Pastor Paul Begley talks about current state of nation with Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Pastor Paul Begley joined the Intellihub Podcast today where he talked with Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas about the current riots, state of the nation, and prophecy.

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Author: Intellihub Podcast


NYPD officers discover ANTIFA brick cache on Brooklyn street corner

Yet another cache of bricks has been discovered by police ahead of nightfall

BROOKLYN (INTELLIHUB) — Officers with the City of New York Police Department discovered another ANTIFA-sponsored care package of bricks on Tuesday that was neatly placed on a street corner ahead of the nighttime riots.

Police discovered about 100 bricks that were placed inside blue plastic toats and then left on the corner by those that wish to cause mayhem.

The discovery which proves an actual organized operation is in effect isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last as rioting has intensified in the U.S. for over a week.

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Author: Lexi Morgan

HRC calls on China to “get Trump’s tax returns,” claims media will “richly reward”

(INTELLIHUB) — In what should only be considered to be nothing short of a major psychological operation ran by the bought and paid for Democrat-swayed Bill Gates-funded multimedia conglomerate MSNBC during a segment of the Rachel Maddow Show on Monday–Hillary Clinton and Rachel Maddow called for the “hypothetical” help of the Chinese in the latest attempt by the powers-that-be to program the masses and create more chaos in America.

Both Clinton and Maddow reveled in glee while they presented their twisted script on-air.

The duo’s hypothetical scenario suggests in a nutshell that since the Russians aided the Republicans during the 2016 election then the Chinese should aide the Democrats in 2020.

“Why should Russia have all the fun?” Clinton asked. “…since Russia is clearly backing the Republicans–why don’t we ask China to back us?”

“Not only that,” she added. “China–if you’re listening–why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns–I’m sure the media would richly reward you.”

The two could be seen on the segment carefully dancing around and spouting about their hypothetical nonsense in which Clinton claims that there is “nothing wrong with.”

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Author: Staff Writer

White busses marked “Soros Riot Dance Squad” spotted in Michigan: It’s official, the riots are staged

The invisible man behind the curtain has now become visible

MILAN, Mich. (INTELLIHUB) Several white busses marked “George Soros Dance Squad” were spotted passing through the city on Monday which essentially goes to show the current Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA-sponsored unrest is most likely without a shadow of a doubt part of a much larger George Soros, Barack Obama, Democratic National Committee-backed plan aimed at taking back the Office of the President once and for all.

Exposing the entire operation in one fell swoop, a photo posted to Amy Caneva’s Facebook page reveals two white passenger buses bearing the phrase “George Soros Dance Squad” down the side in bold lettering driving through the city on Monday.

The image is simply captioned: “Soros Riot Dance Squad.”

These are planned attacks designed to undermine not only the American people but the Office of the President of the United States as well.

Community organizing at it’s finest.

H/T: @AmeriforceJ on Twitter

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Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, political pundit, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a contributor to Alex Jones’ Infowars platform and is also a regular on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory. Read more from Shep’s World. Follow Shep on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to Shep’s YouTube channel.
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Author: Shepard Ambellas

Pallets of bricks delivered to Texas town like video game care packages

George Soros-sponsored ANTIFA terror operation: revealed

THE COLONY, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — Four pallets of bricks were left neatly placed on the street near a potential protest zone all bundled up in perfect little video game-like care packages.

However, ANTIFA’s plan to level up appears to have failed after authorities were notified of the operation similar to those in other cities.

The pallets of bricks were located at TX-121 and Plano Pkwy.

City council members have been notified for “rapid response.”

This comes after President Donald Trump vowed on Twitter to designate ANTIFA as a terrorist organization.

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Author: Staff Writer

White House went dark, jammed broadcast, cellphone, signals for 5 hours as city burned

Heavily-armed military troops were deployed onto the streets of D.C. on Sunday night after civil unrest and fires spread through the city

WASHINGTON (INTELLIHUB) — The White House activated a defensive posture on Sunday night at around 1 p.m. as violence and vandalism from angry protesters began to worsen.

Broadcast signals were jammed just after the last mainstream live feed concluded and remained that way until 5 a.m. in the morning when a local Fox affiliate went on air.

It was an eerie scene as red lights could be seen shining on the White House lawn while the rest of the building remained unlit altogether.

A good portion of the city was burned Sunday night as protesters clashed with police and military.

President Donald Trump was taken into the White House bunker as a defensive measure for about an hour as Secret Service sized up the situation.

Heavily-armed military personnel occupied the streets throughout the night.

The city burned.

Chaos erupted in front of the White House just before the 11 p.m. curfew.

Fires spread to trees in front of the White House.

Historic St. Johns Church was set ablaze.

Downtown D.C. looked and sounded like a warzone throughout the night.

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Author: Staff Writer

“We got bricks!” Another pile of bricks supplied and delivered to protesters

Massive pile of bricks delivered to protest zone in Manhattan: False-flag exposed

MANHATTAN (INTELLIHUB) — Yet another pile of bricks has been discovered perfectly placed inside of a protest zone to encourage destruction and violence in what can only be considered at this point to be a concerted operation to undermine the freedom and liberty of the American people by creating a massive divide and conquer scenario that progress into martial law-like curfews and lockdowns followed by pockets of civil unrest.

“We got bricks!” One protester said with excitement, not realizing they were put there as bait.

The same type of setup has been documented to have occurred in Dallas and other cities.

BUSTED! Protesters uncover false-flag set up, pile of bricks strategically placed on street near high-end Dallas shops

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Author: Staff Writer

Heavily-armed military personnel, fortify police precinct, prepare for war with protesters

(INTELLIHUB) — Heavily-armed personnel with the Minneapolis National Guard moved tons of equipment and supplies into the northeast sector of the city on Saturday where they began to set up and fortify the area placing focus on the City of Minneapolis Police Department’s Second Precinct.

From a tactical standpoint, the precinct is a sitting duck in the middle of a lake. Not to mention, a massive storm brought on by protests expected to intensify for the fifth straight night.

National Guard personnel erected massive concrete barriers around Precinct 2, stacking the block sections three high to serve as a defensive shield and shooter’s nest.

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Author: Staff Writer