Yes, Senators Should Reject Judicial Nominees Who Compare Christians To The KKK

The battle of Bogren was about more than a judicial nominee for a district court in Michigan. It was a fight over whether Republicans will accept the mainstreaming of anti-religious bigotry.

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Author: Nathanael Blake


Election Commissioner: Clinton Can Get Info From Foreigners, But How Dare Trump Think About It

When Clinton uses foreigners to meddle in elections, all the smart people argue it’s perfectly legal. When Trump hypothetically entertains the same idea, he’s an ‘enemy of the state.’

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Author: Adam Mill

Pinterest Whistleblower: ‘Normalization Of Censorship Within Big Tech Companies Is Un-American’

Former Pinterest engineer Eric Cochran said he saw his employers quietly censoring pro-lifers behind closed doors. He says they should be honest with customers about their politics.

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Author: Madeline Osburn