Media Outrage at Trump Evident in Coverage of Minneapolis Rally

President Donald Trump’s speech at a rally Thursday night in Minneapolis brought forth media accounts that claimed the president was racist, out of control and mean.

Allyson Chiu of the Washington Post exemplified the tone of coverage in her piece: “‘Stunning in ugliness & tone’: Trump denounced for attacking Somali refugees in Minnesota.”

Chiu wrote in her lead that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who has created significant controversy even within her own party for her racist remarks, had been “predictably singled out” for six minutes of Trump’s speech.

“As photos of Omar wearing a headscarf flashed across jumbo screens at the Target Center in the city, Trump ramped up broadsides against the freshman lawmaker, slamming her as an ‘America-hating socialist’ and a ‘disgrace,’” Chiu wrote.

Chiu raised the point about Omar wearing a headscarf to imply Trump’s production people had portrayed her that way to cause racist outrage. But a search of Google for images of Omar revealed no photos in which she is not wearing a headscarf.

As for Omar, the New York Times pointed out in “At Minneapolis Rally, an Angry Trump Reserves Sharpest Attacks for Biden,” by Annie Karni and Peter Baker, that although Trump said she “married her brother in order to come into the country … no proof has emerged substantiating the marriage claim.”

Some proof has emerged. In June 2012, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, her second husband and the one suspected of being her brother, posted a photo of him holding her third child shortly the girl was born and calling her one of his “nieces,” which suggests he was siblings with Omar. She also tweeted a Father’s Day message to her father, Nur Said, which some have said indicates, based on the names, that he is her brother.

PolitiFact, Snopes, the AP and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune all have looked into the story and determined, by wiping social media and other records, Omar has made it impossible to tell whether her second husband was her brother.

The AP warned of political problems for Trump if he attacked Omar in Minneapolis, part of which she represents in Congress. “The district is now held by Omar, the Somali-American lawmaker whom Trump often holds up as a symbol of the liberal shift of the Democratic Party. It’s a message viewed as racist by some,” wrote Steve Karnowski in “‘Welcome to Minneapolis’: Trump rally roils liberal bastion.”

Karnowski went on to write, without evidence, that Trump’s approach to Omar “drew criticism from fellow Republicans uncomfortable with the prospect of putting race at the center of the campaign.” No Republicans have made public remarks along the lines Karnowski suggested. He attributed the notion to “four Republicans close to the White House who were not authorized to discuss private conversations.”

CNN “fact-checker” Daniel Dale continued to repeat a number of false assertions about the president. For one, Trump said new wall is being built, and Dale says otherwise. But CBS and others have reported that sections of new wall – not replacement for old wall or repairs to existing wall – is being constructed in New Mexico and along the California border.

He also claims Trump is lying about wanting to protect patients with pre-existing conditions and that his legal fight to have Obamacare ruled unconstitutional makes this a lie. Trump has proposed a number of ways to do this outside of Obamacare. Dale has misled on this point repeatedly.

Politico called it “one of his most vitriolic appearances to date,” in “’These people are sick’: Trump’s ire against Washington boils over” – subhead: Rather than focusing on usual ‘Make American Great Again’ topics during his Minneapolis rally, the president went hard after his adversaries in Congress and the media”—by Matthew Choi.

Choi said Trump “repeated unfounded claims that the former vice president worked to nix a Ukrainian investigation into his son when Hunter Biden sat on the board of an energy corporation in Ukraine.”

There is video of Biden bragging about exactly that.

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Author: Brian McNicoll


Mike Pompeo Wonders Why PBS Reporter Defends Biden and Uses Lines From The DNC

On Thursday Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that PBS Host/Reporter Judy Woodruff and other media talking heads have adamantly defended presidential hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden. Pompeo said “It’s like you’re working for the DNC [Democratic National Committee].”

In a PBS Newshour Pompeo and Woodruff discussed allegations that Biden had a Ukrainian prosecutor fired because Biden didn’t want his son Hunter Biden investigated for corruption. 

In a strong pro-Biden statement, Woodruff said, “There’s been no proof of any misdoing by Vice President Biden…”

Pompeo asserted himself and replied, “Y’all keep repeating that line like you’re working for the DNC.”

The prosecutor (in question) filed an affidavit, which specified Biden forced him to stay out of investigation and forced him out of his job because he was looking into Hunter Biden sitting on the board of directors of Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma, Holdings. While sitting on the board Hunter collected a large salary despite not having any work experience in the energy or gas sector.

In the interview, Pompeo asserted it was “wholly appropriate” for President Donald Trump to discuss investigating corruption in the U.S. with Ukraine’s top leader.

In a public statement, Biden threatened to withhold more than a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine under the condition that Viktor Shokin did not resign from his job or get fired. However, Biden then backtracked and claimed he wanted Shokin to quit because of corruption allegations. Shortly after Shokin resigned from his position after Biden’s public threat.

The call Trump had with Ukraine’s top leader has sparked a U.S. House of Representatives’ impeachment probe that has remained the top news of the week.

Marissa Martinez is the founder of Strategic Rush, contributor for Accuracy in Media, The Hill, and Republican Strategist for PACs and congressional candidates. @MarissaAlisa

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Author: Marissa Martinez

Media Goes Negative On Economic News Even When the News Is Good

America’s economy is producing some of the best outcomes in recent decades, but we wouldn’t know it from media reports. That was the view of Aaron Brown, writing in Real Clear Markets.

The Census Bureau’s Income and Poverty in the United States report for 2018 revealed real income gains, real growth and a real prospect of better outcomes, Brown wrote. But the media worked hard to find ways to undermine the progress.

From 2017 to 2018, real median family income increased 1.2 percent, real median earnings climbed 3.4 percent and full-time year-round workers increased by 2.3 million.

Moreover, the poverty rate fell from 12.3 percent to 11.8 percent, and childhood poverty fell even faster. On net, Brown wrote citing the report, 1.4 million people climbed out of poverty.

Contrary to accusations President Trump’s tax plan was designed solely to benefit the rich, Brown wrote that not only was income in the bottom 80 percent of households up significantly but that the only income group to see a decline was the top 20 percent. The Gini coefficient, which measures income inequality, moved down from 0.489 to 0.486 – which indicates less inequality.

This marks significant progress because the Gini coefficient fluctuates along with the stock market – pay for top earners goes up, and executives with stock options and profit shares, Wall Street types and those dependent on bonuses – and the stock market is up 25 percent since President Trump took office.  

Brown wrote that “2018 worked for everyone. The economy did well, all the real measures of economic well-being were improved, and the Gini coefficient went down.”

But that’s not what the headlines said. Brown pointed to three that were especially deceptive:

How did they say inequality grew when Brown said it didn’t? Because the 5-year Gini covering 2014 to 2018 was higher than the five-year Gini covering 2013-2017, Brown wrote. “The increase happened from 2016 to 2017, so it’s old news today,” Brown wrote. Others said the year-to-year increased, but they used a figure for 2017 that had to be revised because the methodology for computing the Gini changed.

Brown wrote that the rich realize gains in their personal pocketbooks from good economic times quicker than the rest of us because they quickly benefit from better investment returns and salaries and bonuses that are sensitive to economic conditions. Benefits for the bottom 80 percent are seen in more jobs and higher wages after about a year lag, but they last longer – usually about three years – Brown wrote.

But the real story, he wrote, was how the media used one distorted number to make negative claims about the economy when it is in fact booming.

“It’s hard to imagine a better Census report whether your main concern is overall economic growth or how the poor and middle class are doing relative to the upper-middle class and rich,” he concluded. “If these are the headlines for this kind of report, imagine what we’ll see when the economic news is only average, or grim.”

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Author: Brian McNicoll

Mainstream Media Making Big Money on Impeachment Stories

Executives from the mainstream media are profiting off the Democratic-led push for impeaching President Donald Trump, cashing in on a partisan push that ignores historical precedence and judicial due process.

“CNN Digital’s impeachment-related app alerts have attracted 300,000 subscribers in just a week, according to a spokeswoman,” CNN’s Brian Stelter reported. “Since the [New York Times’ impeachment] briefing’s formal launch on October 1, ‘the response has been hugely positive — the Impeachment Briefing has been one of the most-read pieces of Times journalism every day since we launched.’”

Resistance frenzy is good for business within the mainstream media.

“Cable news ratings have been elevated for the past two weeks,” CNN continued. “Web traffic has been up too. CNN Digital’s impeachment-related app alerts have attracted 300,000 subscribers in just a week, according to a spokeswoman. And CNN’s Impeachment Tracker newsletter, written by Zach Wolf, has amassed more than 16,000 subscribers since it launched on Friday. The New York Times has also launched a standalone Impeachment Briefing newsletter to provide daily updates to readers.”

Attacking the president is also a jobs program for some.

“CNN’s announcements about four new additions on Monday spoke volumes,” Stelter noted. “Joining the network’s list of paid contributors:

— Jeffrey Engel, a CNN presidential historian, the co-author of “Impeachment: An American History” and the author/editor of ten books.

— Michael Gerhardt, a CNN legal analyst, the author of several books including “The Federal Impeachment Process: A Constitutional and Historical Analysis,” and a regular on CNN during the Clinton impeachment process.

— Ross Garber, a CNN legal analyst, who represented four governors facing impeachment proceedings and many other government officials throughout his career.

— And the Washington Post’s Shane Harris, now a CNN national security analyst, who’s been part of the Post’s team breaking big stories about the whistleblower complaint”.

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Author: Carrie Sheffield

Chris Hayes Says Facebook Bowing to Pressure From Trump to Run ‘False’ Ads Against Biden

Chris Hayes of MSNBC accused Facebook on Wednesday of bowing to pressure from President Trump to run ads that are false and misleading against Joe Biden.

Hayes said in setting up an interview with Judd Legum, a former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer and editor of a newsletter on politics, that Trump’s recent meeting with Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg resulted in a change to the rules that govern ads on Facebook to a policy that says political ads won’t be checked for truth.

In his opening, he said the Trump campaign is paying $1 million a week – Legum later upped it to $1.6 million – “and what the Trump campaign has been paying to do is flood Facebook with bogus, flatly false ads about Joe Biden. One such false ad, released last week, has already been viewed 5 million times on the site.”

Hayes talked about false ads throughout the interview but never identified which ads he was talking about or what facts are false.

He went to say that “Despite complaints from the Biden campaign, Facebook is refusing to take down the false ads. And Biden’s leading rival for the Democratic presidential nomination right now, Elizabeth Warren, is now accusing Facebook of essentially buckling to a direct pressure campaign from the president himself.”

According to Hayes, Warren charged that, after the meeting between Zuckerberg and Trump, “Facebook quietly changed its policies on ‘misinformation’ in ads, allowing politicians to run ads that have already been debunked by independent, non-partisan fact checkers. Put another way, Facebook is now OK with running political ads with known lies.”

He said Facebook denies that it changed its policies but admits it allows false political ads. Hayes said Nick Clegg, a Facebook executive, said recently “We don’t believe it’s an appropriate role for us to referee political debates and prevent a politician’s speech from reaching its audience. That’s why Facebook exempts politicians from our third-party fact-checking program.”

Under the program, Facebook partners with liberal fact-checking services, such as PolitiFact and to evaluate questionable content.

Hayes then descended into Russia conspiracy talk.

“Warren as you may remember, has a plan to break up Facebook and other tech giants,” he said. “Monday she pointed out that Facebook helped Trump get elected in the first place in 2016 in part by allowing Russian trolls to run rampant on the platform. This time around, she said, quote, ‘They’re going further by taking deliberate steps to help one candidate intentionally mislead the American people.’”

He then turned to the camera and said, “I should note that some of the same ads now running on Facebook have been rejected from networks because they are so patently false.”

He then brought in Legum, who said Facebook has a written ad policy that used to forbid “any false or misleading ad. There were no caveats.”

This was replaced, Legum said, with a section that says you can’t run an ad deemed false by the third-party fact checkers. He said the recent Biden ad Hayes discussed but never described or displayed “had been rejected by two or three of their fact-checkers.”

Then, they teamed up to take a shot at President Trump over the transcript of the call with the president of Ukraine that is at the center of recent impeachment talk in the House of Representatives.

“They spend $1.6 million a week, and many of these ads are false or misleading,” Legum said of the Trump campaign. “Even in your first segment, you were talking about how the Trump campaign has not released a transcript. There’s an ad campaign that was released today by the Trump campaign. There’s dozens and dozens of the variations targeting voters all over the country, and the very first line in the ad is we’ve released a transcript.”

Trump did release a transcript of the call, and it has matched up with every claim others have made about the call.

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Author: Brian McNicoll

Media Miss: Elizabeth Warren Swears Off Big Money, But Not at DNC Fundraisers

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) promised to swear off big money for her general election campaign, but her campaign will not rule out Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraisers.

In February of 2019, Warren originally pledged to swear off high-dollar fundraisers and PAC money only in the primary.

In a statement to CBS News this week Warren said she now intends to keep refusing big money even if she faces off against President Donald Trump.

But, there’s a catch news outlets have failed to report on.

Warren’s campaign is “open to hosting big money events for the DNC if it would assist her fellow Democrats ‘up and down the ballot.’”

In August Warren attended a high dollar big-ticket DNC fundraiser. The same fundraisers with wealthy donors and top political insiders Warren alleged helped rig the 2016 election in Clinton’s favor. It was the fall of 2017 when Warren criticized the same insiders for “unfairly influencing the party’s last presidential primary to ensure Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would lose to the former secretary of state and first lady.”

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper is the Democratic primary was rigged she said, “What we’ve got to do as Democrats now is hold this party accountable.”

Despite Warren’s criticism of her party, at the August gathering, she received a standing ovation from over 150 of the party’s top donors and insiders before starting her speech.

Although Warren’s campaign did not say whether it planned to use the DNC as a de facto fundraising organ the party has traditionally done so for previous presidential nominees, most recently Clinton in the 2016 primary and general election.

Warren’s flop on big donors comes directly after her latest fundraising email claiming she was visibly pregnant when the “principal told her that her job was going to someone else.”

School board records obtained by the Free Beacon show the school offered Warren a new contract and she quit by choice, a claim that Warren made in 2007.

Marissa Martinez is the founder of Strategic Rush, contributor for Accuracy in Media, The Hill, and Republican Strategist for PACs and congressional candidates. @MarissaAlisa

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Author: Marissa Martinez

WaPo Piece Provides Roadmap on How To Convince GOP Senators To Dump Trump

It is labeled “Analysis,” but a piece Thursday in the Washington Post purported to provide a road map for how Democrats can lure enough Republican senators to vote against President Trump in an impeachment inquiry so he could be removed from office.

“Focus on the GOP senators weighing history’s judgment for Trump’s fate,” read the headline on Paul Kane’s story.

“House Democrats building their impeachment case against President Trump need to think like smart prosecutors who aren’t just trying to win a grand jury indictment but also want to succeed in a jury trial,” Kane’s piece opens.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a clear majority in the House willing to vote to turn the current investigation into a formal impeachment inquiry, Kane wrote, despite the fact Pelosi has scrupulously avoided such a vote.

The president knows she has the votes, Kane wrote, so if that’s the case, “House committee chairman might be able to begin building a case designed to actually turn some Senate Republicans against Trump. So far, most attention from Democrats and the media has focused on a handful or so of Senate Republicans up for reelection next year in states where Democrats have either recently won or competed in presidential campaigns.

“That’s a mistake.”

Instead, Kane wrote, “Democrats should focus on a clutch of roughly 10 incumbents with several similar character traits: senior statesmen within their caucus who have either announced their plans to retire or have signaled they are likely to not run for reelection. These GOP senators are at the point in their careers where history’s judgment might mean more to them than the views of today’s conservative activists.”

He then quoted Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., as saying no Republican senators he knows of seem ready to take such a leap, but “I think most of them are holding their breath.”

Kane then provided a list of possible targets for the Democrat recruiting effort. He said there are 14 Republican senators who have “expressed concerns or questioned Trump’s judgment.” But just four of the 19 Senate Republicans running for reelection next year are on that list.

Who is on the list? Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, who has announced he won’t run for reelection; Johnny Isaakson of Georgia, who is battling Parkinson’s Disease and has announced he will resign at the end of this year, and Richard Burr of North Carolina, who is up for reelection in 2022 but has indicated he is not likely to seek another term.

There’s also Mike Enzi of Wyoming and Pat Roberts of Kansas, who came to the Senate together in 1996 and have announced they are leaving. Enzi gave Kane hope with a statement his office released on the day Pelosi announced she was conducting an impeachment inquiry in the House. “He will be a jurist, listen to the evidence, and once all the evidence is in, he will make a final decision,” Enzi’s aide was quoted as saying.

These are the most fruitful targets, Kane wrote, because “If a rebellion happens among GOP senators, it’s most likely to start with a group of these veterans who do not have any short-term political pain to suffer.”

Kane wrote that traditional Republicans pine for Mitt Romney of Utah to lead the fight, but Romney, a rookie in the Senate, “knows there is safety in numbers” and “would only jump into a full civil war against Trump if he had other GOP senators at his side.”

Kane said not to look for Republican senators running for re-election next year to make a stand. “They are in a form of political paralysis that will most likely lead to vague statements sounding critical of Trump, but not quite backing the House’s impeachment or removal from office with a Senate vote.”

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Author: Brian McNicoll

NBC News on ESPN’s Tip-Toeing About the China-NBA Feud

ESPN has shied away from politics after a regime change in leadership. Under previous leadership, the network’s talking heads and pundits criticized President Donald Trump and it led to a significant backlash among its audiences.

For example, then-host Jemele Hill criticized the president for being a white supremacist and then called for people to boycott the NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys, the latter of which would have threatened ESPN’s relationship with the NFL. Hill has since left ESPN and works for The Atlantic.

After then-president John Skipper resigned, his replacement Jimmy Pitaro told ESPN staffers to avoid politics in their coverage. Since then, only once has an ESPN host brought politics into sports coverage, which was Dan Le Batard. Le Batard was not punished for criticizing the president about his ongoing spat with the four freshmen female congresswomen known as “The Squad.”

During the ongoing feud between the communist government in China and the National Basketball Association (NBA), ESPN has avoided discussing the political implications or fallout from the controversy. NBC News reported that ESPN sent guidance to staffers to focus on the NBA, not China or politics. Also complicating the issue is that ESPN is owned by Disney, which has significant business investments in China. Disney has a deal with Tencent, a major Chinese television network, to carry ESPN content in China, and it also has a theme park in the city of Shanghai. NBC News noted that this story “has geopolitical ramifications” and it is trying to navigate the tricky situation as best as it can without offending the Chinese government.

As NBC News claimed, due to management’s guidance, ESPN only covered how the controversy could affect the NBA, while not addressing the Hong Kong protests or China’s reaction to the Hong Kong protests.

In order to protect its Chinese investments, ESPN will not report the truth about the Hong Kong protests and why free speech is censored in China. Although it is understandable, with the potential of billions of dollars at risk, it is a disservice to ESPN audiences that the sports network is ignoring the context and background of the China-NBA feud.

Photo by verchmarco

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Author: Spencer Irvine

Women Share Pregnancy Discrimination Stories to Support of Warren’s Debunked Claim

Although Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) pregnancy discrimination story has been debunked, the mainstream media and Warren surrogates claimed that the conservative media’s “attack” on her story was unfounded. NBC News published an article, headlined, “Women rally in support of Elizabeth Warren by sharing their own pregnancy discrimination stories,” which offered a defense for Warren’s debunked story.

The article noted how “[a] flurry of blogs and online outlets” ran to Warren’s defense after her story was debunked, in addition to multiple social media posts supportive of Warren. NBC News also cited quotes from female Democratic Party lawmakers, such as Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar (who is also vying for the 2020 presidential nomination and competing with Warren) and New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

NBC News admitted that a Washington Free Beacon scoop proved that Warren’s teaching job was extended for another year, despite her claims she was fired when news of her pregnancy was made known. Also, the media outlet cited a 2007 interview at the University of California-Berkeley that contradicted her pregnancy discrimination claim.

NBC News quickly pivoted back to Warren’s defense, quoting multiple Twitter accounts which shared stories about pregnancy discrimination, as well as Warren’s rebuttal to the claims she again falsified a story for political benefit. In particular, NBC News said some Warren defenders claimed that Warren was not forthcoming about pregnancy discrimination because it is “not always easy to discuss” it publicly.

But NBC News did not mention how Warren has a history of falsifying stories, such as her claim she was Native American. Until she publicized the results of her DNA test, she claimed that her opponents were smearing her for her family legacy. But when the DNA results proved she was not as Native American as she had claimed for years, she was forced to apologize for it.

Her pregnancy discrimination story, although it may be true, is another example of Warren’s propensity to editorialize her life’s story for a political narrative or to score political points. In the end, NBC News covered for her by not addressing her history of exaggerations and how it calls into question her integrity and honesty.

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Author: Spencer Irvine

CNN Reports on Peach Emoji Representing Trump Impeachment Efforts

CNN reported Monday on the use of a specific emoji that is apparently describing the Democratic Party’s impeachment efforts. The cable news network published a video on the peach emoji being used in discussing Trump’s impeachment.

The video, entitled, “Trump puts the ‘peach’ in impeachment,” highlighted how a singer “slapped a peach emoji” in a tweet, which then became a symbol of the impeachment movement on the Internet. The chyron in the video read, “Im-peach-ment emoji: Sign of the times,” to further drive home the point of a peach emoji energizing the pro-impeachment movement and its activists. The segment also noted that the peach emoji with Trump’s likeness was placed on t-shirts and pillowcases and made available for purchase by other third parties.

The CNN video also reminded viewers that Trump’s critics often called Trump an orange due to his skin tone and color, with multiple media references of Trump resembling an orange.

It was an unserious piece of journalism and CNN should be ashamed of promoting one-sided perspectives such as this. It is not important that a simple peach emoji caught fire on social media, which often does not represent the majority of opinions in the country or in the world. For example, Twitter has increasingly become an echo chamber where competing sides argue without reaching a compromise or agreement.

Although the video offered context, viewers deserved more serious news than a segment and video on a peach emoji and how it could relate to a Trump impeachment.

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Author: Spencer Irvine