Associated Press Undercuts Trump-is-Racist Argument in Article about Virginia Ceremony

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The mainstream media unanimously called a series of tweets by President Donald Trump “racist” after they criticized several female Democratic lawmakers and urged them to “go back” to their countries of origin. But, in a recent article by the Associated Press, the waters are muddied on whether Trump is a racist, or says inflammatory things […]

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Author: Spencer Irvine


Former NRA Lobbyist Exposes Media’s Lack of Knowledge on Gun Laws, Gun Reform

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A former NRA and gun rights lobbyist recently penned an editorial on what the media gets wrong about the debate about gun rights and gun reform. Politico ran the editorial, written by Richard Feldman, which editorial explained how the media could frame the issue more accurately on guns. Feldman’s piece, headlined, “I Was an NRA […]

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Author: Spencer Irvine

Little Media Coverage of Tlaib’s Proposed Boycott of Bill Maher Show

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When it comes to anti-Semitism and politics, the mainstream media reports on President Donald Trump’s alleged anti-Semitism, but glances over or ignores alleged anti-Semitism from the other side of the political spectrum. A recent example is the media coverage surrounding Democratic congresswoman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and her call to boycott an HBO show. The […]

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Author: Spencer Irvine

Megan Rapinoe Dumfounded How Her Supportive Dad Could Vote for Trump, Watch Fox News

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U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe said she doesn’t understand how her father who she thinks voted for Donald Trump in 2016 could also watch Fox News given what she feels is the overwhelmingly negative coverage she receives from the network. Rapinoe was interviewed by The Guardian over the weekend in which she expressed her […]

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Author: Don Irvine

CNN Hypes Yield Inversion Curve in 2019 – But in 2005, Was More Cautious

CNN jumped to report a recent was a fluctuation in the yield inversion curve in the stock market, saying that the inversion yield curve is almost a foolproof predictor of an impending recession. The Trump administration criticized the takeaway as biased and misinformed news.

CNN’s online archives show that the network published an article in 2005 that highlighted the inversion yield curve. That article is a stark contrast to the media coverage this week, as the wording was more cautious, less sensational and less hysterical.

The 2005 article, entitled, “Riding the yield curve,” said that the 2005 yield inversion curve “could be seen as a bad omen.” However, the article continued, “But before you rush to hoard your money under the mattress in anticipation of another recession, relax.” It acknowledged that the inversion curve did occur before the 2000 stock market downturn, but that is due to volatility in the stock market.

In a subsection with the title, “No need to run and hide,” the article encouraged investors to “[s]it tight for now.” Although a recession did hit in 2007, two years later, the wording is a stark contrast between the 2005 article and the media coverage in 2019.

Compare the more cautious approach in 2005 to the wording in a CNN article from this week, with wording such as:

  • “…another worrisome sign,”
  • “The bond market is flashing a big neon caution sign,”
  • “That’s a sign that the US consumer may be on edge — and it’s clear that investors are nervous about the outlook for the US economy as well.”

Also, within the same 2019 CNN article, economic advisors “dismissed the inverted yield curve fears.” One said that “We have to be careful about not over-interpreting signals,” and another said that “inversion shouldn’t be a huge surprise” due to rates falling “for some time now.”

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Author: Spencer Irvine

Media Fails to Ask Why Elizabeth Warren Waited to Propose Native American Plan

Democratic Party presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) struggles to separate her presidential ambitions from her past missteps on her racial self-identification as a Native American. In 2018, her camp and the Boston Globe published her DNA results that proved she was less Native American than the average white American, which offended Native American tribes and community.

For years, Warren identified herself as a Native American, such as listing it on a 1986 Texas bar registration card, listing it at Harvard University, and mentioning it during multiple media interviews.

To combat the cultural appropriation controversy, Warren unveiled her plan to help Native Americans.

The 9,000-word policy proposal was “more than double the length of any other proposal she’s introduced during her presidential campaign” as Politico noted. USA Today covered the policy proposal and also pointed out the length of the plan, but CNN and CBS News did not talk much about how long it was. 

However, none of the media outlets questioned whether this policy proposal was too little, too late. Warren has been serving as a senator since 2013 and this appears to be the first time that she has made any policy proposal for Native Americans. Warren had six years to unveil bills that could help the Native American community, but did not do so until it would possibly benefit her presidential campaign. Yet, the media was silent on why Warren waited until 2019 to unveil these policy proposals.

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Author: Spencer Irvine

Media Attacks Messenger After Trump Blames Google For Shifting Votes to Clinton in 2016

Robert Epstein has gotten under the skin of the mainstream media again.

Epstein, a research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and former editor in chief of Psychology Today, has done extensive research on the potential for Google and others to influence election results by manipulating search results. His work has been featured in numerous commentaries and in the movie “The Creepy Line,” which chronicled search engine manipulation.

It is this research President Donald Trump relied on Tuesday for his tweet that Google had “manipulated 2.6 million to 16 million votes” in favor of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. And therefore it is this scientist, who wrote in a USA Today op-ed that he is “not a Trump supporter” and “not even a conservative,” but had to “defend truth when I see it” that the mainstream media is attacking.

April Glaser of Slate went farthest in “2.6 million Reasons to Keep Yelling About ‘Bias’ – subhead: “Why the president and the right have latched onto a flimsy study about Google manipulating votes.”

“Trump has repeatedly criticized Google and the other Silicon Valley giants as being biased against conservatives, and he’s long made spurious claims that he won the popular vote in 2016,” Glaser wrote. “With both charges, no proof exists.”

Glaser declared Epstein’s claims are “easily dismantled,” although her argument against them seems to be that conservatives have been complaining about this problem for a long time.

“Cries over social-media bias have been a right-wing refrain since an overbaked controversy over Facebook’s Trending News section demonstrated the company will bend over backward if enough conservatives get upset loudly enough,” Glaser wrote. “After all, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and their peers want their products to be used by everyone, and they certainly don’t want to tick off politicians of either party.”

According to Epstein’s research, Google appeared quite willing to tick off a newcomer politician named Donald Trump in 2016, which revealed a significant pro-Hillary Clinton bias in Google search results that, according to Epstein, could have influenced millions of voters in her favor.

And that’s not to mention the remarks by Google co-founder Sergey Brin right after the election that he was “deeply offended” by Trump’s victory.

Glaser wrote that she expects little to come of Trump’s occasional threats to regulate how social media companies moderate user content because, among other things, the present model serves their interests so well.

“It’s more likely that conservatives keep talking about bias on social platforms for two reasons,” she wrote. “One, the topic really fires up their extremely online supporters – like the group of conspiracy theorists, Infowars regulars and racist meme-makers that the White House hosted recently at a ‘social media summit.’

“The second reason is social media really does work in conservatives’ favor, and they don’t want the companies to do anything that might change that. Month after month this year, the Trump campaign has outspent all Democratic candidates combined on Facebook ads. Even after the company tweaked its news-feed algorithm to deprioritize news and politics, conservatives across the board are thriving on Facebook.

“Fox News is one of the biggest publishers on Facebook, far outranking CNN in terms of both followers and engagement. Not coincidentally, all of this discussion of bias obscures many of the real problems with social media – like their ability to amplify emotional and divisive content and their vulnerability to misinformation.

“Now, if tech companies try to do more to protect the integrity of elections – say, by ferreting out pages that are boosting untruths about, for example, immigrants – they can expect to be accused of censoring conservatives. With or without Epstein’s claims of manipulating, that’s where we’d be.  But this latest meme gives conservatives 2.6 million to 16 million reasons to yell ‘bias’ even louder.”

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Author: Brian McNicoll

Salon Claims Trump Administration Wants to End Access to Birth Control

Amanda Marcotte of Salon says conservatives are “modern puritans” who, as “H.L. Mencken famously said,” are “driven by the ‘haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.’”

Her piece suggests that conservatives are being mean-spirited when they suggest adults who take part in sex should pay for their own birth control.

“The reason Republicans keep trying to take birth control away from women is simple: They think birth control is bad and you shouldn’t be able to get it,” she wrote in “Why are Republicans taking away birth control? Because they don’t want women to have it” – subhead: “Forget the excuses for ending Planned Parenthood grants – the goal has always been to take away birth control.”

Birth control had nothing to do with why Planned Parenthood ended its own participation in Title X, the provision of federal law under which birth control is provided at taxpayer expense to low-income women who don’t qualify for Medicaid. That dispute is over whether Planned Parenthood can encourage women who come to it for other health services to have abortions.

Not since Griswold v. Connecticut has any Republican – or any other politician – seriously worked to hinder access to birth control. What politicians have tried to hinder is spending taxpayer dollars to pay for the drug for people they don’t even know. Marcotte did not address this distinction.

“This should seem obvious, but apparently it is not,” she wrote. “Every time Republicans find some new avenue to take away birth control, there is always some elaborate excuse – dutifully repeated by the mainstream media as fact – for why they don’t want to take away your birth control, but simply have to for some other reason that is always, they claim, not about birth control. Birth control is never the target, they swear. It’s always just the unfortunate collateral damage of some fight over, they swear, something else.

“Don’t buy it. The reason Republicans keep taking away birth control is because Republicans want to take away your birth control. They hate the power it gives women, especially young women and low-income women.”

But what does a decision over counseling people to have abortions have to do with “taking birth control away from women?” Marcotte explains that the “anti-choice activists who control the Republican Party don’t like that this program provides birth control to women who need it. So they are finding ways to slash away at the program until it can no longer accomplish the goal it was set up to accomplish.”

She again fails to explain how the Title X decision by Planned Parenthood – it was free to continue to participate in the program if it agreed to abide by the rules set up by the duly elected Trump administration – related to birth control or how it was that removing government funding for birth control equated to denying women “access” to it.

In fact, she instead presses the argument that taxpayer-provided contraception will lead to fewer abortions. “Contraception is the only effective way to prevent abortion,” Marcotte says, obviously falsely. “Cutting contraception funding to clinics that acknowledge the existence of abortion raises the abortion rate.” Preaching abstinence instead of providing contraception doesn’t work. As has been true since the beginning of time, people keep having sex.”

“The excuses may change, but the goal remains constant: Chip away at contraception access slowly, so more women lose access and unwanted pregnancy rates trend upward, but so gradually that the public doesn’t notice until it’s too late. That’s exactly how conservatives stripped away abortion access. Now they’re coming for your birth control.”

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Author: Brian McNicoll

CNN Misses the Mark on Recent ICE Raid

A recent article by CNN’s Maegan Vazquez highlighted President Donald Trump defending his ICE raid strategy in which just weeks ago had a record-setting operation where 680 undocumented immigrants were detained from a Mississippi food-processing plant.

More than 200 of the individuals apprehended carried criminal records, according to DHS Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan.

According to the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, “legal immigrants are foreign-born people legally admitted to the U.S.” While, “Undcoumented immigrants, also called illegal aliens, are foreign-born people who do not possess a valid visa or other immigration documentation, because they entered the U.S. without inspection…” 

At the very top of CNN’s article, Vazquez failed to accurately report the majority of these detainees (380 of them) were found to be ‘illegal’ immigrants by ICE, referring to all 680 seized as regular “immigrants.” This information was mentioned towards the middle/end of the article.

This specific CNN article also left out one of the many reasons the Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is targeting large-scale employers around the country with strategic raids. One of the main reasons, highlighted by many news outlets is to find malpractice within U.S.-based corporations that are hiring illegally.

According to the Associated Press, “ICE succeeded almost across the board in just one government fiscal year. According to statistics they agency released in December, it quadrupled the number of investigations it opened and audits of paperwork submitted by employees to get hired. And it made 2,304 arrests in worksite cases, seven times as many as the previous year.”

The president continues to stand by the strategic ICE raids that plan to carry out operations in Miami, Baltimore, Chicago, New Orleans, and other large-scale cities. Trump was clear in his statement when saying, the raids serve as a “very good deterrent” for undocumented immigrants, in which is proved in a CNN article from earlier this year.

The CNN article also did not mention acting ICE director Matthew Albence’s justification on the recent raid in Mississippi.

“We conduct our operations with professionalism, with compassion and with humanity, and we tried our best to minimize the impact on the innocent people of the situation,” Albence said. “However, we have to enforce the law. Every law [enforcement agency] enforces the law against individuals who have broken it.”

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Author: Marissa Martinez

3 Years Later, Media Continues to Publish Articles on Colin Kaepernick-NFL Drama

It is the storyline that keeps on giving to the mainstream media: The ongoing conflict between former football athlete Colin Kaepernick, the National Football League, and the league’s current athletes.

Now, rapper Jay-Z has been brought into the controversy after his company, Roc Nation, partnered with the NFL on social justice activism.

Roc Nation is now an entertainment and community outreach partner for the NFL, and upon the announcement, Jay-Z said, “We’ve moved past kneeling, and I think it’s time to go into actionable items.”

That comment inflamed several current NFL athletes, with some calling Jay-Z a hypocrite.

As background, Kaepernick began kneeling in 2016 during the playing of the American national anthem before football games. Kaepernick protested the actions of police officers against the black community, which was further inflamed when he wore a Che Guevara t-shirt in a locker room full of reporters and also when he wore socks that depicted police officers as pigs during warm-up exercises. President Donald Trump criticized Kaepernick’s protests on Twitter, which added more to the controversy. Kaepernick has been out of the league since the end of the 2016 season, settled a lawsuit with the NFL over whether he was blacklisted from playing, and is currently a social justice activist looking for another shot at the NFL.

Kaepernick had an ally in Eric Reid, an NFL athlete who is currently playing in the league. Reid criticized Jay-Z’s partnership on Twitter and said the rapper “made a money move with the very people who’ve committed an injustice against Colin.”

It is astonishing the media continues to run with the Kaepernick story three years later, especially now that Trump has buried the issue and wished Kaepernick well in finding work in the NFL someday. Bleacher Report, which is owned by the Turner media group that also owns CNN, ran an article on the revived controversy. NBC News also profiled Kaepernick in a recent article on what sparked his anti-police activism.

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Author: Spencer Irvine