FBI Asks Pro-Trump Statistician To Share Findings Into Illegal Ballots

FBI Asks Pro-Trump Statistician To Share Findings Into Illegal Ballots

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/29/2020 – 16:35

The FBI – which President Trump on Sunday suggested may be ‘involved’ in election fraud – has asked former Trump data chief Matt Braynard to share his findings on possible illegal ballots cast in the 2020 election.

According to Braynard, who runs the Voter Integrity Project, “The @FBI has proactively and directly requested from me the VIP findings that indicates illegal ballots,” adding “By Tuesday, we will have delivered to the agency all of our data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.”

Braynard added that “everything I pass on to local/state/fed law enforcement, litigants, legislatures, journalists, etc, is always a copy,” and noted “despite sharing it with individuals from all of those groups, there’s never guarantee of a productive result.”

According to Braynard, his team has found multiple irregularities in the 2020 – including voters who never requested absentee ballots, potentially uncounted votes, and people registering their addresses at postal annex-type businesses in violation of state laws.

“I estimate that the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted range from 89,397 to 98,801,” said Steven Miller – a Williams College professor who analyzed Braynard’s data, according to Just The News.

Meanwhile, former Kansas Attorney General Phillip Kline – current director of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society and Braynard’s partner in the project, tweeted on Sunday: “After learning that hundreds of thousands of ballots are potentially fraudulent- The FBI has now requested to look at our data.”

Kline noted that Braynard was contacted by “FBI Special Agent Young Oh of the FBI Los Angeles Field Office,” and that they were fully cooperating.

The notion of Branyard handing over data to the same agency which performed espionage on the 2016 Trump campaign, led by a director which sat on the Hunter Biden laptop evidence of Biden corruption in Ukraine – sitting by while Democrats impeached Trump over asking Ukrainians to investigate exactly that, has many wondering if the agency’s request is intelligence gathering on an opponent, or related to a legitimate investigation into voter fraud.

President Trump on Sunday suggested to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that the FBI and Justice Department ‘may be involved.’

Wouldn’t be the first time…

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Author: Tyler Durden

Biden Twists Ankle While Playing With Psychic Dog

Biden Twists Ankle While Playing With Psychic Dog

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/29/2020 – 16:10

Presumptive President-Elect Joe Biden slipped and twisted his ankle on Saturday while playing with his dog – which, coincidentally, telepathically told a British psychic that the 78-year-old former Vice President would make a “great president.”

Per Biden’s office, “On Saturday Nov. 28, President-elect Biden slipped while playing with his dog Major, and twisted his ankle.  Out of an abundance of caution, he will be examined this afternoon by an orthopedist.”

Biden’s alleged mishap sparked a lively debate on Twitter:

Was this Major’s revenge after Biden went a sniff too far?

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Author: Tyler Durden

We Have Immune Systems, New York Times Dares To Admit

We Have Immune Systems, New York Times Dares To Admit

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/29/2020 – 16:10

Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via The American Institute for Economic Research,

Scrub and spray everything with chemicals, bathe in Purell, mask up, stand no nearer to anyone else than six feet, stay away from crowds, douse yourself with alcohol, wash your hands and face raw, protect yourself from germs at all costs.

Some nations are closed completely. No one in or out. 

We panic about “cases” even when they say nothing about severe consequences. Avoidance and finally suppression are the watchwords of the day, for a virus that is relatively mild by any historical standard, as Holman Jenkins just explained:

U.S. government scientists now estimate that 40% of cases are asymptomatic and 80% of symptomatic cases are mild—in short, 88% of subjects don’t know they are infected or have no great incentive to find out if they are suffering from Covid or some more familiar bug.

We could also mention the 99.9% survival rate, and that doesn’t consider the wildly disproportionate risk between the sick and healthy. 

Is this an experiment? Yes, and likely a deadly one. 

What precisely are we doing to ourselves? What are we doing to children? 

Early in the pandemic, doctors went on the national stage to frame it up clearly: we are wrecking our immune systems and making ourselves vulnerable to more serious pathogens later. 

The great discovery that viruses must be owned to be controlled was an achievement of 20th century cell biology. It’s the Godfather rule: keep your friends close but your enemies closer. It’s counterintuitive, which is precisely why it took thousands of years to discover, and a century to educate people about the problem of the conduct of public health. 

But this year, starting soon after lockdowns, this wisdom strangely seemed to have vanished from the public mind. Did we just succumb to a strange anti-science hysteria?

Who knows, but if you read the New York Times carefully, and look past the insufferable political bias, what you find is something that will shock many people. 

The article in question is Quarantine May Negatively Affect Kids’ Immune Systems. It’s by By Donna L. Farber and Thomas Connors and Columbia University. 

Let’s just quote a few salient passages here.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is unwittingly conducting what amounts to the largest immunological experiment in history on our own children. We have been keeping children inside, relentlessly sanitizing their living spaces and their hands and largely isolating them. In doing so, we have prevented large numbers of them from becoming infected or transmitting the virus. But in the course of social distancing to mitigate the spread, we may also be unintentionally inhibiting the proper development of children’s immune systems….Immunological memory and tolerance learned during childhood serves as the basis for immunity and health throughout adulthood.

Just so we are clear, we are doing something to children that will affect their immune systems for the rest of their lives? That’s what the writer says. 

The article then continues and actually invokes the great taboo word of our age: exposure. It’s good. Exposure is good. It is necessary. It is needed. Not bad. Good. 

However, for memory T cells to become functionally mature, multiple exposures may be necessary, particularly for cells residing in tissues such as the lung and intestines, where we encounter numerous pathogens. These exposures typically and naturally occur during the everyday experiences of childhood — such as interactions with friends, teachers, trips to the playground, sports — all of which have been curtailed or shut down entirely during efforts to mitigate viral spread. As a result, we are altering the frequency, breadth and degree of exposures that are crucial for immune memory development.

Okay, now it is time for the writer to invoke a bit of memorable scientific knowledge. It’s a beautiful paragraph with a stunning opening sentence. 

Failing to train our immune systems properly can have serious consequences. When laboratory mice raised in nearly sterile conditions were housed together in the same cage with pet mice raised in standard conditions, some of the laboratory mice succumbed to pathogens that the pet mice were able to fight off. Additional studies of the microbiome — the bacteria that normally inhabit our intestines and other sites — have shown that mice raised in germ-free conditions or in the presence of antibiotics had reduced and altered immune responses to many types of pathogens. These studies suggest that for establishing a healthy immune system, the more diverse and frequent the encounters with antigens, the better.

Remember that absolutely public hysteria about alleged peanut allergies to the point that if we ate one on a plane people could die? Check this out:

Introduction of peanuts to infants resulted in reduced incidence of peanut allergy, while avoidance had the opposite effect of promoting unwanted, severe allergic immune responses to peanuts.

The article concludes with a perfunctory endorsement of masking (poor kids!), else it wouldn’t have been published, but ends with this riposte:

The sooner we can safely restore the normal experiences of childhood, interacting with other children and — paradoxically — with pathogens and diverse microorganisms, the better we can ensure their ability to thrive as adults in this changing world.

Really, all this is something my mother knows. She taught it to me. Her mother taught it to her. They were all taught it in school. The knowledge has not been deprecated. It just strangely evaporated. Or perhaps censored. I don’t know. I do know this article is a welcome relief from the poppycock of mysophobia that has taken over the public square. 

Imagine wrecking the immune systems of children for a lifetime for a disease that poses almost zero risk to their lives. I call that immoral. Deeply so. People will be suffering for many decades due to this bout of anti-science hysteria. 

It takes one’s breath away to contemplate the scale of the destruction these lockdowns and quarantines have caused, particularly among the most vulnerable. It’s not just depression, poverty, and demoralization of living in the midst of near-universal violations of human rights. As it turns out, we could be biologically dooming a whole generation too. 

Get those kids out there! You get out there too! Sooner the better. 

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Author: Tyler Durden

Over Half Young American Adults Now Live With Their Parents

Over Half Young American Adults Now Live With Their Parents

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/29/2020 – 15:45

In the last few decades, young adults have faced harsh economic realities – from the financial crisis in 2008 to this year’s global pandemic, both triggering catastrophic losses in jobs and financial stability.

And while the widespread effects of COVID-19 have yet to be fully captured, Visual Capitalist’s Aran Ali notes that young adults are already now living with their parents to a greater degree than witnessed in 120 years – surpassing even the Depression-era generation.

Young adults today are categorized as either late Millennials and Gen-Zers. For them, COVID-19 has just been another addition to the list of financial hardships they’ve been up against, such as a precarious job market and the rising cost of living.

Source: Pew Research Center

Failure to Launch: But Why?

There are a few possible factors that could explain the increase in young adults living with their parents.

1. The lackluster job market
The barista or server with multiple degrees has become a common portrayal of the struggling millennial. Despite the less than rosy outcomes, it has not been for want of trying. Younger people today are actually the most educated generation in history. Unfortunately, a degree does not map out a path to success the way it did for prior generations.

2. Tying the knot later
Today, people get married nearly a decade later than prior historical averages, and many young adults are opting to stay with their parents until they tie the knot. It’s also worth noting that as time goes on, young adults are getting married at lower rates than in the past.

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Author: Tyler Durden

OPEC+ Fails To Agree On Output Hike Ahead Of Big Meeting With UAE, Kazakhstan Opposed

OPEC+ Fails To Agree On Output Hike Ahead Of Big Meeting With UAE, Kazakhstan Opposed

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/29/2020 – 15:28

One day before a crucial OPEC meeting which could determine if oil trades above $50 or back under $40 in the coming weeks, a panel of OPEC+ ministers failed to reach an agreement on whether to delay January’s oil-output increase, leaving the matter unresolved before tomorrow’s meeting.

According to Bloomberg – which cited an anonymous delegate – while most participants including Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak in the informal online discussion on Sunday evening supported maintaining the production curbs at current levels into the first quarter, the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan were opposed. The opposition comes following public complaints from Iraq and Nigeria, which have also indicated they would like to see an end to the production cuts.

As a result, due to the two minor nations’ opposition, unless the agreement is revised this week OPEC+ will restart about 1.9 million barrels a day of halted output, potentially pushing the global market back into surplus and sending crude price tumbling after a cautious recovery pushed Brent back to $48/barrel, the highest since March.

“Saudi Arabia will have to lean hard to get an agreement,” said Mohammad Darwazah, an analyst at research firm Medley Global Advisors LLC. “There have been particularly acute rumblings of dissatisfaction with the status quo from Abu Dhabi.” Then again, considering that the UAE is one of OPEC’s minor producers, pumping just 2.4MM b/d in October, or about 10% of OPEC’s total…

… it’s clear that if OPEC indeed wants to maintain the output cuts – which both Russia and Saudi Arabia are in favor of – then that’s what will happen, and today’s report is just an attempt to add fake drama to an outcome that is already predetermined.

As a reminder Saudi Arabia and Russia summoned a small group of OPEC+ countries for last-minute talks this weekend, in an apparent effort to forge a consensus before making a final decision at a conference scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, Bloomberg reports.

“Despite the lack of an agreement so far, negotiations in the coming days could still result in a deal, said another delegate.”

Not “could” but will because when 90% of OPEC+ producers agree that the price of oil has to go up with at least another 3-6 months of production cuts, that’s what will happen.

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Author: Tyler Durden

Michael Flynn Says Coup Against Trump Still In Progress In First Public Remarks Since Pardon

Michael Flynn Says Coup Against Trump Still In Progress In First Public Remarks Since Pardon

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/29/2020 – 15:20

Authored by Melanie Sun via The Epoch Times,

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said there is “still a coup in progress” against President Donald Trump in his first public address since being pardoned by the president.

Flynn, who also served during the Obama administration as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and then as Trump’s national security adviser, warned Americans on Saturday that there is currently an “assault” on our way of life that has been going on since the beginning of Trump’s presidency.

“They’ve upped their game,” Flynn said of certain figures in the Democratic Party, which he said was so “in name only” since its shift “way over on the left.”

“When they lost in 2016, I think that there was a decision to say, ‘We’re not going to allow this to happen again,’” Flynn said of the Democratic Party’s leadership.

He then pointed to the heightened political divisiveness during the entire four years of the Trump presidency, during which time the mainstream media alongside what he described as effectively the “Democratic Socialist Party of America” have been trying to remove Trump from office.

“I mean, I think what we experienced over the last four years—and certainly in the late 2016, early 2017 period—was a very strong effort to unseat a duly elected president,” Flynn said.

He said that Trump, as a non-politician from New York, faced an unprecedented onslaught of political, technological, and also financial pressure early in his tenure to force him to walk away from politics.

“I know there was some sentiment that maybe he’ll just … say, ‘You know what, I don’t need this stuff. I got better things to do,’ and leave.

“Thank God that he didn’t,” Flynn said.

But as Trump remained in office, Flynn said the political establishment and the media continued to go after him “in any way possible,” which played out publicly in “psychological operations” such as Russia probe and House Democrats’ impeachment effort, and more recently the politicization of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

Now, Flynn claimed, because the Democratic Party didn’t achieve the result in the vote it needed to secure its candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, in the White House, America is seeing “theft with mail-in ballots” and “theft with this Smartmatic software and Dominion systems.”

“This is still a coup in progress,” he said.

He went further to say that the ideological cousin of America’s far-left political groups, the Chinese Communist Party, has interests in supporting such a coup.

“What we have seen is … over the last probably two decades … is a complete shift in how fast, I believe, that communist China in their long term plan decided to sort of move up their plans to become the sole global superpower on the planet.

“I believe when during the last 2016 election, when they didn’t get the candidate that they needed, and the kind of ideology that they they saw America moving towards, they were not going to allow 2020 to happen,” Flynn said, blaming the foreign-owned software systems used in the election for leaving the country vulnerable to foreign interference.

But he added, with the “hundreds and hundreds” of American patriots across the country coming forward to offer their witness testimony as affidavits to “warriors” on the legal battleground, like Rudy Giuliani and Lin Wood, “I believe we’re going to see some momentum changing here.

“There already is an undercurrent of momentum shifting for the president and I believe that at the end of the day, we’re going to find out that he won by a massive landslide and he’ll be inaugurated come this January,” Flynn said, referring to the numerous legal challenges currently pending or being considered by courts in battleground states and the supreme court.

Flynn made headlines in 2017 when he was targeted by the intelligence community for charges of “Russia collusion.”

While he pleaded guilty on Dec. 1, 2017, to one count of lying to the FBI over speaking to then-Russian ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak during Trump’s 2016 transition period, Flynn later withdrew his plea, saying that it was part of a deal with prosecutors over threats of charges targeting his son. The retired general also accused the government of misconduct related to his case.

His case was used by the media to push the unsubstantiated narrative that the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin to sway the outcome of the 2016 election.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) of the Senate Judiciary Committee said on Nov. 10 that the FBI’s motivation for pursuing Flynn was “bogus political persecution and prosecution” by those who disagree “politically with President Trump.”

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Author: Tyler Durden

US Carrier Strike Group Heads To Gulf As Iran Threatens Retaliation

US Carrier Strike Group Heads To Gulf As Iran Threatens Retaliation

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/29/2020 – 14:55

The nuclear-powered USS Nimitz aircraft carrier and its strike group are in transit to the Persian Gulf where it will oversee the Trump-ordered withdrawal of up to 5,000 American troops from the region in the coming weeks and months. It’s part of Trump’s belated efforts to drastically reduce American presence from Iraq and Afghanistan and to bring the troops home.

The carrier group will provide “defensive capabilities” amid the large-scale logistical operation. While it was deployed prior to the dramatic events of the past days which has seen soaring tensions between Iran, Israel and the US over the high profile assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the deployment comes as both Iran and Israel are on ‘high alert’ and a war-footing.

USS Nimitz aircraft carrier, file image

“This action ensures we have sufficient capability available to respond to any threat and to deter any adversary from acting against our troops during the force reduction,” a weekend Pentagon said statement said.

Over the past week the Islamic Republic’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has stepped up its naval drills in the Strait of Hormuz, believed to be a ‘show of strength’ after widespread reports this month that Trump may be mulling preemptive military action against Iran. 

Tehran has charged that Israel was behind the Friday assassination of Fakhrizadeh in an effort to draw it into a full-blown war, which would also likely draw in the US.

However, USA Today noted the carrier deployment while coming at a tense time is not responding to any particular threat:

Navy Cmdr. Rebecca Rebarich, a spokeswoman for the 5th Fleet, said there was no specific threat that led the carrier, its dozens of aircraft and the strike group back to the Persian Gulf. 

Iran has vowed retaliation, but this is likely to come as either a delayed or very limited response, considering the Iranians are also waiting out the clock on the Trump presidency, preferring to deal with Biden after January 20 instead.

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Author: Tyler Durden

New Mexico Public Schools Are Missing Over 12,000 Students

New Mexico Public Schools Are Missing Over 12,000 Students

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/29/2020 – 14:30

Authored by Linnea Johnson via The Organic Prepper blog,

Public schools have had a chance to evaluate student attendance data and have found “missing students” between the Spring and Fall semesters of this school year.  You might ask why they are suddenly so concerned about this fact. Is it because they are concerned about students who are not getting an education? Is it because they feel the need to “protect” those students?

Or, is it because they will lose money without students in attendance? It may be some of each, but the last question could be the primary motivation for state public education departments to do a canvas of attendance over the Fall semester.

And of course, don’t forget indoctrination. That’s a lot more difficult when the kids are being educated outside “the system.”

Why do public education departments care so much? Follow the money.

Public schools receive their funding from a number of sources, most of which comes from the local (44%) and state (48%) property taxes. Federal government (8%) funding is designated to serve disadvantaged populations, including families in poverty, students who have special needs, a student population of English language learners, and teacher quality improvement programs, seen in the form of grants. (Source)

Each state has its own funding formula, but in my state, the money is allocated by the legislature and based upon a number of factors, the largest of which is student enrollment.

Well, as you can imagine, COVID-19 has had an unprecedented effect on student enrollment and attendance.  Many of the school districts in my state elected to do school entirely online. As a result, some parents have decided to homeschool, others don’t have reliable internet and their children cannot consistently attend online classes, and others may have left the state as their jobs evaporated with the lockdowns.

What drives getting students back into the system?

The NM Public Education Department (PED) wants to know where they’ve gone and wants to woo them back with a program called Engage NM.  Now, this program sounds quite altruistic and is funded through a partnership with NM PED and Graduation Alliance.  Graduation Alliance operates primarily in New Mexico, South Carolina, Arkansas, Kansas, Washington, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, and some school districts in Texas. Its aim is to enroll students who have dropped out of school into their accredited online program. That’s an interesting twist. Why would a public education department promote enrolling its own students in an out-of-state program that is free of charge?

In an article posted on KOAT, the New Mexico Public Education Department reveals, over 12,000 of students enrolled in the spring, have now “gone missing,” and with them the funding they generated.

“We’ve had a chance to cross reference the data when it comes to student rosters,” said NMPED cabinet secretary Ryan Stewart.

PED leaders said there are about 330,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade in New Mexico, but they estimate more than 12,000 have stopped attending class during the pandemic.

“We know that not every family has reported to the Public Education Department or if they’ve taken their student out of the public education setting,” Stewart said.

As part of a program called Engage New Mexico, PED is trying to track down these students to get them back to class in the Spring. PED is partnering with groups like CYFD and the Graduation Alliance.

“Next steps is identifying and supporting these students to make sure they are in the proper educational setting through direct outreach, through cross checking our database of information,” Stewart said.

Through Engage New Mexico, students will get an academic coach, help connecting to resources, and help with a plan to get on track and finish the year strong.

“We’re also looking to leverage our local contacts and our community relationships to find and support these students,” Stewart said.

PED officials said their goal is not to punish students, but to meet their promise to educate every New Mexican child.

How are your tax dollars being spent?

This begs the question, where does Graduation Alliance get its funding? Is there a split of federal and state education dollars between your state public education department and Graduation Alliance? Does your state share your property tax dollars with a private online education entity? Why is Graduation Alliance the approved and free “online education” source?  If Graduation Alliance can be free, why can’t an online curriculum you choose as a homeschooler be free, too?

I don’t have the answers to these questions, but perhaps some of you do.

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Author: Tyler Durden

LA County’s Latest 3-Week Lockdown Exempts Protests & ‘Religious Services’

LA County’s Latest 3-Week Lockdown Exempts Protests & ‘Religious Services’

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/29/2020 – 14:05

LA County has announced a new three week lockdown that will have all 10 million residents staying home except for ‘essential’ shopping, visiting a doctor or maybe a quick hike at Runyon. COVID-19 infections in California have surged, with LA reporting 4,544 new cases on Friday as residents scrambled to prepare for the new restriction.

The post-Thanksgiving lockdown took effect Friday, and will last until Dec. 20. The hope is that residents will be able to mingle more freely during the Christmas holiday. LA County reported some 4,544 new cases on Friday.

Notably, the new lockdown exempts both protests and religious services, as California liberals have apparently run out of excuses for why protests should be allowed to continue, but not every other type of gathering.

However, all public and private gatherings with individuals outside of one’s own corona-pod will be banned. The new mandate also lowers the headcount allowed in essential retail, non-essential retail, personal care facilities, libraries, outdoor gyms, museums, aquariums, recreational facilities and other businesses.

LA County’s SJW health director Barbara Ferrer told KTLA “we know we are asking a lot from so many who have been sacrificing for months on end and we hope that L.A. County residents continue following Public Health safety measures that we know can slow the spread.”

Some residents complained that the new rules didn’t make sense.

But Ferrer warned that “acting with collective urgency right now is essential if we want to put a stop to this surge…please remain home as much as possible and do not gather with others not in your household for the next three weeks.”

Schools and day camps are also required to close if they have more than three COVID-19 cases, while gatherings at playgrounds, card rooms and outdoor dining restaurants have been banned. Anyone participating in outdoor activity must wear a mask and must be part of the same household. This, despite the large body of evidence suggesting that wearing masks outdoors has no impact on one’s vulnerability to COVID-19.

It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for new restrictions to start translating through to lower case numbers. Considering that it’s the biggest county in the state, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that LA County has the most cases and the most deaths.

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Author: Tyler Durden

Gold & The Great Reset

Gold & The Great Reset

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/29/2020 – 13:40

Authored by Adam Taggart via PeakProsperity.com,

The composition of the US dollar, including what it is backed by, has been replaced many times throughout America’s history. And another replacement is currently underway, warns monetary expert Mike Maloney.

After President Nixon fully severed its ties to gold, our government leaders have increasingly relied on expanding the currency supply to paper over (quite literally) today’s problems at the expense of the dollar’s purchasing power tomorrow.

As Mike explains in his excellent video series Hidden Secrets Of Money, such willful debasement of the currency by furtive and shortsighted politicians is nothing new. Over thousands of years, since the Romans intentionally progressively shrank the silver content of their coins, history is replete with such examples.

And now 2020 has arrived. The Federal Reserve’s response to the pandemic-induced economic slowdown has unleashed more ‘thin air’ creation of new dollars than ever seen at any prior moment in history:

And the leading developed countries of the world are now discussing the need for a Great Reset, in which it’s being proposed that new national cryptocurrencies (perhaps laying the groundwork towards a ‘one world currency’) replace the current existing fiat versions.

Using the lens of monetary history, Mike sees all this as simply a modern spin on the same cycles the world has seen before. Politicians will deform and abuse the currency for their own immediate needs until the system collapses, and a new, more sound alternative emerges from the ashes.

Which is why he remains so confident that gold will strengthen dramatically in the coming macro environment, despite being in a short-lived corrective phase at the moment. In fact, he sees today’s weakness as an excellent accumulation opportunity for both current holders as well as those new to owning precious metals.

And that’s why Mike agrees that now, more than ever, is the time to partner with a financial advisor who understands the risks in play, can craft an appropriate portfolio strategy for you given your needs, and apply sound risk management protection where appropriate:

Anyone interested in scheduling a free consultation and portfolio review with Mike Preston and John Llodra and their team at New Harbor Financial can do so by clicking here.

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Author: Tyler Durden