Debate Hate: Bernie and Bloomie Under Attack as America Loses


Democrat frontrunners Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg faced attacks last night at their party’s Nevada debate, an event that, whether or not it had a winner, surely presented six losers.

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Author: Selwyn Duke


Career Criminal Arrested for 141st Time in NY City, New Bail Law Keeps Him Free


Career criminal Charles Barry has been arrested at least 140 times, at least seven times since January 1, the day New York’s bail reform law took effect. The new law says you can’t hold certain criminals in jail. They must be freed without bail.

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Author: R. Cort Kirkwood

Sanders’ Economic Plan Looks Like a Duck, Despite How Some Quack


As Bernie Sanders looks more and more like the one who may win the Democratic presidential nomination, some tell us that he isn’t the radical leftist others make him out to be. Do not be fooled.

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Author: Veronique de Rugy

Boys Scouts Have Muslim Troops — Who Don’t Pledge Allegiance to America


Some years ago the BSA allowed openly homosexual boys in its ranks, then openly homosexual adult leaders; next came “transgender” kids and girls. Interestingly, though, most of these changes probably wouldn’t sit well with another scouting innovation: all-Muslim troops who pray to Allah five times daily and don’t pledge allegiance to our nation.

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Author: Selwyn Duke