Protesters Provide Cover While The Country Bleeds

Take a step back, now take a look in the mirror – did you fall prey to their game, again? This is it – this is their master class. This is psychological warfare, all rolled out with a grand form of synchronicity, that most didn’t even see coming, or take a breath to see what’s happening before their very eyes. While the country burns, and the country bleeds, thousands are willingly providing cover for those carrying out acts of violence and bloodshed during these protests over George Floyd’s death, and others are succumbing to their pent-up anger as bait is dangled in front of them.

What has become of humanity that so many
could be so blind? The young are out of their minds with boredom and desire to
get a little crazy after being in lockdown for nearly three months. Adults want
to stick it to the man, stick it to people, and stick it wherever they think
their voice will be heard. They say it’s all for a cause, yet they watch
buildings burn, the destruction of our cities, and people being murdered, and
they have settled into the madness as though it’s their newfound comfort zone.
They continue each day, no matter how devastating the night before was, and
they amplify their so-called “cause” to convince themselves they are doing something
good. Blood is on their hands as much as those committing the acts themselves. And
blood is on the hands of all of those encouraging these nighttime protests to

By choosing to carry out nighttime
protests, it is providing cover for those whose intentions are destruction and
violence, making each person complicit. Some are handed bricks to throw, and
some make the choice to do it, because they follow the leader instead of
thinking for themselves. Others choose to spit and yell at police officers
while throwing projectiles at them, all to be as rebellious as the stranger standing
next to them. And young kids are spray painting buildings because they think it’s
“cool.” Meanwhile, families across the country continue to suffer because their
businesses cannot open after nearly three months of being closed.

Strings of white people are taking a
knee, some in crowds by the hundreds, and repeating a script read to them by someone
with the Black Lives Matter group. They shame and guilt you to bring you to
your knees and demoralize you as though you’ve done something wrong, under the
guise of solidarity, when in reality they are controlling you, manipulating
you, and getting you to submit while they spread photos of white people on
their knees – the very same position a white police officer was in while
bringing a black man to his death. You’ve been played. It’s called conditioning
people’s mind by use of repeated imagery, to display “the guilty ones.”

The “me too” movement, the “women’s march”
and the “no guns” rallies all served as preparations to refine how they would
rally, coordinate, and grow their herd. “Their,” being those behind organizing
all of these manufactured “movements” so as to build an army of good little
soldiers at the right time, the right place, and right stage of their psychological
games in order to step up the impact to a level of rage and terror that would
escalate to a revolution. Each begins with a single event, an outburst of the
same talking points, a label for the movement, an explosion of marketing across
all media channels, through hundreds of foundations and organizations, and
through celebrities and politicians to carry the message far and wide. This all
takes place within 24 hrs of the initial event. Oh yes, they are well
organized. It is all followed by mass emails, phone calls, social media posts
with schedules, and a call to action to rally all of their lead coordinators,
riot factions, and naïve sheep to step into action. That quick, they are off to
the races before anyone can blink. It’s their playbook. When a message is
flooded through all of those channels, that is when you know it is not a
grassroots movement. When they spring the country into action in 48 hrs, it is
masterfully organized. This is what they do. Welcome to the master class of
psychological warfare.

How well organized was this? They had
these protests as cover for riots in locations across multiple countries.
Explain that. They operate from the same playbook. A grassroots movement take
years to grow this level of momentum, and is not allowed to thrive at this
level, unless it is a narrative being pushed by far-left agendas. There have
been over 847 arsons, over 17 deaths, hundreds injured, and mass destruction of
businesses and cities across America in just one week.

The coordinators running the riots have been planning and training for years. The COVID-19 extended lockdown to build up anger and desire to break free, was part of the plan for this particular agenda. Mandatory masks are part of the plan to provide cover for Antifa and other violent factions, so everyone blends in, making it more difficult for police officers to spot them in crowds. Scheduling all of this to happen the same weekend that businesses are finally opening across the country, was all planned to shut it back down, with curfews put in place. The protests turned riots were all coordinated and planned, knowing full well they would build momentum rapidly after three sheer months of hell that people suffered through, and a lot of pent up anger. The preparations for all of this was funded, equipped with bats, pallets of bricks, Molotov cocktails and all. Every single aspect of this was very well thought out and planned, which raises the question – was the initial event itself planned, premeditated or carried out at a specific time? There is developing information coming to light that is pointing in that direction. Were groups put on alert that a big protest was coming and to be ready for the call? The false flag Jessie Smollett case is a good example of how they manufacture a movement. In that case they used a falsified event carried out by their friend Smollett for Kamal Harris’ political agenda to create an anti-lynching bill, which she is still going on about, despite the fact lynching is already illegal.

Police officers are told to stand down, and many mayors and governors are complicit in allowing the destruction, not calling on the National Guard, and even encouraging the protests, despite the false narrative of the need for social distancing and not congregating in groups of more than 10 due to COVID-19, that they have been pushing for weeks. Yet, we are on day ten of these riots and hospitals are not overflowing with cases. How could that be? REMOVE YOUR MASKS. Stop hiding Antifa and other terrorist groups causing all of the fires, destruction, looting, and death. The COVID-19 scandal has come to an end, even though they will continue to push the envelope on it so they can get their $75-$100 billion for contact tracing surveillance to spy on the American people, while terrorizing you and keeping you isolated and quarantined.

Ask Yourself These Questions

• How is it that you will be fined or
arrested if you dare open your business because they deem it non-essential, but
the rioters burning and looting businesses are not being arrested in most cases?

• You cannot gather in groups larger than
10 people, and you are not allowed to have protests that pertain to COVID-19
because it could create more spread, but governors across the country are
encouraging thousands of people to protest over George Floyd, as well as
hugging protestors. Does that add up?

• Why is Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti
hugging hundreds of protestors just days after outlawing people from praying in
church together?

• The CDC and Dr. Fauci stated that masks do not protect you efficiently and only the N95 would be effective if sterilized daily, but still insisted you wear them. Then, on May 23rd, just days before the protests and riots began, the CDC changed it to “cloth face masks” should be worn, which ironically is what Antifa members have been sporting for a decade. Notice they say “may protect,” because they’ve already confirmed they won’t. Coincidentally, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton both posted new profile pics of them wearing black face masks that same week. Democrat Governors all imposed a mandatory mask rule, even after coming out of lockdown. In fact, they even state that they need to be worn at the protests. Convenient.

• Why are Joe Biden, politicians, and
numerous celebrities and musicians funding the bailout of these rioters who are
burning your cities? Their social media is flooded with support while asking
donors to help fund the bailouts, making you equally complicit.

• Why are Democrats all calling these “peaceful protests” and alleging that Antifa is not a terrorist organization, when Antifa themselves publicize their agendas? Why would twitter remove their main account which was posting schedule updates of where their riots would take place?

• Why would the media and politicians claim
that these are white supremacy groups doing all of the damage, and then fund
their bail, when they have always alleged that Trump supporters are white supremacists?
Does that make sense?

• Why are CNN, MSNBC, and other
mainstream news outlets completely downplaying these events and spinning this
to be peaceful protests, while subverting footage and information about buildings
burning, people being murdered, businesses being destroyed, and even their own
headquarters being attacked? Are they not concerned for everyone’s safety?

• Why, on June 1st, did the
New York Times publish the headline “As Chaos Spreads, Trump Vows To End It Now”
in their early edition, and later change the headline to “Trump Threatens To
Send Troops Into States” after Democrats went rabid across social media?

• Why is CBS news running a story with a headline titled “A white bar owner in Omaha shot and killed a black protester. He won’t face charges,” implying this is all about race and the white man won’t be punished, when in fact, it was a physical attack on one man from another man, that resulted in self-defense? Are they stoking racism because the majority of people only read headlines and will never know the full story?

• Why did Nickelodeon, a channel for young children, interrupt shows to air a terrifying eight-minute and forty-five-second segment (the length of time officer Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck), containing the eerie sounds of a man breathing while the screen reads, “I can’t breathe,” concluding with text demands and joining Color of Change, an organization Hillary Clinton promotes regularly? They even tweeted about the rights children have, including “you have a right to a world that is peaceful,” as they induce extreme fear with this advertisement, and don’t denounce all of the violence taking place across the country.

Is this why parents are shaming their own children?

• Why is former President Obama, acting as the shadow government, “speaking
to the nation” stating, “let’s be
sure we follow through. It’s important to take the momentum that’s been created
and use this to have an impact.”

• Why are police officers being told to
stand down in most Democrat states? Why won’t Mayor De Blasio bring in the
National Guard to assist in NYC, which is being crushed? Why is he lying and
suggesting they are not trained for this?

• If this protest is all about “Black
Lives Matter,” then why are black business owners being murdered, black police
officers shot and killed, and black citizens being beat up on by other blacks?
Are the peaceful protestors ok with walking alongside these rioters to be
witness and video document these atrocities, rather than not being present to
allow for them to happen?

• Innocent people are being murdered. 22-year-old Italia Marie Kelly was murdered by a fellow protester in Iowa. Her sister cries in agony, repeating “my sister is gone because of one of you, a protestor shot my sister, not the police!” in this gut-wrenching video. What are these protests really about?

Statistic: “A police officer is 18½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.”

If you can rationalize all of the above,
then perhaps it’s far too late for you, and you have already lost the
psychological warfare on your mind. If it’s all making sense to you, and you
feel played, that’s ok, they’ve managed to dupe thousands of people. It’s time
to change your course of action and stop providing cover for these terrorists.
There are other ways to fight for what you truly believe in. Violence shouldn’t
be one of them, as violence breeds more violence.

We Have Reached A Danger Zone

We have reached the point of danger. If
you still can’t see what’s going on, let’s simplify this. Innocent people are
dying. Buildings and vehicles are burning and there have already been 847
arsons to date. Businesses are being looted. Cities are being destroyed. Seventeen
people have already died. While people were just preparing to finally open their
“non-essential” businesses to feed their families, they are now being boarded
up and shut down, and as long as protestors continue to protest at night and
provide cover for these terrorist groups and other dangerously enraged people,
families will continue to suffer. Governors are encouraging this to continue,
and people are all jumping on board to watch it happen up close and personal.
What is wrong with this picture? Take a good long look in the mirror if you are
actively engaging in this, and ask yourself what outcome you believe is going
to come from this, what is it going to resolve, and how many people must die or
suffer before you conclude that there is blood on your hands and a different
approach is the way to go?

BLEEDING. The goal is to create further division, by fueling anger and rage, to
keep people in a state of terror and depression so they will submit and follow
whatever outlandish rules are put on them. They are trying to break you. This
is psychological warfare. Worn down yet? Brush yourself off, pick yourself up,
and start working on building your community, uniting, and loving one another,
because THAT is the battle they can’t compete with. Help one another get your
businesses back up and running so everyone can care for their families. When we
stand united, we thrive. They don’t want that. Will you continue to fall prey
to their games, or can you see through the forest now? Stop herding like the
sheep they want you to be, and start leading the way through strength, unity,
and compassion, before they lead you straight to the slaughterhouse.

Educate yourselves and educate your
children because you are the only ones who can prevent future destruction. You
cannot blame the police officer, the government, or even the governors for this
one. It is the sheep, the herd – those willing to be complicit in all of this
that is fueling it and keeping it alive. How much longer are you willing to be a
patsy at the expense of your fellow Americans? Go home, love your family, and
find a better way.   

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Author: Corey Lynn


Welcome To A World of Smoke & Mirrors

By James Fitzgerald

The Great Awakening, eh? That term gets thrown about social media
these days. First time I saw it, I immediately tried to place myself
among it; as someone who might be more awakened; someone who has been
exposed to more hidden narratives or whistleblowers, or who has met more
central bankers and CEOs than most. That’s certainly how the ego
complex would view it; as a tangible and competitive advantage.

a spiritual or even quantum perspective, the impulse to place myself in
some kind of order of “awakeness” would seem pretty immature and
parochial. Afterall it would involve weighing up other people’s
“awakeness” to reach a conclusion about my own status. And, as a wise
soul once said, “judge not others, lest ye be judged yourself.”

with me more confused these days than awakened, let me share with you a
few anecdotes about people and events that first rattled my cage. And I
won’t include paranormal happenings — that’s another article for
another day.

Journalists used to smoke and
drink a lot. My father bought into that noirish cliche, about the
grizzled hack plying his trade (looking to prise government secrets or
scandals from loose-tongued civil servants or other reporters) over
drinks in some grubby bar. He was the type of person who called women
“dames” and had ink for blood. If I ever wanted to see him, I would have
to venture into the big gray city and follow the din emanating from the
busiest bar in proximity to the newspaper office.

Truth be told, I never really heard anything startling or insightful in those places — except once. As fleeting as it was, it left a lasting impression. One day after college, I called into the “Press Bar” to offer my father a lift home. He was playing two people at chess simultaneously while holding conversations with two other people, so I sat down next to an unassuming man with spectacles and curly silver locks while I waited for the interval. My father spotted me, and shouted over: “Hey, James! Buy him a drink and he’ll tell you a good story.” I bought the gray man beside me a whiskey and soda. He must have been a copy-editor, because he truncated an event lasting five years into about three sentences. The event was the second world war — and according to him, it “didn’t happen the way they said it did”. Through the fog of nicotine and roar of voices, I discerned that he had written a book about the secret players behind the war — who had dangled their puppets on both sides of the conflict, and staged a massive false flag event. Despite having swallowed the narrative I had been fed at school about aggressive Nazis and a benevolent alliance that sent them packing, what he was saying had a vibration of truth; it felt right; it was a missing piece of a puzzle that made the bigger picture clearer.

never got more than that out of him, before heaving bodies and sloshing
pints of beer separated us amidst the melee. I later asked my father if
the man had published his book. “No,” said he, “he got a visit from two
men in rain macs one day in the street.” What surprised me more than
this revelation was the fact that this community of “truth-seekers” were
aware of these anomalies and discrepancies in their official world
history, but were happy to seek solace in the latest soccer scores or
celebrity gossip. This gentle, intellectual man had stepped up and asked
questions about his social and political history, but had been silenced
with the threat of violence from two immaculately dressed assassins
working for some hidden controllers. That meeting in the bar took place
thirty years ago. Only now are such narratives gaining traction among
the questing elements of social media. It’s been a long wait.

say, when you sow a seed, it grows. That man’s claim created a fissure
in my mind; because almost every day after that would involve some
exposure to people or places that challenged the dull consensus. I
received a call at the office once from a contact in the security
services — who talked me through a live robbery. It wasn’t a high street
bank or liquor store, but an island state having its artefacts stolen
by a larger western military power. All anyone could do was watch as an
unmarked jumbo jet was loaded with looted gold and silver coins from a
sunken galleon, as the mercenary crew of a submersible carried chests
from the quayside to the plane.

time I was introduced to an American scientist who reputedly had worked
on a secret space program. He told me he had been on Mars — “It takes
about five minutes to get there”. Other scientists would tell me that
most commercial shampoos were designed to give you dandruff, and others
that vaccines had “bad things added to them to harm people.”

a customs officer stumbled upon a huge stash of drugs on a ship out of
North Africa he called me before he told his superiors. I was working
for a Sunday newspaper, and it was a Monday, so I offered the story to
the news editor of our sister daily paper. The news editor took offence
to “the enemy [me]” dictating their news agenda, so didn’t run the
story. Two days later another rival paper ran the exclusive that the
main drug route into Europe had been busted. Ego and ignorance are a
toxic mix for news people.

You might think
that being a magnet for whisteblowers would be fruitful in the media,
but in fact it engendered its own cognitive dissonance, because all
those great tip-offs and investigative work would always be dismissed by
news editors. It was easier to be a copy-editor, adjusting and refining
the safe, clipped and compliant work of other journalists. And so
that’s what I became — for an easy life. 

of those scientists, soldiers, police officers, clerks and writers knew
something wasn’t right in the matrix. Message and matter didn’t match
up. It bothered them; it bothers you. Why? ‘Cause you are alive, and

Before setting off down any rabbit hole, I invariably ask myself two things: am I afraid of the dark, and do I believe in ghosts? The answers are almost always, no and yes, respectively.

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Author: James Fitzgerald

The Gates of Hell: Remove The Gatekeeper & Seal The Doors

Bill Gates is the gatekeeper to many gates. Whereas he may
not hold the keys, he is the host and the central bank that provides access
behind each closed door. He is at the heart of every major agenda. The level of
control spans much farther than the United States of America, though a vast
amount of the funding originates here. These heavily guarded gates are direct
access to manifest, control, and monopolize some of the largest and arguably
most important industries to man.

Controlling these gates means control of wealth, policies,
priorities, population, health, narratives, minds, land, industries, and
everyone’s future, if it is not stopped.

Corey’s Digs has reported on Gates’ interests and operations
for years, to paint a fuller picture of everything he is involved with, because
it is far more extensive than most people realize. Timelines, maps, business
relationships, investments, incoming funding and outgoing grants, tax returns, direct
quotes, interviews, and documentation in each report all reveal that Bill Gates
is an investor who is willing to risk lives, rather than the humanitarian he
proclaims himself to be. Some will say, “he’s just a face,” and perhaps that is
true – but that “face” runs the central bank for what could be likened to as
the mafia, which makes him a very dangerous player.

One thing Bill Gates doesn’t seem to have accounted for,
despite his alleged “genius,” is the fact that his Godlike ego drove him to
quite literally be the face for all of it. Should Bill Gates be removed from
the equation, they will be hard pressed to create and build up an instant
persona they can play off as their next “humanitarian philanthropist” that’s
out to save the world. Sure, there are many of them out there, and a great deal
of players involved, but they have put all their eggs in one basket when it
comes to Bill Gates forging the way.

In light of the coronavirus, many people across the globe
have been researching what Bill Gates is really involved with, who he is
connected with, and where his funds are allocated. Below is a breakdown of
comprehensive investigative reports that Corey’s Digs has conducted on Bill
Gates over the past few years. There are extensive timelines, great detail
reflecting his cash flow and investments, and an enormous amount of information
backed with evidence to show the connections throughout his many endeavors.

The Ten Gates of Hell

  1. With billions in funding from the U.S., partnerships with the WHO and other UN factions, buying the media, universities, scientists and researchers, big pharma, and hundreds of NGOs, Gates rules the healthcare industry in its entirety. The WHO is only one part of the equation, and they need to be cutoff immediately as well, especially considering Gates has funded them $3.5 billion.

    He controls the vaccine industry through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, and CEPI. There have been $4.1 billion in injury and death claims against the vaccine industry, and those are just cases that have been brought forth and settled.

    He controls the HIV/AIDS industry through The Global Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Global Fund has contributed to scores of NGOs, including George Soros’ Open Health Institute and Paul Farmer’s and Jim Yong Kim’s Partners in Health, the ones leading the way on contact tracing for COVID-19.

    Yes, Bill Gates and the UN control the healthcare industry, and the cash flow illustrates that quite well. This in-depth video explains it all.

  2. He was raised by, and grew up with eugenicists, and that work is carried on through this day. This is an extensive timeline going back to the early 1900s that shows how eugenicists paved the way to so-called modern medicine, by changing the terminology to terms like  “biotechnology” and “genetics” while continuing to carry out experimentation on human beings.
  3. Bill Gates is very involved with “Climate Change” – one of the many billion-dollar-industry hoaxes perpetrated on Americans. He created the company Breakthrough Energy in 2015, along with a group of 28 high net-worth investors from 10 countries. Much like the Giving Pledge he created with Warren Buffet in 2010, that has over 200 billionaires from 22 countries that also like to rule the world.

    Gates takes climate change so far, he’s entered the world of “geoengineering” with Harvard researchers. According to an article in Forbes, they launched a project called the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment which entails launching a steerable balloon in the southwest US 20 kilometers into the stratosphere to release particles of calcium carbonate in an attempt to suck CO2 from the atmosphere and limit sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface. And yes, they refer to it as “geoengineering.”  

  4. Sustainable infrastructure and climate change are then used to capitalize on the tourism industry on islands throughout the Caribbean. Gates is up to his eyeballs in this with the Clintons and numerous other nefarious characters. These islands are all along the drug and human trafficking routes.
  5. Why stop there, when you can take hold of the food industry as well? Gates has invested in the meat industry, or should we say non-meat? He has also invested in lab-grown meat. Yes, lab grown.
  6. Aside from his large investments in Monsanto to push the GMO industry, in 2006, Gates founded the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) with the Rockefeller Foundation, to exploit Africa.
  7. The abortion industry, gender equality, and the transgender agenda are also areas Gates heavily funds, which is no surprise being as his father was the head of Planned Parenthood long ago. He has always been about population control, so it fits like a glove.
  8. Microsoft was allegedly his creation, and Gates invests heavily in technology, especially if it has the word “bio” in front of it. Gates likes databases filled with useful information to achieve his goals, especially DNA, such as the 40,000 DNA samples he scraped from 23andMe. A good chunk of the technology Gates is invested in ties back to the healthcare industry.
  9. One of the biggest things Bill Gates invests in is the control of narratives. He does this through media, scientific research, universities, and publications. After all, how could he possibly pull all of this off without controlling the narrative? All of this is sprinkled throughout Corey’s Digs reports that are linked in this article.
  10. In summation of most of his endeavors, he went for the big one – the pandemic. Gates is involved in every single phase, funding, and rollout of controlling people via the COVID-19 virus. He has stacked the deck, using every resource he has, and has found himself in a vaccine battle with the Trump administration. In fact, just recently the FDA shut his at-home testing kits down in the Seattle area. Of course, Gates is trying to “resolve” this with the FDA so he can continue his data collection. He has also funded Partners in Health (PIH) over $44 million dollars throughout the years. PIH is the non-profit that also worked with the Clintons in destroying Haiti, and is currently at the center of the contact tracing multiple-state surveillance program on Americans. Think of all that glorious data for Bill Gates.

At the end of the day, Bill Gates is heavily involved with every major agenda to manufacture industries, manipulate the masses while garnering billions of dollars, and trying to control the global population as he and his cohorts see fit.

The doors to the Gates of hell need to be forged closed and the keys thrown away, his assets seized, and Bill Gates himself confined to a small room with no outside contact. Period. The level of crimes against humanity that have taken place under his direction could be likened to Lucifer himself. In fact, his wife Melinda was recently donning an upside-down cross on The Today Show, informing people that “our economy can’t reopen until we address the caregiving crisis” while suggesting the Trump administration has handled the pandemic poorly. Snopes, which was created in 1994 to control narratives, did their best to combat this one by making the claim it is “mostly false.” It’s either an upside-down cross or it’s not. It’s quite evident in the perfectly clear video that she is in fact wearing an upside-down cross, but Snopes chose to take the angle that “according to the Church of Satan, an upside-down or inverted cross is not an official symbol of loyalty,” while posting a very blurry photo of the cross under the claim that the video was poor quality. Well, there you have it, everyone must be a bunch of conspiracy theorists.

The Gates’ have always been about serving themselves, not humanity. It’s time to remove the gatekeeper from the Gates of hell and seal those doors closed for good!

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Author: Corey Lynn

The Solution Has Always Been YOU

The solution, the angle, the edge that everyone’s looking
for to beat this tyranny has been here all along. People are always seeking
answers, solutions, laws, or someone to lead the way, when the reality is, the
solution has always been simple. It doesn’t even require critical thinking,
analysis, or research. It only requires a moral compass and integrity. The
solution is YOU.

This battle for our freedom is a battle within ourselves.
The smokescreens have everyone believing it’s a battle of “us against them,”
but when you pull on that thread until you can’t pull anymore, and you look in
the mirror, at the core of this, it is about resolution within oneself. It is
letting go of all outside noise, telling you what to do, how to do it, and what
to believe in. It is getting to the root of what prevents you from standing up
for yourself, of setting boundaries, of speaking freely, and of honoring your
God given freedoms that feel as though they are being stripped away, because
you are unable to disobey the tyrants. The rules were set, and you were always
told to follow the rules. But what if the rules go against your right to life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? What if those creating the rules don’t
have you in their best interest? Do you follow them blindly, even though you
know you are submitting to the very destruction of your livelihood?

The problem isn’t what other people say to you, how they
look at you, or what they demand of you – the problem lies in how you choose to
react to it. If your overall concern is about what others think of you, then you
may be willing to sacrifice your freedoms, your morals, and your integrity. To take
a different path and stand out in the crowd often terrifies people, even if it
is the right thing to do. Those perpetrating the smokescreens know this full
well and use it to their advantage while instilling fear, guilt, and shame.
Once they’ve injected that cocktail, it’s hard for a lot of people to step
outside of it and see it for what it is – manipulation. When you know you are
doing what is right, what is just, and what is compassionate, you no longer
care what others think, how they perceive you, or how they may look at you,
because it is their own fears causing those reactions.

Some are filled to the brim with anger over this virus, the
economy, and corruption around every corner, while feeling a sense of
helplessness. Again, the solution is YOU. This virus event isn’t a fight we
take to the government, nor is it a fight we take to the streets, this is an
internal battle that must be won in order for all to walk with their head held
high, their moral compass pointing the way, while saying NO to all of it. What
is all of it? What would end this swiftly? Open your business, make a living,
and feed your family. If you do not wish to wear a mask, don’t. Get out in
nature and do not hibernate in your home. Are you getting calls or a knock on
your door from a “contact tracer”? You do not have to answer or respond, and
you most certainly don’t have to let them into your home without a warrant.
Will they reach a point where they try to intimidate you into doing so by
fining you if you don’t? Quite possibly. Don’t pay the fine. Will they arrest
you and take you to jail for not paying it? Unlikely, but surely they would
select a few to make an example out of. Do you give into this level of tyranny
so they can keep taking and taking and taking, illegally? Do you want to
comfort your fears or do you want to live your life with dignity?

Do not overthink it or over complicate things. Do not sit around and wait to be rescued, for if one cannot stand up for their own freedoms, and only rely on others, we will all be stuck in the same time warp that we find ourselves in right now. People need to release the “rulers” and recognize that you ultimately “rule” your own lives. Our choices create the world we live in, and look at where we are. You can sit around and assess the repercussions of every rightful action you take, and attempt to “weigh it out,” or you can actually do something about it by doing what you know is right, regardless of repercussions. That is living your truth. If everyone stood down due to potential repercussions, there would never be forward movement, but if the majority stood up it would remove the repercussions for all because they do not have the manpower to control the masses. They are outnumbered by the millions. You do not fear the outcome, and know you will be able to navigate it so long as you live by your moral compass, because the alternative is submission and self-sabotage, and you have no intentions of selling your soul.

The IRS is a corporation working for the global mafia that
blackmails everyone into paying them a large percentage of their hard-earned
money so that they can streamline it to arms of the government that siphon it
out to the mafia. It is blood money. They know it. You know it. We all know it.
Why is everyone still paying the mafia? We are all complicit. Fear of fines.
Fear of jail. This is how they own you. If there were ever a time to
discontinue payments to the mafia and cutoff their blood money, this is the

If everyone, or even 1/3rd of the population
honored themselves and their families by standing up for their freedoms, there
would be no need for protests, arguing, or trying to wake people up, because
people would already be operating from a place of power. Say no to tyranny. Say
no to rulers. And most definitely say no to anyone and everyone who threatens
you and your family’s constitutional rights, freedoms, and survival. And never
stop having compassion for humanity, your neighbor, or even the person who
annoys you at work, because their freedoms matter just as much as yours.
Allowing tyrants to rule you by you ousting a neighbor because they have the
balls to stand up for their own freedoms when you don’t, is a sign of envy and
it stems from fear.

They portend to have far more power over you than they
really do, and they propagandize every incident they can to ensure the fear
really soaks into your pores. Sure, they will convince some members of law
enforcement to knock on your door, intimidate you, or maybe even arrest you to
create a spectacle and more fear. Those members are operating from obedience
and their own level of fear, just as you are. How can you hold them accountable
if you are not defying the rules yourself? In any given state, there are
between 250-350 police officers per 100,000 residents. A handful of larger
cities may have as many as 500 officers per 100,000 residents. Keep that in

Will you face sacrifices for standing up for yourself and
your family? Possibly, in some states you may. Are those sacrifices any greater
than what you have already willingly sacrificed, while feeling miserable about
yourself, and completely helpless? By you saying NO, and moving forward with
your life, with your head held high, will you empower others around you?
Absolutely! There is a sheep mentality and studies have proven time and time
again, it only takes one person. Do you think for one minute that people want
to be walking around with masks on? No one does. Sure, there may be some that
do, but only out of fear. The other day, I went into a hardware store with a
friend. Neither of us were wearing masks. Everyone else was. A woman walked up
to us and said to my friend, “I’m proud of you for not wearing a mask.” She
went off to do her shopping. Ten minutes later she returned to chat, no longer
wearing her mask. Sometimes people need the courage to do what they feel is
right in their heart, and sometimes that courage comes from observing another
person’s courage. Just imagine the ripple effect of empowerment, by simply
leading the way.

When I was a teenager, I was at a party with about 50 other
teenagers. There were a lot of people coming and going, and there were a lot of
people partaking in drinking. I hadn’t been there long, when suddenly the
police showed up. I hadn’t had a drink yet, nor did some of the others.
Regardless, they came into the house, sat at the table writing up tickets,
while making everyone form a long line. They did not do breathalyzer tests, but
they wrote all of us up for underage drinking. A few weeks later, we all had a
court date at the same time. It was a funny feeling, walking into a court room
and seeing all of my friends from the party. We filled the room. They began
calling names, and one by one, each one walked up and said “guilty,” and were
given community service. I kept whispering to the others who hadn’t been
drinking to speak their truth and plead “not guilty,” but they were all under
the fear spell. Even at that age, I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t speak
their truth. I walked up, plead “not guilty” and the judge told me to have a
nice day, and off I went. I couldn’t wrap my head around why they had it set in
their minds that they should take a punishment for something they hadn’t done,
just because the police officers wrote down that everyone was drinking. It was
false. The obvious moral to the story is, do not ever give up your rights, do
not fall for their games, and know that you have more power than they want you
to believe you have. Is this justice system corrupt? In many places, yes. Have
they framed and prosecuted innocent people? Yes they have. Does this mean we
should all stop standing up for our rights or walk off a cliff if they tell us
to? NO.

It really comes down to this in the simplest terms. There
are 327 million Americans in this country. We outnumber the tyrants by
millions! We know we are in the right and we know they are trying to strip away
our freedoms. Guess what? They can’t have them. Not in our minds, not in our
soul, and sure as heck not in the physical world. You set that in stone in your
mind and in your heart and you follow that moral compass and you stand tall and
proud for yourself, your family, and all Americans in this country, and
together we could shift this tide overnight. It is that simple. They do not own
you, they just want you to think they do. Love yourself. Love your family. Love
your neighbor. You were not put on this earth to be a doormat – you were put
here to do profound things, so honor yourself and let those around you honor
themselves, and together we will be stronger. If there was ever a time to look
yourself in the mirror, to muster up courage, and to be brave – that time is

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Author: Corey Lynn

PIH, Bobby Rush, and The Truth Behind Contact Tracing Surveillance

tracing seems to be all the rage lately, but is it really just “contact
tracing,” and how many laws are being broken while they surveil the country going
door to door with the threat of isolation? Is this about preventing spread or
is it to gather data, instill more panic, or create a false need for mail-in
ballots? How far are these people willing to go, and who was instrumental in
getting this rolling? How far are you willing to go to fight for your rights?

• H.R.6666
(TRACE) Act was introduced by IL Rep. Bobby Rush for a $100 billion grant to
NGOs and organizations to carry out contract tracing throughout the U.S. just
months after attending the Aspen Institute’s conference in Africa which was
paid for in part by Bill Gates, Rockefellers, and the Democracy Fund.

• Dr. Paul
Farmer of Partners in Health was also at the Aspen Institute with Bobby Rush,
who is currently running the contact tracing program in Massachusetts and
beyond. Dr. Jonathan Epstein of EcoHealth Alliance whose $3.7 million NIH
funding was recently cut off due to ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology,
was also in attendance, among others.

• Former
World Bank President and co-founder of Partners in Health Jim Yong Kim is the
man contacting governors to implement the contact tracing program in multiple

• Bill
Gates has funded Partners in Health over $44 million between the Gates
Foundation and Global Fund, and goes back decades with this group, working on
numerous agendas and initiatives together. Chelsea Clinton is also on the board
of trustees of PIH.

• There
are over 60 companies rolling out tracing apps and getting people to register,
while RFID/NFC syringes are being manufactured by the millions for a future

From early
on, everyone was told that Google was working on an app that people could
“voluntarily opt into” that would allow them to register their information and
get notified if they come in close proximity to those who test positive for
COVID-19. They portrayed it as a helpful safety tool for all (that tracks you),
but they most certainly didn’t want to infringe on anyone’s privacy, so it
would therefore be “voluntary” – until it wasn’t. This was merely a dipping of
everyone’s toes into the pool of shit that was coming down the pike.

Over 60 Companies on Board

There are already over 60 companies pushing everything from cell phone apps to other ways of tracking COVID-positive people, along with anyone who signs up, under the guise of returning society to ‘normal’ in a “controlled, measurable, and privacy-preserving way.” They allege that this ‘Covid Credentials Initiative’ is a “direct response from many calls for an ‘immunity passport,’ a digital certificate that lets individuals prove (and request proof from others) that they’ve recovered after testing negative, have tested positive for antibodies, or have received a vaccination, once one is available. By proving some level of immunity, individuals will be able to begin participating in everyday life again.” Let’s all pause for a good laugh. The “digital certificate” was a Gates brainstorm, so the “many calls” for this they allegedly received, were likely very few, and this mind manipulation tactic of being able to participate in everyday life again is a crock of shit to scare everyone into complying.

(D-IL) Rep. Bobby Rush’s H.R.6666 (TRACE) Act

Is it a mere coincidence that Microsoft filed a ‘cryptocurrency system using body activity data’ patent WO2020060606 in June 2019 that was just published March 26, 2020? Just imagine a future where AI data mines your body activity to verify you for cryptocurrency exchanges. What could possibly go wrong? Is that where all of this is leading? It will make more sense after reading this entire report.

Then, on May 1, 2020 Rep. Bobby Rush introduced the H.R.6666 TRACE Act. Between the patent and the TRACE Act, that’s just a heck of a lot of sixes. Mere synchronicity?

Bobby and 44 of his Democrat friends and one Republican from New Jersey would like a cool $100 BILLION dollar grant program for local organizations to hire, train, and pay individuals to run mobile testing units and conduct door-to-door outreach, as well as monitor and quarantine.

And that fast, just 13 days after the TRACE Act was introduced, Nancy Pelosi snuck it into her new 1,815-page draft for a $3 trillion coronavirus package, requesting $75 billion for “Covid-19 testing, tracing and isolation efforts.” Once again, this package is another wish list that also aims to prohibit voter id requirements to obtain a ballot. It will likely be rewritten several times before anything is hashed out, but people need to stay on top of sounding the alarm bell when it comes to them sneaking the TRACE Act into this next package.

Bobby Rush Has Been Busy

• Rush has a history of pay-to-play.

• Rush was a Pastor at the Beloved Community Christian Church in Chicago, where non-profit organizations complained about Rush’s inordinate amount of government aid he received. By 2013, they had racked up $195,000 in tax delinquencies that went back a decade, including property tax, income tax, and employee withholding tax. As of 2018, five percent of Rush’s congressional salary is being garnished to repay more than $1 million he owed on a delinquent loan.

• Rush was a participant in the Aspen Institute Congressional Program for Africa’s Economic, Security, and Development Challenges and the U.S. Role, which took place August 12-19, 2019 in Kigali, Musanze, and Muhanga, Rwanda. There were seven other participants from the U.S. Congress, all of whom were Democrats from CA, IL, NY, and MO, except for Republican Fred Upton from Michigan, who was the former chairman of the committee on energy and commerce.

There were a
handful of speakers in attendance, including Madeleine Albright who served
under President Bill Clinton and received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from
President Barack Obama, Peggy Clark who received a presidential award for
excellence in microenterprise from Bill Clinton, and Mary Robinson the former President
of Ireland from 1990-1997 who also received a Presidential Medal of Freedom
from President Barack Obama.

Who else was in attendance? Dr. Paul
Farmer from Partners in Health who is running a massive scale contact tracing
program in multiple states, two representatives from the Bill & Melinda
Gates Foundation, and a dozen other scholars. It was a cozy group of about 45.

Who funded Bobby Rush’s expenses in part or in full for this trip, via the Aspen Institute, to the tune of over $19,000? The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund Foundation, Democracy Fund Foundations, and Eleanor Crook Foundation.

Who’s taking
the bet on pay-to-play with this $100 billion-dollar grant aiming to fund
non-profits and other organizations to run contact tracing clear across the
country? Dr. Paul Farmer is already rolling out a program in Massachusetts and
multiple other states through his Partners in Health non-profit, and with the
millions going into their “army,” a federal grant sure would come in handy. Meanwhile,
co-founder of Partners in Health and former World Bank President Jim Yong Kim continues
to work with governors across the country to setup contact tracing on a larger
scale. It kind of takes one back to the days of Haiti, when the Clintons were
sure to line Paul Farmer’s pockets there as well, or Africa where Bill Gates
continues to line their pockets.

A Scholar from EcoHealth Alliance was Also in Attendance with Bobby Rush – $3.7m EcoHealth Alliance Grant from NIH was Cut Off Due to Ties to Wuhan Institute of Virology

Another scholar at this event Bobby Rush attended, that was funded by Bill Gates and friends, was Dr. Jonathan Epstein who is the Vice President for Science and Outreach of EcoHealth Alliance, founded in 1971. He is a veterinarian and disease ecologist who studies emerging zoonotic viruses such as Nipah and Ebola, along with SARS, MERS, and coronavirus. His specialty is bats. “In 2004, Dr. Epstein was part of a team of Chinese, Australian, and American scientists that identified horseshoe bats as the natural wildlife reservoir for SARS coronavirus in China. He also worked on the first team to investigate animal reservoirs of MERS coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, following its discovery in 2012.”

EcoHealth Alliance is the non-profit that received the $3.7 million NIH grant back in 2014 to study the coronavirus and had been working with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. EcoHealth Alliance’s President Dr. Peter Daszak said that none of the funds were given to the Wuhan Institute, but after Trump raised concerns, NIH contacted EcoHealth and instructed them to halt spending the remaining grant and that they were pulling their five-year grant that was just reauthorized in 2019. Daszak also stated that EcoHealth was spending $100,000 a year to collaborate with the Wuhan Institute, which was always preapproved by NIH. They used a portion of the grant funds to run genetic sequences of two bat coronaviruses that they discovered, which have since been used as lab tools to test the antiviral drug Remdesivir.

EcoHealth works
in nearly 30 countries studying emerging pandemic threats. They have over 20
science and policy advisors, including individuals from the National Institutes
of Health, World Health Organization, CDC, and the Bill & Melinda Gates

In addition to NIH funding, the EcoHealth Alliance has played a vital role in the ‘Emerging Pandemic Threats PREDICT-I’ and ‘PREDICT-II’ program with USAID, universities and other NGOs. This dates back to 2009. Between 2009-2018, $195 million has been disbursed and funds continue to be dispersed through 2020. In their Road to EPT-2 document, they state that EPT-1 was to support the World Health Organization, who is currently under investigation and the Trump administration has halted funding to them. They “targeted 25 laboratories in 20 EPT-2 focus countries for enhanced capacities in handling, diagnosing and characterization of known high consequence and novel viruses in wildlife (PREDICT and CDC).”

The funds for the program come out of the Department of State Global Health Programs and the “partner” listed for the funds is the University of California at Davis. There are several organizations and universities involved in these programs, so the funds surely get divided up amongst them. PREDICT I ran from 2009-2013 and each year there was a single grant. In 2014, PREDICT II rolled out, and in 2015 the funding distribution suddenly changed from a single grant to $13.6 million designated to the “world” and 14 individual grants to locations all throughout Africa totaling an additional $49 million, with the grant partner still listed as the University of California at Davis. WHY was there a massive increase in funding in 2015, and why did the distribution change? Was it to spread the funds out so the total disbursement amount wasn’t a red flag or were funds increased due to Ebola? Either way, $62 million in one year, despite skipping payouts in 2016, is still far greater than any other year to date.

2009 – $11m
2010 – $15m
2011 – $17.7m
2012 – $21.5m
2013 – $9.6m
2014 – $13.6m
2015 – $62 million
2016 – $0
2017 – $20.6m from 4 disbursements
2018 – $23.6m from 6 disbursements
2019 – $11m from 26 disbursements
2020 is still rolling out, but they’ve already disbursed close to $2m

Whereas the
grant was “cut off” to EcoHealth Alliance from NIH, due to their affiliation
with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, one wonders if the Trump administration
is also looking into the funding from the Department of State listed above?

In 2018, while co-founder of Partners in Health Jim Yong Kim was the president of the World Bank, they released the ‘One Health Operational Framework for Strengthening Human, Animal, and Environmental Public Health Systems at Their Interface,’ with EcoHealth Alliance. This entire 152-page document is about ‘One Health,’ which originated out of a Wildlife Conservation Society conference at Rockefeller University in 2004, and its aim is to reduce risks of infectious diseases at the animal-human-ecosystems interface. It is a collaboration between the World Bank, WHO, UNICEF, CDC, FAO, OIE, other partners, NGOs.  

To summarize, Bobby Rush has a long history of pay to
play and disregarding paying taxes of any kind. Just last August, he traveled
to Africa for an Aspen Institute congressional conference of approximately 45
individuals and spent time with Obama and Clinton award winners, Dr. Paul
Farmer from Partners in Health who is currently running the contact tracing
program in Massachusetts while his partner Jim Yong Kim is rounding up other
states, Dr. Jonathan Epstein from EcoHealth Alliance who just had their NIH
funding cut due to connections with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and two representatives
from the Gates Foundation, while the Gates, Rockefellers, Democracy Fund, and
others paid toward the $19,000 dollar expense Rush incurred for this sponsored
event. Nine months later, he introduced a bill to dispense $100 billion dollars
to NGOs and other organizations to carry out home-to-home contact tracing
throughout the country.

Heavy Hitting Surveillance Under The Guise of Contact Tracing

As if the drones from China weren’t eye-opener enough, we’ve now moved into contact tracers digging into your personal life, quarantine camps, mandatory masks in public despite Dr. Fauci stating they don’t protect you, and mobile units showing up at your door. Gosh this sure sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Dr. Michael Ryan (Executive Director of WHO Health Emergencies Program) spoke at a press briefing on April 13, 2020. He stated “WHO has been clear that there is no specific evidence that suggest a mask may protect you from infection. And equally a mask may provide protection from others if you happen to be symptomatic and coughing it may stop you from contaminating someone else, but there are a number of issues around the broader use of masks.” He followed up with the fact that the masks would have to be disinfected consistently, and putting the masks on and off means you are touching the mask and therefore possibly contaminating it. The WHO believes that masks are pointless unless they are in addition to a much broader control system – one that consists of tracking everyone who may be positive and separating families by removing those that test positive and isolating them away from their home, as he stated at a press conference in March.

This must have seemed like a good idea for Ventura County, California, who followed suit stating precisely the same thing. In fact, they received so much backlash that they had to walk it back. Dr. Robert Levin stated, “If they live in a home where there’s only one bathroom and there are 3 or 4 other people living there and those people don’t have COVID infection, we’re not going to be able to keep the person in that home. Every person who we’re isolating for instance needs to have their own bathroom. So, we’ll be moving people like this into other kinds of housing that we have available.”

The real alarm bells went off on April 18, 2020 when the Clinton Global Initiative organized a virtual conference and rolled out video clips with Bill Clinton, Gov. Cuomo, Gov. Newsom, Chelsea Clinton, Ophelia Dahl of Partners in Health, and others all discussing the need for contact tracing “armies.”

But the plan had long been masterminded and was already in place for Partners in Health (PIH). Their goal was to dominate the U.S. in these efforts, and they began by announcing their work in Massachusetts, with Paul Farmer leading the way, while Jim Yong Kim was behind the scenes meeting with governors across the country.

Less than two weeks after Congressman Bobby Rush introduced H.R.6666 for $100 billion to NGOs for contact tracing, Partners in Health put out a press release announcing their new ‘contact tracing accompaniment unit’ which would “coordinate and harmonize” approaches across the country by PIH providing small teams of experts, advisers, collaboration, and online toolkits and materials for free.

Yes free, because they will be seeking grants, or shall we say taxpayer dollars. Their initial funding came from The Audacious Project, which is a collaborative funding initiative housed at TED that launched in 2018. Their partners include the Gates Foundation, Virgin Unite, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and about 20 others.

PIH is already supporting programs in
Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, as well as advising in
California, Minnesota, and Maryland.

They have a page designated on their website to join their team of contact tracers in Massachusetts, and the scripts for contacting potential COVID-positive people reads more like an interrogation. They have pages of personal questions asking about how you are feeling, symptoms, all other health conditions, race and ethnicity, next of kin, where you have been, about family members, what type of home you live in, where you work, who you’ve been in contact with, instructions for how to isolate and get tested, etc. These are easily hour-long conversations. One “script” is 10 pages long. Here is just a snippet of questions regarding “social events.”

To be crystal clear, in Jim Yong Kim’s own words

“And thus our public health efforts have to match the scale of the pandemic. Moreover, in order to ease restrictions on movement and thereby restart the economy, states must establish a system that can quickly respond to anyone with symptoms, test and isolate them if they are positive, and then trace, test and, if necessary, provide supported quarantine for all of their close contacts.

This expansion of a network of contact tracers, social support providers and public health professionals will be massive. But data and experience from countries that have been successful in bending the COVID-19 curve downward have shown us that we have no choice. It’s time to go on offense against the virus.”

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Not a lot of people are familiar with Jim Yong Kim, his history, or his longtime working relationship with the Clintons, Paul Farmer, Bill Gates, and countless others, which is why Corey’s Digs did an extensive report on Kim back in January 2019. Aside from being moved around like a peg on a board to very instrumental positions that would allow him to carry out their agendas as well as direct funds toward them, Kim’s early years and family background are a bit mysterious.

Prior to being the president of the World Bank, he was not only President of Dartmouth College who has had its fair share of scandals, Kim was the director of the HIV division for the World Health Organization. That’s correct, he has been working with the usual suspects on the HIV/AIDS agenda for decades. Corey’s Digs spent the last two years investigating this slush fund and has been working on a book, whereby the first three chapters have already been released. Coincidentally, Bill Gate’s Global Fund and Gates Foundation have funded Partners in Health over $44 million throughout the years. Just how tight of a group is this? They go way back to the 80s and have orchestrated countless agendas together. Corey’s Digs has covered many of these players and their agendas in numerous reports over the years to show how they all tie together and how they orchestrate them. Simply search their names or organizations and you will find a plentiful amount of reports on Corey’s Digs.

It should also be noted that Chelsea Clinton is on the board of trustees of Partners in Health, who boasts an extensive list of partners including George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Abbott Laboratories, AbbVie Foundation, countless other big pharma companies, governments and UN factions, and hundreds of others – many of whom are also funders, such as George Soros. Here are eight reports Corey’s Digs has done over the years, which include Partners in Health’s endeavors and connections.   

For those that aren’t aware, Kim was preceded by Robert Zoellick as the World Bank President. Why is this significant? There is a common theme. In March 2016, Zoellick signed an open letter by GOP national security leaders that outlined their reasons not to support Trump. Later that year, in August, he signed another letter from 50 GOP national security officials calling Trump a national security risk. He even went so far as to write an article in September 2017 urging Congress to assert constitutional powers over trade because Trump was going to “unravel vital ties across the Asia-Pacific region.” Guess where Zoellick is now? He has served on the board of directors for twitter since July 19, 2018. Surprise.

Guess who else serves on the board of directors for Twitter? Bret Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer for Salesforce. What companies is Jim Yong Kim utilizing to gather their “contact tracing” data? Accenture, based out of Dublin, Ireland, and Salesforce, a San Francisco based company founded by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris. Let’s keep going – Marc Benioff is part of a group of 28 who created Breakthrough Energy Coalition in 2015, along with buddies Bill Gates, Richard Branson, George Soros, Tom Steyer, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Reid Hoffman, and more. This rabbit hole keeps going and ties straight to the Caribbean and the Clintons. Corey’s Digs reported on this back in August 2018, urging people to pay very close attention to the beginnings of a takeover of infrastructure and tourism all along the drug and child trafficking routes in the Caribbean, covering over 20 islands. Part 4 of the four-part report is a big eye-opener, showing a large network of individuals and organizations.

To understand this decades-long network, when it comes to their agendas in the healthcare industry, Bill Gates is the central bank. He funds universities, biotech companies, the WHO and seven other UN factions, the CDC Foundation, multiple big pharma companies, numerous labs currently working on a COVID-19 vaccine, clinical trials and research, major media outlets, Partners in Health, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Yes indeed, he funds it all. Every single aspect of the healthcare industry is funded by Bill Gates, and darn near everything pertaining to the COVID-19 virus is being funded by Gates as well. It’s amazing what money can buy when you don’t have a college degree, medical license, or science background. What happened to antitrust laws? Is this not the biggest monopoly that’s ever emerged in America? Some believe China is our biggest threat when it comes to the healthcare industry. They most certainly are a threat, but Bill Gates’ capital is the biggest threat because it feeds every single avenue that controls policies, priorities, science, research, media, drugs, and vaccines, in addition to his direct operations and funding to China. The whole shebang!

Other Organizations Jumping on Board The Contract Tracing Train

In addition to Partners in Health, their buddies over at Bloomberg Philanthropies, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Resolve to Save Lives are working with governors of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Mike Bloomberg and former CDC Director Thomas Frieden have worked on many agendas with Bill Gates, the Clintons, and Partners in Health. Of course, Frieden believes we will need several hundred thousand contact tracers. This is the same man who went on Tucker Carlson alleging we would see one million deaths by COVID in the U.S.

Thomas Frieden was appointed by Barack Obama. This particular character was also covered extensively by Corey’s Digs back in September 2018, because again, he is a key player in having carried out multiple criminal agendas and led the efforts on combatting the Swine flu, Ebola and Zika epidemics. He was also responsible for running the two-year test project for creating the electronic health record (EHR) that became everyone’s worst nightmare. The entire creation of the EHR system was packed full of corruption and detailed in this report, along with six other major red flags for data scraping, coverups, and funding to his pals. Frieden now works side by side with Bloomberg Philanthropies at Resolve to Save Lives, where they have of course turned their focus to assisting with contact tracing for COVID-19.

The Tracing Has Already Begun

In addition to all of the states listed above, Washington state is now “forcing” restaurants to keep daily customer logs to help with contact tracing. Meaning, if anyone wishes to dine in at a restaurant, they can expect to be asked their name, address, phone number, and the time they arrived at the restaurant so that their personal information can be kept in a 30-day log.

Indiana is outsourcing contact tracing to Maximus who will hire 500 people to staff a call center, to the tune of $43 million a year.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is building a contact-tracing army of 10,000, while Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has already begun recruiting more than 2,000 volunteers in her state.

In Nashville, Tennessee they have setup the Nashville Fairgrounds to house the homeless during the pandemic. Yet, when Randle Kirkley “escaped after jumping the fence” he was charged and is being held at the Davidson County Jail in medical isolation. He had tested positive for COVID-19. The question is, what exactly was he charged with and why did he have to jump the fence “to escape?” Was he being held (quarantined) against his will?

Over in Singapore, a robot dog named Spot, engineered by Boston Dynamics, is patrolling parks to broadcast a message reminding people of social distancing rules. Because you know, people haven’t been reminded enough, so why not intimidate them with a robot in their face? Is this what we have to look forward to in the U.S.? Something tells me that won’t go over so well here.

On a high note, the Wisconsin Supreme Court just struck down the state’s stay-at-home order as “unlawful, invalid and unenforceable” stating a “vast seizure of power” after State Department of Health head Andrea Palm attempted to direct all individuals to stay home, with travel restrictions, business restrictions, and threats of fines or jail time for those who don’t comply, which was planned to run until May 26.

Is It All Leading to This – Vaccine Tracing?

On May 13, 2020, in an interview on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo, President Trump set off a wave of panic across social media when he said that they are mobilizing the Military and other forces on the basis that they would have a vaccine, so at the end of the year they would be able to give vaccines to people very rapidly. He said, “we are of the assumption that by the end of the year we will have a vaccine and then you have to be able to give it, to use it, on most of our population. We are going to focus on elderly, nursing homes, senior citizen centers…”

What’s curious is the fact that just one week ago, Trump said that he doesn’t know that we will even need a vaccine and that some viruses die off and never come back. In fact, he’s gone back and forth quite a bit on the vaccine, placing a stronger focus on therapeutics, while investigating the WHO, NIH, and looking into PEPFAR. Is this part of his strategy or does he really intend to vaccinate? He’s a smart man, and most certainly knows that he could very well lose a good chunk of his base if he pushes forward with vaccines that include a level of tracking.

Looking back on March 18, 2020 HHS put out a press release announcing a new public-private partnership to develop U.S.-based, high-speed emergency drug packaging solutions, and awarded ApiJect up to $456 million for research and development. Fast forward to May 12th, the U.S. Department of Defense published a press release announcing a $138 million contract to ApiJect Systems America for “Project Jumpstart” and “RAPID USA” for medical grade injection devices. Their goal is to manufacture more than 100 million prefilled syringes for distribution across the U.S. by end of 2020, with a total of 500 million by 2021. They plan to initially execute this in Connecticut, South Carolina, and Illinois. Surprisingly, New York isn’t on that list.

The syringes can come with an RFID/NFC tag on the exterior of them that
will allow them to track usage of the vaccine for a real-time “injection map.”
Note: this tracking it on the outside of the syringe, yet one can imagine how
they may quickly incorporate additional data when capturing the NFC tag’s
serial number, such as a person’s health data so that they can “certify” them
as having received the vaccine. They are not stating this is what they intend
to do, this is just a hypothesis of what may come.

ApiJect put together a RAPID USA (Rapid Aseptic packaging of Injectable Drugs) booklet, containing a lot of information on their processes. Below is one of their illustrations showing how this system would be implemented.

How Far Are You Willing To Let Them Go?

The 4th Amendment States: The right of the
people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against
unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants
shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and
particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to
be seized.

Does deprivation of rights under color of law apply here? Of course, many of the door-to-door individuals will be working for NGOs, rather than state or federal officials. Perhaps it’s time for law groups to spring into action and start fighting for people’s rights to put a hard stop to some of this. Meanwhile, people DO NOT have to answer their phones, nor do they have to speak with a “contact tracer” should they answer their phone. Nor do they have to allow anyone into their home, or even open the door for them, unless they have a warrant.

Are these contact tracing programs proposing that it is lawful to show up at someone’s house to test them, or send mobile units out, or remove people from their homes, simply because someone they know has tested positive and they may have come in contact with them? And are they also suggesting they have the right to do this without a warrant? Would any judge in their right mind approve a warrant for such a matter? Unfortunately, as we are witnessing, there are still a lot of corrupt judges in action, but one would like to believe that most wouldn’t enforce this. The H.R. 6666 Trace Act would seem to scream violations across the board.

They are running this racquet under the guise of keeping everyone safe while trying to lengthen the panic timeframe to stretch it out beyond elections and into a syringe. They are attempting to scrape everyone’s data to build on their databases they have been compiling for decades, including DNA from tests to add to their world’s largest stores of usable designer genetic code. This is not conspiracy, they brag about these databases in the scientific world – it’s a dream come true. Now they want to track vaccines to be sure everyone is vaccinated and can provide proof of immunization, while simultaneously working on a cryptocurrency system that data mines your body activity. Welcome to the future.

BUT, that future hasn’t arrived quite yet, and it’s up to
everyone to fight for a better future, for their constitutional rights and
freedoms. WE are the army they didn’t see coming. WE make up millions of people.
WE can take a stand and refuse to submit to this tyranny or comply with their
grand agenda. Are you willing to sacrifice everything over to them, or
sacrifice a little to put a stop to this?

Do not let fear get the best of you. They will make every
attempt to scare you, shame you, and guilt you into doing what’s “best for your
neighbors and loved ones.” Most people will submit and obey and others will
follow out of sheep mentality and fear of being an outsider. It is so important
to be a leader right now, to do what you believe is best for you and your
family, and to exercise your rights, with your head held high. The world needs more
leaders. Lead and they will follow. Lead them to truth and true security, not
the demise of those who wish to strip it all away from us.

Take back your power – take back your rights – and stand

Download this full report in PDF format in The Bookshop >>>

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Author: Corey Lynn

Citizen Journalists Usher in A Changing of The Old Guard

By James Fitzgerald

As I watch the hashtag “Obamagate” spiral upwards on social media – despite the hosts’ technical chicanery to the contrary – it really feels like the collective mind is fracturing into two distinct realities: one embracing the apparent clarity and diversity of revelations around their political and corporate controllers, and other the orthodox brigade who, if they look at all, are becoming irritated by the outrageous claims of this “right wing” and “lunatic fringe”.

a former journalist on national newspapers, I have been privy to the relaxed
and comforting narratives about the world that pervade newsrooms. They are
always quite simplistic and universally accepted across the MSM. It makes life
easy, but dull. The only channels generally on view in newsrooms are the BBC
and CNN. It is to these broadcasters that the news editors will look to check
they haven’t missed a story before the final edition goes to print or they sign
off on the website for the night.

my 16 years as a senior editor, I became a daily fulcrum point for matters
concerning markets, politics, lifestyle, economics and the arts. If you had
asked me which stocks to buy or who would be the next “It” girl or boy, I would
be able to answer with close to 100 per cent accuracy. The “news”, when you
spend enough time ingesting it, conforms to a cyclical and predictable routine.
That means that the world is either a very bland place or that the consensus
reality we live in is tightly controlled, and embraced earnestly by many

contrast, the profusion of opinions and documented events on Twitter, for
example, represents a paradigm that posits the world in a much more diverse
way.  This flow of information and images doesn’t get the same vetting
process as corporate, advertiser-led news outlets, so perhaps represents a
stream of consciousness that is more reflective of the lateral-thinking
population. That is not to say that it doesn’t evidence artifice and
grandstanding and infiltration by corporate and state bodies.

ten years ago I wrote an expose on the Apollo moon missions for a national
newspaper. It never saw the light of day. I was congratulated on my gripping
prose but told that it wasn’t something that readers would be interested in.
The photos alone – taken on the way to and on the Moon – would have most people
falling off of their chairs. The testimony of the former astronauts, military
officers and physicists made a compelling case that intelligent and advanced
life exists throughout the cosmos. If believed, it also demonstrated that those
same staples of news hadn’t best served the public interest by ignoring this

of the footage on social media in recent months has included detailed shots of
huge craft moving across the lunar surface and planetary-sized objects filling
the outer corona (forgive the term) of the Sun. The US now has an official
Space Force and the “Great Awakening” movement is no stranger to suggestions of
black budget programs and the idea that “we are not alone in the universe”. To
scan the MAGA-related posts, and the responses they elicit, is to embark on an
almost hallucinogenic experience. Just like Alice, we follow that rabbit hole into
another dimension of posited truths and facts. In comparison, my NASA feature
reads like a sundry news item in a local freesheet.

group of citizen journalists and commentators are holding a microscope up to
every facet of daily life – and share a skepticism around vaccines, politics,
foreign policy and globalization in general. The New Age concepts of
“Ascension” and ET contact are also being blended in some quarters with this
emerging world view. And why wouldn’t it? Talk of a secret space program
started by the Nazis runs concurrent with discussions about Nikola Tesla’s work
on free-energy propulsion systems and President John F. Kennedy’s plans to
smash the “Deep State”. The Nazi hierarchy, of course, were known for their
esoteric beliefs, and this creates a linkage to today’s narrative around the
ritualized practices of some elites.

or not one group is merely replacing the old illusions with newer, more sexy
variants remains a moot point, but the schism in consciousness between the old
consensus and the emerging one is hard to dismiss. Like all revolutions, the
trick is not to be consumed with hatred and anger, which is where many a great
movement handed power back to the dark side. Collegiate over chaos; imagination
over immaturity; responsibility over wretchedness. 

Bill Gates pushing for mandatory vaccines, Benjamin Netanyahu advocating
microchips for children and draconian measures being rolled out to suppress
civil freedoms under a questionable pandemic, I know which consensus reality I
have ringside seats booked for – delcass and dismantling.

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Author: James Fitzgerald

When The Masks Went On, Their Masks Came Off

Their modeling systems were wrong. Their numbers were highly
exaggerated. Despite this, they were prepared to go all the way – to escalate a
virus to astronomical proportions so they could shut this country down, shut
the world down, and attempt to control all populations into submission through
fear tactics and mind games. Why? What do they have to gain? Their masks came
off when they began trying to control the minds of millions by feeding a deceptive
narrative, moving for mail-in ballots to manipulate the upcoming elections, shutting
down the economy while deciding who’s business was “essential” and who’s was “non-essential,”
using tactics to keep people in a state of fear to make them vulnerable so they
will heed the advice of so-called “experts” when a vaccine is deployed,
creating a trillion dollar industry, all while simultaneously putting a halt to
all protests, conferences, and rallies.

Essentially, the goal is to destroy America and install a new
President that can drive them to their end game. Ultimately, when everyone was
told to put on masks, their masks came off, and all was revealed. Most people
see right through their charades, if for no other reason, because they have
been illegally forced to close their “non-essential” businesses, lost their
jobs, can no longer feed their families, and can see the unnecessary lengths they
have gone to try to destroy EVERYONE, as they witness the real plague –
tyranny! For those who are still trapped in the false narrative, and are
complying to all rules out of fear, that fear needs to be checked against
reality, as all of the evidence is out there.

The Washington Post wants everyone to believe that masks are a new
fashion trend and have even brought Disney into the fold, trying to make this seem fun
while declaring “masks are here to stay!” They use the word “solidarity” to
make everyone feel as though they are a single unit working together to heal
the world, when what they really mean is, “we believe you are all sheep and
will listen to anything we tell you, so we will continue to program you to our

The irony is, despite the legacy media and governors trying to
“order” people to wear masks under the guise of “it’s for everyone’s safety and
if you don’t do it you may die or kill other people,” the CDC and Dr. Fauci
themselves have flat out said THEY WON’T PROTECT YOU.

When Vice President Pence was asked by Brett Baier at a Town Hall on May 3rd, about why he
chose not to wear a mask when visiting the Mayo Clinic, his response was, “well from early on the CDC has made it
clear that you wear a mask to prevent you from conveying the coronavirus to
other people
, and since the President and I are in the unique position we
are in, we’re tested often.”

In an interview with CBS, NIAID Director Dr. Fauci, who is a part of the COVID-19 Task Force, clearly stated,

“There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection people think that it is.”

The fact that he stated this in March versus April is totally irrelevant. He is an immunologist, and this is a clear cut statement that cannot be walked back.

It “might make people feel a bit better,” he said. Meanwhile, there are
hundreds of thousands of people who are having incredibly adverse effects from
wearing the masks. It’s hard to imagine why so many people would be dealing
with anxiety, PTSD, claustrophobia and other traumatic issues in this country (sarcasm),
but wearing these masks are a big trigger for them. That would be classified as
a mental disability. There are also people with physical disabilities such as
asthma or respiratory issues and the masks make it difficult for them to
breathe. Furthermore, there are some people whose jobs require heavy lifting,
and it’s causing them a great deal of dizziness, not to mention those that wear
protective goggles or glasses are having to deal with them constantly fogging
up. And, there are those with other debilitating physical issues where the
masks create more problems, including those with hearing deficiencies that need
to be able to read lips, which is tricky to do when everyone is sporting a
mask. According to the CDC, wearing masks for long periods of time, for example
an 8-hour work shift, can cause headaches. The CDC contends it will not cause
hypercapnia, though there is a lot of controversy over this.

Taking all of the above into consideration, the most telling of all is the
fact that not only do these masks not protect people, they would need to be
sterilized on a regular basis, and by wearing the same mask over and over each
day, if anything – they act as bacteria and virus collectors. Therefore, if
they do not protect people, they cannot be sterilized, and are collecting
bacteria, WHY are governors insisting people where them in public places? Only
one conclusion can be drawn from this – it is all for show to perpetuate the
fear and keep the stigma in people’s minds to prep them for an incoming vaccine,
while doing whatever they can to prevent rallies and in-person voting for the
elections. If this isn’t obvious yet, then you need to start using your brain
and stop letting them use it for you.

what can you do? What rights do you have when you are being told you MUST wear
a mask to enter a public store, that the experts have already confirmed will
not protect you? Some very smart people have been sharing this across social
media, and Corey took the time to review it to see if it is in fact justifiable
in this particular case. It is very cut and dry and more people need to be made
aware of this. If you feel like you need to wear a mask because you have a
compromised immune system or are elderly, that is your choice, but everyone
should be made aware of their rights.

The American Disabilities Act

can grab the jpg image below and print it out to carry with you for your
convenience. The bottom line is – if you have a
mental or physical disability that prevents you from wearing a mask, no public
facility or store can discriminate against you and require you to leave,
especially a grocery store which is required for your survival. You do not have
to tell them what your disability is. That being said, one would suspect that
if a lot of people start acting on their rights, it’s going to create an issue
and mayors or governors may try to step in and implement another executive
order that states you are a danger to others and therefore you must have
someone else do your grocery shopping for you. But that’s just not realistic,
and they know this, so it will be interesting to see where this all goes. In
regard to business owners mandating masks via governors’ orders, the employer
may very well instruct the employee to leave the place of work with unpaid
leave because there are no “accommodations” that could be provided that would
replace the mask requirement. Whether or not there is legal basis for this
would be a question for an attorney. This of course, could create a whole other
issue for those seeking to go back to work, who are unable to wear a mask.

Their Masks Came Off – It’s All About Perception Now

only do these scoundrels who preach to wear a mask, not wear one themselves,
many don’t even abide by their own rules, such as IL Gov. Pritzker’s wife
taking a trip to Florida. Of course, the rules don’t apply for them and
Pritzker verbally attacked a reporter for daring to question him on it. NYC
Mayor DeBlasio is targeting the Jewish community while NY Gov. Cuomo has sent
people off to their deaths at nursing homes while neglecting patients at hospitals, and
is now touting that the education
system should be “reimagined” and built back better, and he plans to work with
the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a blueprint to do this.
Sure, why not? Gates already has his hands in every single cookie
across the globe, with no exaggeration.

forget, they create the illusions to give a false reality to a situation or
narrative so as to alter your perception and keep you in fear and under their
control. How many ways do they accomplish this?

Recently, CBS added fake patients to a testing area to create the
appearance of a longer line. There were only a few actual people there to get
tested and they were made to wait so CBS could stage this. These people are
disgusting! Link to full video.

The social media giants continue to censor and shadowban. It
doesn’t matter whether you have a small following or a huge following, twitter
will remove likes, followers, and reduce both the retweets and comment count –
and they do this in real time right before your very eyes. President Trump gets
the extra special treatment with mass scale reduction in numbers. He has been
averaging 100,000 new followers every 48-hrs over the past couple of weeks.
Just imagine what the real numbers are, based on the thousands of retweets and
likes they remove? Facebook and YouTube are removing anything and everything
they determine goes against the narrative, especially if it’s COVID related and
you point out negative facts about the World Health Organization. Oh yes, they
are all working overtime to hide the truth from everyone.

The term “essential business” is not new. Most people are just now
hearing about this, as it’s being used to disqualify all of the other
“essential” businesses by simply making the claim “they are not essential.”
Over a decade ago, Google changed their algorithms and pushed this very tactic
in the online retail world. So for those who had online businesses that were “essential”
for their survival, Google decided they were “non-essential” and pushed all of
the big name stores to the top of the search results, deeming them more
“essential” for shoppers. This is not new, they merely brought it from the
cyberworld to the real world, to crush all of the little guys, while driving
more business to their cohorts stores.

Even though their modelling systems were way off, they exaggerated
the numbers, have validated that they were off, have stated that we have
flattened the curve, informed us that the warmer weather and sun will kill the
virus, and said that states are “opening back up,” there are some states that
refuse to get on board because they are pushers of the fear narrative. The
entire state of Oregon has had a total of 109 COVID-related deaths (with
emphasis on “related”), yet Governor Brown just declared they
will remain closed until July 6th!

IL Gov. Pritzker has released hundreds from prison under the guise
of them potentially catching the virus, including two
who had murdered children, while Chicago Mayor Lightfoot preaches “we
will shut you down. We will cite you. And if we need to, we will arrest you,
and we will take you to jail, period…don’t make us treat you like a
criminal.” Oh, the irony.

Meanwhile, CA Gov. Newsom is flying helicopters over
beaches warning people that the beach is closed and they cannot enter, while in
the great state of Texas, they are driving in armored vehicles to shut down
peaceful protests, arresting tattoo artists and sending a salon owner to jail
for seven days for opening their “non-essential” businesses before they were
“allowed.” Fortunately, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is calling for her
immediate release, and the Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick tweeted
that he will cover her $7k fine and volunteered to be placed under house arrest
so she can go to work and feed her kids.

It is amazing how they decide what they deem to be “essential”
when in fact ALL businesses are essential for families to survive and thrive.
How dare they distinguish, claiming that Walmart is more important than the
small health store, or that a pet grooming location can open but a salon
cannot. Do you see the hypocrisy and their clear attempt at showing just who is
in control, while most people submit for fear of retaliation? Now imagine if
hundreds, thousands all stood up for their rights, didn’t allow this
unconstitutional, illegal bullying, and could get back to work and feed their

People Are Fighting For Their Rights

People are fighting back, running peaceful protests, exposing
their outrageous tactics, opening their businesses, and going out in public
without a mask on. Not only that, there have been a lot of representatives
across the country that are standing up to governors, taking them to court, and
fighting for our rights. This is all backfiring on them.

So what is their last ditch effort? They are trying to continue
with the masks to present visual eye candy for the fearful, while continuing
with escalating numbers and a threat of a “second wave,” while Bill Gates
postulates we should remain closed until a vaccine is ready. And, they are
building up armies of contact tracers to perpetuate the madness, while
collecting data, and encouraging people to tell on their neighbors. This is the
only way they can keep their show going. There is much more to be told about
the contact tracing, and that’s coming up in another Corey’s Digs report soon!

One of the biggest concerns people have, aside from getting back to work, is the threat of a mandated vaccine. Corey’s Digs did an extensive report on investigations and the battle for a vaccine, which lends a lot of insight to what is taking place. Since then, President Trump continues to state that they are working hard on getting a vaccine by the end of the year and that he needs a vaccine. Is Trump stating this to maintain control of a vaccine, should one come to fruition? Is he stating this until after all therapeutics have been tested and deemed to fight the virus without the need for a vaccine? Or does Trump really plan to have a vaccine produced, perhaps in a safer way than they have been done in the past? Do we really even need a vaccine for coronavirus? These are all of the questions rolling through everyone’s minds right now. Corey’s Digs is keeping a close eye on this as things progress, but one very important recent event to note is the “virtual coronavirus vaccine summit” that recently took place, whereby world leaders pledged billions for a vaccine. Leaders from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Jordan, South Africa, Turkey, and China’s ambassador to the European Union were all in attendance – the U.S. did not attend.

Never stop fighting for your rights, your freedom, and justice.

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Author: Corey Lynn

Investigations & The Battle for A Vaccine: Where is This Headed?

The view from
within ones’ home looks much like the apocalypse, as the economy spirals in
turmoil while people heed their governor’s orders to “stay home.” Venturing out
to the grocery store or for a stroll in nature brings about a surreal feeling
of being in the twilight zone as people keep their distance while sporting
masks and gloves. They have managed to sink the population into fear and
despair, while battling it out over the “cure” for this virus that has swept
the nation, or so they say.

It’s hard for
most people to see past their fears, their financial situation, and trying to
cope in a situation everyone was forced into, not to mention the elevated anger
everyone is feeling from freedoms being unnecessarily stripped away. But, this
is about much more than a “cure” for COVID-19. There is a shift, a shake-up,
and a dismantling taking place before our very eyes. If people realized the
background of so many of these nefarious characters, they would understand just
how significant this battle is for our healthcare industry, over livelihoods,
and the future of mankind.

• PEPFAR is being spotlighted by
President Trump, and his feelings on its funding and Africa go back much further
than he’s letting on.

• The National Institutes of Health is
under investigation with a focus on the $3.7 million given to Wuhan lab in

• The World Health Organization has
been put on a 60-day funding freeze and is under investigation by the Trump

• There have been key resignations,
reassignments and shake ups with BARDA, USAID and the FDA, and the mainstream
news is leaving out some key details.

• President Trump’s team are in a
battle against Team Gates and NIH over Hydroxychloroquine and other measures
versus a global vaccine, and the timeline is telling.

Summary of Event Timeline

Some find Trump’s plain and simple language to reflect a
lack of intelligence. Those who have studied his strategy know full well that
he has the ability to utilize his enemies for the good, spotlight those he
needs to, draw the vampires in, and beat them at their own game time and time
again. This time, they took it too far, and it would appear that he is looking
to dismantle the corrupt healthcare industry from the top down, including potentially
pulling out of China when it comes to our pharmaceuticals. Right now, we are
witnessing the WHO, PEPFAR, NIH, China, universities, and individuals all lined
up on the chopping block. Ultimately, the Global Fund will experience the repercussions,
as far as funding goes.

To summarize the timeline below, would leave out some of
the most critical data points that reflect this back and forth battle between Team
Trump and the Gates Team, in particular, the most significant press conference
to date that took place on April 18th. It is broken down in detail in
the timeline below because there was so much key information packed into four
minutes, that most people probably missed a good portion of his intentions and
strategy. His strategy is absolutely brilliant, and that section, among others,
is a must read! He told us everything we need to know about who he’s
investigating, how they’ve come to this conclusion, who’s involved with these
organizations, how he intends to reallocate funds, and how more statements are
coming. Not only that, he’s been telling us some of this for years, before he
was even President.

Whereas Trump continues to state that they have many
people working on a vaccine behind the scenes, his main focus has been on less
invasive therapeutics, sharing the fact that heat, humidity and UV light play a
big role in killing the virus, and exploring all options of treatment, despite
being attacked for this. After all, in what decade has anyone ever witnessed a
President pushing for a healthier more cost efficient approach when it comes to
people’s health?

As it stands
right now, it would appear that the DOJ, FDA, and various laboratories,
scientists, medical doctors, some pharma companies, and military are on Team
Trump, battling it out with Team Gates which consists of the WHO, NIH,
universities, and their own bought off scientists and big pharma. Over the past
five months the USAID Administrator resigned and took a position to lead the
McCain Institute, BARDA’s director was reassigned and Stephen Hahn was sworn in
as the new FDA Commissioner. More details on these events are in the timeline

Key Timeline of Events

This timeline is not to diagnose the
situation of the virus itself, nor is it to delve into the history of these
nefarious characters, though there will be links throughout that highlight some
of them. There is a multi-layer battle taking place, but this report is focused
specifically on the battle for a vaccine and investigations involving the
healthcare industry, because that is a big part of their end game. This
timeline could have been far more extensive, but is limited to some of the most
important events to show the main scope of what is transpiring.

President Trump signed an executive order to ‘Modernize and Improve Influenza Vaccines.’

has been a sticking point for many people who are either taking this as
concrete evidence that Trump is cleaning up the vaccine industry, or that he is
all for the vaccine industry. To
clear a few things up, Trump has always stated that he is not anti-vaccines, BUT
he believes too many vaccines are being pumped into babies at such a young age
and they need to be spread out. He has also always shown concern over whether
autism is caused by vaccines. Key takeaways from this executive order are; to
improve the speed and efficiency of production, improve their effectiveness, and
created a task force to identify policy priorities and monitor progress. Does
this mean that Trump is all for a COVID-19 vaccine? Keep reading.

USAID committed $1.16 billion to Bill Gates’ GAVI over fiscal years 2020-2023, which includes the annual $290 million already in the 2021 budget. This is for purposes of GAVI to immunize 300 million additional children by 2025, and to bolster support by other governments to donate to GAVI. This does not even mention COVID-19, but rather focuses on other diseases, and to stockpile vaccines.

This additional funding came while Mark Green was the Administrator of USAID. He was tapped by Trump in 2017, and announced his resignation on March 16, 2020. Green spoke very highly of GAVI. On April 16, 2020 Mark Green was named the Executive Director of the McCain Institute.

The day after Green announced his resignation, Trump announced John Barsa as his pick for the acting administrator for USAID. Barsa had been serving as the Assistant Administrator for USAID’s Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean at the time.

Between 2001–2019, USAID has granted over $2 billion to GAVI, with 2019 being the highest amount at $290 million. Therefore, they have already received their $290 million for 2020, and $290 million for 2021 is included in the $1.16 billion, leaving $870 million split between 2022 and 2023. They raised the bar to $435 million for each of those consecutive years, which has not been done in the past. Only five weeks after doing so, Mark Green resigned.

Bill Gates declared coronavirus a pandemic.

President Trump declared a national emergency, and the same day Bill Gates announced he was stepping down from Microsoft’s board of directors, likely to put all of his efforts into a vaccine.

Bill Gates published ’31 questions and answers about COVID-19’ on his Gates Notes blog. He stated, “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.” This created quite a stir due to Gates’ ID2020 he’s been working on, a Microsoft patent, and his control over the healthcare industry. Many believe Bill Gates wishes to chip people to accomplish this, and it’s not a far stretch given his history, projects, and goals.

President Trump began pushing for Hydroxychloroquine in mid-March.
It should be noted that on May 30, 2018 the ‘Right to Try Act’ was signed into law, which allows for patients who have been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, who are unable to participate in clinical trials, to access certain unapproved treatments. Of course, this likely wouldn’t play a role with Hydroxychloroquine since the FDA and DOJ have taken steps to ensure people with COVID-19 have access to it, despite the many characters attempting to discredit it, and running their own trials to provide bogus studies.

Three days later, Bill Gates’ GAVI put out a press release stating they want to utilize their International Finance Facility for Immunization mechanism so the world can provide funding to their rapid deployment of “eventual COVID-19 vaccines.” The IFFIm was founded in 2006, with the World Bank acting as treasury manager to convert pledges into bonds for immediate funding to GAVI. In other words, they want the IFFIm to be the financial mechanism for trillions of dollars for a global COVID-19 vaccine and essentially operate like the Global Fund does for the HIV/AIDS slush fund that Corey’s Digs has been covering extensively in a book being rolled out one chapter at a time.

The CARES ACT was signed into law, which included funding for therapeutics and vaccines. Here’s a small clip from that section:

For an additional
amount for ‘‘Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund’’,
$27,014,500,000, to remain available until September 30, 2024, to prevent,
prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, domestically or internationally,
including the development of necessary countermeasures and vaccines, prioritizing platform-based technologies with
U.S.-based manufacturing capabilities, the
purchase of vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, necessary medical supplies,
well as medical surge capacity, addressing blood supply chain, workforce
modernization, telehealth access and infrastructure, initial advanced
manufacturing, novel dispensing, enhancements to the U.S. Commissioned Corps,
and other preparedness and response activities…. Provided further, That the Secretary of Health and Human
Services shall purchase vaccines developed using funds made available under
this paragraph in this Act
to respond to an outbreak or pandemic related to
coronavirus in quantities determined by the Secretary to be adequate to address
the public health need.


The FDA authorized emergency use of Hydroxycholoroquine and Chloroquine products to be used for COVID-19 patients who had been hospitalized and who couldn’t be part of a clinical trial.

The same day, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with Mastercard and the Wellcome Trust, a little group they formed under the name of ‘COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator,’ funded $20 million toward clinical trials of therapeutics, including a Hydroxychloroquine study at the University of Washington. The other two studies are being done at La Jolla Institute for Immunology and the University of Oxford. So while running the vaccine end of it, they are also trying to get studies out on Hydroxychloroquine, while stating that “there are currently no broad-spectrum antivirals or immunotherapies available to prevent or treat COVID-19.”

Bill Gates announced funding of new factories for 7 potential COVD-19 vaccines so they will be ready to rock n’ roll billions of vaccines out to the world, once they have approval. Now remember, in the U.S. the FDA must approve the vaccines. Other countries have their own approval processes, and certainly many will go by the authoritative and corrupt World Health Organization’s approval.

Dr. Fauci warned that there is still no evidence that an antimalaria drug has proven effective in the coronavirus fight, and that studies still needed to be done.


President Trump announced at the press conference that they are investigating the World Health Organization’s role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus, and put a 60-day freeze on funding. Full transcript. Depending on how far they take this investigation, it could lead to detrimental paths for Bill Gates, the UN, and other nefarious characters who have long been involved in corruption with the WHO.

Based on Secretary Pompeo’s discussion on April 23rd with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, they may consider a U.S. alternative to the WHO and permanently halt funding and relations. Pompeo also discussed the situation with China, WHO’s neglect, and China’s lack of transparency in not allowing the U.S. any access to investigate where this virus originated.

Bill Gates is not only the second largest funder of the WHO to the tune of $3.5 billion dollars, he also funds six other UN factions, and together they control the policies, priorities, science, and narratives for the healthcare industry. Corey’s Digs did an extensive video illustrating all of this, back in February.

The former head of WHO’s malaria program, Dr. Artara Kochi said it best in 2008 when he raised serious concerns about the Gates Foundation undermining scientific creativity that “could have implicitly dangerous consequences on the policy making process in world health.” He went on to state, “Gates has created a ‘cartel,’ with research leaders linked so closely that each has a vested interest to safeguard the work of others. The result is that obtaining an independent review of scientific evidence (…) is becoming increasingly difficult.”

The U.S. is the largest donor to the WHO. According to Lawrence Gostin, a law professor at Georgetown University and director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center on National and Global health Law, “If the money is already committed and already given, he probably can’t take it away, but the president could withhold outstanding payments or instruct agencies such as the United States Agency for International Development to scale back on cooperation with the WHO.” 

This is
interesting to note as a reference point for USAID funding of $1.16 billion set
to be dispersed to GAVI between 2020-2023.


A Harvard Study came out like clockwork saying this virus will keep coming back, and the need for treatments and a vaccine. Throughout the years Bill Gates has funded Harvard over $65 million to carry out research, whereby, he and the medical community utilize those documents to carry out their agendas, and to justify the means for government funding. This particular study was funded by NIAID which is directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Morris-Singer Fund at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health who Bill Gates funds, NIH which Bill Gates has funded over $475 million to the Foundation for NIH, the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation which lists Dr. Anthony Fauci as vice chair on the board of trustees, and the Wellcome Trust who is partnered with Bill Gates in finding a COVID-19 vaccine. Is it possible that this “study” is biased in any way? Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Dr. Deborah Birx go way back, working together with HIV/AIDS via PEPFAR and The Global Fund.

Bill Gates took to twitter the very next day to proclaim how “dangerous” it is to halt funding to the WHO, along with hundreds of celebrities, deep state politicians, and those with a stake in their end game.

The same day, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation put out a press release stating their expanded funding and commitment to Africa and South Asia. Those are Gates’ two hotspots for running experimental trials and rolling funding through. Regardless of the strategic moves the U.S. makes in distancing themselves from the WHO, the UN, Bill Gates, or their vaccine, they can still attempt to gain funding to roll out their plan in other countries, unless those countries put a halt to it as well.

The following day, after Trump halted funding to the WHO, Bill Gates increased his funding to the WHO by another $150 million. Beginning to see the back and forth plays being made?

The NIH announced a public-private partnership with the Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, CDC, FDA, European Medicines Agency, 16 pharma and biotech companies, and the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH), to develop an international strategy for COVID-19 research. They are calling it ACTIV for Accelerating COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines. It’s being coordinated by the FNIH, which Bill Gates has funded over $475 million to, but then, who hasn’t he funded in the healthcare industry? THIS is the new group that Dr. Bright, Director of BARDA, was reassigned to lead just four days later, that he’s turned into a giant “whistleblower” spectacle.


Another incredibly significant press conference took place on the 18th. In addition to the WHO, President Trump brought attention to two major arms of the government, one being PEPFAR and the other being NIH. For those who are not yet aware, PEPFAR stands for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, and they have doled out over $90 billion in taxpayer dollars since its launch in 2003, with $18 billion going directly to Bill Gates’ Global Fund. PEPFAR was created under George W. Bush with the help of Dr. Fauci and many other nefarious characters. In 2014 Dr. Debra Birx became the United States Global AIDS Coordinator heading up PEPFAR. She is also on the board of The Global Fund. Both Fauci and Birx have been involved with HIV/AIDS since the 1980s. Corey’s Digs has been working on a book for two years that show the involvement of three former presidents, over 35 countries, and scores of NGOs with The Global Fund and all its beneficiaries. Three chapters have been released thus far, and chapter four (GAVI) is in the works.

Let’s break these very important words
down. Every sentence packs a punch!

First off,
people don’t give Trump enough credit for his strategic brilliance. What did he
do here? For starters, he let the world know that he is milking Debra and Tony
for information. He states that no one even knows about PEPFAR, and that he
didn’t even know about it.

The fact is,
he did know about it, and made it a point to reduce the funding to PEPFAR by
$1.2 billion in 2017 for fiscal year 2018. This is documented in chapter one of
Corey’s Digs book on the AIDS slush fund. Back when it happened, it created
quite a stir in their community, but no one paid any attention to it, because
he’s right about one thing… no one knew who the heck PEPFAR even was.

He then reiterated four times the fact that we have spent $6 billion a year in Africa, and it’s been going on a long time. Indeed it has. Is Trump aware that this is all a huge slush fund? How does he feel about the corruption in Africa? Let’s take a look back at his tweets from 2013, before he was President, as they are quite telling. This series of tweets had to do with Obama’s $7 billion funding to bring electrical power to Africa, which was an epic fail.

So how does
Trump feel about doling out $6 billion a year in taxpayer dollars to a known
slush fund, with most of the money going to Africa? It seems obvious.

He then let
the public know that this is the thing that Birx has worked her hardest on and
that it’s near and dear to her heart, while also letting people know that he
has been told by them the money has been very well spent. Brilliant. He

He then
correlates it to the World Health Organization, stating how they are finding
more and more problems and how they can find other ways of spending the $500
million that goes to WHO as well other ways of spending the $6 billion where
people will be helped in a much greater way. In other words… they have already
found problems with PEPFAR as well. He flat out said “we’re doing some research
on certain people that take a lot of credit for what they do.” Research is a
nicer way of saying “investigating.”

As if that
wasn’t enough to make all of these people sweat, he then brought NIH into the
fold! After stating that NIH gives away a lot of money, he said, “some people
are extremely happy, so we’re looking into that also.” Translation: “we know
people are plotting and scheming while lining their pockets and we’re looking
into it.” They’ve been looking into this for a while, are fully aware of the
characters involved, alarmed by the $32 billion a year being dished out, and
plan to be making statements on this.

But wait,
there’s more! He also confirmed they are looking into the $3.7 million that we
gave to the Wuhan lab in China, while casually validating that it happened six
years ago, in 2014 during the Obama administration. And people think he just
rambles. Amazing.

He concluded
with the fact that they have been looking into a lot of things, tremendous
waste in our government, and that they have “found it in many different ways,
and in many different forms.” This has been planned for a long time.

The calm and casual
demeanor he expresses while portraying himself as someone who knows very
little, heeds the advice of the experts, and is just finding out about some
potential nefarious things taking place – is absolute sheer brilliance that
would wash over most people who aren’t paying attention. He has them all boxed
in. They know. He knows it. They all know it. His patience goes unsurpassed by
anyone, and he knows just when to pounce.

the WHO, NIH, and PEPFAR are all being investigated, he has frozen funds to the
WHO, and intends to spend PEPFAR’s funding more wisely to help more people.
Given all of this, one would imagine that the CDC, USAID, BARDA and other
agencies may be under scrutiny as well. His subtle ways of dropping key
information, while the MSM turns a blind eye, doesn’t go unnoticed by those
paying close attention. These are big moves in the works.

While Fauci, Gates, the WHO, celebrities, and corrupt politicians all tout that Hydroxychloroquine is unproven to help with COVID-19 and could be “dangerous,” medical professionals and individuals were saying quite the opposite. The push for a vaccine is a serious trillion dollar game for these folks, so they will stop at nothing to shut inexpensive solutions down. None of this stops the Trump administration from moving forward, and on April 20th the DOJ cleared U.S. drug companies to distribute Hydroxychloroquine.

was a big, bold move and allows for the stockpile of 29 million pills to be
moved through a supply chain, while removing antitrust hurdles.
AmerisourceBergen, who distributes 30% of U.S. prescriptions through their
warehouses, will act as distribution agents for the government.


Dr. Rick Bright, head of Biomedical
Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and HHS Deputy Assistant
Secretary for Preparedness and Response, was removed from his positions and
transferred to lead the new ACTIV team that was created by the Foundation for
the National Institutes of Health just four days prior.

Apparently Bright feels this is a “less impactful position,” believes he was reassigned due to differences in beliefs of how COVID-19 should be handled and how the money should be invested. So much so, that he has hired Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer Debra Katz to represent him in a “whistleblower complaint.”

He stated: “I
will request that the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human
Services investigate the manner in which this Administration has politicized
the work of BARDA and has pressured me and other conscientious scientists to
fund companies with political connections as well as efforts that lack
scientific merit. Rushing blindly toward unproven drugs can be disastrous and
result in countless more deaths.”

Debra Katz and Lisa Banks are requesting that “the Office of Special Counsel a
stay of Dr. Bright’s termination and that Dr. Bright be permitted to remain in
his position pending the OSC and IG’s investigation of this unlawful forced

In other
words, they want to put Bright front and center so he can throw shade on Trump
and suggest that Hydroxychloroquine and other potential therapeutics are
dangerous and all about funding companies and political connections, while
spotlighting the necessity for a vaccine.


In Bright’s statement, he alleges, “I
believe this transfer was in response to my insistence that the government
invest the billions of dollars allocated by Congress to address the COVID-19
pandemic into safe and scientifically vetted solutions, and not in drugs, vaccines and other
technologies that lack scientific merit.
” Notice, he included “vaccines” in
this statement. He then goes on to talk about his lengthy career in vaccine
development, followed up with, “unfortunately, this resulted in clashes with
HHS political leadership, including criticism for my proactive efforts to
invest early in vaccines and
supplies critical to saving American lives.”

And, indeed he did. In fact, BARDA invested $483 million in Moderna just a couple months after CEPI funded Moderna to manufacture a vaccine against COVID-19. Moderna was one of the first to kickstart their vaccine research back in January. The Vaccine Research Center and NIAID, which is directed by Dr. Fauci and is part of NIH, collaborated with Moderna to design the vaccine. CEPI was founded in Oslo, Norway by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It’s not unusual for Bill Gates to be funding Moderna, as he is currently funding numerous COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, but it is a pattern that vaccines he tends to invest heavily in, eventually are selected for funding from BARDA as well. In fact, GAVI has supported over 496 vaccine programs in the past two decades. The vaccine industry was already heading toward a $100 billion a year industry before this pandemic hit. Corey’s Digs covered this is an extensive report in May, 2019 during the so-called measles epidemic.

“Vaccines are a critical tool for saving lives and stopping the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus,” BARDA Director Rick Bright, Ph.D., said in a statement. “Delivering a safe and effective vaccine for a rapidly spreading virus requires accelerated action. BARDA’s goal is to have vaccine available as quickly as possible and preparing now for advanced stage clinical trials and production scale-up while the Phase 1 is underway could shave months off development of COVID-19 vaccines.”

On March 30th Johnson & Johnson announced a $1 billion deal with the government, in which $420 million will come from BARDA. They will be partnering with Janssen Pharmaceutical. They expect to have human clinical trials rolling by September, 2020. Johnson & Johnson shares rose 8% after that announcement.

Bright also stated, “specifically, and contrary to misguided directives, I limited the broad use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, promoted by the Administration as a panacea, but which clearly lack scientific merit.” But did he? He submitted a request to the FDA for emergency use of chloroquine phosphate or hydroxychloroquine sulfate supplied from the strategic national stockpile for treatment of 2019 coronavirus disease.

A hot press conference that fueled the mainstream news, corrupt politicians and celebrities to incite complete and utter lies so as to scare Americans while also suggesting they are just plain stupid and don’t know better. Bill Bryan, Director of the Science and Technology Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security discussed their studies on how heat, humidity and sunlight all have a tremendous impact on killing the virus. Trump brought up how they are going to be testing ultraviolet or another form of powerful light that could be applied inside someone’s body to kill the virus. He then talked about using some sort of disinfectant as an injection inside, and the crowd roared, took it and ran with it, suggesting Trump thinks people should drink bleach or Lysol. Absurd!

A hydroxychloroquine study on veterans hospitalized with COVID-19 came out, sending a shockwave of rage across social media, as the mainstream news touted this as proof that it doesn’t work and could actually be harming people by causing more deaths. Of course CNN peddled this hard. This so-called study was riddled with so many errors, Laura Ingraham of Fox News had to set the record straight.

Bill Gates tweeted that “we don’t yet have the tools we need to stop the novel coronavirus and safely reopen the economy. But they are on the horizon,” with a link to his newest blog post, and a picture worth a thousand words indicating “Pandemic 1,” to seed people’s minds that this is the first of many pandemics to come.

It’s an
incredibly long and painful read from a man with no medical or scientific
background, who has been given a lot of control in the healthcare industry
because of his money. Gates mentioned his Hydroxychloroquine study will be
completed by the end of May, but has already concluded the benefits appear to
be modest at best. He stated, “the only
way to return the world to where it was before COVID-19 showed up is a highly
effective vaccine that prevents the disease.”
But of course that would be
his conclusion, as he stands to make billions. Bill Gates is an investor, not a
humanitarian. His money trail tells his full story.

A Final Message

The back and forth battle between President Trump and Bill Gates has been going on for quite some time. Much of the time, these moves fly under the radar, but when scrutinized in a timeline, everything becomes clearer. Bill Gates pretended he didn’t know who Robert Kennedy Jr. was, while talking about his meeting with President Trump. He said that when he was asked by the President as to whether or not he should look into the ill effects of vaccines, Gates told him, “no, that’s a dead end. That would be a bad thing. Don’t do that.” If that is in fact what he truly told Trump behind the scenes, that would be a huge red flag for anyone, let alone Trump.

Will a vaccine come to fruition from all of this? Will they achieve their trillion-dollar dream of the Global Fund 2.0, where they can pump the world full of another cocktail of their choice while thieving billions upon billions in taxpayer dollars to fund it? That remains to be seen, but given the trajectory of where Trump is headed with investigations, reallocating funds from some of these corrupt organizations, and his approach to treatments thus far, it certainly feels like a vaccine may be a long shot, at least for the United States of America. According to Trump, we can expect a “miracle” end! Does he know something we don’t? It sure seems that way.

One day, the
world will look back on this as one of the most pivotal moments in time that
forever changed both the future and history of the world. Freedoms have been taken
away, lives have been ruined, the economy nearly destroyed – all to take a President
down, regain control, carry out their socialist agenda while getting people to submit
in fear, and aim for trillions in vaccines that could be packed with God knows
what cocktail. The future will not be kind to these destroyers, but the people
who have suffered are survivors and will rise up and continue this fight for
our freedom, justice, and a better future for generations to come.

Download this full report in PDF format in The Bookshop >>>

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Author: Corey Lynn

Coming Out of Rock Bottom

Have you ever hit rock bottom? Maybe it was from an addiction, extreme anxiety, loss of everything you own, or tragedies piling up where you just felt like you couldn’t go on. You knew things had to change. You had to take control of your life, your choices, and move into action to forever change that which no longer served you. What we are experiencing is a global rock bottom put into effect by a plandemic. We are all experiencing it simultaneously, only we have been made to feel powerless. How do we pull out of rock bottom to emerge on top? What does that even look like?

They have tried to take away our unity, our support system, our human nature of bonding with others to help lift our spirit. They took away our churches, support groups, and community events. Some have even taken away health stores, food seed, and other necessities they deem as “non-essential.” They removed it all, and they did so intentionally. How do you break one’s spirit? How do you attempt to build a co-dependent culture? You put them in a state of fear and isolation and you break them down as you remove every element of independence and every necessity they require for survival, leaving them only with food, and a roof over their head – if they’re lucky. 

They make you feel trapped, caged, much like being in a prison, only without work duty. Sure, you’re in the luxury of your own home, and if you are lucky, you can still venture out into nature, but the psychology of it all is still the same mind game. Meanwhile, they’ve released hundreds of prisoners under the guise of being under threat of contracting the virus. Ludicrous. They even released Michael Avenatti – that’s what happens when you use stolen money to buy a good attorney.

By recognizing this is psychological and spiritual warfare, that is the first step to pulling out of rock bottom. Do not let them break your spirit. Think back to a time you hit rock bottom, felt in despair, knowing you had to make changes to move forward in life. Only this time, the changes not only need to be made within each individual to reconcile the sacrificing of their rights and freedoms for decades to the powers that be, this time we are all in it together. Even though we reside in our own little corners, we still have means to communicate, and some are taking to the streets and protesting, while others are working on their business plans for a new venture. Through creative outlets, many have found incredible talents they didn’t realize they had.  Whereas some locations are going to be met with more resistance for breaking the false mold of the “new normal,” others can push the barriers to resume life in a manner they see fit.

This “new normal,” they
keep seeding people’s minds with should be the “new” changes we all wish to
manifest, NOT the propaganda fear tactics they would like to instill. We set
the path, not them. We have spent years working toward this, and we will come
through this darkness together. We have built momentum, and that momentum will

My good friend John Paul
Rice and I discussed where we are at right now, how we see some things changing
and evolving, and the momentum we need to maintain moving forward. We will
likely have more discussions that will involve positive momentum moving forward,
in the near future. Please give a listen.

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Author: Corey Lynn

The War With COVID-19, Terrorists, and Drug Cartels

By The Sharp Edge

The war we are facing against drug cartels connected to the Maduro regime may be much more than it seems.  General Milley succinctly described it like this: “We’re at war with COVID-19, we’re at war with terrorists, and we are at war with the drug cartels as well.”  Deeply entrenched in drug trafficking and terrorism operations within Venezuela, Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, may have had plans to exploit the Coronavirus outbreak and carry out operations against the United States and our interests in the region.  The threat to US national security that the narco state and its allies poses, amidst the backdrop of the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, has led the Trump Administration to announce enhanced counter narcotics operations in the Western hemisphere – targeting criminals, cartels and terrorists tied to the Maduro regime.  By halting drug trafficking through Venezuela, the United States will essentially strangle the supply line of money and weapons to terrorist organizations that seek to threaten our national security and thwart any plans to exploit the Coronavirus pandemic.

From Wealthy Democracy to Authoritarian Narco State, Maduro Regime Poses Threat to Its People and the World

Having the largest proven oil reserves in the world, Venezuela was once the richest country in South America.  Following the widespread corruption of military leaders who ran the country for the first half of the 20th century, the nation, rich in culture and natural resources, enjoyed a relatively peaceful time of prosperity beginning in 1958 when democracy was introduced to the people.  That is, of course, until the price of oil went into free fall in the mid-1980s.  Their oil-dependent economy collapsed, riots broke out across the country, and martial law was promptly enacted.  The conditions were ripe for Hugo Chavez to lead a coup.  Though two coup attempts led by Chavez in 1992 failed and Chavez was subsequently jailed, they did inspire the impeachment of Perez the following year.  It was after Hugo Chavez’s release from prison in 1993, that his alliance with Cuba’s Fidel Castro was forged.  Nicolas Maduro, who also had close ties with Castro, campaigned for the release of Hugo Chavez from prison and was instrumental in Chavez’s election in 1998.

promises to lift the country from its economic decline due to depressed oil
prices, Chavez won the 1998 election with strong support from the people who
had hopes for reform.  Chavez took office
in 1999 and surely did live up to his promises of changing the country.  However, the changes that Chavez made to this
fledgling democracy meant consolidation of power, elimination of checks and
balances, and nationalization of many industries within the country, under a
new constitution that was adopted by the National Assembly in 1999.  Chavez began to transform Venezuela into the
image of Cuba.  Nicolas Maduro was
elected to the National Assembly shortly thereafter in 2000.  By 2006, Maduro attained the position of
Minister of Foreign Affairs under Hugo Chavez and then was appointed to the
position of Vice President under Chavez in 2012.  Maduro assumed the presidency following the
death of Hugo Chavez in 2013. 

Nationalized industries under the socialist policies of Chavez drove expropriated farmlands to become wastelands.  The inefficient and corrupt government of Venezuela did not have the capacity to run thousands of private businesses, as they artificially controlled prices, driving those businesses to lose profits and close down.  Socialism, corruption, and mismanagement killed the economy of Venezuela and starved its people under the Chavez and Maduro regimes.  While tens of thousands of tons of rotten food were found in government owned warehouses during Chavez’s presidency, their people went without.  The Chief Prosecutor of Venezuela from 2007 to 2017 accused Maduro of actually profiting from the food supply shortage.  The food shortage in Venezuela led to a government food program known as “CLAP.”  The Venezuelan food program had contracts with a Mexican Company allegedly owned by Maduro, who profited off the supply of food to Venezuelans in need.  The food shortages and starving masses have led to riots, crime, a black market of food trafficking by the Venezuelan military, and refugees fleeing the country by the millions.

Thousands, many of whom are children as young as 10 years old, have been forced to work in the illegal gold mines of Venezuela’s Amazon under sub-human, slave labor conditions.  The illegal gold mines have been run by the Colombian guerrilla groups, FARC and ELN, under the direction of Maduro’s former Vice President, Tareck El Aissami.  Miners who are accused of theft are subjected to torture, amputations, and murder. Over 200,000 children have been subjected to exploitation by the criminal organizations operating in Venezuela, including human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and slave labor.  More than 1 million children in Venezuela have been forced to work in the “informal sector,” including illegal gold mines, drug trafficking, and other criminal activities.

In order to quell protests by dissidents, between 2015 and 2017, police carried out extrajudicial executions of more than 8,000 people in poor communities that no longer supported Maduro.  In 2017, the United States imposed new sanctions on the Maduro regime for serious human rights violations and attempts to undermine democratic elections in the country.  The extremely unpopular president’s reelection in 2018 was riddled with massive anti-Maduro protests, as well as accusations of voter fraud and vote buying.  Starving Venezuelans were asked to scan their “fatherland cards” at voting cites in order to win a prize provided by Maduro.  The fatherland cards are used nationwide to provide food benefits and money transfers.

Seen as “the last vestige of democracy” in an authoritarian regime, a legislative body representing the people known as the National Assembly chose Juan Guiado to preside as its president in December of 2018.  The National Assembly has asserted that the May 2018 reelection of Maduro was rigged and labeled Maduro as a “usurper.”  The National Assembly refuses to recognize Maduro’s reelection as legitimate and, citing the Venezuelan constitution, asserts that the President of the National Assembly, Juan Guiado, should be deemed as the interim President, until the next election takes place.  In a statement released by the White House, Trump remarked, “In its role as the only legitimate branch of government duly elected by the Venezuelan people, the National Assembly invoked the country’s constitution to declare Nicolas Maduro illegitimate, and the office of the presidency therefore vacant.”  Guiado has received the support of: the US, the EU, Israel, Canada, Australia, and most Latin American nations.  In March of 2020, the US State Department released a proposal for a “peaceful democratic transition in Venezuela,” which proposes a framework for “the establishment of a broadly acceptable transitional government to administer free and fair presidential elections and a pathway to lifting Venezuela-related U.S. sanctions.”

Despite opposition by the National Assembly and the international community, Maduro and his cronies have clung to power with the solidarity of key allies including: Cuba, Iran, Russia, and China.  With Hezbollah operations deeply entrenched in Venezuela since Chavez took power, Iran’s leader, Rouhani, has publically backed the Maduro regime and opposed the US’ “interventionist” support of the National Assembly, calling it “very ugly.” China and Russia have sought to secure their investments tied to oil reserves in the country by continuing to prop up the Maduro regime, as it is unclear if repayment on their loans would occur should Maduro be removed from office. Venezuela’s relationships with China and Russia strengthened exponentially during the regimes of Chavez and Maduro.  Under Chavez and Maduro, China has lent nearly $55 billion to the economically volatile country, in exchange for oil supplies.  In addition to financial support, China has provided the Maduro regime with a massive surveillance system to spy on its citizens.  Together, China and Russia have had an enormous stake in Venezuelan oil reserves, lending the petro state tens of billions of dollars while propping up the Chavez and Maduro administrations.  However, amidst the US indictments against Maduro and members of his administration, leading to a proclamation of war against cartels connected to the Maduro regime, Russia’s state owned oil company, Rosneft, which owned more than 70% of Venezuelan oil exports, cut ties with Venezuela in April of 2020, signaling that Russia intends to step back from their support of the crippled administration.  China appears to have scaled back support for Maduro in recent months as well.

With the extreme economic crisis in Venezuela, the American embargo on Venezuelan oil, and cratering oil prices due to a massive oversupply of oil on the world market, Maduro has quietly departed from socialist policies of state-run oil fields in an attempt to salvage the economy and remain in power.  According to Rafael Ramirez, the former head of Venezuela’s state-owned oil industry (Pdvsa), who cut ties with Maduro in 2017, “Pdvsa doesn’t manage our oil industry, Venezuelans don’t manage it…In the middle of the chaos generated by the worst economic crisis suffered by the country in its history, Maduro is taking actions to cede, transfer and hand over oil operations to private capital.”  Consequently, Chevron has become the largest foreign producer of oil in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan people are suffering through the worst humanitarian crisis the country has ever faced in recent years, lacking food, water, electricity and basic medical care.  However, their worst days may loom ahead as the country, crippled by the failed socialist policies of a corrupt regime, faces the uncontrolled spread of Coronavirus throughout the nation.  While neighboring countries have sealed their borders to refugees who may be carriers of the virus, the potential for social unrest nationwide surges.  Venezuelans carrying Coronavirus may turn to cartels for aid in illegal passage beyond the country’s borders, spreading the virus to neighboring countries and beyond.

little support from the international community, and millions of Venezuelans
going without basic necessities amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, the Maduro
regime faces mounting pressure from all sides to step down, allowing sanctions
to be lifted and an interim government to take over.

Dangerous Allies Within Venezuela’s Narco State Threaten US National Security and Regional Partners

Photo Credit: Fernando Llano/AP

Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, the importation of illegal drugs to the United States that are obviously not subjected to FDA or Border Patrol inspections, poses a new and immediate threat to national security.  Though the FDA states that, “There is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods and there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with imported goods,” they admit that “this remains a dynamic situation” and are taking extreme precautions to evaluate all imported goods to the country. 

In an announcement by the Department of Justice regarding the indictments of Maduro and his co-conspirators in March of 2020, Attorney General Barr remarked, “We estimate that somewhere between 200 and 250 metric tons of cocaine are shipped out of Venezuela,” annually by air and maritime routes, adding, “Those 250 metric tons equate to 30 million lethal doses.”  US Attorney Geoffrey Berman explained, “As alleged, Maduro and the other defendants expressly intended to flood the United States with cocaine in order to undermine the health and well-being of our nation.  Maduro very deliberately deployed cocaine as a weapon.”

Under the Chavez and Maduro regimes, Venezuela has reached a diplomatic crisis with Columbia over providing safe haven for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) as well as the Colombian rebel group known as the National Liberation Army (ELN).  The Colombian dissident groups use armed guerrilla combatants who conduct drug trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, and illegal mining throughout the region.  According to US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, Maduro has been accused of “running, together with his top lieutenants, a narco-terrorism partnership with the FARC for the past 20 years.”  The Justice Department announcement explained  “In his role as a leader of the Cartel de Los Soles,Maduro Moros negotiated multi-ton shipments of FARC-produced cocaine; directed that the Cartel de Los Soles provide military-grade weapons to the FARC; coordinated foreign affairs with Honduras and other countries to facilitate large-scale drug trafficking; and solicited assistance from FARC leadership in training an unsanctioned militia group that functioned, in essence, as an armed forces unit for the Cartel de Los Soles.” US Attorney Berman added, “In exchange for their contributions, the FARC leaders received caches of military grade weapons including machine guns, ammunition, rocket launchers, and explosives – equipment to help fuel their long campaign of terrorism.”

As far back as 1988, Venezuelan officials have been connected to drug trafficking operations.  The CIA commissioned the head of Venezuela’s anti-drug unit, General Guillen, to set up a supply route of cocaine using agents of the Venezuelan National Guard.  In 1996, Guillen was indicted for smuggling more than 22 tons of cocaine to the United States and Europe, which Guillen claimed were under the approval and supervision of the CIA.  Following the investigation of General Guillen, the name “Cartel of the Suns,” emerged, as the uniforms of high ranking Venezuelan officials, who have participated in drug trafficking operations, bear the insignia of a sun. 

Unsealed indictments against Maduro and 14 other Venezuelan officials allege that, “Since at least 1999, Maduro Moros, Cabello Rondón, Carvajal Barrios and Alcalá Cordones, acted as leaders and managers of the Cartel of the Suns,” while corrupting, “legitimate institutions of Venezuela—including parts of the military, intelligence apparatus, legislature, and the judiciary—to facilitate the importation of tons of cocaine into the United States.” In 2005, Chavez shut down all cooperation with the DEA, and aligned himself with the Colombian militant group, FARC, in a conspiracy to “flood” the United States with illicit drugs. Later in 2013 several National Guard members, including a Lieutenant Coronal, were arrested after transporting 1.3 tons of cocaine on board a commercial airliner to Paris. In 2015, two nephews of Nicolas Maduro’s wife were arrested and held in Haiti for conspiring to smuggle 800 kilograms of cocaine to the United States. Interestingly, it was the testimony of Maduro’s “narconephews” that may have led to the federal indictments of Maduro and other key Venezuelan officials.  According to court documents, following their capture in Haiti, one nephew remarked, “We need the money…Why? Because the Americans are hitting us hard with money.  Do you understand?”  The captured cousins confessed to the DEA that they were recruited by Maduro to traffic cocaine in order to raise money for the congressional campaign of Maduro’s wife, Cilia Flores.

“Venezuela has become probably the cocaine capital of the world,” remarked Joseph Humire, an expert on Iran’s strategic penetration of Latin America who has testified before Congress on drug trafficking operations connected to Hezbollah in the region.  “Anything that moves not just to the United States, to Brazil and Argentina, or to Europe or to Africa, pretty much Venezuela is a transshipment hub for those cocaine trafficking.  Every major cocaine trafficking cartel in the world has had a presence in Venezuela over the last 20 to 30 years.” Under the Chavez and Maduro regimes, Venezuela has provided Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, safe harbor to conduct their trafficking and terrorism operations within the region. The mutual partnership has benefited Iran in the way of raising funds for terrorist operations through drug trafficking, providing passports for potential terrorists, and transporting material support to Iran’s weapons programs.  “Iran has used commercial flights to be able to shuttle people, products and minerals in and out of Latin America to benefit their strategic WMD programs…Including their ballistic missile program and potentially their nuclear program as well,” explained Joseph Humire.  A drug trafficking partnership between Iran and Venezuela, as Humire explained, allowed the rogue regimes to “operationalize drug trafficking as an intelligence network… And they teamed up to use drug trafficking as a way to infiltrate societies.”

In 2008, the DEA launched a campaign known as Project Cassandra, which compiled evidence of Hezbollah’s multi-billion dollar international drug and weapons trafficking operations.  Following the cocaine shipments and money flow, agents were able to tie transactions to members of the inner circle of Hezbollah as well as its state sponsor, Iran.  In desperation to make a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration shut down Project Cassandra and members of the task force were reassigned.  The loss of key insights gathered from Project Cassandra, regarding Hezbollah’s international criminal syndicate involving high up officials, including Nicolas Maduro, undermined the US’ ability to track the amount of cocaine making its way from Venezuela and the growing threat Hezbollah poses in the Western hemisphere. 

According to the former Counter-Narcotics Chief in Venezuela, Johan Obdola, the former Vice President of Venezuela under Maduro, Tareck El Aissami, “is running the Hezbollah operation and providing full support” of Iran’s Hezbollah operations in Venezuela.  In July of 2019, ICE added the former Vice President, Tareck El Aissami, to the 10 most wanted fugitives list.  El Aissami was indicted earlier the same year due to violations of the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Act, for playing a major role in international drug trafficking operations. Johan Obdola explained, “In the case of Iran and Hezbollah… they control large areas for the exploitation of strategic minerals in the Venezuelan Amazon, together with the FARC, and the criminal groups of the Venezuelan regime. Of course, in addition to these actions, Hezbollah maintains an extensive drug trafficking and money laundering operation. It is important to mention that Tareck El Aissami is the leader of these groups, not only in Venezuela, but he controls and coordinates these operations in the hemisphere. In fact, he has several of his close relatives coordinating these actions in some countries of the region.”  Obdola estimates that there are a total of 18,000 members of Hezbollah, 3,000 members of Hamas, and 1,500 members of the Guard of the Iranian Revolution operating in compartmentalized tasks throughout Venezuela. 

Hezbollah and Hamas are known to have bases of operations on Margarita Island. A strategic location for drug and human trafficking as well as money laundering, Margarita Island is the largest Venezuelan island situated on its northeastern coast in the Caribbean. Established as a free-trade zone by the Venezuelan government, the island provides an ideal condition for front businesses to funnel money oversees to terrorist organizations. Also known as a popular tourist destination, the market for human and child trafficking as well as sex tourism to Margarita Island, has grown.  Venezuela is considered by the US State Department to be a Tier 3 country with regards to combating human trafficking, placing the country in the worst possible category of governments who do not comply with the most basic standards of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. In reference to the enhanced narcotics operations in the Western hemisphere, President Trump was asked during an April 7th 2020 press conference, “Is it beyond narcotics? Are there other illicit activities that US assets are targeting?”  The President responded, “Well, there are the activities of human trafficking, and especially with respect to women, and as you know, proportionally it’s mostly women, and it’s a horrible thing.  It’s a horrible thing and there’s never been a time like it, and it’s because of the internet, and this is all over the world.  But for the most part, they’re coming through, in this country, they’re coming through the Southern border, but we’re hitting them very hard.  They have tremendous illegal trafficking in women and children also, but mostly in women.  It’s illegal, and it’s horrible, and it’s disgraceful, and I’ve seen things that are an absolute disgrace, and we’re trying to knock them out and we’re knocking them hard.”

Networks of tunnels used to conduct drug trafficking and other operations throughout the region bear a striking resemblance to the known tunnel structures built by Hezbollah and Hamas in the Middle East.  According to the former Counter-Narcotics Chief in Venezuela, Johan Obdola, “We have identified since 2014 that the regime, with the support of members from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, built more than 17 kilometers of tunnels located at various points in Caracas. These tunnels serve as safe routes, storage of military-grade weapons, and also have special accommodation capacity for hundreds of armed members of the revolution and terrorist groups.”

Since the announcement of indictments against Maduro and his co-conspirators, the Venezuelan General, Cliver Alcala, turned himself in to US authorities in March of 2020.  As the first regime official to be detained, Alcala remains in custody in New York until he awaits trial.  Former Venezuelan spy chief, General Hugo Carvajal, was arrested in Spain in April of 2019, on drug trafficking charges by the US and later released.  Carvajal has been in hiding since Spain approved his extradition, but has reportedly been in talks with US authorities over a possible surrender.  Remaining members of the corrupt Venezuelan regime, who are charged with narco terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering, remain at large.  Justice Department officials have issued a $15 million dollar bounty for Maduro, and $10 million dollar bounties for several of his co-conspirators.  Maduro has signaled that he will not surrender, stating, “From here they take me dead”.

In communication with former Venezuelan officials on the inside, Johan Obdola explained, “Regarding the recent decision of the United States Department of Justice to order the arrest of the leadership of the Venezuelan regime for their narco-terrorist actions that include offering rewards for the capture of these criminals and terrorists, I am telling you that they are already generating very fast movements by members of the Venezuelan regime, who are desperately looking to communicate with American authorities to negotiate their deliveries.”

The War With COVID-19,
Terrorists, and Drug Cartels

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In a 2015 written testimony presented to Congress on “Iran and Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere,” global security expert, Joseph Humire wrote, “U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), the regional combatant command responsible for Latin America and the Caribbean, is already absorbing a 26 percent cut across a range of programs. Because of these asset shortfalls, SOUTHCOM is unable to pursue 74 percent of suspected maritime drug trafficking vessels, according to Commander Gen. John Kelly. Vessels that could very possibly contain more than drugs but WMD effects that aid or abet Iran’s illegal nuclear and ballistic missile program. Moreover, these cuts affect the Defense Department’s ability for military-to-military engagement that is critical to offset Iran’s influence in these particular sectors. Capacity-building activities, multinational exercises, and bilateral defense support in Latin America have 13 of 15 all reduced in the last few years creating a vacuum that Iran and Hezbollah have exploited.”

On April 1st  2020, President Trump announced that US Southern Command will begin to conduct enhanced counter narcotics operations against cartels and malign actors who intend to exploit the Coronavirus event, stating, “As governments and nations focus on the Coronavirus, there’s a growing threat that cartels, criminals, terrorists, and other malign actors will try to exploit this situation for their own gain and we must not let that happen.  We will never let that happen.  Today the United States is launching enhanced counter narcotics operations in the Western hemisphere to protect the American people from the deadly scourge of illegal narcotics.  We must not let the drug cartels exploit the pandemic to threaten American lives.  In cooperation with the 22 partner nations, US Southern Command will increase surveillance, disruption, and seizures of drug shipments and provide additional support for eradication efforts which are going on right now at a record pace.   We’re deploying additional Navy destroyers, combat ships, aircraft and helicopters, Coast Guard cutters, and Air Force surveillance aircraft, doubling our capabilities in the region.”

Tensions have risen in the months since the US killed Iran’s Quds Force commander, Qasem Soleimani.  Some analysts believe that Iran may exploit the US preoccupation with Coronavirus as an opportunity to attack using their proxies.  In fact, on the same day that the Trump administration announced enhanced counter narcotics operations in the Western hemisphere, President Trump also tweeted, “Upon information and belief, Iran or its proxies are planning a sneak attack on U.S. troops and/or assets in Iraq. If this happens, Iran will pay a very heavy price, indeed!” A reporter asked the President a follow up question regarding the tweet in the April 1st press conference and President Trump responded, “We just have information that they were planning something.  And it’s very good information.  It was led by Iran — not necessarily Iran, but by groups supported by Iran.  But that, to me, is Iran.  And we’re just saying, ‘Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.’  It would be a very bad thing for them if they did it.”

President Trump was asked to expand on the enhanced counter narcotics operations amidst the Coronavirus outbreak when a reporter inquired, “Mr. President, could you expand on that a little bit?  Because you tie it to COVID-19, saying that these drug cartels were taking advantage of the situation, of this pandemic.”  President Trump responded, “That’s right.  They were.”  In a warning to US adversaries, Ambassador O’Brien stated during the press conference, “This President has a clear-eyed focus on America’s national security interest.  And let me be clear, it would be a mistake — a mistake with terrible consequences — for any adversary to attempt to do us harm during this health crisis — or ever, for that matter.”  General Milley echoed the sentiments of the panel at the press conference with a stern notice, stating “We’re at war with COVID-19, we’re at war with terrorists, and we are at war with the drug cartels as well.  This is the United States military.  You will not penetrate this country.  You will not get past Jump Street.  You’re not going to come in here and kill additional Americans.  And we will marshal whatever assets are required to prevent your entry into this country to kill Americans.  The bottom line is: You’re not going to get through.”

According to former Venezuelan Counter Narcotics Chief, Johan Obdola, who now heads the Canada-based Global Organization for Intelligence, Iran and Hezbollah operators in Venezuela “have been working to coordinate and execute terrorist actions in several countries in the region, in addition to potential terrorist attacks within the United States of America.”

By cutting off drug trafficking through
Venezuela, the United States will aid in the removal of the corrupt and
brutally oppressive Maduro regime, prevent hundreds of tons of illegal and
potentially contaminated drugs from entering the US, and simultaneously
strangle financial and weapons support to Iran and its proxies, thereby
thwarting any potential plans to harm the United States and our allies. 

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