Trump to Allow Lawsuits Against Foreign Companies Using Seized American Properties in Cuba


Cuba’s Communist government stole American property after Castro came to power; now President Trump is allowing lawsuits against foreign companies that have benefitted from that theft.

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Author: Steve Byas


Pro-life “Heartbeat” Bills Seek to Rein In Abortion Across U.S.


In what may end up being one of the most significant challenges to abortion in America since Roe v. Wade, states across the country are working to protect pre-born children who are old enough for their heartbeats to be detected.

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Author: Alex Newman

Catch and Release Floods Yuma With Migrants; Mayor Declares Emergency


Thanks to the Trump administration’s refusal to stop its policy of catch and release, so many illegal aliens are roaming the streets of Yuma, Arizona, that the mayor declared a state of emergency.

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Author: R. Cort Kirkwood

Maduro Caves, Allows Red Cross to Help Hospitals With Medical Supplies, Generators


The International Red Cross delivered 24 tons of medical supplies and 14 generators to Caracas’ airport bound for Venezuela’s hospitals on Tuesday. Maduro, by allowing this to happen, is essentially admitting the failure of his socialist utopia.

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Author: Bob Adelmann