About Those Dancing Israelis

On Friday Whitney Webb of Mint Press News wrote about new information on the 9/11 “Dancing Israelis” and their connection to Israeli intelligence. 

You may not remember the Dancing Israelis incident. It didn’t fit the larger narrative concocted in the days, months, and years that followed that tragic event. 

That narrative dwelt exclusively on Osama bin Laden and Islamic evil-doers in Afghan caves plotting a major terror attack because “they hate our (sic) freedoms,” while ignoring or omitting information that contradicted that narrow and obviously absurd conclusion. There is a wealth of information demonstrating how the attacks could not have occurred as the government and its corporate media insist.

Webb’s post adds damning new information to the now largely forgotten Dancing Israelis incident. Documents released through a Freedom of Information request reveals at least two members of the group were Mossad agents, others members of the IDF; the moving company they supposedly worked for was an intelligence front; the moving company van the Israelis used tested positive for explosives. Other suspicious items were found in this cut-out business van, including boxcutters and cash-stuffed socks. 

For more damning evidence in direct conflict with the official narrative and its conclusions, read Webb’s article. It’s an eye-opener. 

For the last decade and a half, I have argued that the official narrative is a rather clumsy cover-up designed to protect the real perpetrators of 9/11—the triumvirate of terror: the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. 

As we know, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were planned before September 11, 2001 (see New Documents Show Bush Administration Planned War In Iraq Well Before 9/11/2001 and Bush team ‘agreed plan to attack the Taliban the day before September 11’). 

These invasions required a “new Pearl Harbor,” as pointed out by the neocons in a paper titled Rebuilding America’s Defenses. 

In 2002, months before the illegal invasion of Iraq, investigative journalist and filmmaker John Pilger wrote:

The attacks of 11 September 2001 provided the “new Pearl Harbor”, described as “the opportunity of ages”. The extremists who have since exploited 11 September come from the era of Ronald Reagan, when far-right groups and “think-tanks” were established to avenge the American “defeat” in Vietnam. In the 1990s, there was an added agenda: to justify the denial of a “peace dividend” following the cold war. The Project for the New American Century was formed, along with the American Enterprise Institute, the Hudson Institute and others that have since merged the ambitions of the Reagan administration with those of the current Bush regime.

I don’t believe this “opportunity” simply fell in the lap of the neocons by happenstance. It was manufactured and has multiple goals—a hegemonic drive in the Middle East (in the name of neoliberalism masquerading as democracy), bolstering the racist Zionists with weapons and stolen taxpayer money, and protecting the vile and psychopathic Wahhabi regime in Saudi Arabia and selling them weapons to kill Yemeni civilians. 

It is also a tool to create a massive surveillance apparatus, feed more obscene billions into the “defense” (war) budget, and basically harden the edges of a soft “public-private” fascism (corporatism, as Mussolini knew) that has ruled since the establishment of the national security state directly following the Second World War.

As Webb points out, Zionist Israelis are the ones who “hate us for our freedoms,” and they consider the American people a passel of naive chumps easily tricked into sacrificing their lives and treasure in wars that benefit Israel and Saudi Arabia. 

“Indeed, it goes without saying that the aftermath of 9/11—which involved the U.S. leading a destructive effort throughout the Middle East—has indeed benefited Israel. Many of the U.S.’ post-9/11 ‘nation-building’ efforts have notably mirrored the policy paper ‘A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,’ which was authored by American neoconservatives—PNAC members among them—for Netanyahu’s first term as prime minister,” writes Webb. 

Webb’s incisive report on these recently released FBI documents should be read by all Americans. 

If you decide to read it, however, be forewarned: you will be denounced as a crazy American-hating conspiracy theorist—thus calling into question anything you say thereafter. In the months ahead, it is possible you will be tarred and feathered as an antisemite, an extremist, a terrorist.

The US will eventually adopt harsh measures like France and Germany to deal with critics of Israel and its apartheid system and slow-motion ethnic cleansing. US states are passing laws making it a crime to boycott Israel. 

This is the emergent “New Antisemitism” criminalizing all who dare criticize the Zionist state. This includes not only Holocaust denial, but also “ideological antisemitism,” that is arguing Israel’s race laws and its treatment of the Palestinians amounts to apartheid. 

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it,” said George Orwell. 

As for an easily blindsided and brainwashed public, Orwell wrote: “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.” 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo


Congress Wants to Steal $1.68 Billion from Iran

It’s not enough to want untold thousands to die and the country destroyed, now neocons in Congress want to steal more than a billion and a half dollars from Iran as compensation for something somebody else did or didn’t do. 

From the Daily Caller:

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday to make $1.68 billion worth of Iranian funds available to the families of 241 American servicemen killed in the 1983 suicide bombing on a Marine base in Beirut, Lebanon.

In Trump Bizarro World, as in the Obama and Bush versions of the same, reality and facts are only applicable when they serve the agenda. 

For instance:

The Iranian regime founded and supported the terror group responsible for the attack, Hezbollah. Multiple court decisions have authorized that Iranian funds be seized and given to the victim’s families.

It looks like The Daily Caller is going for The Washington Post Fake News Award, or one similar handed out by The Atlantic Council with the help of the Rockefeller Bros. 

First and foremost, Hezbollah was not founded by Iran. It is certainly funded by Iran in much the same way the US funds Israel. 

If Israel hadn’t invaded Lebanon in 1982, there would today be no Hezbollah. Hezbollah began as a Shia resistance to Israel’s invasion and mistreatment of Shias in Southern Lebanon. 

Second point. It is not conclusively known what group or country is responsible for the bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Beirut back in 1983. 

At the time, Reagan’s Vice President Bush, Secretary of State George Shultz, and National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane decided to blame Iran and Syria for the attack and a second on the US embassy in Lebanon. The US later said elements that would become Hezbollah were responsible. 

“Hezbollah’s track record on terror is largely speculative,” I wrote in April. “There is no evidence the group kidnapped the president of the American University in Beirut, Davis S. Dodge, or is there conclusive evidence it attacked the US embassy in Beirut or truck bombed a US military barracks in Lebanon.”

The US said the Islamic Jihad, a little-known group that claimed responsibility for the attacks, was actually Hezbollah, an organization that did not yet exist. Hezbollah formed in 1985. 

The attacks allowed the US and France to collaborate on attacking Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley. The USS New Jersey fired hundreds of shells at Druze and Syrian positions. 

“In a nine-hour period, the USS New Jersey fired 288 16-inch rounds, each one weighing as much as a Volkswagen Beetle. In those nine-hours, the ship consumed 40 percent of the 16-inch ammunition available in the entire European theater,” write Martin and Walcott in Best Laid Plans: The Inside Story of America’s War Against Terrorism. 

The target was Syria. If the US-Israeli plan for the Middle East was to be realized, Hafez al-Assad’s influence in Lebanon would need to be terminated. 

The first step was to kill Syrian commanding officers by lobbing 30 or more shells at a command center in the Shouf mountains. 

Many Shia and Druze civilians were killed in the effort by the US, France, and the Lebanese Army to eliminate the influence of Syria in the artificially created state of Lebanon carved out of Syria decades before by the French. 

All of the above historical information is easily available on the internet. Is it too much to ask corporate media journalists to do their homework? Or is putting things in their proper historical and political context a conspiracy theory? 

At the absolute minimum, they should mention the fact the Marine barracks and US embassy bombings have not been conclusively linked to Hezbollah, a group that did not exist at the time. 

Of course, I don’t expect this to happen under the current propaganda system imposed by the state and its corporate media. 

If a professional journalist wants to keep his or her job, they read the script. 

It’s not the truth, at best half-truth. It is deception. 

It’s the manipulation of millions of people to gain their acquiescence for the unimaginable—bombing sorties, cruise missiles, the drones of Hell unleashed, and the mangled and dismembered bodies of men, women, and children Mike Pence and John Bolton will never see. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

The War Tweets (Part II)

There must be something in the water. How else to explain why voters in Florida keep electing this neocon promoter of war crimes and serial violations of the US Constitution.

Rubio claims those of us opposed to war with Iran are “a small group of people… willing to harm our national security interests,” not that Rubio or any booster of mass murder care to explain exactly what that interest is. 

Iran doesn’t threaten the US or the American people in any way, shape, or form. But it does challenge Israel and the daily terror it inflicts upon the Palestinians. 

And then there’s the MAGA talkshow host Laura Ingraham:

Notice Laura does not denounce the idea Iran should be flattened and its people shredded by cluster bombs and poisoned with depleted uranium. No, she says this is a fight for another day. The time schedule is likely the only disagreement she has with the neocons. 

Here is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Indeed, that’s what the Constitution says, but it is used selectively here by Pelosi. Meanwhile, she has voted for imposing life-threatening sanctions on the people of Iran. She also said Obama didn’t need no stinkin’ congressional authorization to bomb the hell out of Libya and knife-rape its leader to death. 

Finally, let’s take a look at one of the more clueless US senators, Martha McSally, an Arizona Republican.

John Bolton has publicly stated on numerous occasions he would like nothing more than to attack Iran. 

I guess Ms. McSally missed Bolton’s speech delivered in 2017 in Paris to the cult members of MEK, a terrorist group that killed American citizens working in Tehran during the Iranian revolution in 1979. 

Bolton missed the deadline. He’s now working to fast track the invasion and installation of the cult leader Maryam Rajavi. 

Trump said today he’s not interested in attacking Iran in response to crimes fabricated by Arab and Muslim-hating (and Israel loving) neocons. 

But who listens to Trump? 

Certainly not his hand-picked neocons. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Beware of Neocons Calling for Sacrifice

Here we have a notorious neocon warmonger dismissing the suffering inflicted on the American people by a monetary system funneling funny money upward and eviscerating the middle class.

“There will be some sacrifices on the part of Americans, I grant you that, but I also would say that sacrifice is pretty minimal compared to the sacrifices that our soldiers make overseas that are fallen heroes that are laid to rest in Arlington make,” Cotton told CBS. 

In other words, folks enduring economic hardship in fly-over country need to STFU and think about the “service” of soldiers occupying foreign lands and killing their inhabitants. 

Rural farmers in Arkansas are not Tom’s constituents—the Israelis, neocons, the military-industrial-surveillance complex are. His mission is not to help farmers or any other taxpaying citizen harmed by an economic system of debt and theft and now a trade war that will gut the economy further and push millions of average Americans out of the middle class. 

It’s worth it, though, according to Tom and the neocons. 

Nothing matters more than killing off Israel’s enemies, destroying Arab and Muslim culture, balkanizing nations, and imposing unending hardship on millions of victims. 

Israel can’t do it alone, so Tom and the neocons, including President Bolton and Sec. State Pompeo, are looking at false flag scenarios, telling outrageous lies about Iran, and will soon send Tom’s beloved troops into a meat grinder. 

When tankers are burning in the Strait of Hormuz and gasoline is eight or nine bucks a gallon at home, Tom will naturally call for more sacrifice. He will downplay the suffering of Americans and play up the “sacrifice” of soldiers “killed in the line of duty,” that is to say duty to serve racist ethnic cleansers in Israel.

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

War Media Blames Iran for Tanker Attacks

It was obvious from the moment the alleged attack on oil tankers harbored at Fujairah hit the news cycle that it is yet another feeble false flag operation to get mass murder rolling in Iran. 

A spook talking on a “condition of anonymity” said Iraq is responsible. 

Iran is a leading candidate for having carried out attacks on four tankers near the United Arab Emirates but the United States does not have conclusive proof Tehran was behind them, a U.S. official familiar with American intelligence said on Monday.

24 hours after the attack, the US is blaming Iran, never mind zero evidence and that Iran pulling off such a fruitless attack—no ships sunk, no oil spilled—at the precise time the US is looking for a pretext to bomb the country, destroy its infrastructure, kill tens if not hundreds of thousands, and install the terrorist Maryam Rajavi as ruler. 

But it doesn’t matter. All it takes is a few “clickbait” headlines from the corporate war propaganda media and a false flag can be attributed to the mullahs. This is so transparent as to be a bad joke. 

It wasn’t Iran that attached limpet magnetic bombs to ship hulls. It was likely US special operations or the Israelis. 

Mossad has been feeding the US bogus intel on Iran for some time in the hope Trump and the Pentagon will kill the mullahs like Obama and Clinton killed Gaddafi, turn Iran into a failed state (this has been the plan for Israel’s neighbors for some time), and send a message to other nations rejecting the neoliberal game plan of total domination and economic servitude. 

Following this textbook false flag, Trump promised to make Iran “suffer greatly” for daring to challenge the US.

Meanwhile, Iran is preparing. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Bullet Points: How Forever War Will End

Forget a popular movement to end the wars. 

As George W. Bush said during his murder spree in Afghanistan and Iraq, the antiwar movement at that time (far larger than what we have today) was little more than a “focus group” ignored by the state (with the exception of sending out their operatives to spy on the movement and create disorder and factionalism). 

Most Americans are numb to decades of expensive and debilitating wars. They prefer not to think about it. The corporate propaganda media provides plenty of fluff and chaff to distract them—spiked with hate screeds against the president—and the idea of a popular movement to end the wars is now nearly impossible. 

Like former dirty trickster Karl Rove famously said, the American people really have no choice but to sit back and watch the creative destructionists “make history.” Any serious effort to mobilize an antiwar movement would be disrupted. The state has perfected the dark art of killing democratic action through subversion.

Economic Armageddon. It’s breathing down our necks, thanks to federal spending out of control for decades, at least half of it going to the “defense” department and associated death merchants.

 “The United States recorded a government debt equivalent to 105.40 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2017,” Trading Economics points out. “Government Debt to GDP in the United States averaged 61.70 percent from 1940 until 2017, reaching an all-time high of 118.90 percent in 1946 [after participating in the worst act of organized carnage in human history] and a record low of 31.70 percent in 1981.” 

According to research conducted by William D. Harding and Mandy Smithberger, the “final annual tally for war, preparations for war, and the impact of war come to more than $1.25 trillion, more than double the Pentagon’s base budget [of the $750 billion Trump budget].”

Last year, the official tally for the national debt was $21,500 trillion. Some believe this is a lowball figure. John Williams of shadowstats.com has shown that with unfunded liabilities, the debt is actually closer to $222 trillion, a staggering number virtually unknown to the American people. Most don’t even realize the average public unfunded liability is $2 million per household (piled atop personal debt, which is at an all-time high).

Obviously, somewhere along the line, and I’d have to say soon, there will be a “reset,” an economic collapse and reordering of the game (on terms beneficial to the bankers). Empires typically fall when they become unsustainable. 

Russia and China. Both nations have their own problems and are less than friendly to individual rights, although Russia is far better than totalitarian China. It is now obvious both are working to find an exit to the domination of Federal Reserve fiat funny money scheme that rules international economies and trade around the world. The US has weaponized this system by slapping sanctions on disfavored nations and those it has decided to invade and destroy (and with the current rhetoric from both sides of the one-sided war party, it is obvious the political class and its corporate directors are itching for a fight). 

This is, of course, insane. I really do think the hubris—the indispensable nation, the exceptional nation—is so thick these fools can’t see how easily it would be to turn the world into a radioactive cauldron. On the other hand, I do believe, at least in regard to nuclear annihilation, somewhat saner heads will prevail. 

News flash. If there is a non-nuclear (or limited nuclear) war with each or both (see the 2001 Sino-Russian Treaty of Friendship), it will not turn out good for the US, which has corrupted its defensive military capacity with a manufactured terror-asymmetrical posture. 

This approach is effective in subversion operations to destabilize countries, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia. As we have seen since the end of the Second World War, the United States appears to be incapable of winning wars. This no mistake and primarily benefits Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex with a host of related new “national security” industries in addition to the war merchant stalwarts (Boeing, General Dynamics, General Electric, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, etc.), all feeding at the trough. Forever war is a forever profit stream for the ruling elite and its political class. 

So, the conclusion is either economic collapse or defeat in a more or less conventional war will halt the trajectory the US is taking now as it is pulled along in a neocon spell with a president that has at best a sixth grade understanding of the world. Both probable outcomes are unthinkable. 

Who knows. Maybe the American people will get off their duffs and demand the wars and provocations leading to war end. This was done in the 1960s and early 70s, primarily due to the Vietnam War protest that began in response to military servitude imposed on teenagers. The state ended a military draft, although it retained its “selective service” registration of potential future bullet-stoppers. 

The moral aspect was secondary. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

North Korea and US Human Rights Hypocrisy

Last week Trump’s State Department said it is “gravely concerned” about the human rights situation in North Korea. 

“We continue to work with the international community to raise awareness, highlight abuses and violations, enhance access to independent information and promote respect for human rights in North Korea,” said State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus, a former Public Affairs Officer at USAID, the color revolution shop that operates at the whim of Trump, his NSC, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. 

The Trump administration “concern” for human rights in North Korea is little more than a political stunt now that North Korea has taken a step back from negotiations with the United States.

Back in April, the US delivered declassified United States military and intelligence documents to Argentina. 

“The archival documents were the fourth and final batch of 43,000 declassified U.S. telegrams, military records, intelligence and confidential memos given to Argentina following an extraordinary 2016 agreement between Argentine President Mauricio Macri and former U.S. President Barack Obama,” explains Rut Diamint for The Conversation. 

The previously classified documents outline how the US assisted Gen. Jorge Rafael Videla’s brutal military dictatorship in 1976, which “gave way to the cruelest, most repressive and violent eight years of Argentina’s history.” 

Henry Kissinger and the Ford Administration worked with Argentina to kidnap “leftists, dissidents, union leaders and anyone who looked remotely like a threat. They tortured detainees, and then threw them alive and conscious out of airplanes into the River Plate, near Buenos Aires, or dumped their bodies in mass graves.” 

Pregnant women were killed after giving birth, their babies adopted by the families of childless generals. Neighbors under police surveillance informed on other neighbors to appease the junta, then were abducted and tortured anyway.

The human rights abuses in Argentina approved by the arch war criminal Henry Kissinger were part of Operation Condor, a CIA plan initiated by military dictatorships in the Southern Cone in the mid-1970s. A declassified US document describes Condor as “a cooperative effort by the intelligence/security services of several South American countries to combat terrorism and subversion. The original members included services from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia.” 

Operation Condor grabbed the attention of likeminded sadists in Europe. According to one declassified document, 

Representatives of West German, French and British intelligence services had visited the Condor organization secretariat in Buenos Aires during the month of September 1977 in order to discuss methods for establishment of an anti-subversion organization similar to Condor” due to their view that “the terrorist/subversive threat had reached such dangerous levels in Europe.”

I produced a video on Operation Condor for Newsbud. Here is the trailer. If you’re a Newsbud subscriber, you can watch the video in its entirety. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Iran and the Fairy Tale Atomic Bomb

Is it possible Senator Tom Cotton ghostwrites fairy tales on his days off from Congress? Cotton and his neocon buddies are pretty good at making things up. 

For instance:

But you really don’t get the full impact unless you read the unabridged statement posted May 8 on his Senate webpage. 

Europe must not give in to Tehran’s nuclear blackmail as the ayatollahs threaten to renew their rush toward the bomb. The United Kingdom, Germany, and France ought to walk away from their financial backchannels with Iran and join the United States in imposing maximum pressure on the regime. The United States will remain steadfast in its approach until Iran abandons its nuclear and missile programs and support for terrorism.

Nuclear blackmail.

This is the central theme of the fairy tale. Iran is making progress on a nuclear weapon. But like a lot of things the neocons claim, there isn’t a whole lot of evidence Iran is anywhere near developing a nuclear bomb, or even that it wants one.

The JCPOA is an agreement in part allowing the International Atomic Energy Agency to verify Iran’s compliance. It also allowed the IAEA “wider access to, and information on, Iran’s nuclear program and implements a more robust verification system.” 

But, of course, we can’t have that. 

The idea Iran is ruled by irrational religious fanatics determined to attack the Great Satan America and especially the Zionist state of Israel. It’s taken as uncontested fact these wild-eyed mullahs will nuke both if they can successfully cobble together an atomic bomb.

This idea must be implanted in the head of the average American through all-pervasive propaganda fed into social media, television, radio, and the internet at large. 

Most Americans really don’t have a handle on what is happening. The illusion they believe is delivered in controlled fashion by corporate propaganda media network news, talk radio, countless videos on the internet, and above all social media.

Can you blame them?

It’s difficult enough making ends meet in this economy. It is managed by a financial elite and jimmy-rigged by a Federal Reserve and its monetary policies. Much wealth has gone to the crony capitalists, their industries are insrumental to the functioning of a national security state.

The so-called one percent is in fact more like the 0.01 percent. The average Joe and Jane are steadily losing ground in a dwindling and cannabilized middle class gutted by inflation, the offshoring and robotizing of employment, taxation, and ever-increasing government mandates, fees, fines, and revenue generation by militarized police at the local level.

The parasite is about to kill the host. 

Economic disaster is now casting a portentous shadow. But what is the main concern in a neocon-ized WH? 

Iran. Venezuela. 

Saving Israel (from itself and its superannuated racist ideology). 

Forcing a “peace deal” scribbled out by a Zionist and friend of Netanyahu who supports illegal settlers and their often violent response to Palestinians. 

North Korea. Kim started up his missile program again.

Is this a third front for Trump and his Crusade Against the Oil and Commie Evildoers? 

The national debt is an asteroid ready to hit America. No, it’s not as popular as the other asteroid, the one NASA says might get us like the one that killed off the dinosaurs. It’s like a Hollywood movie, another gripping disaster flick. 

But the debt—what we owe the banks and other countries—is very rarely talked about, and certainly not made into a mini-series. 

Instead, we get fairy tales, official lies and fabrications. 

We’re stuck with war (again) and the tab for that and everything else the financial elite have us on the hook for, including having us foot a gambling debt in the billions.

But even that was a ruse designed to funnel more money up into the maw of an insatiable and criminal uber-wealthy leviathan. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Trump, Big Macs, and Fox Neocon News

Our president is a busy man. He doesn’t have time to research background on the Middle East and Asia, so he gets his information encapsulated from Fox News while eating a Big Mac and those deadly fries during lunch and dinner breaks at the White House. 

Maybe he caught this Lou Dobbs segment:

It’s said Trump only tunes into Fox News. He has denounced the “liberal” networks as “fake news” engineered by establishment Democrats and other swamp creatures. 

Let’s call Fox what it is—a mouthpiece for neocon propaganda. 

Retired four-star general Jack Keane co-wrote a book with Frederick Kagan of the staunchly neocon American Enterprise Institute. He is remembered as an architect of Bush’s “troop surge” in Iraq and a co-author of “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” a 2000 Project for the New American Century document. The central thesis of this “Pax Americana” interventionist document—“large wars,” “constabulary duties,” and “securing global hegemony,” to name but three—remain active nineteen years after its release. 

Keane might be considered a wind-up doll for the military-industrial-surveillance complex. He’s a board member at General Dynamics and board member at the Institute for the Study of War founded by Kimberly Kagan, the wife Frederick Kagan. In addition, he is a senior adviser to Academi LLC, formerly Blackwater, the outlaw and disgraced mercenary outfit guilty of gunning down Iraqi civilians. 

Keane is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

Investigative journalist Gareth Porter dubbed Keane “the mafia don of this network of retired and active-duty generals” at Fox and other networks (Keane also provides his “analysis,” which is the dubious analysis shared by John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, to ABC). 

So, in effect, when Trump is sending his cholesterol numbers through the stratosphere with his affinity for junk food, Fox News is telling him his neocon national security adviser and secretary of state are right about Iran and Venezuela, never mind the easily debunked lies never addressed.

Even so, Trump is hesitant to start World War III (or WW IV, the Cold War being number three). I don’t believe Trump is especially concerned about the fate of millions of Venezuelans, Iranians, North Koreans, Cubans, and other populations that might be targeted for the intransigence of their leaders, rejection of neoliberal economics, and the decision to run their own affairs, thank you very much, and tell Wall Street and the City of London to take a hike. 

It’s all about Trump, his massive, obese ego, and his place in history. He doesn’t want to be seen as Greg Stillson, the psychopathic president of the United States who starts a nuclear war in Stephen King novel “The Dead Zone.” 

If Trump keeps eating burgers while watching Fox News with its rabid neocons frothing to start wars on multiple fronts—they say they don’t want this, but they’re lying (as usual)—then he may be remembered as a Greg Stillson-like character, that is if there is anybody left alive to make such a comparison. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Sanctions Crazed Trump Does Blackbeard 

Our storied president is now a pirate on the high seas. Well, that’s not exactly true. I’d say he’s more like Queen Elizabeth I when she ordered Sir Francis Drake to grab Spanish ships and ransack them. 

Leave it up to the corporate media to play along. Calling the theft of a North Korean ship along with its crew a “civil action” is a new low for the war propaganda media. 

I’d say it’s an uncivil action taken by a nation that will kill you and your children for not doing exactly what they tell you to do. Like for instance hand over all your oil and precious metals. 

First and foremost, the “international community,” mostly a collection of rogue nations like the UK and France led by the United States and its psychotic neocon taskmasters, has no right to tell any other country what it can buy, sell, and trade. 

Of course, the whole point here is doing something media worthy as an advertisement for Trump’s sanctions, with his now familiar options upon a table, and try to make it all look like something more than bully-boy talk.

It’s a follow-up to his decision Iran should be prevented from selling its metals to customers. Those customers, if they dare cross Trump and his neocons, why they’ll be sanctioned as well. It’s possible half the world may end up sanctioned for one reason or another. 

The Donald was lucky Kim decided to test some missiles. It fits nicely in his latest Maximum Pressure campaign. North Korea has experienced this Maximum Pressure routine since the end of the Korean War, which didn’t end. 

If Trump and his neocons don’t ratchet down the sanctions, Kim will begin testing ICBMs again. Why not an hour ago he rustled up his aged big hat generals and ordered a drill, or so AFP reports. 

Kim is not prone to sit on his fat entitled ass and wait it out. The little man with a funny haircut is armed to the teeth and paranoid as his father and grandfather and with good reason considering how many Koreans were killed by yankee draftees during Truman’s little United Nations police action. 

Trump’s stunt—capturing a coal ship already captured by Indonesia—is a signal to both oil-rich Iran and Venezuela they best sit back and allow punitive and illegal sanctions to decimate their populations. 

Next up. US warships bristling with lasers and whatnot trying to pull over an Iranian tanker, a barge, or maybe a fishing dingy. It’s not a good idea to run away from the international policeman. 

An aircraft carrier just passed through the Suez Canal. B52s are in order, maybe saddled up with Trump’s new dial-down safe nukes. 

It looks like it might be on.

No telling with Trump. It’s said he’s already pissed at madman “Stache” Bolton, but then Trump ends up getting angry with just about everybody in the room, except of course “Jarvanka,” the name Steve Bannon bestowed upon the Kushner duo. 

But never mind, Marco’s on it. 

See, it’s all just some poor losers going to the corporate media to spew more gossip about Trump, which of course the media loves and slurps up and asks for more. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo