ICE Foils Two N.Y. Attempts To Help Illegals Escape, One Bites Off Agent’s Fingertip


New York City’s sanctuary policy proved yet again why illegal aliens must be rounded up and deported, but at least the victim in this crime lived.

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Author: R. Cort Kirkwood


Trump’s Rose-Colored Forecasts Surprisingly Accurate — for Now


I’d actually like to note an area where the Trump White House has represented the impact of its policies more accurately, and even better, than any other administration: economic growth forecasts.

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Author: Veronique de Rugy

Illegals Surging Over Border, But With No More Room for Housing, Feds Release Them


On Tuesday, border agents collared 400 illegals within five minutes in the El Paso area. Meanwhile immigration authorities are releasing migrants into communities because the government ran out of room to house them.

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Author: R. Cort Kirkwood

El Salvador Leader Shuns U.S. Aid, Vows Help on Border Crisis


As Democrats in Congress and open-borders zealots in the federal courts work to keep the flood of illegal immigration pouring across the U.S.-Mexico border while showering American tax money on foreign regimes, the new leader of El Salvador says he has a totally different plan. For one, he offered his nation’s assistance in dealing with the escalating immigration crisis. And remarkably, instead of demanding more foreign aid in exchange for helping to stem the tide of migrants fleeing Latin America, Salvadorean President-elect Nayib Bukele slammed U.S. “handouts.” Instead, he asked that the United States simply do more business with his nation.

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Author: Alex Newman

Girl Finds “Transgender” Boy Staring at Her in Locker Room — Told to Go OUTSIDE Until He Was Done


Proving again that “the eye altering alters all,” a Pennsylvania high-school girl recently found a boy’s lustful eye fixed upon her in her locker room — then was told her only recourse was to wait outside until he was done changing.

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Author: Selwyn Duke