Reader: Stop defending Sarah Edmondson

Editor’s note: I admit that I have defended Sarah Edmondson and believe, to this day, that she did a brave and game changing act – when she alone – of all the women who were branded – agreed to go on the record and in one heroic gesture, proved that what she was saying about DOS was true by showing the world her ‘brand.’

But for that single striking – self effacing – act, I think it unlikely that the world would have paid attention to the NXIVM story.

So whatever else anyone might wish to say about her – and her past – she did something so unique and singular – that it got the world and the Feds to take notice. So, I do defend her and will continue to defend her.

That said, I believe in the free exchange of ideas and allow criticism. I do not bar criticism of myself on this platform. I have observed that a lot of criticism has been hurled at Barbara Bouchey – and now here is a shaft at Sarah Edmondson.


From a reader:

You may publish the following, but please do not publish my name.

I recently read an article of yours defending Sarah Edmondson and her partner, and I think you are very wrong to do so.  As someone who was approached, and aggressively bullied by Sarah and several of her Vancouver Nxivm cronies for a couple years, I and many people I know in Vancouver feel that she and her former Nxivm colleagues in Vancouver (including Marissa Elliott (neé Cepinski), Rebecca Davis, and Alyson Epp (née Warnyca)) need to be held accountable.  I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Please do not attempt to shield these women.  There are many of us, especially former yoga teachers and actors from Vancouver, who maybe never joined Nxivm but faced harassment, bullying and attempted extortion after declining to join at the hands of these women.

Please do not just blindly defend them.


[name redacted]


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Author: Reporter

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…

The countdown has officially begun. Sometime in the next few days, one or more superseding indictments will be unsealed by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Eastern Division of New York – and, when that happens, some will have their lives changed forever. Given the prior statements that have been made, on the record, by Moira Kim Penza, the Assistant U.S. Attorney who is the lead prosecutor in the currently pending case against Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, it seems likely that the superseding indictment(s) will contain additional criminal charges against Raniere and Mack – and new criminal charges against one or more of the other individuals who help facilitate, finance, and/or operate the NXIVM sex-slaver cult.

Just imagine how they’re feeling right now. What type of questions are running through heads all day long – and as they lay in bed at night:

  • Am I going to be one of the new ones indicted?
  • If I don’t get indicted this time, will they indict me at a later date?
  • What if Clare Bronfman doesn’t offer to pay for my criminal defense attorney?
  • Will my family – with whom I haven’t communicated in years – be willing and able to do so (I’ve heard those New York City criminal defense attorneys will want at least a $250,000 retainer to represent anyone in this case – and that it may cost each defendant at least $1 million to go to trial)?
  • Will the judge grant me bail – and, if so, where am I going to get the money that will be required for it?
  • Will my parents be willing to put their home on the line so that I can stay out of prison for a few more months?
  • What will I do if I’m offered a deal by the prosecutors? Worse yet, what will I do if I’m not offered a deal by the prosecutors?
  • Will other members of the cult testify against me (They’ve all told me they won’t do that but how can I trust anyone who may be looking at spending the next 20-years in prison?)?
  • How long can I survive in prison without going crazy: 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? What will I look like when I get out?
  • What sorts of criminal activities do I know about that may be of interest to the Feds?- Do they know who carried cash across the border from Mexico into the U.S.?

    – Do they know about all the P.O. boxes we used to funnel other cash into the U.S.?

    – Do they know how much cash – and other things – we smuggled into the U.S. on-board the Bronfmans’ private plane?

    – Do they know what really happened to Gina Hutchinson?

    – Do they know what really happened to Kristin Snyder?

    – Do they know about all the law enforcement officials that we bribed?

    – Do they know all about the other law enforcement officials that we compromised – and then blackmailed to do our bidding?

    – Do they know about all the lies that we told in the Rick Ross case?

    – Do they know about all the lies that we told – and all the fake evidence we produced – to get Joe O’Hara indicted back in 2007?

    – Do they know everything that Richard Mays, a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, did to help advance NXIVM’s agenda?

    – Do they know how much money we ran through the fake foundations – and what actually happened to all that money?

    – Do they know about how much money we forced the nannies who worked at Rainbow Cultural Garden to kick back to us – and what happened to that money?

    – Do they know about the fake evidence we produced to get Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, and John Tighe indicted on those phony computer trespass charges back in 2015?

    – Do they know how much we paid Jack Goldenberg to give us all of Joe O’Hara’s emails from his former company’s server?

    – Do they know how we got Holly Trexler to continue with the computer trespass charges even after she found out there was no basis for them?

    – Do they know that we planted child porn on John Tighe’s computer?

    – Do they know what we did to get Joe O’Hara indicted in Texas?

    – Do they know how we bribed a judge in Mexico to issue false indictments against Toni Natalie, Susan Dones, Kim Woolhouse, Barbara Bouchey, Frank Parlato and Joe O’Hara – and that each of them will still get arrested if they ever travel to Mexico?

    – Do they know all the lies we told in the Yuri Plyam trial? Do they know we’re still trying to market the properties that we said were worthless – and that we hired one of our former “expert witnesses” to handle the marketing even though she’s never done that kind of work (Keith thought it was a clever way to pay her off for her phony testimony against Yuri)?

    – Do they know all the illegal and unethical things our attorneys did to advance cases against Keith’s enemies: e.g., Bill Savino, John Bartolomeo, Steve Coffey, Bob Crockett, Mike McDermott, Pam Nichols, et al?

    – Do they know about all the experiments we were running on the kids who attended Rainbow Cultural Garden?

    – Do they know how we were getting all those phony visas for the Mexican girls (I bet they don’t know about that attorney down South who was a key part of the scheme)?

    – Do they know where all the DOS “collateral” is located?

    – Do they know where all the other videotapes are located?

    – Do they know how much we paid – and all the lies we told – to get Frank Parlato indicted?

    – Is Nancy going to flip in order to save Lauren and Michelle?

    – Do they know about the money laundering we did for the Mexican cartels?

    – Do they know what Keith’s real plan was for Libya?

    – Do they know how many underage girls Keith raped?

    – Do they know about all the computers we hacked into to get “dirt” on Keith’s enemies (Will Ben Meyers or Steve Ose tell them all about that stuff if I don’t)?

    These are dark times indeed for those who worked so hard to keep the NXIVM criminal enterprise up-and-running for the past 20 years. The end is near – and there’s nothing they can do right now, except worry and wonder what’s going to happen to them.

    Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock…

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Author: krclaviger

Vanguard Adjusting To Prison Life – Well, at least some parts of it…

Reports from inside Vanguard’s home-away-from-home (or maybe it’s just home now) indicate that he’s continuing to adjust to his new role as Federal Inmate 57005-177. Well, at least parts of it.

He continues to experience medical issues that have resulted in numerous trips to MDC’s world-famous health clinic (According to the many past and pending lawsuits, “world-infamous” is probably a more accurate description). Many believe, however, that he’s just suffering from “cellboredomitis”, a fairly common disease among prisoners at MDC – especially the ones that are there for long periods of time.

And he continues to avoid showers as much as possible. Which has led to several complaints from his fellow inmates – and even a couple of orders for him to take showers from the staff. If this keeps up, he’ll probably end up being carried into the showers – and deposited there – by others in the unit who find his stench annoying.

But one thing that Vanguard has apparently adjusted to quite well is prison food. He reportedly NEVER misses a meal, is often first-in-line for them, and, unlike most prisoners, never complains about some of the slop that many find disgusting and inedible. So, at least we don’t have to worry that Vanguard is going to just waste away in prison – which is certainly very comforting to those of us who have been worried about his health.

Apparently, Vanguard still thinks his trial is going to start around October 1st – which is only about 75 days away. But depending on whatever new charges may be brought against him in the superseding indictment that could be served sometime this week, it could be as much as another 12-18 months before he actually goes to trial.

So, as summer continues to slip away, the Vanguard is just slip-sliding along at MDC. Not doing anything particularly noteworthy, except for eating all that MDC has to offer in the way of meals. Still spending a lot of time by himself – mostly sitting around and waiting for the next meal to be served.

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Author: krclaviger

Part 3: Univision English translation of investigative report

Part 3: Univision Report on NXIVM – English translation below.


And when Keith Raniere launched his personal growth courses, he already had accumulated a great history of sexual relations with minors, that was established by the FBI, and even though his Mexican followers did not seem to be very worried, they preferred to admire this leader’s charismatic face and celebrate his publicized genius. Gerardo Reyes from Univision Investigate concludes the story.

GR: Raniere made his followers call him Vanguard. It was a name of a game he liked the most when he was young. The week of his birthday was baptized with that name.

(ceci Salinas speaks)

In this peaceful place in front of lake George at the north of New York, ESP fans gathered to give tribute for one week to their founder for the occasion of his birthday.

(Alex Betancourt talks)

Alejandro Betancourt, Emiliano Salinas and other members of ESP made a show Expressing great devotion for Raniere.

Toni Natalie has a very different image of that spiritual leader

Toni N: “I didn’t want to have a physical relationship with him anymore. He raped me and said it was harder for him than for me. But that it was important that we shared our energies.”

Gerardo Reyes: After the separation as she told us, Raniere started a legal battle against her and accused her of fraudulent bankruptcy and recently of hacking the informatics system of NXIVM, the self-growth organization. None of the cases went anywhere.

Toni N: Terrorism by litigation, that is what he does, he terrorizes people with the Bronfman money, and the power backup with Emiliano´s Salinas money.

The Bronfmans, who Natalie talks about are Sarah and Clair, the heirs of the fortune of the Magnate producer of the Seagram’s, the late Edgar Bronfman. They have both wasted millions of dollars on N XIVM and sponsored the Dalai Lama to visit ESP in 2009.

(Dalai Lama speaks)

Gerardo: Raniere was not accused for the rape complaint, Natalie followed his steps and today she assures she collaborates with the USA authorities for the criminal case in New York.

Gerardo asks Toni N: Did the authorities ask you about Emiliano Salinas?

Toni N: I have been asked not to discuss some of the legal things I am working on. But I can assure you that Emiliano Salinas is part of the discussion. This organization has moved from the destruction of USA to the destruction of Mexico.

For some students it was a secret that Raniere invited his students to take “night walks” to seduce them according to two ex-students of ESP, they told us that Raniere wanted to seduce a Mexican who was 19 years old.

Student: I saw her: very young, not stupid, and well if he is very smart and he knew what she needed, he knew how to wrap her

Gerardo R: Univision was able to speak to this young girl but she did not accept a camera interview. She told us that:

“He wanted to talk to me all the time, he sent me messages so I could go and walk with him at night, I saw him as way too old for me”.

Gerardo R: She told us she met Raniere in this ESP study center in Clifton Park in New York to ask him not to insist anymore on the night walks. She also told us that whe preferred to salute him with her hand instead of kissing him in the mouth like most of the students did, men and woman.

Student: You could see that Keith always slept with all of them….

Gerardo R: The Organization also had a chastise regimen, the prosecution alleges that Raniere had locked up in a room a Mexican woman for 18 months because she committed an ethical breach in falling in love with a man who was not him.

Rainer’s lawyer justified the punishment.

Raniere´s lawyer: and the reason she was there was because she stole money and there was a punishment. It was her family and her decision to stay in that room in that house with her family.

Gerardo R: When he was 39 years old, he was in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the three persons that had a superior IQ than the rest of the humanity — which, according to Natalie,  helped him to get fame and wealth.

Anonymous student: They think he is the smartest person in the entire world – and that he’s  smarter than Albert Einstein.

Gerardo R: But the Guinness book has its nuances, Omega Society the institution that certified the IQ exam explained Univision that the test:

– You did not have to take it in a specific place, it was sent by mail.

– There was no limited time to answer

– And that you were not supposed to consult it with other persons.

While he enjoyed his genius fame, Raniere was facing sexual scandals, and they were specifically with minors. According to the accusation in New York, the documents show that he had sexual relationships with a 12 and a 15 year old, He was not arrested. A 1993 request presented by one of the presumed victims and originally published by “Times Union” offered some details.

You read there:

  • I was involved in sexual relations with a man called Keith Raniere, this happened when I was approximately 12 or 13 years old.

The woman asked the police not to continue with the investigation

Gerardo Reyes asking Raniere´s Lawyer: Raniere has some background that doesn’t help him for today’s situation

Raniere´s lawyer: I don’t think it happened, that was investigated by authorities and there were no charges, I think that is only left as a rumor.

Gerardo R: But there is a document that one of this girls says “yes, I had sex  with him”

KR Lawyer: yeah hum I mean listen, I don’t know if the woman that was a girl at that moment is telling the truth, the fact that she said “I don’t want to press charges” will not prevent authorities from accusing someone from a crime.

Gerardo R: some of these shadows of Raniere past figure in the Google search, but his followers still did not pay any attention to that. We asked the psychologist Maria Basalt why people with high education level saw Raniere like a god.

Maria: you can be very educated, you can belong to a high class and be very rich, and be very vulnerable and very emotionally labile, I mean education is not enough.

Gerardo R: According to NXIVM lawyer in Mexico, Raniere’s cloudy past did not prevent the organization’s success.

Mexico Lawyer:  the people here gave courses and had very good results, I can tell you 250 courses, 8,000 students….

Gerardo Reyes: The Mexicans chose to see the face of a modest and charming genius, author of courses where they attributed him their personal success like this ballerina confirms in this promotional video:

Ballerina (associate of anima ink):  The truth of the matter was that I cleared a bunch of mental cobwebs and started to enjoy it more than ever and that’s the reason I was dancing at a level I never had before or thought I could reach.

Gerardo R: Meanwhile according to the FBI the slavery and coercion pyramid grew behind the stage.

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Author: Reporter

Part 2: Univision English translation of investigative report


Keith Raniere´s arrest in Puerto Vallarta Mexico showed the connection that his personal growth course had with families who are wealthy and powerful from Mexico. And also venerated the leader.

This news opened some questions as to where and how they found out about Keith Raniere’s sexual abuse as described by the FBI.

Gerardo Reyes from Univision Investigates found out.

Mexican news. “He was arrested in a house, a very luxurious house, in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, the leader of a cult that had sexual slaves”.

Gerardo Reyes: March 25, 2018, Mexican Police arrested Keith Raniere in a villa in Puerto Vallarta where the rent cost 10.000USD per week. The blond woman has been identified as the actress Allison Mack, fervent follower of the detainee. The protagonist of the superman series Smallville was arrested in the United States a few days later. Raniere faces charges of sexual traffic with suppression in a criminal accusation that describes how he lured some women into a slavery regimen called DOS or The Vow.

According to the FBI, Raniere who made them call him THE GREATEST MASTER imposed various obligations to his harem.

  • The woman had to follow unhealthy diets until they were very slim
  • Before surrendering to the leader, they had to agree to abstain from ever having sexual relationships with anybody else or masturbating.
  • It was prohibited to shave intimate zones.
  • They should tape sexual tapes of themselves threatening them that the images would be revealed if they reasoned the cult.

The psychologist Maria Basalt is an expert in mental health and woman abuse.

Maria Basualdo: Each time these woman did anything that was ordered by their “master” , this was used as collateral damage.  The longer the time passed, the more they were involved and more difficult it was to come out of this situation.

FBI Agents, based on the testimony of an actress identified with the fake name of Jane, claim that Raniere took her naked and at night, and with her eyes blindfolded, to a cabin, there she was tied to a table and someone practiced oral sex on her. Meanwhile, Raniere spoke to her walking around the table.

Maria Basalduo: “When you are afraid, you really get paralyzed and immobilized and these women are clearly in a fright situation where they don’t know what is going to happen”

Gerardo Reyes: Jane let Raniere lead her because she was afraid that they would reveal an explicit sexual video that she took of herself as a guaranty of her being faithful to the cult.

Mark Agnifilo, the defense lawyer, has his version about this case: “I was told very clearly that this was not against her will, and now, to be fair, I have not spoken to that woman”

These scenes took place in the north of New York  where the abuse was committed since 2015 and according to the FBI, when Raniere signed the vow.

In this same neighborhood lives Glenda.

GR: Did you ever see, here, in this neighborhood, Keith Raniere the chief of the organization?

Glenda: Well, yes, I have seen him but I had no idea who he was…..

GR: And did you see Keith Raniere at daylight or at night through these streets?

Glenda: At noon

GR: Mexicans whose families are rich and have power were installed here. They changed their lives to be near to their charismatic leader of their personal growth courses.

Toni Natalie, who was Raniere’s girlfriend from 1991 till 1999, sustains that the businessman has a very good sense to identify vulnerable associates.

Toni Natalie: So, Keith finds holes in the people, and how he can use them. They have political connections, they have money, he finds their weaknesses and then he knows how to use those weaknesses against them.

In this house that costs more than 1 million USD, Rosa Laura Junco started a new life. She is the daughter of the communication Magnate Alejandro Junco de la Vega, who owns newspapers like “El Norte”, she has been in charge of the journalistic portal “The Knife Media”, few miles away lived Alejandro Betancourt another of the high executives in Mexico and very close to Raniere. The house is for sale for $669.000USD. Nxivm established in Monterrey, at the north of Mexico where Raniere found friends who were wealthy and influential who today are in a difficult situation because they have to explain their relationship inside of the organization in relation to the presumed sexual abuses committed by Raniere.

In this other residence of half a million dollars in Half Moon, Emiliano Salinas passed long seasons, son of former president of Mexico Carlos Salinas de Garter who represented ESP in Mexico. His wife, the actress Ludvica Paleta, took the courses. We asked Geronimo Massaro another disappointed student from ESP why people trusted in the son of a president who was in the center of big corruption scandals.

Geronimo: The simple fact of having Emiliano Salinas in that place promoting , I mean all the people that got in the course wanted to have certain power, or have commercial relations.

Gerardo Sierra: Through the organization classrooms characters like Fabiola Sanchez de la Madrid who was daughter in law of former president Miguel de la Madrid, the singer Toni Zarattini and some Mexicans actresses too.

But how much did Raniere’s Mexican friends know about the sexual slavery program?

Salinas was confronted by Sabatini in a phone call in September 2017

Toni Zarattini: “The day this comes out to the light man! That the women do these kind of practices, I’ll tell you what will happen man! Each woman has to enroll 6 slaves man? They call them slaves, they brand themselves, shut up for God sake man”!

Salinas was not surprised and recognized he found out from an ESP woman who had overweight problems and she decided to make a video of herself.

Emiliano: It was a sexual video, of her with her, I did not see it, but what she told me is that she filmed herself in a video and she told me: If this comes out and my family sees it, it would be devastating! This is something I knew because she spoke about this 3 years ago, and that’s it!

Gerardo Reyes: And Emiliano concluded those women were  exemptions.

Emiliano: For me it’s very different if they tell me, a group of women, If you want you can say, a group of “crazy woman” decided to get together and make this scheme to get over with their fucked up things. Well, I think they are really crazy, but it’s very different to say that Keith is inside that group.

Gerardo Reyes: Salinas did not speak with Univision because of his lawyer recommendations.

ESP Mexico answered: “The leaders of ESP Mexico did not have previous knowledge of the complaints made against Keith Raniere nor the supposed illegal practices that involve him”

According to Alejandro Betancourt’s lawyer, another of the close people of Raniere in Mexico, he had no idea of what was happening,

Lawyer: “He never mentioned anything of knowing these practices existed, from what I know, The Mister has never referred to them or if he knew something about them he didn’t think they were real, that’s what I understand if we refer to the call. (Emiliano mentioned in the Zarattini phone call he spoke about this with Alejandro).

Gerardo Reyes: Edgar Boone was another important person in the introduction of the course in Mexico. The businessman from Monterrey that took the Raniere courses in 2001 to this city also thought that Raniere would change the world.

Edgar Boone: And maybe someday I will sit down with my grandchildren and with my children and you will say: Do you see all this that exists? Well I was part of it since the beginning.”

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Part 1: English translation of Univision Broadcast – gives insight into Mexican world of NXIVM

One of our correspondents was kind enough to translate the Univision investigative story on NXIVM from Spanish to English.

Part I  watch the video in Spanish and read English translation below 

An hermetic organization

A personal growth guru

And a super undercover group of woman called DOS or the oath

They were branded like cattle

Witnesses say Dr. Danielle Roberts used a laser with a hot stinging end

One by one, the woman took turns getting branded while others held them from arms and legs to prevent them from turning around from the pain they felt.

“Keith Raniere Played Chess and all the rest where his pieces”

In the pelvic zone and without anesthesia, the Dr. burned in Keith Raniere initials over a period of 30 minutes, According to the complaint, during the ceremony, Allison Mack held her arms over the slaves body and told them, feel the pain and think about the master while they cried.

“Simply, I do  not only own your mind, I manipulate and control your actions, I also own your body till the point that I brand it. This is very perverse.”

This is how the scar of the brand turned out showed by the Canadian actress Sarah Edmondson who today alleges she was mentally manipulated.

This is one of the confiscated houses where they suspect these questioned practices or criminal practices took place to brand the women’s bodies with Raniere initials.

This ceremony and other practices are today part of a criminal complaint from the FBI for slavery and consensual sexual traffic with coercion. And the accused is this man Keith Raniere. A charismatic Guru from a personal growth program.

His friend, Allison Mack, the actress from to series Smallvile, is now facing the same charges. The complaint confirms that Raniere, 58 years old was leading a program called DOS where he formed a pyramid of only women and he was the great master. The women were obliged to tape sexual videos as guarantee for obedience. These guarantees were called collateral.

The psychologist Maria Basalt studied the accusation: “The psychological  profile of KR seems to confirm the characteristics of a psychotic personality possibly with some narcissistic traits where manipulating others and putting the others like an object for his own pleasure or benefit is a common practice.

Raniere was considered a hero of the personal growth industry in Mexico. Almost a God according to some ex-students.

“There was a lot of expectation of everybody… like if he was a god. And that is very weird because you never expect God to come down and enlighten you right?”

When he was arrested in Puerto Vallarta in March of this year and was immediately deported to the USA, the news hit various families who were rich and famous that venerated and financed him.

“He is a very serious scientific,  mathematic, philosopher, entrepreneur, educator, inventor, who has dedicated his life to study the human psychodynamic, how the mind works, with your emotions and your body”. Alejandra Gonzalez Anaya is the sister of Mexico IRS head chief Jose Antonio Gonzalez Anaya, she is a Raniere associate in a group of companies that gets many government contracts.

“He is a man of many accomplishments, but more importantly, he’s a man of proven character and an ethical leader in the face of adversity.” This is how Emiliano Salinas Occelli, son of Mexico former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, described Raniere. For 15 years,  Emiliano was Raniere’s biggest promoter in Mexico.

“I see Emiliano also as a victim, I mean, I see him like…. Everyone who entered the organization, everyone was manipulated as he wanted to manipulate them, I mean they are his chess figures”.

Maayan Tuati Saraga a businesswoman in Mexico that got disappointed from the courses and became an expert of the organization.

“I spent approximately 10k in the two years I was there”

Nexium Mexico SA de Cv, one of the companies of the conglomerate directed by Salinas, is cited in the criminal complaint. None of the Mexicans have been criminally accused and Mexico’s members from the organization have tried to distance themselves from their leader.

“The actual position of ESP Mexico in relation of the accusations over Raniere and other members of the organization is to condemn these type of practices if these where true”. (Diego Ruiz lawyer of ESP Mexico and the person who has the nxivm rep).

This pronouncement makes a contrast in relation with the first reaction when Raniere was arrested.” We want people to know that the company has all the arguments to demonstrate that the accusations have a lack of foundation”.

Raniere and Allison Mack have declared themselves not guilty – and he is in a prison in New York. In a hearing in a federal court, the prosecutors convinced the judge to not let him out on bail because there is a risk of him escaping and a risk for the community.

Catherine Oxenberg: “I am very happy that this man is still in jail”

Gerardo Reyes: Why?

Catherine Oxenberg: Because he is a criminal and has hurt many many people.

Catherine Oxenberg, an actress from the Dynasty series, maintains that this has harmed her family, one of her daughters, India, has enrolled in DOS and has been branded. We tried to speak with India who works in a restaurant in Manhattan.

India: This is not appropriate….

Until now, Raniere’s lawyers have not denied the existence of DOS, nor the branding ceremonies. Neither have they denied the collateral videos but they sustain that everything was made with consensual knowledge from the woman.

“These woman enrolled voluntarily, they are all adults, they all knew the agreement and they all knew about the collateral, and the collateral was there to promote unification not to hurt anyone”. (KR lawyer)

GR: India’s maternal grandmother, Princess Elizabeth from Yugoslavia, has said that she  won’t rest until her granddaughter wakes up

Princess Elizabeth: “Unfortunately she did not wake up, she thinks everything is perfectly ok, that there is nothing negative but we know it’s very dangerous and unfortunately she does not realize this”.

The question the FBI is asking now from sources near the agency is how much did the Mexican friends know about Raniere and the program of sexual slavery.

MT: “Of course they knew. We have some recordings where we know that they knew what was happening, but they denied, and that is what more terrifying for the people who were outside, that we knew that they knew about it and denied it”.

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Author: Reporter

A few more notes of people and things in Clifton Park and Mexico

Halfmoon — Within 24 hours of reporting that Allison Mack has had her BMW parked by the pool in Knox Woods for months, it is no longer parked at the pool. It’s gone from sight.

Lauren Salzman may be in town because she had boxes of “Chewy” on her porch, presumably for her hairless cat. Who will take care of that cat when she and her mother are trundled off to Brooklyn is hard to answer at this moment. Maybe she is laying up a store of cat food for she knows the poor cat will need it when she heads off to prison..

Karen Unterreiner is in town, presumably waiting to be arrested. She will be wise not to flee — look what happened to her Vanguard – the man for whom she procured underage teens for his sexual pleasures. He fled to Mexico and now sits in a federal prison – having been denied bail.  Because Karen long ago aged out of the harem, she was not invited to be on hand in Mexico – despite her ability to procure

A source tells me that a child may have died because of Keith Raniere’s doings. This may be part of the investigatory trail. But I am not surprised.  After all, Keith said he had people killed for his beliefs. Children are people.

Lauren Salzman with her cat.

Part of the ongoing investigation clearly includes Emiliano Salinas and his criminal partner, Alejandro Betancourt – who both joined Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere to falsely charge Toni Zarratini and tried to lure Toni Natalie, Barb Bouchey, Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse to Mexico under false pretenses to murder or falsely imprison them.

I called Emiliano’s mother before the New York Times story came out – and urged her to tell her son to call me – or to try to persuade her son to get out. She listened gracefully, then told me that her son knew what he was doing.

Very sad. For the mother – the former first lady of Mexico – is now likely to be bereft of her son’s company for many years to come.

The fact that law enforcement is working on this case around the clock leads me to believe that this is coming to a head and we may very well see indictments for the vicious cult members on or before July 25th – the day Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are next due in court at the Eastern District of NY federal courthouse in Brooklyn New York.

Ah, Executive Success…the learning never stops!

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Reader: ‘Barbara Bouchey deserves medal of honor’

By A Reader
This woman deserves a medal of honor. I left the area in 2011, when stories about NXIVM were beginning to emerge.  Reading her horrible struggle with lawsuits and threats truly saddened me even then. I am so glad she is getting “rewarded” for her efforts and persistence. God bless her.
One article from the 2011 Times Union interview has information about Barbara’s brothers redacted. I imagine it was due to the damage that would be done to [name redacted] his reputation.  Hopefully, her brother has been providing her with the financial and emotional support she needs or needed.
While I ceased being among your readers who were regularly updated on details of the case before the branding incident broke, I still go to it often to get the latest information I can.
Again, so glad that “what goes around, comes around.”
Brava, Barbara!

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Finally a defender of NXIVM/Raniere comes forward – Vanessa Grigoriadis – on YouTube video

At last, a distinguished writer, Vanessa Grigoriadis, has come forward to fully defend Keith Raniere and NXIVM – revealing that she believes that Raniere has a raft of original and striking ideas.

Girforiadis wrote the lengthy and well read New York Times Magazine cover story on NXIVM – which many believe was an extraordinary defense of NXIVM.

In the YouTube video, Grigoriadis says Raniere “has very unique ideas…. Raniere really was very with it, very smart thinking person who was thinking about every step that this gorup should take but yet …. what was attracting people and making them stay there … was the top 10 people who were really doing the work , making members actually stick with it and the least has so much reflected glory …. I was impressed… by the female high ranks who I had great conversations with … who were cool.”

“I don’t think ‘cult’ is fair…..  there are very few groups like NXIVM; this doesn’t come along this often…. and does have complex ideology….”

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Nicki Clyne may be placed on hot seat – after being on receiving end of hot iron branding

How important is Nicki Clyne in the government’s view of criminality in the  NXIVM sex slaver cult? That’s hard to know at the moment. In the hierarchy of the cult, Clyne is under slave master Allison Mack and ruthless leader Clare “Legatus” Bronfman.

Clyne is a slave to Mack and is also cult leader Keith Raniere ‘s “grand-slave.”  This means in the pyramidal structure, she is “second line” slave.

Raniere stands alone at the top. Allison Mack, Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, Mexican heiress Rosa Laura Junco, Lauren Salzman, Loreta Garza, and Dani Padilla are front line slaves.  .

India Oxenberg, like Clyne, is a second-line slave, Clyne is reportedly still trying to lead the remaining slaves, giving day-to-day instructions to the branded.

NXIVM leader Lauren Salzman went to Mexico recently trying to hold together the Mexican slaves and high net worth NXIVM members, while also trying to recruit new members.  With Mack on home detention, and forbidden by the court to make contact with any NXIVM members, including her own slaves – Clyne has assumed those duties.

Clyne is both a slave to Mack but married her in 2017 – an arrangement grandmaster Raniere ordered to keep Clyne in the USA. Clyne is Canadian.

Prior to Clyne’s marriage, Bronfman – who is Vice President of NXIVM in charge of operations – paid Clyne via laundered money through Canada for work Clyne was illegally paid to do in the USA for the cult.

In the mid-2000s, Clyne had a popular role in the TV series Battlestar Galactica. She quit acting to follow Raniere, and the producers had to “kill off” her character. She left Canada and moved to Albany to be near Raneire who enjoyed a sexual relationship with the actress. On or around 2009, Clyne temporarily rose to enjoy top harem woman status with Raniere. But she was soon demoted.

With her acting income gone, Raniere assigned her to work for $15 per hour for Clare Bronfman. Clyne became Bronfman’s  gofer and purportedly worked part time as a so-called “producer” for Raniere’s bogus media spin operation, The Knife of Aristotle, later renamed The Knife – which Raniere used to try to recruit slaves under the guise of hiring young writers.

After Clyne married Mack, she obtained a green card allowing her to work in the US. After Raniere’s arrest and being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, Bronfman, Mack, Oxenberg, Clyne and others moved to Brooklyn.

From successful actress to Raniere’s best gal in the harem, to a quick downgrade, to working for Clare Bronfman as a gofer, to taking illegal money laundered through Canada for payment, to marrying Allison Mack to stay in the country, to following Raniere to Mexico, and chasing the police car that arrested him, to a likely indictment for conspiracy and sex trafficking and maybe spending years in prison.

Viva Executive Success.

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