Part 3: The Fall of Allison Mack: She Kissed Her Boyfriend and Acting Career Goodbye for Nxivm

This is Part 3 of MK10ART’s deep dive into the fall of Allison Mack. It also features some of her outstanding artwork.


J’ness was a brainchild of “the smartest man in the world,” Keith Raniere.

He created it with the late Pam Cafritz and Marianna Fernandez in 2006.

MK10ART: Pamela Cafritz, reportedly one of the founders of J’ness.

Kristin Kreuk introduced Allison Mack to J’ness.  In turn, Allison recruited her boyfriend, Chad Krowchuk, whom she dated from 2007 through 2009**.  [**These dates are a correction from a previous article that said 2008-2010.]

This article focuses on Mack’s descent into the Nxivm cult, through the eyes of her then-boyfriend and the implications of that.

Chad and Allison were the same age.  He witnessed first-hand Mack’s transformation from being a skeptic of Nxivm to a full-blown disciple. All the while, he remained skeptical.  This appears to have driven a wedge between them, ending their relationship, and culminating in Allison’s Fall.

Allison Mack with Chad Krowchuk

Chad gave an interview where he described his experience with Nxivm.

“Chad Krowchuk, who still remembers the curious way NXIVM rippled through his social network. He first heard good reviews from [Sara] Edmondson and her husband over dinner one night, and then from his acting friends Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth a few weeks later. But it was his longtime girlfriend, Smallville actress Allison Mack, who finally convinced him to attend his first five-day training with her in Albany.”


Success did not come as easily to Chad as it had to Allison.  While she had a secure, full-time acting role on a hit television show, Chad struggled to get acting jobs.  Because of the disparity of their incomes, Allison offered to pay the exorbitant $30,000 fees for Chad to enroll in Nxivm workshops.

Chad watched Allison become converted by Nxivm.  He said at first, she wasn’t so sure about J’ness/Nxivm.  However,  in 2007, after Allison took part in a weekend J’ness retreat – she returned completely changed.  She was convinced that Nxivm had all the answers and she insisted he give it a try.

“That was the part that scared me the most,” Krowchuk says of his girlfriend’s sudden shift in perspective.

In an effort to keep their relationship intact, Chad complied.

Mack was Krowchuk’s most important relationship at the time, so he sucked up all his discomforts and got on a plane to Albany to meet the NXIVM inner circle. He remembers the Socratic question and answer therapies being very Freudian. It seemed just about any life problem could be traced back to a few moments in childhood—the apparent root of everyone’s mommy or daddy issues.


While Chad and Allison were taking Nxivm intensives, their social circle began to change dramatically.  In the beginning, they would divide their time equally between Nxivm and non-Nxivm friends; but over time they socialized with only cult members.

Having a dinner party with NXIVM friends meant constantly dissecting your fears and insecurities. If somebody said they didn’t like sharing the food on their plate, for example, other group members would chime in with probing questions in an effort to overcome the block. What would you lose if you stopped the behaviour? Is refusing to share holding you back? Needless to say, it wasn’t a welcome conversation style for everyone.


Krowchuk noted that Nxivm seemed to benefit some actors, like Kristin Kreuk, who claimed that it helped her to overcome her shyness.  However, other successful actors, like Nicki Clyne seemed to implode.

Krowchuk could see some of his friends overcoming their insecurities, like Smallville costar Kristin Kreuk, who battled career-stifling shyness. “I felt like I related more to Kristin than anyone there, I could see what the appeal is,”  . . . But other acting friends grew more isolated, like Battlestar’s Nicki Clyne. “Nicki, I know she was the first example of somebody who had a decent acting career, she was doing quite well, and then she took the courses and went fuck it, I want to do this thing instead.” At the time, Krowchuk thought there must have been a greater good he couldn’t see, and decided to reserve his judgements.


Chad stuck it out for a couple of years but over time, things fell apart.  He and Allison broke up in 2009. Chad did not think, at the time, that Nxivm was dangerous.  He did not witness any criminal activity.  Nevertheless, he could understand how its teaching methods could be used as a tool for wickedness.

The courses taught that everyone was responsible for their own reactions to the outside word. But that meant a NXIVM coach could turn just about any bad situation around and blame the student for their flawed response. “If a course like this is in the hands of somebody who means well, it’s harmless,” he said. “But I always felt like it would be really shitty if it was used in a negative way… It gets dangerous when you start stripping away meaning from everything.”


Before Nxivm, Allison had phenomenal success, many friends, and a loving relationship which would have probably led to marriage and children.  But the sadistic criminal enterprise, Nxivm, would sink its grip into Mack and take her life down a treacherous detour.   Nxivm would replace Mack’s life of success, marriage, friends, and family with a life of submission, abuse, isolation, humiliation, starvation, and crime.  As Frank Parlato says of Nxivm’s leader, “Keith’s only goal was to destroy human beings.”

Is Allison more of a victim or perpetrator?  Was she just a gullible puppet that Nxivm easily took over?  Or did Nxivm provide an outlet for Allison’s hitherto unexpressed inborn inclinations?

Painting by MK10ART

Mack seemed to take to Nxivm like a duck to water while her boyfriend remained firmly on terra firma.  Kristin Kreuk claims to have walked away stronger; while Nicki Clyne’s life appears to have, like Allison, crashed and burned.

Chad Krowchuk’s story is pivotal in understanding Allison’s Fall.  Not only does it give a glimpse into Allison’s initiation into the Nxivm cult, it also illustrates how determined she was to continue with Nxivm.  When the person closest to her, her intimate partner, one whom she generously doled out tens of thousands so he could join too, backed out – she dropped him.

Chad really tried, for Allison’s sake, to discover what this “greater good” was that Nxivm had for Allison. He and Allison must have had some long conversations about Nxivm and its inculcations.  The bottom line is that Chad could see straight through the BS of Nxivm while Allison fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

MK10ART- Allison Mack

There is no doubt that her boyfriend tried to dissuade her from throwing away money to Nxivm.  Unfortunately, didn’t exist yet and Chad didn’t have the facts to realize how bad it actually was.  But he knew Nxivm was completely contrived cultish nonsense.  Allison, on the other hand,  vehemently disagreed.  Their relationship was so strong, that Chad took part in exhausting intensives to keep his girlfriend happy and she was willing to pay tens of thousands for him to be a part of it.  When Chad wasn’t brainwashed into Allison’s way of thinking, Allison cut Chad out of her life.

Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk, the latter speaking to a Nxivm gathering. Painting by MK10ART.

On top of this, Allison was so determined to remain in Nxivm, she severed her closest loving relationship.

Allison appears to have put Nxivm above all else in her life.    She would later give up her multi-million dollar career and conscript her parents.  Seeing how devoted Allison had become to this cult, her parents probably knew that they had to submit to Nxivm too or lose their daughter completely.

Some may argue that she was indoctrinated by a well-organized cult and didn’t stand a chance.  However, Chad , and many others didn’t succumb to the teachings to the extent that Mack did. Chad appears to have tried to convince her to leave but Allison wouldn’t listen and fought to stay in Nxivm.

Maybe Chad didn’t try hard enough but he was not privy to the many crimes of Nxivm.  No one knew.  If Chad was aware of what Nxivm was really doing, he would have no doubt fought harder to convince Allison to leave.  Unfortunately for Allison, Chad gave up and left.

Allison was on a destructive path that she fought for and was determined to follow, even if it meant losing the man she loved and had been with for years.  The responsibility rests entirely on Allison’s shoulders. She chose the Nxivm lifestyle and eradicated anything in her life that stood in the way.  This shows that she was not just a gullible unsuspecting dupe,  but a fighter who consciously chose her cause regardless of all of the doubt, dubious teachings and activities.  This shows more determination  (guilt) than innocence in her participation in Nxivm.


MK10ART’s painting of Allison Mack and her spouse Nicki Clyne.


MK10ART: Keith Raniere in prison with a poster of Allison Mack behind him.

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Author: Frank Parlato


MK10ART: Kristin Kreuk Had Much Larger Role in Nxivm Than She Admits

Besides being a brilliant artist, MK10ART is a very talented writer and thinker.  Of course, her opinions are her own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Frank Report.  She has done some further thinking on the topic of former Nxivm member and actress Kristin Kreuk and this article reflects that.  I am aware that this is a contentious topic on Frank Report and I want people to comment on it, but can we please keep it civil?

In addition to MK10ART’s story on Kreuk, I am planning to write an article in defense of Kreuk which I hope to publish shortly.


Kristin Kreuk enlisted Allison Mack into J’ness/Nxivm in 2006. Kreuk was herself brought into the Nxivm fold by her boyfriend, Mark Hildreth. Kreuk and Hildreth stayed together, working in Nxivm for six years until Kreuk claims to have left (him and the cult). Hildreth remained in Nxivm for another four years.

Kreuk claims to have abandoned the Nxivm cult in 2012, [about the time when the Times Union wrote about Nxivm secrets.] But in court, pictures of Kreuk were revealed that proved she took a trip in 2014, to Clare Bronfman’s Fiji island [Wakaya Island] with top Nxivm members.

Kreuk also claims she broke up with Hildreth in 2012 but since Kreuk refuses to talk about her participation in Nxivm, the exact timing of her breakup and departure from Nxivm are unclear.

The oft-repeated story of Kreuk’s involvement in Nxivm is that it helped her overcome her debilitating shyness. Poor Kristin allegedly couldn’t speak up for herself.

However, this story is dubious at best.

Kreuk was the lead star of a hit television program, Smallville, when she joined the cult. If Kreuk was so allegedly shy, it didn’t seem to affect her starring in a major television production, being a spokes-model for Neutrogena, speaking at conferences, or, in 2007, when she looked comfortable on stage at an a cappella performance with Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

It’s a Miracle!

With her purported shyness cured in 2007, why did Kreuk continue up the stripe path – earning a prestigious Yellow sash with two stripes?

The sash – from a patent application by Keith Alan Raniere. The color plus the number of stripes indicated the rank of an individual.

It seems the whole “tale of timidity” is just that. Obviously, any shyness prior to joining Nxivm did not inhibit her ability to perform in front of crowds.

Nxivm became a well-publicized, sensational crime scandal in 2017-19. While all of her friends became tabloid fodder, Kreuk slithered away unscathed.

Not only has Kreuk refused to answer questions about her involvement in Nxivm, she went on to enjoy more success. Kreuk became an executive producer and star in the Canadian taxpayer-funded TV show Burden of Truth…the show’s original network, CBC, refers to the series as “an Erin-Brockovich style legal drama,”

In an apparent “f*** you” to the Department Of Justice in EDNY, Kreuk cast herself as a heroine lawyer, protecting young girls. In reality, Kreuk helped to lure young women into a cult, starting with Allison Mack.

If she’s innocent, why doesn’t Kreuk speak out about her involvement in Nxivm? Also, why doesn’t she speak up for her co-star and friend whom she is directly responsible for bringing into the cult – Allison Mack?

Doesn’t the Burden of Truth weigh on her conscious?

Doesn’t she want to help authorities get the bad guys, like she does on her TV show?

Surely she would want to stand in solidarity with all of her sisters who were victimized by Keith Raniere (#metoo)? Oh wait, don’t tell me, she is just too bashful.

I guess she wasn’t really cured by Nxivm tech after all. We can’t expect poor, shy Kristin to do anything that might expose her for being a potential sociopathic predator or should I say “Luciferian” as Keith’s patent for turning people into sociopaths was labeled?

A “Luciferian” is NXIVM’s preferred term for a type of sociopath, one with “severe behavioral problems that are masked by good psychological adjustment,”

“Wait!” Kreuk’s fans shriek, “Kristin really thought she was helping all of those girls that she worked tirelessly to lure into Nxivm.” Really? Think about it, she spent years in Nxivm. Do you really think she knew nothing about what was going on?

Of course, everyone in Keith’s inner circle developed a sudden onset of amnesia after the feds closed in on them. This is what criminals do when they are caught.

Let’s take stock of Kristin’s involvement in Nxivm.

She recruited Allison Mack (and probably others) into J’ness. What was J’ness all about? It is difficult to find out exactly what J’ness teaches because all members were required to sign a confidentiality agreement. But some former Nxivm members have spilled the beans (unlike Kreuk who remains completely silent.)

In J’ness meetings, Nancy Salzman spoke about Keith’s genius ideas of polygamy. How women were born to be monogamous while men needed to spread their seed. Susan Dones attended a J’ness meeting and immediately recognized the grooming going on.

As Dones listened to Salzman that morning, she deduced that “they were introducing the idea of polygamy, but with a soft sell, laying the groundwork.” Dones, who would leave Nxivm in 2009, knew from personal experience that Raniere maintained a harem of more than a dozen women. In private conversations, Salzman had repeatedly told Dones, a lesbian, that “the world wasn’t ready” for Raniere’s radical ideas about polygamy, incest, sociopathy, and power.

So J’ness was pushing polygamy, incest, sociopathy, and power.

Another former Nxivm member named Sylvie took J’ness classes also. Again, unlike Kreuk, she spoke up and said J’ness taught that women are fundamentally self-absorbed, narcissistic and manipulative. [Raniere] said women were victimizers who posed as victims.

Sylvie admitted that this led her to hate herself for being a woman.

Did Kreuk not experience this negativity towards women in J’ness that others did? Or were Kreuk’s ears closed? Or perhaps her terminal timidity precluded her from comprehending the misogyny being flung at her?

Perhaps she liked it and embraced women-hating. It was, after all, these principles she was espousing when she began another Nxivm offshoot groups aimed at young women and teenagers.

Kreuk claims to know nothing about Keith’s abuses toward women but she knew about J’ness’s anti-female rhetoric and still brought other young women into it.

Nxivm members were rewarded for bringing in new recruits and Mack was a big fish. Mack was love-bombed from day one. Ensnaring Mack helped boost Kreuk up the stripe path.

Nxivm was competitive. It pitted the members against each other for who could recruit the most, get the most publicity, make the most money, etc. Acting is one of the most ferociously competitive industries out there so, naturally, these actresses jumped in swinging.

The Stripe Path provided an irresistible competition. Nevermind that the grand prize was Keith’s penis. For the actresses, this was a chance to compete.

The grand prize for all Nxivm aspirants: Keith Alan Raniere.

Kreuk didn’t just take a couple of J’ness classes and drop out. She worked long and hard for years (2006-14 or later), to become a Yellow Sahs with Two Stripes [A rank equivalent to a coach of coaches].

Her boyfriend, Mark Hildreth, considered the monster, Keith Raniere, to be his friend.

On June 19, 2016, Hildreth wrote on his blog about sex-slaver Raniere: “This is my friend. His name is Keith. He has been one of the most gentle, compassionate and helpful friends I have ever known. He has been an incredible friend to me and to many people I know.”

Hildreth discovered what Keith was doing to the women, yet he also said nothing.

After Kreuk and Hildreth broke up, Hildreth started dating another young actress named Nicole (known as Jane Doe 1 in court filings) who was coerced by Allison Mack to become a DOS slave, was branded and forced to sleep with Raniere.

Hildreth reportedly confronted Keith about why he was sleeping with his girlfriend. In response, Hildreth was told that he had jealousy issues that he needed to work out.

Hildreth left Nxivm in 2016, without trying to save his girlfriend, and lived in fear of Raniere. Hildreth to this day, like Kreuk, has not spoken out against Nxivm or shown support for their friends who were prosecuted.

For a decade, Kreuk gave lectures, recruited people, started Nxivm spinoff groups targeting young women, and used her star power to boost Nxivm’s image.

Below is a list:

1. Girls By Design
2. Juicy Peach
3. A cappella Innovations
4. College Student Survey

Girls by Design was a website which promoted sexually explicit content to tweens and teens. GBD was publicized prominently to take full advantage of Kreuk’s Smallville star power. They even had a commercial broadcast in the Canadian mainstream media:

Kristin Kreuk, at the height of her Smallville stardom, started Girls By Design with Kendra Voth. They promoted it on television with ET Canada.

In the ET news clip, the timid actress exuberantly describes how she wants to “catch” these young girls “at that age when they are just building themselves.”

Kreuk and her partner unabashedly announce that they were targeting girls 14-19 years of age. Interestingly, Kreuk and Voth, who have no background in child development or education, wax lyrical of their designs.

Kreuk claims that these young fans of hers “want to have challenges and to be encouraged to have responsibility and to go and create without judgement.” Huh? What about building confidence, dating, being more healthy, or other teen appropriate topics?

No, that wasn’t part of J’ness. Kreuk’s plans swirled around Nxivm’s misogynistic agenda.

I’ve revealed in previous articles how GBD posted sexually inappropriate content while repeatedly asked girls to create and submit videos of themselves.

In 2007, in one of the first Nxivm projects Kreuk did together with Allison Mack, they created a survey for college students. They were most interested in figuring out how these students (and fans of their show) spent their time and money. Filled with questions from the Nxivm grandmaster, this information would no doubt be used to lure more young women into the cult.

You can watch Allison and Kristin plug their survey here:

“Shy” Kristin Kreuk used her star power for Nxivm brands.

Yet another Kreuk-Nxivm project was Juicy Peach, a non-profit created by Kristin Kreuk with her boyfriend, Mark Hildreth, and Allison Mack with her boyfriend, Chad Krowchuck. This project was aimed at young artists. It seems that the two Smallville power couples were building this cult endeavor up until Krowchuk bailed in 2009.


“Shy” Kristin Kreuk was all over Nxivm brands.

Kreuk also attended a 2010 Necker Island retreat with all of the top inner circle of Nxivm. Keith was absent on this trip but all of his top minions were there. Keith claimed to be a celibate monk like the Dalai Lama. In reality, he had a harem of woman that he abused and tortured.

Kristin Kreuk’s many Nxivm projects, her subsequent lies and silence about the crimes of this international sex trafficking cult, expose Kreuk’s guilt. She may have an internet army of fans but facts are facts. She was a Yellow sashed, two-striped coach, actively involved in multiple Nxivm businesses that targeted young women, luring them to their doom, for almost a decade.

While she may not have been directly involved in DOS that Allison Mack led, Kreuk brought Mack into Nxivm and followed Raniere’s misogynist propaganda.

At the very least, Kreuk should have spoken out to defend her friend, Allison Mack.

However, considering how deep Kreuk was in the women-hating teachings of Keith Raniere, perhaps that is precisely why Kreuk hasn’t shown an inkling of support for any her female Nxivm “friends.” Kreuk will continue refusing to answer any direct questions about Nxivm and self-produce more shows to star in.

Viva Executive Success!

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Author: Frank Parlato

The Fall of Allison Mack Is Still a Mystery

It turns out that Mk10ART can write just as well as she can paint. So, in her piece on Allison Mack, which appears to be the first in a series, I am including some of her paintings of Mack so readers can see what I mean. 

Allison Mack with her attorneys headed to or from court. Note that MK10ART captures a much more serious Mack, less young, less vivacious, a Mack who has begun to realize the full weight of her troubles and how her association with her master, Keith Alan Raniere, led here there.


How could such a successful, attractive, charming young woman become so attached and subservient to a toadish, middle-aged psychopath like Keith Raniere?

Why would a successful Hollywood actress throw it all away for a life of crime?

Was it more nature or nurture?  Is she a Patty Hearst or a Bonnie to Keith’s Clyde?

Of course, Mack wasn’t the only one to throw her life away to a cult, but being the most famous makes her the cautionary tale.

Kristin Kreuk helped her friend and colleague Allison Mack to get involved with Nxivm and Jness. Nothing has ever been proven to show Kristin Kreuk was involved in any Nxivm crimes,

Mack was born to American parents in Germany in 1982.  She moved to Los Angeles, at age two, and acted in several shows before her big break in Smallville in 2001.

Mack was 18 years old when she was cast as Clark Kent’s sidekick, Chloe Sullivan, on Smallville, a TV series about young Superman, which ran from 2001-2011.  During this decade, Allison worked with many people, including fellow Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk.  On the show, Mack played the dorky, girl-next-door character while Kreuk was cast as the beautiful, ethereal girl of Superman’s dreams.

People who worked with Allison on Smallville were shocked to hear that she was involved in an international sex trafficking cult.

Actor Michael Rosenbaum, who played Lex Luther from 2001-11, described Allison in a Youtube interview as the “sweetest, a great girl, a great actress” among other compliments. He said that he had no idea how Allison became a Nxivm cult member and slavemaster and he was shocked when the news broke.

Keith Raniere and Allison Mack were filmed in a series of conversations that featured Keith pontificating on his deepest theories of life.

When the interviewer asked Michael if she seemed very sexual, he said ‘no, she was just flirty and fun.’   He knew that she was into self-help stuff that he thought sounded kind of “culty” but he didn’t think it was a full-blown cult.

Mack announced her engagement to boyfriend Peter (no last name ever published) in March 2003 when she was 20 years old.  However, a marriage never materialized and it is rumored by some that Peter was the one to end the relationship while she allegedly said she knew she was too young to get hitched.

She then dated a fellow actor Chad Krowchuk (2008-10) and then another actor on Smallville named Sam Witwer (2010-14).  She became engaged to Sam but that ended as well.

Allison Mack, once alluring and charming, is likely to wind up behind bars. It is hoped that she will be sentenced to a low-security prison and not a mid-security or high-security facility. Better yet, maybe she will be sentenced to home confinement. She is not a danger to society.

So Allison had three boyfriends and two broken engagements before she decided to devote herself fully to Vanguard.  The Grandmaster got his thrills by manipulating straight people to enter homosexual relationships (Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt for example.)  So it was without surprise that the hitherto cis-star married Nicki Clyne in February 2017.  Another perverse hypocrisy of the exalted one was to try to convert homosexuals into heterosexuals like Kristin Snyder who would become pregnant by Vanguard before disappearing or being murdered.  It is believed that Mack married Canadian Clyne so she could get a Green Card.

Mack and Kristin Kreuk’s Smallville characters were often pitted against each other by fans who enjoyed the contrasts between their two characters.  One fan even created a Youtube video that includes some fight scenes between them here:

The Lama Tenzin Dhonden, the US emissary for his Holiness the Dalai Lama was Sara Bronfman’s lover, but he was also very friendly to Allison Mack.

But behind the scenes was a different story, not unlike Nxivm.

Allison and Kristin were actually good friends.  In 2006, Kreuk took Mack to her first Jness class.  So it was Kreuk who initiated Mack into the world of Nxivm.  This is interesting because to this day, Kreuk has not been charged with anything while Mack faces over a decade in prison for charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and forced labor conspiracy.   The unanswered question remains: Did Allison delve deeper into Nxivm activities than Keruk?  Or was Kreuk just better at covering her tracks?

Some argue that Mack was naive and gullible.  Did she innocently fall under the sway of a much more mature Svengali-like Raniere?  Keith/Vanguard was a man with an addiction to sex and years of manipulating women under his belt (literally and figuratively.)  Some may argue that his biggest addiction was control. He had the compulsive need to acquire complete obedience of young women by collecting life-damaging collateral and holding it over their heads.

MK10ART’s lovely painting of Allison Mack with the worthy pubic brands in mind.

Allison was a force in her own right, she was the envy of all aspiring actors.  She made millions solely from her acting career and by 2017, had amassed a net-worth of $7 million dollars.  (Today her net-worth is reportedly $100,000 – $1 million.)  Perhaps it all came too easy and quick for her and she simply took her good luck for granted.  Life had gone so well for her, professionally.  However, her personal life had been a disappointment.  It was after her first broken engagement that the 24-year-old Mack joined Jness with Kreuk.

Birth of Jness: “On a spring day in 2006, in a car, driving down the highway, Pam Cafritz, Marianna Fernandez, and Keith Raniere were discussing weighty matters.

MK10ART’s painting of Allison Mack sitting in front of Keith Raniere was banned by Instagram.

“Mr. Raniere offered his expertise in educational methodology and waxed poetic about his knowledge relating to the ‘human dynamic.’

“Miss Cafritz and Miss Fernandez asked Mr. Raniere if his immense knowledge could be applied to the struggles of women in a world where women’s values are distorted.

“Mr. Raniere said he would solve this problem.

“Over the next few days, Mr. Raniere came up with ‘codification’ for a new method of gender transformation.

“From his gigantic brain, Jness was born to make the world a better place.”

MK10ART – From Slave Master to Straight Jacket. Did Allison mean to act insane?
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Preview YouTube video Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum on Allison Mack’s Sex Cult | TPW Clips

Preview YouTube video Smallville – Chloe vs. Lana – The Boy Is Mine

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Author: Frank Parlato

Investigation Discovery Announced New Special “The Lost Women of NXIVM”

(Silver Spring, Md.)— The rise and fall of Keith Raniere and the now defunct NXIVM cult is one of the most disturbing scandals of our age. What began as a purported self-help group spiraled into a dark, secretive world of illicit sex, money laundering, and exploitation all at the hands of founder Keith Raniere and his accomplices. Now, former NXIVM publicist turned investigative journalist Frank Parlato, who first revealed that NXIVM was branding women, takes a deep dive to answer the questions surrounding the tragic deaths and mysterious disappearances of four women who all had connections to NXIVM and Raniere himself. With exclusive access to members of Raniere’s former inner circle, some speaking for the first time and others who remain anonymous for their safety, Parlato leads viewers through a two-hour investigation that questions if there is more to this sadistic story. The provocative new special, THE LOST WOMEN OF NXIVM, premieres Sunday, December 8 at 9/8c, only on Investigation Discovery (ID).

“Understanding the depths of depravity of the NXIVM cult goes far beyond what we have seen in the headlines,” says Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel and Destination America. “This explosive ID special takes a never before look at the stories of four women who were unfortunately caught in Raniere’s twisted web and explores how their association with him may have led to their tragic fates, providing hope that authorities might reopen these cases to bring closure to the victims’ loved ones.”

THE LOST WOMEN OF NXIVM begins with Parlato’s investigation into the missing persons case of Kristin Snyder, who disappeared on February 6, 2003 after being forcibly removed from one of NXIVM’s Executive Success Programs (ESP) due to erratic behavior. Her abandoned vehicle was found the next day with an apparent suicide note inside, but her body has never been recovered. In an exclusive interview, Parlato speaks with Snyder’s wife of two years, Heidi Clifford, who claims that Snyder was pregnant with Raniere’s child at the time of her disappearance. Parlato quickly discovers that just months before Snyder vanished, 33-year-old Gina Hutchinson was found dead also due to an apparent suicide. Heidi Hutchinson speaks with Parlato about her sister’s association with Raniere from a young age.

With the help of an anonymous source, Parlato also explores the deaths of two additional LOST WOMEN OF NXIVM, 63-year-old Barbara Jeske and 57-year-old Pamela Cafritz. Both women lived with Keith Raniere and were part of his trusted inner circle, many of whom mysteriously developed terminal cancer. After collecting potential hair evidence from the source, Parlato sets out to explore if it is possible that the women, experiencing a cluster of cancers, were poisoned over a period of years.

Additional revelations in THE LOST WOMEN OF NXIVM include the very first on-record interview with Kristin Keeffe, who divulges what she knows from her 24-year relationship with Keith Raniere. She is one of the many women Raniere impregnated, but unlike allegedly dozens of others, she was not forced to have an abortion. When her son was 7-years-old, Keeffe escaped and went into hiding to protect herself and her son. Additional interviews include: Susan Dones, a former NXIVM trainer, whose video footage secretly recorded Raniere speaking to other high-ranking officials of NXIVM boasting “I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs.” Neil Glazer, an attorney for NXIVM survivors; Rick Ross, an expert on extremist groups; Dr. Jana Lalich, a sociologist, former NXIVM consultants; and many more.

THE LOST WOMEN IS NXIVM is produced for Investigation Discovery by AMPLE Entertainment. For AMPLE, Ari Mark, Phil Lott, Alex Weresow and, filmmaker Pat McGee are executive producers. For Investigation Discovery, Eugenie Vink is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Kevin Bennett is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President, Investigation Discovery, Travel Channel, American Heroes Channel, and Destination America.

Frank Parlato interviewing with Susan Domes
Cyntia Birr and Frank Perlato recreating the crime scene

Heidi Hutchinson reveals folder during interview

Matt Malone interviews with Frank Parlato
Kristin Keefe being interviewed with Frank Parlato

About Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery (ID) is the leading crime and justice network on television, delivering the highest-quality programming to approximately 85 million U.S. households. From harrowing crimes to in-depth investigations and heart-breaking mysteries behind these “real people, real stories”, the always revealing network challenges our understanding of culture, society and the human condition. The #1 network for women in all of cable, ID’s programming is available in both high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD), as well as anytime and anywhere through the network’s TV Everywhere offering, IDGO. For exclusive web content and bonus material, fans can follow ID on TwitterInstagram and Facebook or check out the network’s true crime blog, CrimeFeed.

Investigation Discovery is part of Discovery, Inc. (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK), a global leader in real life entertainment, serving a passionate audience of superfans around the world with content that inspires, informs and entertains. Available in 220 countries and territories and 50 languages, Discovery delivers over 8,000 hours of original programming each year and has category leadership across deeply loved content genres around the world. For additional information about ID, please visit 

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