Nevada Senate Moves to Make Electoral College Irrelevant


VIDEO – On a party-line vote of 12 to 8, Nevada Senate Democrats voted to approve a bill to join the National Popular Vote Compact, which the state’s Assembly had also previously passed on a party-line vote.

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Author: TNA Video


Most Democrats Believe AOC’s Claim That We Have 12 Years to Save the Planet


A new poll finds that two-thirds of Democrats agree with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that the world will end if climate change isn’t stopped within 12 years despite the fact that she has said only a “sea sponge” would believe it.

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Author: Michael Tennant

Carrey’s Comparison of Cruz to Joe McCarthy Should Be a Compliment — to Ted Cruz


The actor Jim Carrey tried to demean Ted Cruz by comparing him to Senator Joseph McCarthy, but if the truth were better known, the intended jab is actually a compliment to Cruz.

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Author: Steve Byas

“I Don’t Do Coverups”: Trump Walks Out of Meeting With Top Dems


President Trump ended a meeting with top Democrats after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made incendiary comments about him in an earlier press conference. Naturally, the media blamed Trump and gave Pelosi a pass.  

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Author: Bob Adelmann