What Are You Doing?

What are you doing? Do you find yourself doing these things?
Even if you don’t, this is an important read. Did you just circulate that
article because of the headline, without reading the actual article? Or, are
you the one who suggested Hillary Clinton is dead and we are witnessing her
clone walking around? Maybe you are the one saying someone was “arkancided” as
quickly as the unfortunate news of their death hit, without even fully knowing
who that person was? Why? Do you understand the ripple effect this has while simultaneously
fueling their agendas?

Did Critical Thinking Leave The Room?

Is it possible that Hillary Clinton could in fact be a
walking clone of Hillary Clinton? Let’s think about this for a moment. We know
that science has made huge leaps with cloning and have the ability to clone
animals. Is it possible they are cloning humans? Could be. Do you have solid
evidence or proof that Hillary is a clone? Unlikely. So when stating this
“theory” you have, you may want to state it’s a “theory” rather than claiming
it to be fact. Isn’t this what the fake news does? That thing you absolutely
despise? Why are you continuing their actions? It only creates more cognitive
dissonance, and no one wants to stay on that hamster wheel.

Is there in fact a list of the Clinton body count
circulating? Yes, there is. Is it far more than a coincidence that people seem
to drop like flies that are in direct connection with, or against, the
Clintons? Indeed. That said, when little Johnny down the street passes away, or
a former politician, attorney, a grocery store owner, or any other death occurs
– they were not ALL “Arkancided!” To automatically assume that and shout it out
the moment you find out someone passed away, without any investigative work, is
irresponsible. Again, this only fuels the ongoing fake news and cognitive
dissonance agenda.

How about those “pedo symbols” everyone points out? Does the FBI host a page illustrating symbols that are known to be used by pedophiles? Yes, they do. Are they often prominently and unmistakably displayed by some pedophiles? Indeed they are. Does this mean that every single person that is wearing a southwestern swirl pendant design is a pedophile? How about that heart shaped swirl that has hit the market everywhere from Kohls to Macy’s? Do you think all of the women buying those up even have the first clue that those symbols have been used by pedophiles? Think about that for a moment. So before grabbing a photo, circling the earrings, necklace, or clothing, you might want to consider doing a deep dive into that person’s history and connections to pull up a bit more evidence than that. Declaring someone a pedophile is a serious claim, and should not be taken lightly. Not to mention, you could be destroying someone’s reputation.

The posts floating around about George Soros being dead or
Ruth Bader Ginsburg being dead, really need to come to a halt. There is
absolutely not a shred of evidence. Furthermore, there are parody accounts out
there that intentionally try to egg you on, and people start sharing the posts
immediately because they react with emotion instead of common sense. This just
happened recently. A parody Fox News account tweeted out that Ginsburg just had
a stroke and was being taken to the hospital… and off it sailed. So what
happens in a case like this? You get hundreds of people sharing it and believing
it to be true. They tell their friends, co-workers, family. Hours later, some
find out it was a sick joke, and they apologize for sharing the information.
But, some are too embarrassed to tell their co-workers or friends, so they
don’t. Others are never even informed that it was a parody account, so they go
on believing it’s reality. Imagine, how many different topics this happens with
on a daily basis. At the end of the week, how much is your mind absorbing of
truth versus fiction? How big has that alphabet soup bowl become, that everyone
is taking a bite from? If everyone slows their roll, reads closely, and tries
not to react from emotion (I know it’s hard sometimes), we will all be better

Recently, there have been several suicides by NYPD police
officers. Likely, none of us know them, their families, their circumstances,
their heartache, or their pain. This is tragic. Again, immediately everyone
starts stating “they saw the Weiner laptop!” Spreading disinformation such as
this and purporting it to be fact, is why the fake news media continues to use
the term “conspiracy theory” against those trying to expose legitimate
conspiracies. It diminishes the lives of those NYPD officers, suggests they
were somehow involved in nefarious dealings, confuses the hell out of everyone
seeing those posts, and ultimately results in MORE cognitive dissonance.

Deprogram The Repetition They’ve Installed in Your Mind

They have done such a fine job of programming people to
react a certain way, and react from a state of emotion, that it’s become
difficult for some to get off the hamster wheel. This is understandable, but it
needs to be reconciled. Even those that are woke to all of this programming,
and despise the fake news – it’s like a bad habit, that just won’t die. It
requires a bit of control, reeling in those emotions, taking a breath, and
using critical thinking and common sense. It requires a complete retraining of
the mind, as well as emotions.

Some Helpful Tips:

• Break the habit before it breaks you.

• When you see news drops, read them thoroughly before
reacting, and read beyond the headline.

• If you react within 5 seconds, there’s a good chance you
are reacting from emotion. Take a breath.

• If you have a theory state “this is only a theory,” don’t
state it as fact.

• Think about destroying someone’s reputation before
blurting something out.

• Assess what you write before posting it, realizing you
could potentially create confusion.

• If you are uncertain of something, pose it as a question
father than a fact.

• Don’t take someone’s word for it if they don’t provide
proof. Dig for yourself.

• If you realize you misstated something, just add an
apologetic tweet to clear the air. No biggy. We all make mistakes. You are

• If you are going to state something as fact, back it up
with source links and evidence.

• Don’t make assumptions – assumptions can be dangerous.

• Try to remain objective and see things from multiple
angles, not just one.

• If you are suspicious of something, state that, without
assuming your suspicions to be fact.

• Don’t meme quotes from people until you’ve searched and
can prove those quotes are legit.

• Beware of screenshots with tweets that have been
manipulated, even when you think they look real. Many of these are being
shared. Go to that profile page and verify the tweet first.

• When people post something while stating they have “not
verified it,” do not share it as “fact” until you yourself have verified it.

• Don’t let them bait you, and don’t create bait for others.

• Don’t buy into fear porn. Contemplate the information

Do you want to continue to live in the river of madness
that’s been pulling you down tide all your life, or do you want to learn how to
swim for yourself?! You cannot begin to swim upstream until you STOP repeating
the lessons they have programmed you to carry out. Do you want to continue this
perpetual, generational folklore, or do you want history to take on a new shape
– one based in truth?

Put the brakes on. Slow your roll. Help to share knowledge
in the light of truth and facts. Don’t assist them with their cognitive
dissonance agenda or it will be two steps forward and one step back for the
population overall. We need everyone moving forward with clarity. This is a
group effort, so kindly call others out on information circulating, so that
everyone can wake up and rise up together.

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Author: Corey Lynn


Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS Part 6

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis Part 6 End Game

Are they trying to heal the world OR shape the world?

READ Parts 1–5 first:

Part 1: Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis (extensive historical timeline)

Part 2: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Plan to Sterilize Through Anti-fertility Vaccines & Crops

Part 3: DNA Collection and Biotechnology Companies

Part 4: Population Control on Multiple Fronts

Part 5: GMOs, Big Tech & Geoengineering’s Role in Eugenics

End Game

Are they trying to heal the world OR shape the world? Because, for all of their efforts and investments in “saving lives,” statistics show the percentage of women dying during giving birth have increased, premature babies have increased, autism has significantly increased, the rate of sperm count in men has decreased to a staggering 50%, AIDS is still prevalent (according to those funding it), cancer has not been cured, diabetes is off the charts, the government has paid out $4.1 billion for injury and death claims due to vaccinations, our food is loaded with poisons, our water has contained arsenic, food allergies in children has increased 50%, the MMR vaccine contains fetal DNA, our soil has been taken over by genetically modified food, full-term abortions are the new trend, and we are about to move into 5G when radiofrequency radiation is already a category 1 human carcinogen. Again – are these billionaire philanthropists and scientists trying to heal the world OR shape the world?

When is
enough, enough? When will these “world leaders,” agencies, organizations, and
governments be held accountable?

The real question is – are they compiling all of this DNA and running
genetic testing for purposes of healing those with illness and disease, or are
they attempting to modify DNA to create the “highly-gifted race” Galton strived
for? Depopulation would appear to be thriving, so you tell me?

Are all of these “genetic modifications” any different from the path
eugenicists were on, portending to be in the name of health? Disguised by
clever phrasing to make people believe the phrase “family planning” is a
heartfelt gesture rather than a means to promote every possible medical avenue
to prevent more births, or that “population-based science” is truly looking out
for ones best interest. Does this statement below sound like it came right out
of Margaret Sanger’s mouth in the 1920s?

We envision a world where population-based science and evidence are discovered, developed and translated to improve the lives of all through universal equitable access to family planning and reproductive health.

It’s not. This is a statement straight from Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health. How about “strengthen the next generation of champions.” That’s a catchy one as well.

All of this gives one pause when considering what goes into vaccines.
If one were trying to alter another’s DNA without being able to run tests on a
specific person first, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that it could result in
having a negative impact on that person. Yet, by having a database of millions
of DNA samples from a large population, it may give them the ability to test
how the DNA might impact the general population overall. In theory, all of this
leaves room for the fact that vaccines may be causing autism, anxiety disorder,
seizures, depression, paralysis, POTS, and other undesirable conditions, as
well as death. Yet, big pharma and the scientific world, suggest that there are
no lasting side effects, and certainly do not cause any of the aforementioned
conditions. How is this possible, with millions of people from all different
genetic make-ups, to react exactly the same? It’s not logical.

The 2030 Agenda

What is this “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” the U.N. implemented in 2015 along with 190 world leaders, including former president Barack Obama and Pope Francis, among all the usual suspects rallying for these causes?

2030 agenda

Ultimately it can be summed up as the United Nations taking over as global governance. Their plan of attack is from the top down, and their agendas began long before this “New Urban Agenda” was agreed to in 2016. This New York conference brought in over 50,000 people including more than 200 mayors and another 140 city delegations. The Habitat conference only convenes every 20 years, and the focus was on anti-capitalism and global standards the UN wants cities operating under. Technocracy is coming to a city near you, where “inclusive” and “inclusivity” are the big buzz words for this push. We’ve certainly seen a lot of that rolled out in the past couple years.

The implementation of the New Urban Agenda contributes to the implementation and localization of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in an integrated manner, and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets, including SDG 11 of making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

While they
purport it to be about equality, climate change, family planning, and ending
world hunger, when you read the fine print, it paints a different story. And,
when you review the statistics of what is taking place in this world due to
these agendas they’ve been carrying out for decades, leading up to this “urban
agenda,” it’s quite apparent which direction this is headed.

• Unlimited
migration across open borders, and all cities are expected to embrace this.

• Common
market with free trade.

• One-world
standards for everything.

• They will
develop and implement housing policies at all levels to ensure coherence among
national, sub-national, and local development strategies, land policies, and
housing supply.

• Federal
grants will be directly tied to the United Nations, meaning cities applying
will be following their rules.

We further commit to strengthen synergies between international migration and development, at the global, regional, national, sub-national, and local levels by ensuring safe, orderly, and regular migration through planned and well-managed migration policies and to support local authorities in establishing frameworks that enable the positive contribution of migrants to cities and strengthened urban-rural linkages.

We commit to promote equitable and affordable access to sustainable basic physical and social infrastructure for all, without discrimination, including affordable serviced land, housing, modern and renewable energy, safe drinking water and sanitation, safe, nutritious and adequate food, waste disposal, sustainable mobility, healthcare and family planning, education, culture, and information and communication technologies. We further commit to ensure that these services are responsive to the rights and needs of women, children and youth, older persons and persons with disabilities, migrants, indigenous peoples and local communities as appropriate, and others that are in vulnerable situations. In this regard, we encourage the elimination of legal, institutional, socio-economic, or physical barriers.

While some of their 17 goals may sound like wonderful manifestations in this puff piece, make no mistake – their end game is world dominance and global governance. The “New Urban Agenda” is something everyone should read. All of the “philanthropists,” NGOs and agencies covered throughout this report, are all a part of this 2030 agenda collaboration, spearheading different aspects of it. From Ban Ki-moon to Bill Gates, the Clinton Global Initiative to the Rockefeller Foundation, and hundreds of others – all coordinating this “Global Strategy.”

Now What?

For those who believe population control is necessary in some form due
to economics, environment, and sustainability, that is for each person to
decide how they feel about it. THIS isn’t about that. THIS is about a large
group of individuals worldwide that are playing God, sterilizing men and women
without them knowing, using manipulation to push their agendas, and causing
injury and harm to the masses – and doing it with your money.

If one reviews this entire report and all of its source links, and still chooses to believe that ongoing eugenics is a myth, they would be in denial, and doing a great disservice to their fellow Americans. How much evidence does one require to see the bigger picture? How long must these reports, packed full of evidence, span? One hundred pages? Would one thousand pages do? Why do Americans prefer to turn a blind eye for fear of the truth, rather than face it head on and try to push for change? If change is what you fear – you best hold on to your seat, because it’s coming fast and hard. Do you want to be speaking up and taking action to fight for your rights and your childrens, or are you going to continue to take it lying down?

All of their agendas are right before your eyes. It is impossible to
negate, when backed with statistics that coincide with their precise timeline
and orchestration of events. It is impossible to make a case to the contrary
when they state their agendas in their own words, quotes, annual reports, and their
cash flow directly backs all of these agendas. The result is infertility in
women, sperm count cut in half in men, low birth rate across the world,
illnesses on the rise, the lowest population growth in 80 years. What was 80
years ago? The U.S. was well on its way to sterilizing 60,000 Americans while
sharing their wisdom with the Nazis so they could sterilize 350,000 people. Do
you really believe this ceased? Look at where we are at – where the world is

No one can debate or dispute these facts. The question now is – what
are you going to do about it? You are going to love like there is no tomorrow,
embrace your family and relish every moment with them, recognize that material
possessions are near meaningless, appreciate all of the little things that are
truly the most important, spend time in nature and enjoy life to the fullest,
be kind to your neighbors, and above all – love yourself. Why are you going to
do all of these things? Because we cannot turn back the clock, we can only move
forward, and you cannot take a step forward in a state of hate – it serves no

Do you have the right to be angry about these historical events that have crippled our population, our values, our institutions, and our lives? Absolutely! So share this knowledge, and wake one person up per day until everyone understands the bigger agenda, so they can make the right choices for themselves and their families, and they can stand up and say “GAME OVER!” But let’s make a deal. When sharing this information, be sure to share the most important part – love for self, for others, and to live like there is no tomorrow. Life is precious – don’t let the eugenicists tell you otherwise.

For further reading to understand the bigger picture that encompasses the agendas of those trying to maintain power, and how all of this ties together, review these reports as well. You will begin to see the same circle of people involved on all fronts.

Measles, Masterminds & Millions
The Abortion Agenda: Its Benefactors & What You Don’t Know
The Organic Narrative & Whole Foods Red Flags
Normalization, Indoctrination & Degenderization Are Sweeping The Nation
CDC Thomas Frieden Billions in Potential Scandals
The Eugenics Archive
An Extensive Timeline of The Vaccine Industry

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Author: Corey Lynn

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS Part 5

Eugenics, infertility & population growth crisis part 5

Eugenics emerged with a bang in the early 1900s with a primary focus of controlling the population. What began as fairs and baby contests for the best pedigree and maintaining ancestral records to distinguish traits, evolved into a cesspool of genetic manipulations and infertility by the hands of scientists, “philanthropists” and the entire medical industry, whether some knew it or not. But that wasn’t enough for the masses – GMOs, big tech, geoengineering, and AI moved to the forefront to pick up the slack – and suddenly health began. declining everywhere.

• More than 170 foods have been reported to
cause food allergies, and children’s allergies to food have increased 50%
between 1997 and 2011.

• 60% of processed food consumed by Americans
is genetically modified, while nearly 40% of American adults were obese in
2015-2016, up from 34% in 2007-2008.

• New studies conclusively confirm that radiofrequency radiation is a category 1
human carcinogen. Imagine what 5G may be capable of.

• While Elon Musk works on an implant for our
brains to merge with software, Bill Gates and Harvard are flying balloons into
the stratosphere to release calcium carbonate particles to block the sun.

READ Parts 1–4 first:

Part 1: Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis (extensive historical timeline)

Part 2: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Plan to Sterilize Through Anti-fertility Vaccines & Crops

Part 3: DNA Collection and Biotechnology Companies

Part 4: Population Control on Multiple Fronts

Are GMOs Affecting Our DNA as Well?

While your underlying DNA itself is not technically altered, the way your genes work, called gene expression, can be. According to Simon Gregory, an associate professor of medical genetics and codirector of the Duke Epigenetics and Epigenomics Program:

Environmental factors such as food, drugs, or exposure to toxins can cause epigenetic changes by altering the way molecules bind to DNA or changing the structure of proteins that DNA wraps around. These structural changes can result in slight changes in gene activity; they also can produce more dramatic changes by switching genes on when they should be off or vice versa.

According to Gregory, these changes are heritable, meaning the can be
passed on from parent cell to daughter cell within the body, and from parent to

They are genetically modifying the DNA of the crops, then animals and humans are consuming that food. What do you think that outcome could bring? There are more than 170 foods that have been reported to cause allergic reactions. It is estimated that 32 million Americans suffer from food allergies, and I suspect it’s significantly higher. Between 1997 and 2011, the CDC reported that the prevalence of food allergy in children increased by 50%. Between 2007 and 2016, medical procedures to treat anaphylaxis from food allergy, increased 380%. That’s astounding! Children who suffer from food allergies are two to four times more likely to have asthma, eczema, or other allergic conditions, than children without food allergies. Every three minutes, a food allergy sends someone to the emergency room. There is no cure for food allergies, other than to avoid the food. 60% of processed food consumed by Americans is genetically modified. More than 90% of corn and soy planted in the U.S. is genetically modified and they are utilized in a LOT of foods.

Here is a list of crops, developers, and genes for those who wish to explore.

What is The Number One Leading Cause of Death in The U.S.?

Heart Disease. Did you know that obesity is a major health crisis in the U.S. right now? Nearly 40% of American adults were obese in 2015-2016, up from 34% in 2007-2008. In 2016, five states had rates over 35%. Why is this shocking? Because in 1985 there wasn’t a single state with an obesity rate higher than 15%. What’s changed? Hmm.

Why is obesity such a serious threat?
In 2013, obesity accounted for 18% of deaths among Americans ages 40 to 85.
Obesity is directly linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia,
high blood pressure, and cancer which is the second leading cause of death in
the US. Obese individuals are 1.5 to 2.5 times more likely to die of heart
disease than people with normal body mass indices.

Why mention this? Because the advertising for processed foods and sugar are off the charts. You cannot walk into a grocery store without seeing GMO-processed foods and sugar candy of every flavor staring you in the face from floor to ceiling. You cannot get to the cracker aisle without moving past the cookies, and the aisles are getting longer and longer so there are no shortcuts to get to a healthier product. The constant push of chemically-injected garbage are the choices that have been presented to you for years – because ultimately, they are not concerned about your health. After all, big pharma and the medical industry count on you!

organic and GMOs

Harvard, Monsanto & Friends

But rest assured, Harvard University has sounded the alarm bell to be sure you are aware that GMOs are safe. Why? Because the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Medical Association say so. Wait, wasn’t WHO involved with the task force on developing anti-fertility vaccines for the masses? And, weren’t they the ones claiming the vaccines in Kenya didn’t have anything to do with girls becoming infertile, even after six samples of the vaccines were tested in laboratories? And, hasn’t the WHO been working side-by-side with Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, former World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, Partners in Health, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative, for decades now? Gosh, if they say GMOs are safe, who are we to doubt them?

Universities are their go-to when they need back-up studies and documentation to bolster the validity for their agendas. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, some of the documents provided have been written by Dr. Paul Farmer and Jim Yong Kim themselves because they are Harvard alumni with close ties.

Speaking of Bill Gates, a decade ago he bought $23 million worth of Monsanto shares. He also teamed up with Cargill in a $10 million project to develop the soya value chain in Mozambique and other locations. Between 2009 – 2011 Bill Gates funded around $2 billion for African agricultural development, in partnership with Monsanto, because he believes genetically engineered crops will solve world hunger. In the past four years, Gates has donated $15 million to two global campaigns to end world hunger by expanding GMO technology. They have hired 400 “science ambassadors” to influence agricultural policy in 35 nations.

Why is it that Bill Gates is at every turn throughout this entire report, whether it be vaccines, biotech, big tech, big pharma, “family planning”, climate change, or the food industry?

Harvard also contends that GMOs were
never tested on human beings because rats and mice are sufficient to predict
human response. Since there was no damage to these critters, they assumed that
the billions of people consuming GMOs, all with completely different biology
and reactions, wouldn’t be affected either.

They also want to make clear that
scientists across the world tracked mice and rats for 4-5 generations to be
certain there was no effect on fertility, pregnancy, offspring, mutations, and
organ health. The average lifespan of a mouse or rat is approximately 2 years.
They also state that there is “no evidence for gene transfer between GMOs and

Michael R. Taylor’s Timeline

Between 1981–1991, attorney Michael R. Taylor worked at a private law firm where he established and led Monsanto’s food and drug law practices. Prior to that, he was the executive assistant to the FDA Commissioner back in 1976. In 1991 he left the law firm for a newly created position of ‘Deputy Commissioner for Policy’ of the FDA. Though his name was not on the 1992 guidance on genetically modified plant foods, he is said to have been co-author. By 1994, he moved to the USDA as administrator of the food safety & inspection service. Of course, there was a big uproar over Taylor’s involvement with Monsanto obtaining approval. Then, from 1996-2000 Taylor became Monsanto’s Vice President for Public Policy. And in 2000, while working with a think tank, he published two documents on U.S. aid for African agriculture, both of which were funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

On July 7, 2009 Taylor returned to the FDA as Senior Advisor to the FDA Commissioner, and on January 13, 2010 he was appointed to a newly created position as the Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA, where he remained until June 1, 2016. A heck of a timeline packed with power over vaccine, big pharma, and GMO industries. It’s interesting to note that Rajiv Shah was appointed as the Administrator of USAID just one week prior to Taylor. Shah is the current president of the Rockefeller Foundation. It’s also important to note that both were appointed during the Obama administration and when Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State, who worked directly with Rajiv Shah on many projects.

Monsanto is also a big contributor to the Clinton Foundation and Planned Parenthood. See how these circles navigate?

Monsanto recently lost another lawsuit to the tune of a $2 billion jury verdict, and they are still facing another 13,400 lawsuits over their cancer-causing, glyphosate-injected Roundup weed killer, which is still on shelves across America. Federal Judge Vince Chhabria, who is overseeing hundreds of lawsuits against Monsanto, had this to say:

“Monsanto does not particularly care whether its product is in fact giving people cancer, focusing instead on manipulating public opinion and undermining anyone who raises genuine and legitimate concerns.”

Big Tech and Geoengineering Exacerbate The Situation

big tech and artificial intelligence

In a 2018 statement by Anthony B. Miller MD, longtime advisor to the World Health Organization and senior advisor to Environmental Health Trust (EHT), he concluded the following as it pertains to the findings from the 2018 NIH/NIEHS National Toxicology Program (NTP) cell phone radiofrequency radiation carcinogenicity studies combined with human epidemiology studies.

In the National Toxicology Program study, the number of animals in the radiofrequency radiation studies was several thousand. However, in the world today the amount of people using cell phones is estimated at 5 billion.

Even a small rise in very rare cancers from cell phone radiation would constitute a serious public health concern due to the fact that billions of people are using cell phones.

Exposure is widespread and increasing. Children are more vulnerable. Cell phone radiation penetrates deeper into their bodies and they will have a lifetime of exposure leading to a higher cancer risk.

This animal evidence, together with the extensive human evidence from case-control studies on brain cancer in Sweden, France, Canada and other countries, coupled with the rising incidence of brain cancers in young people in the USA, conclusively confirms that radiofrequency radiation is a category 1 human carcinogen. We cannot ignore this but must act quickly to reduce exposure to radiofrequency radiation from all sources to as low as reasonably achievable, especially for children.

You can read his full statement and background here. Despite this, the FCC claims that “currently no scientific evidence establishes a causal link between wireless device use and cancer or other illnesses,” while at the same time, providing information on simple steps to reduce exposure. And off we go into the land of 5G, where other countries are fighting it, some have already released it, and Finland is already working on 6G. We won’t even get into Huawei with their back-door 5G spyware that has sent everyone into an uproar – sanctions and all.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is another direction they’ve been moving in. Creating chips to operate drones, robots, self-driving cars, and other technologies. There has been buzz for awhile about robots replacing human beings in the workforce. There has also been a lot of chatter about humans hooking into virtual reality technology, which spins a whole other dynamic on altering the human mind – all to create a “better species.”

Back in 2017, Elon Musk launched ‘Neuralink,’ a brain-computer interface involving an implant in the brain that will merge with software and maintain space with artificial intelligence. Yes, you heard that correctly. As if human beings haven’t gotten their full fill of technology while chasing Pokémon down every street corner, burying their heads in laptops at every public Wi-Fi hotspot, and scrolling through their smartphones rather than conversing with each other – why not just hook straight into the brain? What could possibly go wrong?

Meanwhile, nanotechnology is on track to deliver nanoparticles and nanochips into skin cells and the bloodstream. And, over in Australia, scientists have developed a “turbo-charged” flu vaccine, designed by artificial intelligence. Apparently AI cuts the time down to just two years production, as opposed to a crew of scientists working tirelessly for years. This vaccine is alleged to have an extra component that stimulates the human immune system to make more antibodies against the flu virus than a normal vaccine.

The study is funded by the National Institute of Allergy and
Infectious Diseases in the US. They are currently seeking 240 volunteers to be
guinea pigs to this new vaccine that they hope to have on the market within
three years.

When deciding whether or not you want to take the potential risks with a flu vaccine, it’s important to note that in the US, the flu vaccine for the past flu season was only 29% effective, and the second wave was only 9% effective, and in the UK it was only 15% effective against all age groups between 2017-2018.

Another player in AI is Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein who was charged on July 8, 2019 for sex trafficking of minors to his island and other locations. Epstein has connections to many of the folks throughout this report as well as other well-known individuals, and had once stated he was co-founder of the Clinton Foundation. His connections run deep and this case is likely to expose a lot of key players and open the public’s eyes to some of the more disturbing issues plaguing this nation. He has also served on the board of Rockefeller University and the Mind, Brain and Behavior Committee at Harvard University.  

It should come as no surprise that Epstein invests a lot of money into science and neurology research, is a huge benefactor of Harvard University, and has a fascination with the human brain. It’s important to note that prior to Epstein’s arrest, this 2014 article by the Huffington Post was still on their website up until the day of his arrest. They have removed it. Sites across the internet are rapidly trying to remove history so as to contain the exposure that is about to blow wide open. Fortunately, this article has been archived.

Epstein founded the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics
with a $35 million gift to Harvard University which studies micro-systems and
diseases. According to this report, The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation has
donated up to $200 million a year to prominent scientists. In 2014 he was
working with cognitive scientist Joscha Bach of Berlin, on the MicroPsi 2
Project, which is an AI virtual computer platform, “specifically three
characters that roam around a tropical island.” This program can be transferred
to actual robots. By the description of the node processing system, this sounds
very similar to the human-like robots on the Westworld tv series where folks go
to vacation and have “experiences” with the robots. The first MicroPsi Project
was built between 2003 and 2009.

These are the creatures that crawl the swamp.

Geoengineering & Chemtrails

Both are terms that have often been classified as a “tinfoil hat” theory, which is interesting, as NASA and the scientific industry have openly talked about geoengineering for years. NASA has been injecting tri-methyl aluminum (TMA), lithium and barium into the ionosphere for scientific research experiments since the 1950’s.

In 2009-2010, the US government received requests for over $2 billion of grants for geoengineering research, and ended up shelling out $100 million. Back in 2012, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and other billionaires were lobbying governments to manipulate the climate using geoengineering, to “avoid catastrophic climate change.” Gosh, there’s that darn Bill Gates again. Richard Branson even created a company called “Carbon War Room” to combat climate change, which coincidentally teamed up with the Clintons, Bill Gates, George Soros and others in a Caribbean islands adventure to set up solar farms and control the tourism industry. There are countless individuals involved in the geoengineering industry. Both CERN and HAARP have been around for a very long time, so geoengineering is not new to the scene.

Just last year, Harvard researchers began working on a Bill Gates-funded project to block out the sun with geoengineering. As Forbes reported, the project is called Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), which will consist of launching a steerable balloon in the southwest US 20 kilometers into the stratosphere, where it will release particles of calcium carbonate. They go on to state:

As scientists, governmental agencies around the world, and environmental groups grow increasingly worried of our collective ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb climate change, the idea of geoengineering a solution has become more accepted. The ultimate goal is to reduce the warming on Earth. This can be done by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sucking CO2 from the atmosphere, or limiting the sunlight that reaches Earth’s surface.

This was a
recent commitment of the G20 members, whereby the US was the only one to reject
it. Of course, they do not yet know the negative effects on how this may impact
precipitation, the ozone, and crop yields, and a continuous spraying of
particles into the stratosphere could cost between $1 billion to $10 billion
per year. But, they have to clean up the messes they’ve created somehow, don’t

And while Harvard scientist David Keith, who is a part of this geoengineering project, continues to purport that contrails/chemtrails are a “conspiracy theory,” let’s review this conference with Rosalind Peterson from the Agricultural Defense Coalition of California (founded in 2006), whereby she covers the topic of contrails, ongoing experiments, and geoengineering’s impact on agriculture and atmosphere, in this United Nations webcast. THIS is one of the most important videos you will ever watch:

While this geoengineering experiment is taking place, Bill Gates is also backing a carbon capture plant – along with Chevron, BHP and Occidental – that literally sucks the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

But don’t worry, by the time they destroy the atmosphere, “smart cities” should be in place, where you can sit back with your newly installed brain implant from Musk, hook into some fancy AI by Gates, and catch a ride across the no-drive zone in an autonomous vehicle to select your lab grown meat for dinner. After that tasty stew, you can enjoy a little gene therapy session just to be sure you are up to par. Ah yes, nothing but dreams of grandeur lie ahead.

The US is not the only one that’s been playing around with geoengineering. China recently launched the world’s largest weather-control machine, and according to Forbes – it has the ability to modify the weather in an area the size of Alaska.

Again, none of this is new – they are just now openly talking about it. The real question is – what damage have they already done to the atmosphere with all of their scientific experiments, and how much has that contributed to the declining health in human beings?

The number four killer in the US is chronic lower respiratory disease which is a collection of lung diseases spanning from COPD, bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma. From 1990 to 2015 COPD took the lives of 3.2 million people, an increase of 11.6%. During that same time period, the prevalence of COPD increased by 44.2% to 174.5 million individuals. As of 2016, the American Lung Association thought there were as many as 24 million American adults living with COPD. Interestingly, the highest rates were seen in the Southeast and Midwest states.

caused by smoking OR long-term exposure
and contact with harmful pollutants such as chemicals
, dust, fumes, or
chemical fumes. Genetics, air pollution,
and recurrent respiratory infections are also contributing factors, as well as
secondhand smoke. That said, it was 1995 when California was the first state to
enact a statewide smoking ban in public places, followed by 25 other states
throughout the early 2000s.

While all of these people play God with the environment, while crying “global warming,” our health issues continue to increase, death rates and infertility are rising, and the environment is slowly being decimated by these programs. People across America are scurrying to grow their own food, spending endless hours reading food labels and researching what to feed their families, while scratching their heads over what to do about the cell phones they’ve already bought for their children. These folks see all of this – so they push harder. By no means do they intend on ceasing their agendas.

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Author: Corey Lynn

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS Part 4

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis Part 4

Eugenics is all about controlling the population. This is not a lost art – it is an evolved art that they have perfected. The U.S. population growth hit a historic 80-year low last year and the entire world population growth is on a downward spiral, particularly in western countries. This is due to a decrease in the number of births and an increase in the number of deaths, along with an infertility crisis. How did this happen?

While the birth rate is declining, infertility is rapidly rising, immigration
is climbing to be the “new replacement population” for the U.S. which has been
projected to tip the scales after 2030.

• The
U.S. birth rate has fallen to the lowest in 30 years, and men’s sperm count has
reduced by 50% over the past 40 years in western countries.

There is a direct link between the HPV vaccine and infertility rates, and since
1991 the birth rate for teenagers has declined 67%.

READ Parts 1–3 first:

Part 1: Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis (extensive historical timeline)

Part 2: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Plan to Sterilize Through Anti-fertility Vaccines & Crops

Part 3: DNA Collection and Biotechnology Companies

Population Control on Multiple Fronts

us population growth decline

Between 2000–2018 there has been a significant decrease in natural population in the U.S. The “natural increase” on the chart below indicates the number of births minus the number of deaths. Meanwhile, immigration is on the rise and is projected to be the primary contributor to national population growth after 2030 as natural increase continues to decline.

us immigration increase

Between 2010 and 2018 the population of those under the age of 18 declined by 780,000 (1%), while the adult population grew by 19.2 million (8%). The child population declined in 29 states. Nearly one-fifth of all states lost population in recent years. Notice the states with the population growth in 2017-2018 directly pertain to immigration. All of this is indicative of a growing older population that is going to need to be cared for. Additionally, most sources reporting on this are stating that immigration is “vitally important” because it will be the future contributor to America’s growing society and economy.

President Donald Trump just suggested last week that he wants to delay the 2020 census following a Supreme Court ruling that its form cannot include a question about citizenship until they justify the change in Census Bureau practice. People go door to door asking specific personal questions about the individuals residing in each home in this country, yet there is a dispute over being able to ask people if they are citizens of this country. Ask yourself why. They most certainly do not want a count on the number of undocumented immigrants living in this country.

“Seems totally ridiculous that our government, and indeed Country, cannot ask a basic question of Citizenship in a very expensive, detailed and important Census, in this case for 2020,” the president tweeted after the decision.

population growth united states

For years all
we’ve heard is how overpopulated we are and how population control is
necessary. All the while, there have been declines on every front – all tied
into the agendas of those wishing to create a one world, socialist agenda – a
melting pot, with the same rules, same playbook, and controlling figures.

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chair and counselor to former president Barack Obama, John Podesta believes that climate change is really about women’s rights. Come again? Just last year he stressed his concern over the burden to the environment due to “population growth.” Perhaps he missed the data on fertility, birth rate, and population growth over the past two decades? Basically, his op-ed in the Washington Post is a rambling about how the United Nations has committed to universal access to sexual and reproductive health care as part of the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals. He also felt it important to share that “new data from the United Nations found that if girls in the developing world all received secondary education, we would see a 42% decline in the fertility rate.” See that – they don’t hide their agenda, they just disguise it with trying to confuse people into believing that we are all going to die by 2030 if we don’t stop having babies, because the “climate changes” are going to swallow us whole. Fear tactics.

Georgia Guidestones

georgia guidestones

Let us not forget, the bizarre Georgia Guidestones – a monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia – consisting of 10 guidelines inscribed in eight modern languages. The story goes: in 1979 a man by the “pseudonym” Robert C. Christian had a granite finishing company produce them for a group of “anonymous loyal Americans” that had been planning this for 20 years, and wished to remain anonymous. He instructed them to inscribe the following message on the 19’ stone slabs, in English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Russian, and the slabs were all to be erected in a very specific manner based around astronomy.

• Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
• Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
• Unite humanity with a living new language.
• Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
• Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
• Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
• Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
• Balance personal rights with social duties.
• Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
• Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

Whereas most would probably agree with some of these statements, there are obvious ones that are disconcerting. The irony is the sentence written in Wikipedia: “The anonymity of the guidestones’ authors and their apparent advocacy for population control, eugenics and internationalism have made them a target for controversy and “conspiracy theory.”

This is a perfect example of
perpetuating the term “conspiracy theory,” when that sentence could have
concluded with “controversy.” The conspiracy is quite evident. Enough said.

Birth, Fertility, and Abortion Rates

US fertility rate decline

The U.S. birth rate has fallen to the lowest level in 32 years. Brady Hamilton, a statistician and demographer at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics reported that the total number of births in 2018 was down 2% from 2017 and that the general fertility is also at a record low. This is lower than after the Great Depression, and is nowhere near enough for the population to reproduce itself.

The CDC offers no explanation as to why birth rates are
declining, and this same pattern is happening in many developed countries,
according to Dr. John W. Row, a professor at Columbia University Mailman School
of Public Health. As a result of this decline, Rowe said “Long term it means
we’re going to have an increasing proportion of older people. All the
projections about what percent of the population will be elderly in 5, 10, 20
years from now were made with the assumption that the birth rate would be

A study by the Guttmacher Institute found that “accidental pregnancies” have fallen by 18% in recent years, the lowest level in 30 years being between 2008 and 2011. “We suggest that the decline is likely due to increases in the use of contraception,” the Guttmacher Institute said in a statement. Their report showed declines among women of all ages, incomes, race, and ethnicity groups. The use of IUDs tripled between 2007 and 2012.

The abortion rate declined to the lowest level in 10 years due to a significant decline in unintended pregnancies and contraception, access to abortion providers, shifts in economy and childbearing desires. The largest decline was seen in the rate of abortions between those aged 15-19, which fell 54%. According to a 2017 report on “Sexual Activity and Contraceptive use Among Teenagers in the United States: 2011-2015,” by the National Center for Health Statistics, condoms (97%) remained the most commonly used birth control method, followed by withdrawal (60%) and the pill (56%). Of those 4,134 male and females teens that were questioned in this study, only 42% of the females and 44% of the males had actually had sex, while the others had abstained.

With all of this said, let’s put this in perspective:

teenager sex trend

The trend in teenagers having sexual intercourse between the ages of 15-19, from 2002–2015 is the difference of a 4% drop in females, and a 2% drop in males.


The use of contraception among females between 2002–2015
has increased 3% with condoms, 5% with withdrawal, a 2% increase with implants,
and a big increase of 15% with emergency contraception, otherwise known as “the
morning after pill.” On the flipside, there is a 4% decrease in Depo-Provera
(the pill). It’s important to note that “the morning after pill” was first
approved by the FDA in 1998.

So we have teenagers that are just as sexually active as they’ve been since 2002, a slight increase in condom use and the unsafe method of withdrawal, and a sizeable increase in the morning after pill, while decreasing the daily pill. Taking all of this into account, does the 15% increase in the use of the morning after pill account for the “record low” teenage birth rate, which fell 7% in 2018 compared to 2017? In looking at all of these numbers, how does this account for the significant decrease of 54% in abortions in teenagers aged 15-19? Is it possible they are unable to become pregnant? Since 1991, the birthrate for teenagers has declined 67%. Though CDC statistics report percentages of infertility for various age groups, they are basing this on a very small sampling, just as in the survey above, which only accounted for 4,134 teenagers. Yet, abortion facilities should have their numbers well documented, which brought them to the conclusion of a 54% reduction with teenage abortions.

emergency contraception morning after pill increase of use

The overall increase in the use of the “morning after pill” between women ages 15–44 is quite significant. From 2002 to 2015, there has been an 18% increase is use.

Between 1973, when abortion was legalized, and 2014, there have been 60,942,033 abortions in the U.S.

birth rate data since the 1970s

How important is “family planning” to Bill & Melinda Gates? The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has paid out over $34 million to Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. in the name of “family planning,” since 2014. They have given millions upon millions to several other Clinton “initiatives” throughout the years as well. To date, they have funded Planned Parenthood over $81 million for “family planning,” and that doesn’t include the $28 million they gave to them via the Global Fund. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the millions – likely billions – they have given to population councils and numerous other “family planning” groups.

Bill Gates explains his theory of
lowering the population in this TedTalk 2010 appearance (at 4:15 in), stating
that the population needs to be lowered…. “Now
if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health
services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15%.”

What About Men’s Fertility Rate?

On April 29, 2019 Tucker Carlson had Dr. Hagai Levine on his show to discuss the alarming decline in male sperm count in men in the west, which has fallen over 50% in the last 40 years. That is astronomical! Despite the numbers rapidly declining in recent years, scientists don’t seem to be studying the reasons why, and no one would appear to be reporting on this, aside from Tucker. When Tucker asked Dr. Levine what he believed could be the source of this, Levine reiterated that they haven’t studied it enough, but that they do know chemicals and pesticides definitely effect sperm. Reuters covered this in an article as well, stating that sperm counts in men from America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have dropped by more than 50 percent in less than 40 years. This raises the question – why aren’t scientists studying this, and why aren’t the multitude of “population” agencies concerned about this? Why is no one talking about it?

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine Connection to Infertility

The Children’s Health Defense did a fantastic report in November 2018 regarding a link between the HPV vaccine and soaring infertility. They began with covering the facts about the increasing rates of infertility across the globe. Aside from the United States reporting the lowest birth rate in 30 years, despite its economic boom, Finland’s birth rate is the lowest in 150 years, Denmark and Poland are running campaigns encouraging couples to breed, and Russia has introduced a string of reforms. The list also includes the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, and Australia. What they don’t mention in this report – is the obvious – coinciding with this rapid decline, immigrants are being flown, bussed, and boated into nearly all of these locations to fill this void. Coincidence?

While the media and big power players
have all carried on endlessly about the need for population control due to
“overpopulation,” the reality is, it was already being controlled and
decreased. It just wasn’t being talked about.

The CDC reports that one in eight women have trouble conceiving and bearing a child. Surely it doesn’t help that male sperm count is down 50%. Another staggering figure, that doesn’t happen to be mentioned in this report, is that the maternal mortality rate for women in the US has increased by 26.6% from 2000 to 2014. While congress got together in 2018 to gather millions in determining what is causing the maternal mortality rate to increase, nothing is being done about researching why there is a huge increase in infertility in this country. Why is that? Well, despite the large increase, it still only accounts for 700 women a year that die as a result of pregnancy or delivery complications. Whereas there were 3,853,472 babies born in 2017 versus 3,941,109 born in 2016. That’s a difference of 87,637 with a continued decline in the birth rate each year, but this number isn’t important. Ask yourself why.

The Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health released a study that looked at a database of eight million American women and found a 25 percent increase in childlessness associated with the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, in tandem with a marked decline in fecundity. Despite this, no one in the medical profession or media is talking about it or seemingly doing anything about it, being as the vaccine is still being pushed, and some states are trying to add it to the mandatory vaccine schedule for children. Of course, Merck and GSK are the manufacturers. We know how this all turned out in India and with the 200 victims in the U.S., as documented in part 1 of the eugenics timeline. The CDC went on to claim they are still “safe.”

The HPV vaccine was approved by the FDA in 2006 to
prevent cervical cancer that only 0.6% of women face, yet they have heavily
pushed the HPV vaccine globally, and are now trying to make it mandatory in
some states. Scientists and health agencies have ignored the documented
toxicity to reproductive organs. They have brushed off 45,277 reports of
adverse events.

Read the full report and documentation on the HPV vaccine situation here.

A Sampling of Global Statistics on Birth Rate Declines:

australia birth rate
colombia birth rate decline
dominican republic birth rate decline
hungary birth rate decline
india birth rate decline
indonesia birth rate decline
ireland birth rate decline
kenya birth rate decline
mexico birth rate decline
saudi arabia birth rate decline
Thailand birth rate decline
US birth rate decline

World Fertility Rate Decline:

world fertility rate decline

Notice anything interesting with most of these charts?
There seems to be a big dip between 2009–2010. Something to note.

This was just a small sampling of all of the reports available. Not every country in the world is in a decline, as there are some that have plateaued such as Canada and the United Kingdom, and a handful that have slightly increased such as Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine, but most are on a decline. Nearly all of the islands along the Caribbean that the Clintons, Gates, Soros, Branson, and others are working with for their “tourism” and “climate change” agendas – have all seen a significant decline in birth rates as well.

What Does All of This Explain?

One might say, “but how does any of the above have anything to do with eugenics or those in a position of power trying to control the population?” Simple: By pushing “the morning after pill,” which has gained an enormous amount of traction, they are reducing the birth rate. This is intentional. By pushing abortions, and extending them to full-term abortions, they are reducing the birth rate. This is intentional. By attempting to scare young adults into not reproducing due to climate change or the overpopulation farce, they are controlling a narrative that some young adults are buying into. This is intentional. By spending decades pushing “gender equality” and “equal rights for women” and the pink-hat-wearing feminists that don’t even know what they are fighting for – they have been striving for women to work instead of being homemakers and raising a family, hence no babies. This is intentional. By pushing taking the morning after pill or getting abortions through commercials, tv shows, and movies, this is normalizing it. This is intentional. By pushing for mass immigration, while disregarding the health and well-being of the elderly, homeless, and veterans, it is increasing the flow of immigration and potential disease and further crime, while also increasing the death rate due to negligence. This is all intentional.

By forcing mandated vaccinations, it is causing higher levels of both children and adults to become sick, autistic, paralyzed, sterilized, and in some cases death. This is all very well documented. If one doubts this, ask yourself, why did the government payout $4.1 billion in injury and death claims since 1988? Just for kicks? Why did they only vaccinate millions of females in Kenya, causing them to be sterilized? If one doubts that these mandates are being misconstrued as “forced,” take a look at the letter from the department of education sent out to parents and guardians of a school in New York. They will send Child Protective Services (CPS) after you, if you do not comply. That’s about the worst threat a parent can receive, given their horrific background with needlessly pulling children out of homes and placing them in foster care, which is the number one hotspot for children being trafficked in the US. Just this week, another school sent out the same threat.

NY vaccine law threatens to call CPS on parents

Still fooled by the CPS system? There are thousands of cases you can research on your own. Look into CPS medical kidnapping, for starters. One case just concluded this week, where a California woman’s infant son was taken by CPS and given a full body medical test, along with 13 vaccines without a warrant or parental consent. This is a story everyone should read to see just how CPS can take your child with little to no reason. The mother just won a lawsuit in this case, but most parents aren’t that fortunate, and sadly, her child has been dosed with 13 vaccines.

This sort of thing is happening across the globe, not just in the United States. Italy just arrested 18 people including a mayor, doctors and social workers for allegedly brainwashing vulnerable children into thinking their parents had abused them. They did this to sell them to foster parents, then proceeded to hide any gifts and letters that were sent by the real parents. Some of these foster parents have been accused of sexually abusing the children they paid for. These are NESTS, and they are everywhere. People in power positions, that most would trust, are the ones behind these nests. Why is this relevant here? Because it’s part of the overall equation. Understand those in positions of power, recognize their motives, and be vigilant. They are not always who they say they are, and oftentimes their intentions are the opposite of what they project.

Coming Up Next: Part 5 of 6 – GMOs, Big Tech & Geoengineering’s Role in Eugenics

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Author: Corey Lynn

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS Part 3

DNA Collection and Biotechnology Companies

Since the dawn of eugenics, they’ve tried to trace the pedigree and traits of human beings so as to control the masses. Through DNA, they have not only accomplished this, they have extended a branch to the population to show off their ancestral trees. Much like in the days of pedigree fairs, people had no idea what they were signing up for.

Bill Gates funded scientists to study 40,000 DNA samples from 23andMe and
assessed genes having to do with preterm labor and God knows what else.

Billionaires, government and big pharma are investing in biotechnology
companies that transform cells and rewrite DNA, amassing the world’s largest
stores of “usable” designer genetic code.

• 30 million Americans have already voluntarily submitted their DNA to the likes of 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Genomelink and several others.

Parts 1 & 2 first:

Part 1: Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis (extensive historical timeline)

Part 2: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Plan to Sterilize Through Anti-fertility Vaccines & Crops

DNA Database Collection – A Scientists Dream

The history of eugenics, published in the eugenics archive, explains that eugenics researchers had attempted to trace the inheritance of a trait through a family tree, or pedigree, by analyzing their genetics. However, at that time they were not aware that DNA was the molecule of heredity. Today, they use these DNA “markers” to follow trait inheritance. Back in the early 1900s they had to conduct interviews on medical histories, which were submitted to the Eugenics Record Office in New York, where they stored documentation on family genealogy with traits and medical conditions.

Eugenicists, mostly known as “philanthropists” in this day and age, spent decades compiling information on populations, under the guise of “medical records.” From the moment you step into a doctor’s office, you are briskly filling out forms, describing yours and your families entire health background. From school forms to maternal databases, the Electronic Health Records (EHR) put in place by Barack Obama, and the mandatory diabetes registry Thomas Frieden established in New York, the number of databases collecting data on every individual – is frankly, off the charts. Rest assured, whatever isn’t collected directly from you, is being collected by big tech, all the way down to what road you are driving down to what pair of underwear you purchased online yesterday. There is a reason for all of this data collection. What communities are the poorest? What people are carrying diseases or deformities? What’s everyone’s race? But indeed, it didn’t stop there. They needed more – they wanted your DNA.

In years that followed, biotech companies sprouted up, DNA databases were growing wings, and genetic testing services became wildly popular, as the naïve began submitting their saliva samples to learn about their ancestry and personal traits. Don’t feel bad if you were one of the “naïve,” – while you were doling out your privacy, they were duping millions of other Americans as well. Little did everyone know that all of this data is being stored, bloodlines are being documented, genetic markers traced, scientists are analyzing it, and law enforcement is using it in conjunction with their national database because it provides more specific markers. Sure, solving a cold case file on a murderer is fantastic news, and curing cancer would be phenomenal if they were ever to release the cure, but what else might they be compiling all of this data for?

For those claiming “tinfoil hat,” here’s a quick lesson
in how capitalism works. You don’t give away the farm for free unless you are
getting something spectacular in return. Ask yourself – why do they want all of
this data? Are they looking to heal the world OR shape the world?

Companies such as 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Genomelink, Promethease, Lifenome, GEDmatch, Family Tree DNA, and numerous others have flooded the market, enticing people to submit their saliva samples for FREE testing and extraordinary information on their heritage, traits, and health. Isn’t that sublime? And, they’ve become such a hit, that many of them have setup affiliate marketing so that others can promote this wonderful service of collecting your genetics.

For example, Genomelink tells you that you should “go beyond genealogy and health risk to discover how DNA shapes aspects of your daily life that you care about. Instant access to 25 trait reports upon uploading your raw data, with 100+ total trait reports available.” What can you learn about yourself, or shall we say… what will they learn about you? According to their website, they can assess your intelligence, personality, physical traits, and even food & nutrition. Isn’t that something? They don’t gloat about the fact that they can also trace your genealogy, while telling you how “intelligent” you may be. Genomelink is very excited about the fact that almost 30 million Americans have already been tested in the Unites States alone.

If you sign up with Lifenome, you will receive a
comprehensive analysis of your DNA on nutrition, fitness, skincare, allergy and
personality. Its’ wonderful AI+Genomics engine can assess the cumulative effect
of multiple genetic variants that may just have an impact on your wellness.

In Bill and Melinda Gates 2019 annual letter, titled ‘We Didn’t See This Coming,’ they talk about at-home DNA tests under “Surprise #2.” The Gates Foundation helped fund a 23andMe study, whereby scientists reviewed more than 40,000 samples and discovered a potential link between preterm labor and six genes – including one that regulates how the body uses the mineral selenium. Apparently, some people have a gene that doesn’t allow them to process selenium properly. Therefore, mothers who carry that gene are more likely to give birth early, suggesting selenium plays a factor in when a woman begins labor. While their researchers work on breakthroughs for this, a team at Stanford is developing a blood test that can determine how soon a woman will give birth.

The Gates are essentially funding and running the worldwide vaccine industry, which is causing a great deal of injury – in some cases permanent, causing infertility, and even death, with a very good chance that it is also increasing the child mortality rate in developing countries. So why not “invest” in cures for child mortality as well? Oh, but they have. In fact, just this month they gave another $180 million to CHAMPS, a global health network headquartered in the Emory Global Health Institute. That brings their investment in CHAMPS up to $271 million to date.

While all of these services purport ways of helping you
to become the best “you” possible, they are cataloging terabytes of personal
data, family history, ancestry, intelligence, medical markers, and a myriad of
other traits. Scientists everywhere are having the time of their lives. Some
want this data so bad, they are willing to offer this DNA collecting service for
free, and of course for those that charge, you can easily find these kits at
your local Walgreens or online at Amazon.

Food for thought for the next time you see an ad for “find
out all about your ancestry!” – while we collect your DNA.

Biotech Companies Flourish

From biotechnology to genomes and genetics, it’s been all
the buzz for scientists, philanthropists, and the wealthy. Companies have
sprung up everywhere since the last 70s, just a few years after the
sterilization law was repealed. Genetech was the first publicly traded biotech
company in 1980.

For six billionaires, their intrigue continued to grow, along with their investments. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomberg, Peter Theil, and Walt Disney’s great-nephew Tim Disney have all invested in various biotech companies over the past few years. In fact, according to Family Capital’s estimate, roughly 20% of investments done by family offices goes into biotech or related industries. Investments in synthetic biology start-ups has increased from $374 million in 2012 to $1.2 billion in 2016, according to data from CB insights.

What is biotech exactly? It is the exploitation of biological processes for industrial and other purposes, especially the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones, and “other such needs.” According to Forbes, these are the top ten biotech companies in the U.S., but rest assured, there are plenty more out there, and some of these have global locations.

Bill Gates for example, invested $275 million into Ginko Bioworks, which is a company that designs custom microbes that could one day be used to build living things out of nothing. How do they achieve this? They use “genetic engineering to design and print new DNA for a variety of organisms – from plants to bacteria – that can then be used for anything from killing antibiotic-resistant germs to producing artificial sweetener and cheaper perfume.” They reprogram the DNA of plants and other organisms. Even Bayer jumped on board for a cool $100 million investment into Ginko.

Ginko Bioworks also works with the US Department of Defense to custom-design bacteria for probiotics that can treat antibiotic-resistant germs. In fact, they survived off of government research grants after MIT scientists created the company in 2009, which allowed them to build the automated tools they needed to collect genetic information from organisms, transform cells and rewrite DNA. As of 2018, they were on target to amass one of the world’s largest stores of “usable” designer genetic code, as their computers print their own DNA.

Ginko Bioworks is one of numerous biotech companies that Bill Gates invests in. He’s also involved with the fertilizer industry, lab grown meat, vaccines, big pharma, climate change and sustainability, reproductive health, population control, creating a global network of hospitals and clinics in Africa and other countries, and countless other endeavors that have a direct impact on human lives. Gates also started “The Giving Pledge,” whereby 204 of the wealthiest individuals in the world, from 23 countries, are pooling their money into “philanthropic” adventures across the globe. Some of its members are Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, Edgar Bronfman, Warren Buffet, Victor Pinchuk, Ted Turner, and Mark Zuckerberg just to name a few. The man has his finger on the pulse of nearly every health-related industry that makes decisions about what humans consume, ingest, inject, and are exposed to.

DNA and genetics are the name of the game. How do these tie into vaccines, GMOs, and even Planned Parenthood? Speaking of Planned Parenthood, Gates ties to Planned Parenthood go beyond the Global Fund. In 2003, Bill Moyers interviewed Bill Gates, on the PBS show “NOW with Bill Moyers”, in a special 60-minute episode titled, “Health, Wealth and Bill Gates.” Here is the complete transcript. In this interview Bill Gates stated:

When I was growing up, my parents were always involved in various volunteer things. My dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that. And so, it’s fascinating. At the dinner table my parents are very good at sharing the things that they were doing. And almost treating us like adults, talking about that.

My mom was on the United Way group that decides how to allocate the money and looks at all the different charities and makes the very hard decisions about where that pool of funds is going to go. So, I always knew there was something about really educating people and giving them choices in terms of family size.

“Gene Therapy” via Vaccines is on The Brink of Human Trials:

In 2015 Scripps Research developed an artificial antibody to inactivate the HIV virus. “By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease.” They are testing it on Ebola, Malaria, Influenza and Hepatitis as well. The first human trial, called immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer (I.G.T.) is underway and several new ones are planned. Chief scientific officer at Sanofi stated, “It could revolutionize the way we immunize against public health threats in the future.” The synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA.

Coincidentally, 35 ambassadors from other countries just visited Scripps Research Institute on June 17, 2019 while on a State Department Tour. According to their press release, “the visit was intended to build relationships between the ambassadors and San Diego’s biotech companies, nonprofit and academic institutes, and leaders, and in the process open doors for local organizations eager to develop global partnerships and investment possibilities.”

In a 2015 Scripps press release, they announced the nearly $6 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that they were awarded for this revolutionary vaccine development. Over the past five years, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given $174 million in grants to Scripps.

In 2017 Scripps Department of Immunology and Microbiology on the Florida campus of the Scripps Research Institute received $4.8 million from the National Institutes of Health to support a five-year project to bring gene therapy immunizations, beginning with an HIV vaccine, closer to human clinical trials.

Are all of
these biotech companies and “philanthropists” trying to heal the world OR shape
the world?

Coming Up Next: Part 4 of 6 – Population Control on Multiple Fronts (you do not want to miss this one!)

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Author: Corey Lynn

All An Illusion

all an illusion

Is it not all an illusion? Setting aside, for a moment, the
trials and tribulations we witness day in and day out. Is it not ALL an
illusion? Are these doorways we walk through leading us to what’s next? Or, are
they merely doorways to what we perceive is next? What then, becomes of the way,
at the end of that alley? The one with no door? Do we then create a door?
Manifest the door? Walk through the door?

Is it not all created by mankind, in a cyclical swirl of
events, manifested by perception and injected with consciousness? What if these
doors were not governed? Are we free to be you and me? Do we walk hand-in-hand
down the path to a double door perhaps? A door with greater vision, with more
complexities? One that only we choose to see – to be.

We are the creators. We govern our own existence. These
interwoven events that spiral around us are but images on a projector. Still
shots frozen static, shattered, and spun. It is not magic. It is not glory. It
just IS.

The hustle and the bustle is so trite, and drenched in aberrations.
They do not exist. The true exploration is in the depth of the soul, and far
beyond that which most men know. To be so outside of oneself, that you no
longer know the self – that is exploration. These tools we have today. These computers,
words, keystrokes… are fraught with deception. That is not the soul speaking.
That is ego, arrogance, anger, passion, and sometimes love. But a tool it is.
And it will grow weary.

Courage. Courage is courageous by its own right. Courage is
perception in its variances with deception. Together, they intertwine a beauty.
A duality. A complexity. The dance. But not THE dance. No, THE dance goes
beyond measure, beyond pain, beyond sane – it invokes the very nature of our
being. It evolves as a thunderous momentum that goes unsurpassed by anything
known to mankind. Few, yes few, feel the breadth of its nature. Even fewer have
basked in it.

It is time. For too long, man has stood still. Suppressed in
madness and stifled by fear. Man must enter its soul, now. The soul. Your soul.
My soul. Our souls are trapped. They’ve been snuffed out, bought out, sold out,
and defamed. They must go back to their rightful owners. The binds must be
broken. All this writing. All this weary. Words on paper. Move beyond. Move

Whether it be God or Jesus or a higher power that you connect with, find that connection, bask in that connection, and find solace. Ask the important questions while in this space, and seek that which you’ve lost along the way, for in the days to come, you will ne­ed your strength and the ability to see with much clarity. The greater one knows thyself, the greater one can see all beings and the inner workings of this complex universe. Above all – manifest that which is needed on this planet – love.

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Author: Corey Lynn

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS Part 2

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis Part 2

The Rockefellers were just getting started with their eugenics plan back in the early 1900s, and by the time the 1960s rolled around, they were full steam ahead with their population control agenda – including the development of anti-fertility vaccines for both men and women.  

• In
1968 the Rockefeller Foundation stated that the oral pill and IUD will turn out
to be impracticable on a mass scale. They set out to fix that.

 • In their 1986 annual report they admit funding
research into the use of fertility-reducing compounds in relation to food for
“widespread use.”

• By 1988 they were funding the first phase of anti-fertility vaccines for women.

• In 1991 a “Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation” was created with the Rockefeller Foundation, WHO, World Bank and UN Population Fund. Mind you, this is 20 years after sterilization laws were repealed.

READ ‘Eugenics, Anti-fertility & Population Growth Crisis’ Part 1 first, as it covers the extensive historical timeline leading up to these critical events.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Plan to Sterilize Through Anti-fertility Vaccines & Crops

In a brilliant report by journalist Jurriaan Maessen, he compiled and connected critical data pertaining to the Rockefeller’s anti-fertility plans. Some of the source links were removed, so I have reviewed all of the content, traced the annual reports, uploaded them, and linked them accordingly below – in addition to adding some other findings. I highly recommend reviewing the full, extensive report. Below are some key highlights.

In a 1968 Report by the Rockefeller Foundation on ‘Problems of Population,’ it definitively states:

Experience of the past few years indicates that the oral pill and the IUD, while far superior in many respects to contraceptive methods available previously, have serious drawbacks that limit their effectiveness. We are faced with the danger that within a few years these two ‘modern’ methods, for which such high hopes have been held, will in fact turn out to be impracticable on a mass scale. It is clear that major improvements in contraceptive methodology are required.

The male pill is being very little investigated; several types of drugs are known to diminish male fertility, but those that have been tested have serious problems of toxicity. Very little work is in progress on immunological methods, such as vaccines, to reduce fertility, and much more research is required if a solution is to be found here.

The foundation will endeavor to assist in filling this important gap in several ways:

1) “Seeking out or encouraging the development of, and providing partial support to, a few centres of excellence in universities and research institutions in the United States and abroad in which the methods and points of view of molecular biology are teamed with the more traditional approaches of histology, embryology, and endocrinology in research pertinent to development of fertility control methods;”

2) “Supporting research of individual investigators, oriented toward development of contraceptive methods or of basic information on human reproduction relevant to such developments;”

3) “Encouraging, by making research funds available, as well as by other means, established and beginning investigators to turn their attention to aspects of research in reproductive biology that have implications for human fertility and its control;”

4) “Encouraging more biology and biochemistry students to elect careers in reproductive biology and human fertility control, through support of research and teaching programs in departments of zoology, biology, and biochemistry.”

In the Rockefeller Foundation’s 1988 annual report they state that their “population division” was making progress:

India’s National Institute of Immunology (in New Delhi) successfully completed in 1988 the first phase of trials with three versions of an anti-fertility vaccine for women. Sponsored by the government of India and supported by the Foundation…” The National Institute of Health (NIH) published the abstract on ‘Anti-fertility Vaccines’ in 1989. “Vaccines are under development for the control of fertility in males and females.

In 1991, the WHO “Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation,” consisting of the World Health Organization, World Bank and UN Population Fund, reported:

Basic and clinical research on the development of birth control vaccines directed against the gametes or the preimplantation embryo. These studies have involved the use of advanced procedures in peptide chemistry, hybridoma technology and molecular genetics as well as the evaluation of a number of novel approaches in general vaccinology. As a result of this international, collaborative effort, a prototype anti-HCG vaccine is now undergoing clinical testing, raising the prospect that a totally new family planning method may be available before the end of the current decade.

The Biotechnology and Development Monitor reported:

The Task Force acts as a global coordinating body for anti-fertility vaccine R&D in the various working groups and supports research on different approaches, such as anti-sperm and anti-ovum vaccines and vaccines designed to neutralize the biological functions of hCG. The Task Force has succeeded in developing a prototype of an anti-hCG-vaccine.

Their “strategy” states: “Some prototype vaccines have undergone or are currently undergoing clinical trials in several countries. The entirely new immunological approach is based on the idea that a long-term contraceptive method, intended for use in family planning programmes in countries with low levels of medical care, should require little motivation of the user, should be cheap, and should be simple to apply by the provider. The approach is an integral part of the strategy of demographic control…”

Under the report’s section
titled ‘Actors Involved,’ it goes on
to list the governments of Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany and
Canada, as well as the UNFPA and the World Bank. It also includes The
Population Council of the United States being funded by the Rockefeller
Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, USAID, the National Institute of
Immunology in India which is also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the
Canadian International Development Research Centre, the US Contraceptive
Development Program, and the US Center for Population Research at the National
Institute of Child Health and Development.

In addition to the funders
and supporters of this Task Force, they had setup clinical research and
clinical trials with anti-fertility vaccines based at universities in Kenya,
Germany, and France.

Between 1973–1993 they had spent between $10 and $11 million on anti-fertility vaccines.

In the 1986 Rockefeller Foundation annual report, the organization admits funding research into the use of fertility-reducing compounds in relation to food for “widespread use”:

Male contraceptive studies are focused on gossypol, a natural substance extracted from the cotton plant, and identified by Chinese researchers as having an anti-fertility effect on men. Before widespread use can be recommended, further investigation is needed to see if lowering the dosage can eliminate undesirable side-effects without reducing its effectiveness as a contraceptive. The Foundation supported research on gossypol’s safety, reversibility and efficacy in seven different 1986 grants.

In the RF’s 1988 annual report, gossypol as a contraceptive was also elaborated upon (page 22):

Gossypol, a natural substance found in the cotton plant, continues to show promise as an oral contraceptive for men. Because it suppresses sperm production without affecting sex hormone levels, it is unique among the experimental approaches to fertility control in men. Foundation-funded scientists worldwide have assembled an array of information about how gossypol works, and studies continue on a wide variety of its clinical applications. Dose reduction is being investigated to reduce health risks associated with the use of gossypol.

Though they allege that the development of gossypol as an anti-fertility compound was halted in the 1990s, the cottonseed containing the substance was selected for mass distribution in early 2000s, under the guise of claiming that cottonseed could help defeat hunger and poverty. Genetic engineering ensued to allegedly reduce gossypol in cottonseed. But did they? Based on research, and given the current infertility rate in women and significantly reduced sperm rate in men, it wouldn’t seem to be the case.

Read the full, extensive report this journalist documented, with additional source links. The story continues.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Laurance Rockefeller

The Rockefeller Foundation, World Health Organization, the World Bank, GAVI, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Foundation, USAID, Planned Parenthood, Eugenicists, big pharma, countless NGOs and foundations, multiple scientific research laboratories, big pharma, “philanthropists,” governments, Ivy league colleges and universities, and numerous individuals who have been in leadership at these organizations, creating off-shoots and additional NGOs, consist of people who do not have your best interest at heart, lie and deceive, deny and manipulate, and have brought endless levels of illness and infertility to countries across the world. If you cannot see this, you have lost your way. There are no “safety measures” or “follow-ups” in the research they do, for they do not care of the side effects and detriment it may cause, because it only aligns to further their goal. Just as the judge who presided over the most recent lawsuit against Monsanto stated, this is the case with many in positions of power:

Monsanto does not particularly care whether its product is in fact giving people cancer, focusing instead on manipulating public opinion and undermining anyone who raises genuine and legitimate concerns.

Coming Up Next: Part 3 of 6 – DNA Collection and Biotechnology Companies

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Author: Corey Lynn

Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth CRISIS

Eugenics, infertility & population growth crisis part 1

Over 60,000 Americans were sterilized in the U.S., in the name of eugenics, but it didn’t end there. The phenomenon of men’s sperm declining by 50% and infertility in females rapidly rising – stumps no one – they just won’t tell you the truth.

• Over 60,000 Americans were
sterilized in the name of eugenics and the Supreme Court law wasn’t repealed
until the 1970s.

• The U.S. population growth hit a historic 80-year low in 2018 due to less births, while immigration continues to grow – projected to be the primary contributor after 2030.

• Nearly every western country has a
historic low birth rate – media is silent.

• The Rockefellers worked with scientists, WHO, UNFPA, USAID, multiple governments, and others, to create anti-fertility vaccines that would sterilize both men and women on a mass scale, with research evolving into crops as well.

• DNA databases you voluntarily submit
your DNA to are being used for scientific research, by law enforcement, and
based on history – for eugenics.

• Over 60% of processed food Americans consume is genetically modified. Coincidentally, children have seen a 50% increase in food allergies since 2011, and obesity and health issues are rapidly rising.

The U.S. has hit a historic 80-year low population growth, with the lowest birthrate since just after the Great Depression. This same pattern is happening in most of the western world. While these numbers continue to plummet, immigrants are being flown in, driven in, and boated in so as to meet their 2030 projected agenda for immigrants to create new growth in populations. As the infertility crisis in both men and women rapidly rises, the elders will outnumber the children. We have already reached the tipping point, and are on the brink of their end game.

Eugenicists under the guise of “scientists” and “philanthropists” have been running this game for decades. Statistics don’t lie. The timeline paints the picture, the data creates the framework, and the circle of people instrumental in these agendas are quoted in their own words. It’s not a secret – they haven’t hidden this – one only needs to open their eyes. After all, they’ve long since formed their “population control” organizations, and have been telling you their concerns for years now. You just couldn’t imagine that what they meant by “control” was literally altering human physiology and outcomes to serve their eugenics agenda.

World Population Growth Rate:

world population growth decline

What is the true history of eugenics, its role across the globe, and where are our futures headed? The dictionary definition of eugenics, is the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. Another popular definition is, eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population by excluding certain genetic groups judged to be inferior, and promoting other genetic groups judged to be superior. Eugenics dates back to the 1800s, and make no mistake – though the terminology may have changed, it’s more than prevalent today. From pushed agendas, forced agendas, sterilizations, vaccines, GMOs, abortions, environmental, and otherwise – it’s happening. The evidence is well documented below.

eugenics health exhibit in kansas city MO

Biotechnology, genomics, and genetics research
laboratories have long held their positions in the scientific industry, while
being funded by all the usual suspects.

Jackson Laboratory in Maine for example, home to many renown scientists, has been around since 1929, boasts the addition of the Rockefeller wing added in 1938, and is host to 63 research labs between Maine and Connecticut locations, that study the unique genetic makeup of each individual.

The ability to sequence and analyze entire mammalian genomes has created a revolution in biomedical research. Discovery has gone far beyond the single-gene sequence and protein function research previously possible. We are now investigating entire gene networks, background effects, the role of single nucleotide polymorphisms and structural variants across the genome, modeling genotype-phenotype relationships and much more.

Certainly, the CRISPR-Cas9 method for genome editing, helps things along.

The History of Eugenics Timeline

1796 The Smallpox
was introduced by Edward Jenner. He became known as the father of
immunology, and continued his work into the mid 1800s.

Late 1800s Francis
Galton coined the term eugenics.
Galton was half-cousin of Charles Darwin.
Galton was involved in the fields of genetics, psychology, meteorology, and
statistics, and advocated for a selective breeding program for humans.

1885 French biologist, microbiologist, and chemist, Louis
Pasteur created the first vaccines
for anthrax and rabies.

Early 1900s Charles
and Harry Laughlin began
a eugenics movement in the U.S.

1901 John D. Rockefeller founded the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research (RIMR) in Arkansas, where William Welch served as chairman of the advisory board. Welch later became a trustee and chairman of the executive committee to the Carnegie Institution. Welch was a physician, pathologist, bacteriologist, and medical school administrator, in addition to being one of the four founding professors at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. By the 1930s, the Rockefeller Institute became the center for viral research where most in the field of virology trained.

1907 Indiana was the first state to enact a sterilization law, and by 1935, 32 other states followed suit, which resulted in forced sterilization of 60,000 people in the U.S. by the mid 60s. Not only did they focus these sterilization programs on the disabled, but on the poor, criminals, and “low IQ” as well. California accounted for one third of the sterilizations across the country.

eugenics building
Eugenics Building, Fitter Families Contest, Kansas Free Fair. American eugenicists used state fairs as a venue for popular education, and judged “human stock” to select the most eugenically fit family in contests such as this one. Credit: American Philosophical Society. Noncommercial, educational use only.

1910 Charles Davenport
founded the Eugenics Record Office (ERO)
at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island “to improve the natural,
physical, mental, and temperamental qualities of the human family.” Harry Laughlin was the first director,
and they began collecting data on family pedigrees depicting the inheritance of
mental, moral, and physical traits, with a focus on undesirable traits. The ERO
operated for three decades.

The English
focused on selective breeding for positive traits, while the U.S. focused on
eliminating negative traits by preventing poor, uneducated, and minority
populations from propagating.

eugenics record office in long island, ny

1913 The Rockefeller Foundation was founded by John D. Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller Jr., and Frederick Taylor Gates in New York. They have put millions into molecular biology and the health industry throughout the years. In 1984 the Rockefeller Foundation met with international delegates from the fields of medicine, government and philanthropy to discuss creating a global immunization program for children. With millions in financial support, they managed to increase immunization rates to 80%.

1914 Harry Laughlin
published a Model Eugenical Sterilization Law
that would authorize
sterilization of the “socially inadequate.” It was to include people supported
in institutions or maintained wholly or in part by public expense, in addition
to feebleminded, insane, criminalistics, epileptic, inebriate, diseased, blind,
deaf, deformed, dependent, orphans, ne’er-do-wells, tramps, the homeless and
paupers. By the time it was published 12 states had already enacted
sterilization laws.

1916 Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in Brooklyn New York. Sanger argued for compulsory sterilization and segregation for people with disabilities, right alongside eugenicists.

Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood

1917 Margaret Sanger founded the journal the ‘Birth Control Review.’ Some of her articles included:”Birth Control and Racial Betterment” (Feb. 1919), “Some Moral Aspects of Eugenics” (June 1920), “The Eugenic Conscience” (February 1921), “The Purpose of Eugenics” (December 1924), “Birth Control and Positive Eugenics” (July 1925) and “Birth Control: The True Eugenics” (August 1928).

A couple of quotes from Margaret Sanger’s article on Birth Control and Racial Betterment:

While I personally believe in the sterilization of the feeble-minded, the insane and syphilitic, I have not been able to discover that these measures are more than superficial deterrents when applied to the constantly growing stream of the unfit. They are excellent means of meeting a certain phase of the situation, but I believe in regard to these, as in regard to other eugenic means, that they do not go to the bottom of the matter.

Eugenics without Birth Control seems to us a house builded upon the sands. It is at the mercy of the rising stream of the unfit. It cannot stand against the furious winds of economic pressure which have buffeted into partial or total helplessness a tremendous proportion of the human race. Only upon a free, self-determining motherhood can rest any unshakable structure of racial betterment.

1921 Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control League.

1922 The American Eugenics Society was founded by Irving Fisher, Madison Grant, Harry H. Laughlin, Henry Fairfield Osborn, and Henry Crampton. It later became the Society for the Study of Social Biology in 1973 after Roe V. Wade was released, and eventually the Society for Biodemography and Social Biology. It was formed after the second international conference on Eugenics in New York in 1921, with its focus on population control, genetics, eugenic health, and medical genetics. Osborn was quoted stating, “Birth control and abortion are turning out to be great eugenic advances of our time.”

1926 Margaret Sanger stated in her autobiography that she had addressed the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan, who were a group against blacks, Catholics, and Jews. Planned Parenthood has recently denounced Sanger’s address to the Ku Klux Klan, after it was put in the spotlight.

1927 The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics was founded in Berlin, Germany. During the Nazi era, it was strongly associated with theories of Nazi eugenics and racial hygiene. Between 1937-1938 they analyzed 600 children descending from French-African soldiers in Nazi Germany, and later sterilized them.

1927 Supreme court Buck V. Bell, the state of Virginia sought to sterilize Carrie Buck for giving birth to a baby out of wedlock. Supreme Court Justice Wendell Holmes ruled against Buck, declaring “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind…Three generations of imbeciles is enough.” And so it was – legitimized by the Supreme Court. It wasn’t until the 1970s that state legislatures began repealing these laws.

Margaret Sanger endorsed this decision. Adolph Hitler himself was impressed, and the Nazi’s sought advice from California in perfecting their own efforts, because California’s program was so bolden.

sterilization record
Source: Huffington Post

1929 Planned Parenthood’s inception of its first “Maternal Health Center” located on Oak Street in San Francisco.

1930 The Rockefeller
Foundation began financing the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human
Heredity, and Eugenics
, and continued to fund them up through 1939, being
fully aware of their eugenics experiments.

1933 Borrowing from Harry Laughlin’s Model Law, the German Nazi government adopted a law that provided legal basis for sterilizing more than 350,000 people. Laughlin published a translation of the German Law for the Prevention of Defective Progeny in The Eugenical News, and was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Heidelberg in 1936, in tribute for his work in “the science of racial cleansing.”

1939 Controversial statement by Margaret Sanger: She reiterated the need for black ministers to
head up the “negro project” in a letter to Clarence Gamble in Dec. 1939, stating
“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro
population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it
ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Planned Parenthood created a fact sheet debunking it was a racist statement, but when reviewing some of Sanger’s articles, it paints a different story. Planned Parenthood also states that the comments circulating about Sanger calling black people, poor peoples, Slavs, Latins, and Hebrews “human weeds,” originated from an anonymous flyer.

Despite Planned Parenthood’s denial of being racist or having a population agenda – otherwise known as eugenics in this case – poor and minority areas have always been a target of theirs, as well as eugenicists. Live Action recently contacted Planned Parenthood to ask “if they would accept donations to specifically abort black babies.” The response was alarming.

1940s The U.S. eugenics programs were discredited after what took place by the Nazis in Germany, but it never really stopped.

1942 Margaret Sanger’s American Birth Control League changed
its name to Planned Parenthood. It would seem this name was more “suitable”
given the circumstances.

1947 The Rockefeller Foundation obtained a sample of the Zika virus strain. Zika was first discovered by their foundation-supported Virus Research Institute in Entebbe, Uganda. A sample of the virus strain was then given to ATCC, a non-profit organization that authenticates and preserves microorganisms for research, by J. Casals of The Rockefeller Foundation in 1953. In 2015 and 2016, outbreaks of Zika virus suddenly showed up in Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Florida and Texas. The Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes, causing fever and rash, and can cause microcephaly in babies born to mothers infected during pregnancy. They consider it a big “threat to pregnant women.” The US immediately passes a “Zika Response and Preparedness Appropriations Act of 2016,” with a whopping $350 million disbursing out of the CDC. Then, governments and Bill Gates rallied together $18 million for researchers to release mosquitoes they infected with Wolbachia bacteria to allegedly combat the Zika affected areas in Colombia and Brazil – something Gates had been working on since 2011.

rockefeller and zika virus strain

1967 John D. Rockefeller III was honored with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Margaret Sanger Award.

1968 Report by the Rockefeller Foundation on ‘Problems of Population’ and their development of anti-fertility vaccines. (more on this below)

1972 Planned Parenthood’s President, Alan Guttmacher, was honored with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Margaret Sanger Award. He was also Vice President of the American Eugenics Society. Other honorees have included Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Turner, to name a few.

1973 Abortion was made legal by the Supreme
Court following Roe v. Wade
. Coincidentally, this is also the timeframe in
which most states repealed their sterilization laws. 1973 marked the final
sterilization performed in North Carolina, which was one of the most aggressive
states, going so far as to sterilize those with IQs 70 or under. They gave social workers the power to
designate people for sterilization.
Almost like giving child protective
services (CPS) the power to remove children from homes today. The patterns of
power don’t change, they just shift.

1982 U.S.
officials loosen restrictions on DNA
in mammals and the transgenics era begins.

1986 The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was established to ensure the manufacturers were not held liable. Since 1988, the U.S. government has paid out $4.1 billion in injury and death claims.

1988 The Human Genome Project was first articulated by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and later adopted through a detailed series of five-year plans written jointly by the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Energy. Congress funded the project at roughly $2.7 billion. The human genome sequencing was completed and made public in 2003. Multiple universities and research centers were involved throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and China. The genome sequencing allows scientists to have a complete map needed to make the human body.

1988 The Rockefeller Foundation’s annual report states that their “population division” was making progress: “India’s National Institute of Immunology (in New Delhi) successfully completed the first phase of trials with three versions of an anti-fertility vaccine for women. Sponsored by the government of India and supported by the Foundation…” The National Institute of Health (NIH) published the abstract on ‘Anti-fertility Vaccines’ in 1989. “Vaccines are under development for the control of fertility in males and females.” (more on this below.)

1993 The Rockefeller Foundation became a major sponsor of the Children’s Vaccine Initiative and on December 14, 1993 they allocated $2.5 million to support further research programs and the development and distribution of developing country children’s vaccines.

1994 (a big year in history on many more
fronts, far more than what is listed below.)

• Commercial sale of genetically modified food began. By 2016 185 million hectares, accounting for 12% of the global cropland was being utilized for GMO growth. Currently, 75-80% of food Americans consume is genetically modified.

• Dr. John Sundberg from Jackson Laboratory in Maine collaborated with Nobel Laureate Harald zur Housen in sequencing the dog oral papilloma virus. The virus and experiments they designed provided the proof of concept for the recombinant human cervical cancer vaccine. (HPV)

• Bill and Hillary Clinton spearheaded the free and mandatory vaccines for children program in the U.S.

• The William H. Gates Foundation was
formed, later becoming the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, with
their goal centered on global immunization.

This only
reflects from 1994 through 2011. Gates
Foundation Funding:

bill & melinda gates foundation funding to other countries

1997 The William J. Clinton Foundation
was founded, later becoming the Clinton Foundation, with a big focus on
maternal healthcare, reproductive rights and abortion, immunization, and
climate change.

1998 The FDA approved emergency
contraception, otherwise known as the morning
after pill

2000 The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) was formed by Bill Gates, to accelerate the use of underused and new vaccines, increase funding, and shape the vaccine markets.

2006 The FDA approved the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine which plays a significant
role in this report.

2006: The International Finance Facility
for Immunization (IFFIM) was
incorporated, as well as the GAVI Fund Affiliate (GFA). The GAVI Fund Affiliate: GFA was incorporated in May as a private
company limited by guarantee under the United Kingdom Companies Act 1985, with
company registration number 5830438. It is also registered as a charity with
the Charity Commission for England and Wales, with charity registration number
1115297. GFA enters into pledge agreements with sovereign government donors and
then assigns to IFFIM the right to receive cash payments under those
agreements. Also, all cash payments from IFFIM to GAVI are channeled through

IFFIM was incorporated in June as a
private company limited by guarantee under the United Kingdom Companies Act
1985, with company registration number 5857343. It is also registered as a
charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, with charity
registration number 1115413. IFFIm is a multilateral development institution
that raises funds by issuing bonds in the international capital markets. It
then disburses the funds to GFA which subsequently uses the funds to support
various GAVI vaccine procurement, immunization and health systems strengthening
(“HSS”) programs.

2009 The vaccine Gardasil, manufactured by Merck for the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) was administered to around 16,000 girls between the ages of nine and fifteen in the Khammam district in Telangana, India. Months later, many girls feel ill and by 2010 five had died. In Gujarat, another 14,000 were vaccinated with the HPV Cervarix vaccine manufactured by GSK, and two more deaths were reported. Numerous girls were hospitalized, and there were reports by 120 girls that experienced seizures, stomach aches, or onset of menstruation after receiving the vaccine. A committee determined that a huge number of consent forms were not furnished, in many cases consent for conducting these studies, was taken from the hostel wardens, and the children had no idea about the disease or the vaccine. Yet, all seven deaths were dismissed as suicides, viral infections, malaria, accidental drowning in a well, and subarachnoid hemorrhage (without an autopsy), etc. Overall, this was a study that was taking place in 5 countries, whereby they were documenting the effects of the new vaccines.

The study was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. There is a lengthy, full report on this, the studies in India and beyond, and the Gates foundation’s ties to the UPA government and big pharma. Separate from that, it should be noted that the Gates Foundation partners with well over 30 governments, the WHO, multiple other organizations and foundations, along with big pharma, via GAVI and the Global Fund so as to control the entire immunization market worldwide.

2010 Bill & Melinda Gates pledge $10 billion over the next 10 years to vaccinate the world’s poorest countries.

2012 The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation set out to raise billions of dollars to provide contraceptives to 120 million women worldwide. Yet their focus was on poorer locations such as sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Melinda’s take on this:

If you see what’s happened in other countries that have had contraceptives, they use them first of all and the birth rates go down. The question is could it have come down even more quickly?

2013 The HHS awarded $5,877,710 to 49 victims in claims made against the Gardasil HPV vaccine made by Merck. Over 200 claims were filed. There were 26 deaths reported between September 1, 2010 and September 15, 2011, as well as seizures, paralysis, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short term memory loss and Guillain-Barre. The deaths occurred within one year of the Gardasil vaccination, all of whom were previously healthy. Despite this, much like the case in India just one year prior, the CDC and other government and health agencies continues to purport that the HPV vaccine is safe, encourages parents to get their children vaccinated and even goes so far to say, “there was no unusual pattern or clustering to the deaths that would suggest that they were caused by the vaccine.”

According to the Washington Post, the Gardasil product information insert states: “Gardasil…. Not been evaluated for carcinogenicity or impairment of fertility.”

Merck only
studied the Gardasil vaccine in less than 1,200 girls under the age of 16 prior
to it being released to the market. (More on the HPV vaccine and fertility

2014 The
FDA approved the morning after pill to be available over the counter to
girls/women of all ages, without the need for a prescription.

2014 Anti-fertility vaccines were given to millions of girls in Kenya under the guise of an anti-tetanus vaccination program. UNICEF and WHO distributed the vaccines for free with the help of GAVI. Independent laboratories tested six samples and all came back positive for the HCG antigen which is used in anti-fertility vaccines. Despite the fact there were no cases of tetanus, they proceeded to vaccinate females between the age of 14-49 years old, and did not vaccinate any males. The WHO and UNICEF fully denied all allegations.

2015 Scripps Research developed an artificial antibody to inactivate the HIV virus. “By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease.” They are testing it on Ebola, Malaria, Influenza and Hepatitis as well. The first human trial, called immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer (I.G.T.) is underway and several new ones are planned. Chief scientific officer at Sanofi stated, “It could revolutionize the way we immunize against public health threats in the future.” The synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA.

Coincidentally, 35 ambassadors from other countries just visited Scripps Research Institute on June 17, 2019 while on a State Department Tour. According to their press release, “the visit was intended to build relationships between the ambassadors and San Diego’s biotech companies, nonprofit and academic institutes, and leaders, and in the process open doors for local organizations eager to develop global partnerships and investment possibilities.”

In a 2015 Scripps press release, they announced the nearly $6 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that they were awarded for this revolutionary vaccine development. Over the past five years, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given $174 million in grants to Scripps.

In 2017 Scripps Department of Immunology and Microbiology on the Florida campus of the Scripps Research Institute received $4.8 million from the National Institutes of Health to support a five-year project to bring gene therapy immunizations, beginning with an HIV vaccine, closer to human clinical trials.

2019 Full term abortion became legal in New York, followed by several other states. The abortion agenda is a very dark topic with a lot of intersections.

2019 In an open letter to legislatures, Dr. Theresa Deisher, a pioneer in molecular and cellular physiology, broke down the scientific data on fetal DNA contaminants in the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella. There have been 483 injury and death claims filed against the MMR vaccine through the vaccine injury compensation program.

Coming Up Next: Part 2 of 6 – The Rockefeller Foundation’s Anti-fertility Plan

This 6-part comprehensive report will illustrate the many ways in which eugenics is still in full force today, what and who are behind it, and show statistics as to where we are at today as a result of it.

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Author: Corey Lynn

Why is Iran Provoking Trump?

Iran provoking Trump

Tehran’s mullahs need a face-saving process to return to the negotiating table with the “Great Satan”

Heshmat Alavi

By Heshmat Alavi

Once again, Washington is engulfed with the brouhaha of war. In response to military provocations by Iran’s regime, U.S. President Donald Trump recently ordered airstrikes, to only call them off “10 minutes” short of the final go.

The slate of malign activities by Iran has
been growing significantly recently. Tehran is now in clear violation of the
2015 nuclear deal – known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) –
by surpassing
the 300 kilogram limit
imposed on its low enriched uranium stockpile;
launching assaults targeting
oil tankers
near the strategic Strait of Hormuz, according to the U.S.
administration; using drones
from Yemen
to target civilian airports in southern Saudi Arabia and even from Iraq against the Kingdom’s oil
facilities. To top the list, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) downed
a U.S. drone
flying in international airspace over the Gulf of Oman,
according to Washington.

Yet going against common mentality, Iran is
not looking to start a war with the U.S. The end result is obvious for
everyone, especially those making the decisions in Tehran. In fact, the mullahs
are seeking to establish high ground to thus claim they are entering talks from
an advantage point.

Merely hours following Trump’s new orders
calling off the U.S. airstrikes, Iranian regime officials were ready at their
podiums to quickly claim success in defeating the Americans.

“The enemies also know that if they start a
war, they will not end it,” boasted Ali Akbari, one of the Friday prayer
leaders in Iran’s capital Tehran. Emboldened after not being attacked in
retaliation, General Amir Hajizadeh, a senior IRGC official, was thumping his
chest about how their units could have “easily” shot down another U.S aircraft,
referring to a P-8 recon plane with around 35 on board at the time.

This would seem ideal for Iran, yet the
past year or so have been far from it. The Trump administration has been able
to exit the JCPOA and there is no sign of true isolation, especially
considering the exodus
of a large number of international companies from Iran. While European leaders
may be bickering and the Iranians claiming to defy Washington’s “hard-hitting” measures,
money talks. For example, trade between Germany and Iran has decreased
by nearly 50 percent
in the past year.

Iran’s GDP will be contracting by six
percent, according
to estimates provided by the International Monetary Fund, as the country’s
inflation is hovering around 50 percent. Furthermore, Washington has been very capable
of nosediving Iran’s oil exports from 2.5 million barrels per day in May of
last year to less
than 300,000 bpd in June

All the while, U.S. Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo has continuously emphasized on 12 demands that Tehran needs to meet
before a new agreement can be signed with Washington. This accord, however,
would address all of the mullahs’ malign activities, including regional
meddling, ballistic missile development and proliferation, support for
terrorist groups and more.

Therefore, we can conclude that the status
quo is completely against Iran’s interests and the regime actually has much
more to gain in negotiating with the U.S. Tehran refused talk with the Obama
administration for years until the sanctions began taking a serious toll in 2012.
For the time being, Iran is attempting to drive a rift between the Europeans
and the U.S. in order to buy time and live out Trump’s first term, as described
by various analysts. However, it’s easier said than done.

This argument loses speed with U.S. President Donald Trump reiterating he has no rush in negotiating with Iran, knowing sanctions are already biting and vowing to only raise the bar. With Iran publicly and officially violating the JCPOA on July 1 and promising further measures on July 8, this becomes even more certain.

Already humiliated, Tehran has no choice
but to play all its cards before succumbing to any talks. This is where Iran’s
proxies come in to play.

Thanks to the West’s appeasement approach
with Iran during the past four decades, Tehran has been able to establish a
network of proxy forces throughout the region. Now, we are witnessing
extremists in Iraq and Yemen launch attacks against U.S. allies, disrupting
regional stability while placing very little forces and assets in danger
through carefully calibrated “hit-and-run” style assaults.

As we speak, Iran has surpassed the uranium enrichment threshold. This is a flagrant breach of the JCPOA and Iran is pledging to launch a second phase of decreasing its commitments to the accord on July 8.

This is a risky gamble for Tehran’s
mullahs. While portraying a bold and defying portrait at home, the regime knows
they are making it even more difficult for Europe, Russia and China to remain
patient and respect the JCPOA.

Here is where many Western analysts fail to
continue comprehending the “logic” behind the mullahs ruling Iran.

This regime understands better than anyone
how it lacks the popular support any normal government needs to remain in
power. Relying on a very small base and through its grip on security forces
imposing heavy social crackdown, the regime is walking a fine line and cannot portray
a weak image. Otherwise, an already dissatisfied society will erupt once again
as the Dec 2017 / Jan 2018 uprising took the regime, and the world, by

That is why we are constantly witnessing
various IRGC commanders repeat threats against the U.S. while Operation
Praying Mantis
– when President Reagan ordered a strike that destroyed half
of Iran’s navy back in 1988 in less than a day – is fresh in their minds.

Sanctions are working now and they were
working even during the Obama tenure. If the previous U.S. administration
maintained its sanctions against Iran for another six months, the mullahs’
economy would have literally crumbled in 2013. Another mistake by the Obama
team was providing concessions to Tehran when this regime was completely

Today we have a completely new White House.
And we should keep in mind that Trump is not Obama and has no intentions of
providing any concessions to Iran’s mullahs. Despite the fact that Trump says
he merely wants a non-nuclear Iran, Pompeo’s 12 conditions have never been
officially put aside.

While the U.S. President has continuously
expressed his readiness for talks, this is Iran that continues down the path of
malign measures. Illogical as it may seem, they have no other choice.

The turbulent road Tehran’s mullahs have
steered into will only become more difficult, with thunderstorms in the

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Author: Heshmat Alavi

4 Scoops on George Soros

George Soros, best known for backing left-wing causes and his propaganda campaigns in over 120 countries, has deep ties with the Global Fund in many locations. Two such locations are Russia and the Ukraine.

• The Open Health Institute (OHI) operated in Moscow for over a decade
while receiving over $129 million from the Global Fund
• Russia funded over $225 million to the Global Fund
• George Soros’s organizations write the narrative for the Global Fund
• The Global Fund also funds Ukraine with Soros’s help, and Soros has other
ventures in the Ukraine

For clarity, the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria was founded in 2002 by Bill and Melinda Gates, the late Kofi Annan, Jeffrey Sachs, and Amir Attaran. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

1) The Open Health Institute (OHI), founded in 2003, was one of the largest NGO’s in Russia – owned by George Soros. Coincidentally, in 2003 just after receiving their first $88 million-dollar grant from the Global Fund, all of the Open Society’s offices, located in the same building, were taken over by 40 unidentified, armed individuals who forcibly evicted the employees and carted away documents, computers, and other belongings. Curious.

According to Devex, The Open Health Institute’s (OHI) primary funder is USAID, with additional funding from Russian agencies, The Global Fund, World Bank, Open Society Institute and the UK Department for International Development.

Fast forward to November, 2015 – the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office recognized George Soros’s Open Society Institute and “another affiliated organization” as “undesirable groups,” which banned Russian organizations and citizens from participating in their projects. What does this mean exactly? They found Soros’s operations to be a threat to national security, and prosecutors had launched a probe into both organizations in July after establishing the new law on “Undesirable Foreign Organizations” in June. Once a group is recognized as “undesirable” its assets in Russia are frozen, its offices are closed, and any of their materials in distribution must be banned.

A couple of things that don’t add up. A) Russia allegedly put
the boot to Soros’s organizations in 2015. B)
Reuters closed out their article by stating that the “Soros Foundation began
working in Russia in the mid-1990s, but wrapped up its active operations in
2003.” Yet, OHI continued to receive funding up through 2017 from the Global
Fund for their work in Russia with AIDS. In fact, the financing between the
Global Fund and Russia is quite peculiar.

The last agreement signed between the Global Fund and OHI was dated July 15, 2015 with an implementation period to run from July 1, 2015 through December 2017.

2) Let’s look at the funds to OHI from the Global Fund, as well as the Government of the Russian Federation’s dealings with the Global Fund.

In October 2003, the Global Fund approved an application from a Russian consortium of non-profit organizations, led by the Open Health Institute, for funding of $88.7 million over a five-year span to combat the HIV epidemic in the Russian Federation. It was called the GLOBUS project. OHI’s specific focus was to reduce the spread of HIV among drug users, sex workers, gay men, and prisoners, while providing administration over the other NGOs. The funding continued for many years.

In short, the Global Fund has funded roughly $378 million through grants to three main recipients in the Russian Federation: Open Health Institute (OHI), the Russian Healthcare Foundation, and ESVERO formerly known as the Russian Harm Reduction Network. This is an enormous amount of money as compared to other NGOs in the Russian Federation. In 2009, the Global Fund put out a press release indicating that “Russia has contributed $225.85 million to the Global Fund and has supported other HIV programs in Russia.” Then, in 2010 the Global Fund began phasing out funding to the Russian Federation which was dissolved in 2013, with exception of continued funds going to OHI. Meanwhile, the Russian Federation decided to become a donor to the Global Fund and pledged $60 million dollars in 2014.

So how much did Soros’s OHI directly receive from the Global Fund? According to the Global Fund, between 2003-2017 OHI received $129,458,347.

It should be noted that one of the world’s largest slush funds – the Global Fund – has disbursed $41,493,535,302.85 to date. Essentially, $41.5 billion dollars.

George Soros

3) Why is the funding to Soros from the Global Fund so significant? For many reasons, but one reason is that George Soros’s organizations are the very groups who publish the health reports on The Global Fund. They create the narrative.

In 2017, the Health and Human Rights Journal published a piece titled, ‘Human Rights and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria: How Does a Large Funder of Basic Health Services Meet the Challenge of Rights-Based Programs?’ Rest assured, this 14-page dissertation makes certain the Global Fund comes across as anything but a knight in shining armor to humanity. After all, Dr. Paul Farmer is the Editor in Chief of the Health and Human Rights Journal. Yes, the same Paul Farmer who runs the non-profit ‘Partners in Health’ with his co-founder Jim Yong Kim, former President of the World Bank. The same Partners in Health that operates out of Haiti and Africa in many joint ventures with the Clintons. Furthermore, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation is guiding the Global Fund with how to formally commit to human rights goals, such as “adopting strategic objectives on human rights and gender equality as part of the entity’s 2012–2016 strategy.”

In 2009, the Open Society Law and Health Initiative published a public health program titled ‘Human Rights and HIV/AIDS: Now More Than Ever: 10 reasons why human rights should occupy the center of the global aids struggle.’ It was endorsed by over 400 organizations and translated in 9 different languages. That same year, Open Society Foundations put out a press release titled, ‘Global Fund Adopts Strategy on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.’ That was ten years ago.

The Human Rights and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – 2011 Report was prepared by Open Society Foundations and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. The Open Society Public Health Program has prepared 95 documents supporting the Global Fund throughout the years, including a report on Secretary Clinton’s speech in 2011.

4) The Global Fund also funds Ukraine. What else is in Ukraine? George Soros. He owns the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF), which happens to be one of the largest charitable foundations in the Ukraine. Since 1990, it has supported 20,000 projects worth more than $200 million, to develop a democratic “open society.” In fact, in 2009 the IRF together with USAID and the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) co-financed writing of the proposal to the Global Fund on behalf of Ukraine, regarding a component tuberculosis for the 9th round.

The IRF has also awarded grants to Victor Pinchuk’s foundation and to Ukraine Crisis Media Center, which George Soros co-founded with the Ukraine government in 2014. Both may sound familiar, as Jeff Carlson of The Markets Work and Epoch Times has covered Victor Pinchuk extensively. Several sources covered the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative and how it all began with the Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Since 2003, the Global Fund has spent more than $500 million in the Ukraine, making it the largest international donor in fighting HIV/AIDS. 2017 was supposed to mark the last grant to Ukraine, but in an “unprecedented decision” by the Global Fund, they continued financing Ukraine with an additional $120 million grant until 2020.

Another interesting organization that George Soros is involved with in Ukraine, is the Ukrainian Strategy NGO which is made up of ten partners, with Soros’s International Renaissance Foundation being one of them. Interestingly, the President is Anatoliy Mykolayovych Pinchuk. A direct connection to Victor Pinchuck was unable to be made, but it is curious, and he most certainly has a fascinating background. Per their website, they state, “The main objective of the organization — conceptual developments, program and other documents’ development that contribute to the successful and efficient development of Ukraine, involvement of other NGOs and citizens, promotion of these proposals in the community and lobbying them. Among other priorities of the organization, there are promotion of the greater economic, legal, and financial education in Ukraine and synthesis of the global experience in the socio-economic and political development, promotion of the new approaches of the innovative development of Ukraine, etc.”

The Circle

Beginning to see the circle – over and over again? Bill Gates, George Soros, Jim Yong Kim, Paul Farmer, Bill and Hillary Clinton – just to name a small handful. There are more. Gosh, these are the same folks that are working together in the Caribbean right now to take over the tourism industry while erecting solar farms on multiple islands along the drug and child trafficking transits. And of course, the Clintons and Bill Gates have also been very instrumental in the vaccine industry. And they ALL have significant dealings and connections across Africa. One wonders, with the Ebola crisis in the Congo, how are their citizens acquiring documentation and safe travel to the U.S. – showing up by the hundreds in San Antonio, Texas?

Journalist Urs Gehriger was recently in San Antonio trying to get
answers from the Congolese migrants. When asked about how they got there or
where the money came from to help them get there, they became aggressive and
would not give him a direct answer. He had the impression that somebody told
them not to speak about it. He spoke with one of the aide’s workers at a
shelter, and he said that some of the migrants were sitting under the tree in
front of the shelter, counting rolls of hundred-dollar bills. The migrants are
also being handed a document by an NGO called RAICES, informing them that they shouldn’t
trust ICE and not to tell them anything confidential.

Is it plausible to think that George Soros could be one of the orchestrators of this migration, if not the maestro himself? It’s more than plausible. Russia sees him as a threat to national security. Beijing and Hong Kong sent Soros packing. Macedonia launched Stop Operation Soros (SOS). JC Collins called for Canada to ban George Soros Foundations. Hungary submitted a legislative package called “Stop Soros” for his support of illegal immigration and other tactics. Soros moved his operations out of Hungary and into Berlin.

Why does the United States of America continue to allow George Soros to manipulate and alter the fabric of this country?

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Author: Corey Lynn