we think that goes too far, we initially try to jawbone the governors into rolling them back or adjusting them. And if they’re not and people bring lawsuits, we file statement of interest and side with the plaintiffs. As lawsuits develop, as specific cases emerge in the states, we’ll take a look at them” Barr said.

Aside from the hundreds of class action suits taking place, with or
without the support of the DOJ, there are attorneys and state reps fighting for
people’s constitutional rights, that unfortunately don’t seem to make it in the
headlines. It’s important that people spotlight these cases, especially those
setting precedent, support those fighting for justice, and be aware that there
are many avenues and resources for standing up for your rights. Submitting to
fear and following the herd is not one of them.


National Committeewoman of the Republican National Committee for
California Harmeet Dhillon, refers to herself as a COVID-19 litigation warrior
in her twitter profile. Founder of
Dhillon Law Group, with offices in San Francisco and New York, Dhillon’s focus
is in employment law, first amendment rights, election law matters, and
commercial litigation. There is a dedicated COVID-19 litigation page on her website,
with 16 cases challenging Gov. Newsom, many of which are partnered cases with
the Center for American Liberty and
other law firms.

Dhillon Law
Group website.


Rep Anthony
, Florida state representative for District 32, has filed lawsuits in St.
Johns County
, Hillsborough county and Orange county for unconstitutional mandatory
mask ordinances. He believes that making masks mandatory violates the law.

On July 3rd, Sabatini tweeted “If you are arrested or fined
for not wearing a mask – call me and I will represent you for free.

can be contacted through the Florida House of Representatives contact
, or reached at 352-989-9100.

Founder of Florida Civil Rights Coalition, trial lawyer Louis Leo IV is representing residents in Palm Beach County Florida who are suing county commissioners for mandating masks that they allege have well-known risks and potential for serious injury and death. Leo believes that people need to be educated on pseudoscience, and has said “it’s coming largely from unethical organizations who profit from sickness and eliminating, not just civil rights, but human rights under the guise of disease prevention. You know what you’re doing is wrong.”

In June, Leo and other attorneys successfully won their case against
Miami-Dade County who had arrested and charged over 50 people for enjoying the
beach while COVID-19 unconstitutional county emergency orders were in place.
All charges were dropped against the defendants.


Lipinski of Noel Law seeks to represent individuals who have been subject to
fines and arrests over mandatory masks and other restrictions due to COVID-19,
as well as small businesses and churches that have suffered due to
shelter-in-place orders.  Lipinski offers flexible fee arrangements,
including contingency fees, and has worked pro bono on some cases pending

Arie J. Lipinski
Carmel, Indiana
(317) 975-9754


Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain
has also stepped up to offer his services, tweeting out if you “get fined for
not wearing a mask, I will gladly represent you. FOR FREE.”

Cain can be contacted at his firm, here.

other attorneys have stated that they wish to help people, many for free, but are
in the process of formulating an action plan, and have requested to be
published in a future article once that is finalized.

If you are
an attorney or state representative fighting for our constitutional rights
against this tyranny, by fee or pro bono, please contact
Corey Lynn
to be included in future publications, so we can continue to challenge
these injustices.

Know Your Rights & Powerful Tools

When it comes to the constitution and knowing your rights, no one spells it out more clearly than constitutionalist KrisAnne Hall. As a former prosecutor for the State of Florida, author of six books on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and host of The KrisAnne Hall Show, her knowledge runs deep. She is president of Liberty First University and teaches people about the constitution, while also fighting for people’s rights in the courts.

In the KrisAnne Hall Daily Journal Episode 1132, Hall explains the “Rights of the People vs Govt COVID Authority.” It is a must watch VIDEO.

Hall has also provided flyers for individuals and businesses pertaining to mandatory masks. A larger scale version can be downloaded here.

Another resource, the SSBAmerica website appears to provide some interesting legal templates and other resources that some may find helpful.

Stand Up For Your Rights or Lose Them

Corey’s Digs recently published a report titled ‘Let’s Get Real Before Real Gets Us,’ which is an important message, concluding that if we do not stand up for our rights now, we will give up all of our freedoms in the long run. This isn’t about a health issue with a death rate of less than 0.05%, it is about a virus that has been politically weaponized to control the masses, strip away everyone’s constitutional rights, and keep people in a state of panic and fear.

From day one, the Surgeon General told everyone that masks “are not effective in preventing general public from catching coronavirus.” Many have forgotten this.

The CDC cannot even state that they have scientific proof that masks prevent the spread of COVID-19, and instead claim they could prevent spray and “droplets,” which is why they state, “masks MAY help.” Contrary to their “droplet” claim, Dr. Anthony Fauci said “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little better and it might even block “a droplet,” but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And often, there are unintended consequences – people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.” Even the World Health Organization stated that there is no evidence to show that masks prevent the spread of COVID-19. “In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly,” executive director of the WHO health emergencies program said. The WHO later changed their tune when masks became a political agenda as riots ensued. So why are so many people buying into the fear tactics and unconstitutional mandates that governors are making?

The hypocrisy is so staggering, even the New York Times questioned why public health experts reversed course overnight to advocate for mass gatherings, after decrying the anti-lockdown protests as dangerous gatherings in a pandemic.

While churches still remain under restrictions and in the state of California no one is allowed to sing in church, even with their masks on, Black Lives Matter protests and riots are permitted to continue by the thousands. Bars, restaurants, small businesses, swimming pools and other outdoor activities still remain “non-essential” and a “threat to health” even though the curve has been flattened and the death rate remains lower than 0.05%.

Recently, Senator Dr. Scott Jensen, a family practice doctor of 40 years, came under attack by the political agenda surrounding COVID-19, and is now being investigated by the state’s medical practice board for “spreading misinformation about the coronavirus.” He spoke out about it on July 5, 2020.

It’s time to speak loudly, stand up for your rights, and fight for your constitutional freedoms before they are completely taken away from you.

Download this for FREE in PDF format in The Bookshop >>>

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Author: Corey Lynn

What Are You? What Are You Really?

By John Paul Rice

The following was given to me by a
Hollywood Veteran of 40+ years.

“We are
made in God’s image and have within us a microcosm the same forces, aspects of
our nascent Unity. When we balance the aspects of God within us by daily prayer
and meditation, judgement and mercy are reconciled in Christ and we become
shepherds ourselves. What we guard against, are the powers and principalities,
the Kings of Edom, the unbalanced forces active within us. The powers men call
gods have been shaped by rituals and nourished over millennia by blood
sacrifice to produce entities which appear and act “real”. They are conceived
by us and they live in our imagination, not in watery metaphoric sense, but as
autonomous psychic content. Moloch, Ba’al and the rest of the Y-head demon
brands are represented by families of associated interconnected symbols, sigils
and glyphs. These symbols are the “brands” we now see all around us; we’ve been
conditioned from infancy to view as “normal” marketing of consumer goods.
Recognizing these occult elements, understanding how they insinuate themselves
into our consciousness and become automatic behaviors is part of what
“Awakening” is about. Repeated exposure to satanic symbols, sigils,
images and glyphs embedded in advertising and entertainment media content
activates corresponding influences within us all.

materialist culture is not an accident; it is the product of occult rituals,
ceremonies and sacrifices which produce the illusory materialist environment in
which we are, many of us, confined. These rituals are performed with the
purpose to incrementally manifest a trans dimensional parasitic unitary
intelligence which propagates via cult initiation and/or by cumulative exposure
to Satanic “entertainment” programming. As a result, they are certain to exist.
Pedovore cultist openly promote and overtly worship Satan and solicit kids on
YouTube to take part in ritual ceremonies disguised as theater, art or comedy
via hypno-sexual mind control games. Satanic “brands” employ ancient runes, and
talismans, and sigils and glyphs peruse our culture. News and “entertainment”
media content is pumped full of embedded symbols, sounds and subliminal images
related to SEX and DEATH. These occult influences combine over decades to
produce and sustain a selfish, shallow and violent materialist consciousness, a
culture where Satan and his Luciferians can most easily manifest the
hierarchical, slave society of pedovore criminality they prefer. 

The frieze
on Apollo’s temple at Delphi, properly translated does not say “Know yourself.”
It says “Watch yourself.” And if we watch ourselves we will begin to add
additional layers of reflection, increasing our cognitive power as we learn.
Humans appear capable of (literally) infinite self-improvement, and the
blood-drinking petty gods do not like that. They have expended so much
cleverness in a futile effort to channel and confine human consciousness.
Constricted human consciousness, harassed and distracted with unnecessary
mandated tasks, busy work ‘initiatives,’ social duties, and financial
harassment generally insures we do not awaken to the real universe and the
powers of big “G” God inside us. The Satanists don’t believe in GOD, because
they can’t perceive a self-aware quantum field like the Holy Spirit.

All they
can do is what they’ve always done, with drugs, sex, illusion and NLP mind

Arise Human Beings to your true divine power within. Share this everywhere. We need to wake the world up.

“When we are born, I start to discover we are so connected with the source of life. We are manifesting the God being the son or the daughter. We are the light.” – Ronald Bernard

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Author: John Paul Rice

Let’s Get Real Before Real Gets Us

The number one question in the U.S. right now is who is
going to stop all this lawlessness from coast to coast? This is a multipronged
approach at destabilizing our country to take it over. And whereas there are
definitely some well overdue changes needed in this country, lighting a path
for its destruction is not one of them. It’s time to get real before real gets

If it’s not already crystal clear that what is being orchestrated on a global scale is an attempt for the UN to carry out their one world governance plan, then you’ve missed the writing on the wall. Recently, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tweeted, “as we mark the 75th anniversary of the UN Charter, we must reimagine the way nations cooperate. We need an effective multilateralism with scale, ambition and teeth.” As Breitbart reported, Guterres claimed in the 21st century, governments are no longer the only political and power reality, adding “we need an effective multilateralism that can function as an instrument of global governance where it is needed.” The UN also has a dedicated page for their response to COVID-19, which includes, “coming out of this crisis will require a whole-of-society, whole-of-government and whole-of-the-world approach driven by compassion and solidarity.”

The coronavirus, masks, vaccines, contact tracing, riots and protests, removing history, and altering legislation are all part of their game plan, and the US is taking an enormous hit in these areas right now, primarily in Democratic states where the elected officials are allowing this destruction. The Washington Post made the case when illustrating that 19 out of 20 of the cities with the most violent crime in the US were in Democratic states, while trying to debunk President Trump’s claim that there were 20. They are coming from every angle, throwing fuel on every fire, to intimidate the population so as to control the narrative, remove our president, and take over the government. The Black Lives Matter corporation co-founder is a trained Marxist, while Hawk Newsome, the president of Greater New York Black Lives Matter recently told Fox News host Martha MacCallum, “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. Alright? And I could be speaking figuratively. I could be speaking literally. It’s a matter of interpretation.” Is it? There’s been an awful lot of burning.

Sadly, many college students across the country have no clue
what they are truly partaking in, nor do they understand the magnitude of the
situation, and just how long this has been planned. They are under the
impression these are grassroots movements trying to create change. They too are
being manipulated and used for this insurgency. If only they would see with
clarity, they could help to turn this all around. If socialism and one world
governance wins, they will soon see the reality of what they were fighting for,
and realize they gave up every last freedom.

Despite the abundant visual proof, arrests, and Antifa’s own playbook, destruction by the Antifa terrorist organization continues with physical brutality toward police and citizens, and the destruction of businesses and monuments, yet House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) still claims it is all “imaginary.” This is how far they are willing to take this to overthrow a president. The UN is party to these falsehoods as well, tweeting out that “UN Human Rights experts express profound concern over a recent statement by the US Attorney-General describing Antifa and other anti-fascist activists as domestic terrorists, saying it undermines the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly in the country.” That’s right – they consider the burning of buildings, removal of monuments, and beating of citizens “peaceful assembly.”

The Democratic run House just voted and passed a bill in the hopes to make the District of Columbia the 51st state so they can install two more Democratic senators and one congressman while establishing territory on all sides of the Whitehouse and taking over control of the police force in the area. Just imagine. They are once again fueling racism as a tactic to push this through. However, the Senate majority is Republican and it will most likely not see the light of day. These are the kind of tactics going on behind the scenes while rioting remains at the forefront. What the younger generation fails to see is that Biden is just a frontman, and the socialist, Marxist, communist orchestrators would be running the show if he were ever to become President.

The intimidation and fear mongering will continue to escalate and spread to the suburbs as they build momentum in recruiting more naïve and indoctrinated individuals. It is not going to stop on its own, nor will they be stopped, because it is all part of the plan to take over the presidency and run this country straight into socialism, so many Democratic politicians are on board with this. They have already been training and conditioning people’s minds to “do as they say,” “submit or else,” and “be selfless, not selfish.” They have convinced millions of people to shut down their businesses, not be able to provide for their families, stay in their homes, wear masks, and give up almost all of their freedoms. They used fear and it worked. Despite the data now being available to dispel the fear, people’s minds are already conditioned to “obey.” The simple conditioning of instructing people on how to wash their hands and to use hand sanitizer, day after day, flooding every media source, and every facility with signs, trained those people’s minds through repetition and fear, with the entire country selling out of hand sanitizer, only for the FDA to come out stating that nine hand sanitizers are toxic three months after the fact. So if you thought you had “the virus,” it may have just been the hand sanitizers they compelled you to use, that made you sick.

As more COVID-19 tests, contact tracing, and antibody testing are done, the coronavirus positive numbers are on the rise, so they are using this to mandate masks, close up businesses again, and move for another lockdown to continue their fear games and wear people down. This is psychological warfare, and if people don’t wake up soon, they will win this battle. They’ve already covered their bases, claiming that tight groups of hundreds of thousands protesting had absolutely no impact on the increase. The problem is, the contact tracers are documenting everyone who came in contact with a COVID-positive person, as being positive without them taking tests. That will increase numbers astronomically. On top of that, the CDC has already stated that the antibody tests can pick up other strains of coronavirus, meaning someone could have the common cold, and it is being recorded as COVID-19. The antibody tests are creating a major conflict in actual test results overall. The media and politicians are also screaming about hospitals being overloaded in some areas, but based on what people working within those hospitals are saying, that is not the case, and those that are testing positive have far fewer symptoms with a quick recovery. What no one wants to tell you is that the percentage of deaths are declining, and as of late May the death rate by COVID-related causes was only 0.05% – less than one percent. With the increase in low-symptom COVID-positive tests, that number is on the decline.

In a striking comparison, there were 80,000 flu deaths during the 2017-2018 winter – the highest in four decades, while people went about their lives, none the wiser. There have been 127,000 COVID-related deaths, of which the majority consisted of comorbidities such as pneumonia and flu. They shut the entire country down and they are attempting to do it again. This might explain why the CDC is reporting such a broad range for flu deaths between October 1, 2019 – April 4, 2020, since they have lumped them in with COVID-19. They are claiming there were 24,000 – 62,000 deaths from the flu during this timeframe. That’s a huge drop from the year prior. The average mortality rate of the flu is .1%, double that of COVID-19. Yet, Dr. Anthony Fauci scares people into believing it is 10 times the death rate from the flu. How is that possible? The numbers don’t jive.

They are also using COVID to remove the use of cash so as to
convert to a digital currency that will eventually be controlled. They’ve
already made large leaps in this area over the past decade. Sadly, millions of
people are following along without even realizing the psychological warfare
being played out on them, or the freedoms being stripped away. They don’t stop
to question authority or use logic or common sense, or review the data themselves.
They react from emotion, and those perpetrating this warfare use it to their

Let’s Get Real Before Real Gets Us

There has long been a theory floating around that everyone
should sit back and “enjoy the show,” while also stating “patriots are in
control.” Are they? Absolutely not! Sitting back was the first mistake, and
most people probably aren’t enjoying any part of seeing their country being
destroyed. The statement “people need to see the corruption to believe it” and
understand it, is another common theme. Hogwash! People have not only seen it,
they’ve experienced it, and are terrified by it all. The idea of letting this
drag out longer, as more devastation and death plague our country, so that
people can “see” what’s happening, is absolute absurdity at this point. People either
see it and get it, or they don’t and won’t. Plain and simple. This cannot be an
excuse to sit back, enjoy the show, and not take action.

Why aren’t groups of patriots rising up in these towns to protest,
protect businesses, monuments, homes, and ultimately – their freedoms? Are they
afraid because of the potential violence? Probably so. Are they aware that the
police are being demonized, have no backup support, some are being defunded and
told to stand down, making for a near unpreventable situation? What if citizens
were to actually organize and take to the streets by the thousands, support the
police, and act as a single force against these criminals – stopping them in
their tracks? The reality is, there are far less thugs than patriots, and it
may just be a matter of taking it to the streets now rather than confronting it
in your home soon. It is a numbers game, and sometimes, all that is needed is a
huge show of force. Violence is never the answer and de-escalation is important,
so have a solid plan in place, and if you know your local sheriff or police
officers, it might not be a bad idea to talk with them in advance. Research the
command structure in your area to determine where the weak links are.

No sane person wants the police defunded or dismantled and everyone is angry at how they are being treated, but few are willing to stand up for them and this country. Is it scary? Yes. But it will be a whole lot scarier if this persists for the next five months and these criminals begin entering your subdivisions, as they have already begun doing.

This battle is about everyone in this country standing up for our freedoms before this gets real overnight, and we wake up one morning and find ourselves in a socialist country. THIS is the time to unite, to organize like never before, to gather large groups willing to stand with the police and protect every citizen and structure in our country, willing to protest against mandated masks and closed businesses, and fight to remove corrupt elected officials. Use every tool in your toolbox to organize and come together, including apps such as meetup, nextdoor, email your HOA list, contact all groups you are already connected with including those in alternative media who can help get the word out, and rally coworkers. Imagine the increase in morale for the country and the police, knowing they are not in this alone, that we have their backs as well. Are there some corrupt police officers out there? Most certainly, and that should be dealt with separately. The bottom line is, there is corruption everywhere, and you have to pick your battles. There is a time and place for everything, and right now our country is under fire. THAT is the battle at hand.

For those who cannot get out and do this on a physical
level, then work within your community to get the corrupt officials removed
from their positions of power and install those who believe in our freedoms and
this country, and are willing to fight for it. Support them. We are moments
away from giving it all up – we cannot let that happen. Everyone is always
waiting for leaders to show them the way – now is the time to lead. It is time
to get real before real gets us. There is a lot more at stake than people
realize. This is a spiritual battle which requires great strength, faith,
prayer, reflection, introspection, and transcendence. They are quite literally
trying to demoralize everyone, bring you to your knees, attack your faith, burn
your churches, and force darkness upon you, while stripping away your dignity
and freedoms.

General Michael Flynn recently wrote an article with a similar sentiment – “If we don’t act, 2% of the people are about to control the other 98%.” Nothing could be more true.

Don’t give up life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Stand up now, or you may spend the rest of your life on your knees.

>> (opens in a new tab)”>Download this report in pdf format in The Bookshop >>>

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Author: Corey Lynn

US Space Force Must Trip The Light Fantastic

By James Fitzgerald

and political affairs on Earth may currently be heated and divisive, but spare
a thought for the US Space Force cadets who will soon be venturing into a place
where “no one can hear you scream”.

Trump signed an Executive
early last year that created a sixth branch of the US Armed Forces,
to “marshal its space resources to deter and counter threats in space”. It
seems America’s historic technological advantage may be under threat from China
or Russia, or other private commercial interests. The global space industry
already generates annual revenues of $350 billion, according to Morgan Stanley,
with those figures set to reach $1.1 trillion by 2040.

first crewed space launch from US soil in a decade was hosted by SpaceX in May
this year. Elon Musk has already posited 60 500-pound satellites in orbit,
creating the controversial Starlink array for 5G internet provision. Until this
week, the rather formulaic and staid business of sending rockets to space was
light years away from “conspiracy theories” around UFOs and extraterrestrials.
But a week ago, in an interview with Donald Trump Jr., the POTUS revealed that
he had “interesting” information on Roswell, after his son asked him about
extraterrestrials. The site in New Mexico was linked to a crash in 1947 that
raised widespread public interest in UFOs, and which spawned the term
“conspiracy theory”.

you leave office, will you let us know if there’s aliens?” his son asked.
“Because this is the only thing I really want to know. I want to know what’s
going on. Would you ever open up Roswell and let us know what’s going on

quizzed on the possibility of declassifying records on Roswell, Trump said he
would “have to think about that one.”

are millions and millions of people that want to go there, that want to
see it. I won’t talk to you about what I know about it but it’s very
interesting. But Roswell is a very interesting place, with a lot of people that
would like to know what’s going on,” said the President. 

week the Senate Intelligence Committee voted
to allow the public to view the government’s UFO records — even though elected
officials seem to know less about anomalous sky events than anyone else. The
committee’s vote requires the US Defense Department and security agencies to
provide a public analysis of any data related to “unidentified aerial
phenomena” as soon as 2021.

social media has democratized access to information, so too have the reported
incidents of quite spectacular — and inexplicable — aerial phenomena. 

years ago I was introduced to the late Sergeant Major Robert Dean, who served
in US Intelligence Field Operations in the 1950s and ‘60s and was stationed at
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, the military arm of NATO. He claimed
that his Cosmic Top Secret clearance gave him access to a 1964 NATO report
called “An Assessment”, which acknowledged and analyzed the implications of an
alien presence on Earth.

study concluded this: Is there a threat to Allied forces in Europe? Apparently
not. They concluded that planet Earth and the human race had been under some
kind of observation for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They concluded in
1964 that there were at least four different groups coming here, surveying us,
analyzing us. They concluded that there didn’t appear to be a military threat
involved, because the repeated demonstrations of incredibly advanced technology
demonstrated to us that if they had been hostile, there would have been nothing
we could have done about it.”

that with the wording of the current briefing, part of the intelligence
authorization bill: “The [Intelligence Committee] remains concerned that there
is no unified, comprehensive process within the federal government for
collecting and analyzing intelligence on unidentified aerial phenomena, despite
the potential threat,” the senators wrote in their report on the bill.

we are in 2020 with another vague statement from the security apparatus about investigating
aerial phenomena. Either government is so compartmentalized as to render
frontline officials utterly inept in this sphere, or they are engaging in a
huge deceit, or they are all quite stupid — with the possibility that all three
of these variables co-exist.

in the twittersphere suggest that Trump’s uncle, John Trump, worked with Nikola
Tesla, and eventually came into possession of his notes on free energy devices,
antigravity and sonic healing machines, among other technologies. If so,
Trump’s promise on taking office to “unlock the mysteries of space, to free the
earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and
technologies of tomorrow” may be more than just political bluster.

week alone social media has featured home movies of giant craft skimming the
surface of the moon, a planet-sized pink sphere
in Birmingham, UK, emitting glowing craft and an aerial display of “light
craft” dispensed from a larger ball of glowing amber over the skies of
, and a large circular rainbow
in the Philippines, among many others.

established commentators on UFOs immediately dismissed these filmed events as
CGI or augmented reality, which may be so, or attributable to professional
envy. What is curious about these latest, and increasingly large phenomena, is
that their appearance is more ethereal and dynamic — they glow with soothing
pastel colors and can disappear in an instant — unlike the more conventional
“bell craft” and shiny metallic “saucers” of the 20th century.

those of us who have witnessed more than one “plasma-type” phenomena in the
skies — sometimes on our command, blanket dismissals based on CGI modification
of footage hold less weight.

Greer, whose uncle helped design the first lunar module, is a director of the
Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). During a
presentation, he showed footage of himself with a group of 50 people gathered
at a car park in Pensacola, Florida. They signaled into the night sky with a
high-powered laser pointer. Amazingly, what were a group of white specks among
the stars begin flashing back. Their monitoring equipment suddenly sprung to
life, with patterned beeps, not unlike Morse code signals. Dr. Greer identified
the source of the signals as coming from the direction of the Orion

He says the Phoenix lights incident in 1997 was a close encounter of the fifth kind — orchestrated by his team ahead of a briefing with President Clinton and members of the US Congress. Thousands of people reported seeing a triangular formation of lights pass over the state, which were broadcast live on Fox News. “When we asked the ETs for help, this is what showed up… a huge craft. It was a beautiful sight.”

Greer maintains that the speed of light is too slow for galactic communication.
If ET wanted to phone home using BT or AT&T, then even for a call to a
nearby star, say a thousand light years away, it would take 2,000 years — half
that time to arrive and the other half to be returned.

interstellar technologies are transdimensional. And the heart of that science
is consciousness, because they have technologies that interface directly with
thought — coherent thought … We have discovered the Rosetta stone of
extraterrestrial contact, and it’s not the SETI project, it’s not radio
telescopes, it’s not rockets, and it is not even pulsed microwaves. There are
technologies that transcend directly into thought and awareness,” said Greer.

Greer has developed protocols for ET contact that involve deep states of
consciousness where, he says, it is possible to remote view the location of ET
vehicles, and then contact them with a coherent stream of thought. They can
then be “vectored” into a location, the same way a jet is directed into an
airport. “They almost always come,” he says.

need to understand that if it’s interstellar, then it’s going to be strange. If
it isn’t strange, then it’s probably a man-made device … Each of us carries
within us the universal communicator, and it’s called conscious awareness.”

Greer cites the work of Erwin Schrodinger, the Austrian physicist and the
father of quantum mechanics, to support his assertions. Schrodinger said “the
total number of minds in the universe is one; that is, it is a singularity. And
so we see all these hundreds of people … we all have our individualities, but
shining through that unique window is the same light of consciousness. We
divide it up and separate ourselves, but we can just as easily become still and
peaceful, and become one again.”

the days of widespread CGI, Sgt. Major Dean found himself in the possession of
photos from the Apollo era. Before his death, he travelled and lectured on what
he called the “hoopty-doo” of putting a man on the Moon.

in 2009, he told me: “Thanks to the fact that there were a few employees in NASA,
forty years ago … decent people, honest people … I have some film that they

One such photograph carries the reference “Foto NASA # AS-12 -51-8553”. Roll 50, negative number 7,348 shows the curved lunar surface taken from the Apollo 12 orbiter. However, hovering above the surface is a large saucer-shaped object.

one is tagged “Cigar-shaped image taken by Neil Armstrong”. It is just that; a
long, luminous shape, with the moon’s surface in the background.

they were looking out of the window of their craft, this object flew by. Neil
took out his camera and snapped this picture,” he explained.

photograph released by the Japanese space agency, which had an agreement to buy
images from NASA, shows three luminous objects between the moon and the Apollo
13 craft. One is another cigar-shaped object which, we are told, is five miles
long; the other two are more cylindrical, but are still huge, at about two
miles in diameter.

slide — shot during NASA’s 1980 Voyager mission to Saturn — captures the “A”
ring of the planet, with a cylindrical object sitting just outside the belt.
Sgt. Major Dean said the program was launched to investigate “anomalous events”
around Saturn. “The pictures they got back from Saturn were so stunning, so
shocking that they simply locked them up in the safe.”

cylindrical object is self-luminous, “obviously man-made”, and is larger than
the moon. According to Sgt. Major Dean, it was photographed moving in between
the rings and around Saturn’s moons.

These days you don’t need “cosmic clearance” to get the best views of interstellar spectacles, just an account on Twitter or Parler. Ordinary citizens are eclipsing their elected officials and security commanders with unencumbered views of otherworldly objects in the skies, with the agenda for ET disclosure seemingly in the hands of the little green men from outer space. An open mind and gentle nature may be the advantage these “normies” have over senior military or government figures. Afterall, would socially and technologically advanced beings not have a preference for and an affinity with individuals of a peaceful, spiritual nature? In covering up incidents such as the Roswell crash in 1947, and failing to advance the pursuit of truth over these now prolific anomalies, have not the security services rendered themselves anathema to any open, honest contact with off-world visitors?

Dissenting voices, who perhaps realize that what they are seeing defies mundane physics, and only has precedent in the movies, say that the shadow government alluded to by John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower may have activated Project Blue Beam, a plan to use holographic technology to create a false flag alien invasion in the skies as a means of terrifying the population into submission, and as a precursor to removing religions in favor of a one world government.

However the scale and beauty and variety and geographical dispersion of these recent visual enigmas suggest something less centralized and more benevolent is making its presence felt like never before; one would hope that the bad guys’ creations would look and feel worse, if Project Blue Beam really was the origin. 

rocket technology is about a hundred years old, but how will we reach beyond
orbit into intermediate space and the stars beyond without technologies that
meet space on its own terms — and trip the light fantastic?

June 25, President Trump ended a tweet with the words, “Knowledge comes from
the most unusual of places.”

a society where truth is caustic to the ears of many, a gradual, incremental
disclosure may be the only way to pull back the veil without causing more
division and chaos in the world.

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Author: James Fitzgerald

10 Fake News Tactics

Fake news used to be a twist of truth, a spin on a story, and an outlandish opinion, but now it’s become an in-your-face blatant lie, and they downright don’t give a damn that you know they are lying. Now more than ever it is critical that people learn how to quickly sift through the garbage news and be able to discern and compartmentalize truth from fiction and plausibility.

Corey’s Digs provides over 80 resources for fact checking and deep digging, a file drawer loaded up with declassified documents and transcripts, tools including an excellent background search database, secure virtual private network when surfing the internet, and encrypted emails, as well as a two-part series on Hunting the Hunters providing tips on researching. Take advantage of this site and use all of these tools to keep yourself sharp during this information war, as they try to erase our history.

10 Fake News Tactics

1) They write an article purely about data, throw out large numbers to scare you, but won’t give you the minuscule percentage it equates to because they know most people won’t bother to do the math. So instead, all people see is that big number. Then, they take an aspect within the overall data topic, that equates to a much larger percentage, and push that to the forefront to stoke fear, so it’s the only percentage that sticks in ones mind. This is commonplace in fake news. Do the math yourself.

2) They write some dramatic piece to justify their narrative, throwing out numbers and percentages, then create a graph to reflect just how awful it appears to be. The only problem is, they only factored in about 2 out of 10 elements that would need to be taken into account to derive at the numbers they came to. They tell less than half the story, sum it up with a shocking visual, and people fall for it. Another thing they do with numbers is push a scare tactic with a global death rate attached to a year, but don’t mention it’s global, leading people to believe that is the death rate in the U.S. alone. They do this with the vaccine industry all the time. “Over 110,000 people died from the measles in 2017,” with a big fat zero in the U.S., but they fail to mention that part.

3) They scribble out a 2,000 word spin on a story, beginning with an intriguing detail and perhaps a fact or two. Once they grip your mind, they go in for the kill – filling it with a pumped up opinion made to look like facts, while not providing a shred of evidence. About 3/4 of the way down the article, they lay out that basically everything they just stated was bs, in one single sentence, that about 5% of people will ever reach.

4) The emotionally driven articles meant to fuel anger, hate, or fear, that are typically backed with a bunch of false or exaggerated statistics, piped full of bought-off scientific research, or a personal story from a paid actor.

5) “Our sources say” is no longer a good look. Nine times out of ten it’s either intentional leaked disinformation, someone with a grudge, or the sources are non-existent. Stick with journalists who provide evidence, unless you have followed a journalist’s track record long enough to know that if they occasionally have an anonymous “source” and you are able to connect additional dots with evidence, keep it in the plausibility compartment until more information comes out.

6) Every single fact checking website out there is a joke. They are wrong more than they are right – and that’s most certainly intentional.

7) The “drop retraction” and “the extraction.” The “drop retraction” is the intentional drop of something so outlandish it becomes instant clickbait for a viral storm. They know it’s an out and out lie, and they have every intention of doing the most damage followed by the most minimal retraction within 24-hrs of it going viral – just long enough to seed millions of minds, knowing full well that the mere tweet apology rather than removal of the piece or tweet entirely, will always remain in the clickbait spotlight. The “extraction” is when they extract a single sentence from a lengthy document few people will ever read, or 10 seconds from a 5 minute video clip few will bother to trace down, and spin it into a volatile mudslide of such disbelief, that everyone believes it. These are almost always emotionally driven segments.

8) They stick with the same story or same statistics they’ve been pushing for a long time, even long after it’s already been debunked with evidence to the contrary. There are millions of people in this world, so they cast their spells in cycles knowing full well it will grab hold of some minds.

9) “Misleading headlines” are some of the most infuriating ones of all. We are in a world of sound bites and eye candy, with information storming at 1000 mph and people with shorter attention spans than ever before. People will take a headline at face value, never read the article in its entirety, then proceed to share it with an opinion stapled to it. How can one have an opinion on something they never read? This is dangerous territory creating a lot of cognitive dissonance. CBS News recently ran a perfect example of this, with a prominent race baiting headline stating, “A white bar owner in Omaha shot and killed a black protester. He won’t face charges.” If anyone cared to click on it to read the actual story, the reality was it was a man battling another man who was shot in self defense, but they had to make it about race to stoke the racial divide and chaos. The New York Times is famous for altering headlines from their morning edition to their late edition. It generally begins with a shred of truth, and after receiving orders from the narrative machines, the headlines change to a totally different tone, expressing the complete opposite of how it was portrayed in the first edition.

10) The “two-sided dagger.” When they write from a place of concern about a group of people, person, or situation, only later to stab them in the back for whatever political agenda they are taking part of at that point in time. Alternatively, they write in a certain tone about one situation or event, while writing in a completely different tone about an almost identical situation or event. In either case, the two-side dagger becomes a nice side-by-side visual for evidence, but the damage has already been done.

Some perfect examples of fake news and manipulation tactics can be seen all throughout Corey’s Digs recent report: Historical Hypocrisy & Psychological Warfare which covers the past month of devastating actions and some of the most outrageous hypocrisy we’ve witnessed to date in an 111-page pictorial book with hyperlinks. It is also available in PDF download in The Bookshop. It’s a historical scrapbook of evidence. Hang onto it.

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Author: Corey Lynn

Historical Hypocrisy & Psychological Warfare

This is an important pictorial
book illustrating the psychological warfare taking place across America, with
the same playbook being implemented in other countries, while hypocrisy is at
an all-time high masquerading as fulfilling agendas. The majority of images
depicted throughout are hyperlinked to direct articles, tweets, and videos.

This complete book can be downloaded in pdf format in the Bookshop with
hyperlinks intact. Feel free to screenshot and meme any portion of this book.

Yet, physicians, celebrities, mainstream news, and Democrats all convinced them to take to the streets in packs of herds for Black Lives Matter.

Despite thousands upon thousands of people protesting elbow to elbow, and this large enclosed funeral, the majority of states remain under COVID-19 restrictions with limited gatherings, churches and funeral homes are still closed or only groups of 10 allowed, and “non-essential” businesses are not allowed to open or can only do so with restrictions placed on them.

Which ones? These health professionals?

Second wave of COVID-19 emerges in the middle of summer, as protests and riots begin to wind down. The panic push is palpitating as the cases climb, though the death rate is currently at 0.05%, only half of one percent. Of course, this includes all individuals who were dying of something else and the cause of death was marked as COVID-19, so that percentage is likely much smaller.

Fast Forward to May 20th, after two months of lockdown:

It is approved for use in hospitals, outpatient, and at home by prescription from a doctor. The FDA’s removal clears up the confusion that it could only be used in a hospital setting, when in fact it can be used everywhere. The data doesn’t support hospital based use for extreme cases, so they removed that restriction.

‘It is Destined to Happen This Way’
5-min must watch eye-opening video.

We can change this if everyone would simply open their eyes and ears, and listen to their common sense and intuition. It’s all right in front of you. They don’t hide it – they never have. It was just easier to look the other way.

They are moving quickly now and time is running out for people to wake up and unite – all races, genders, ages, and cultures need to unite against those that have been trying to divide and create chaos to serve their agendas, rule over us all, strip away our freedoms, keep us on lockdown, and turn this world into a one world governance. They are carrying out the same playbook, same narrative, same propaganda push, and same controls and restrictions on citizens in every country right now. It should be obvious.

Stop playing into their manufactured agendas to divide and conquer us all, and start recognizing that it is US against those that wish to RULE US. This is a physical, psychological, and spiritual battle, and we need everyone on board through prayer, mental aptitude, and taking action to put a stop to this. Our future depends on it.

>> (opens in a new tab)”>Download this full digital book in PDF format in The Bookshop >>>

Do your own fact checking. Corey’s Digs hosts over 80 resources, tools, and tips on digging.

tees, tanks, hoodies, phone cases, hats, mugs

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

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Author: Corey Lynn