Actaeon: On Allison Mack and Her ‘Icky’ Email About Her Threesome With Keith and Dani

By Actaeon

Is Mack in part a victim?  Everyone on Earth is in part a victim.

Keith Raniere is in part a victim, I suppose, if one looks hard enough. I’m sure there’s some element in his past life that could be worked up as a partial excuse for what he became. A mean kid at school, his mommy yelled at him once, his dog bit him. To quote a line from a movie, excuses are like assholes, everybody has one.

So what if she was sincere? Wife beaters sincerely think the old lady deserved it. Guys who go into work with a gun and shoot up the place sincerely think that’s what the world deserves for pissing them off.

Allison Mack is a fool, I’ll grant that. She had great ambitions to make a difference, to change the world. Well, in her incompetent messed-up way she kinda succeeded, she made a difference in a bunch of women’s lives. The ones she branded sure will never be the same; talk about leaving your mark!

As for her threesome email, it is a fawning, obsequious message to the man she stupidly obsessed over for years. Yes, OBSEQUIOUS. As in DOS, Dominus Obsequious Sororium.

The word means “groveling obedience,” and that’s precisely what she’s demonstrating in that humiliating, embarrassing email. The kind of obedience demanded of a slave. On her knees, supplicating, desperate to please, aching to say the exact words he wants to hear. It’s revolting.

Here’s a woman desperate to have a place in her man’s world. She’ll do anything, literally anything to please him, including sharing his bed in a threesome. The kind of person who is utterly subservient to her leader, offering unquestioning obedience, even (as she admits) if it goes against her gut. Even if she knows it’s wrong, she will do it. All she wants to be is subservient to her man, to her guru, to her leader.

I don’t have to remind people of the terrible history of people mindlessly following their leader. Abandoning their own instincts in service to him. Unquestioningly following his teachings, his “new ethical system”.

Keith Raniere was looking for exactly this kind of female servility. Unquestioning, eager obsequiousness. Mack was bright enough to know what her “friend and guru” wanted, and this email is her giving it to him. Right after whatever disgusting acts she had just performed for him in his greasy, sweaty bed.

Rainiere seems to have obsessed over this sick ideal of bending women to his will, of making them beg for it. In the branding “ceremony” he wanted the women to beg to be branded– something straight out of bad BDSM porn, where the bound girl is made to say “thank you master” each time the fat guy with the whip applies a stroke.

So I find nothing of the quest for true love or spiritual fulfillment in this icky email. On the contrary, it illustrates the worst kind of servility, an utter lack of human dignity or self-respect. There’s nothing inspiring about a person on her knees groveling in front of another. Mack is disgusting. She’s a liar, a self-deceiving fool, a craven coward, soulless, clueless, self-centered and without a shred of human decency. She belongs in prison for what she did and that, fortunately, is exactly where she’s headed.

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Author: Frank Parlato


Is John Tighe Innocent? – Here’re a Few Facts to Consider

John Tighe currently resides in the Fort Devens Federal Medical Center, a United States federal prison in Massachusetts. Fort Devens is for male federal inmates requiring specialized or long-term medical care.

Prior to the raid on his house in October 2013, John had announced on his blog, Saratoga In Decline, that he had been diagnosed with small bowel cancer. Although he lost his insurance coverage for a period of time, he did get it back.

When his home was raided, on suspicion of trespassing into Nxivm’s website, the New York State Police – including one Senior Investigator who had worked closely with Clare Bronfman and her attorneys – seized all of John’s computers. From that point forward, all those computers were held by the NYS Police.

Then, a funny thing happened. After the New York State Police had held his computers for several months, they “found” child porn on one of them.

There were supposedly lots of child porn files – but all of them were apparently downloaded onto the one computer at the same time on the same day. Many of those files were never opened – and none of them were ever shared with anyone else.

The NYS Police and FBI did a thorough search of John’s Facebook and Twitter messages – and all of his email accounts – looking for other evidence of his involvement with child pornography. They found absolutely nothing.

None of this fit the profile of a child porn user. But no matter.

The Nxivm crowd had been accused in the past of planting key loggers and other malware on enemies’ computers. But no matter.

Nxivm had several members who were assigned to hack into the computers of people that had been designated as “enemies” — and John was definitely considered an “enemy” (Nxivm tried to have him arrested at several events – and once accused him of trying to poison the water at the Silver Bay resort that hosted Vanguard Week). But no matter.

John was charged with possessing child porn. He was arrested and faced 20 years in federal prison.

It’s a complicated story. There’s a lot John could say but he can’t say anything right now because he’s scheduled to get out soon – and doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize or delay that.

But consider this: The computer where the child porn was “found” may not have been one of the computers seized from John’s house. And even if the computer in question did belong to John, the child porn could have been planted on it before or after it was seized by the NYS Police.

In the inventory of the items that were seized from John’s house, the NYS Police listed a Mac computer. But John never owned a Mac computer.

Unfortunately, a forensic investigation is now out of the question since, rather conveniently, all of the seized computers were apparently destroyed by the NYS Police. As a result, John lost every family photo and travel picture he ever had.

Charged with the most odious of crimes and facing 20 years in federal prison, John was offered a plea deal by the feds: plead guilty to one count and face a maximum of a 5-year sentence.

John didn’t have the $100,000 his attorney would require in order to go to trial – and his attorney told him he would likely get a sentence of one-year-and-a-day if he took the plea deal. So, he took the proffered deal on the condition that he be assigned to a prison with a medical center.

Just like all the people who pleaded guilty in the Nxivm trial, John had to wait several months until he was sentenced.

During that period, his attorney requested that he be placed on probation rather than receiving any prison sentence. The prosecution asked for a 5-year sentence.

The judge sentenced John to 5-years – which he is now serving at the Fort Devens Medical Center. Since arriving there, John has also developed liver cancer – and is currently being treated for that. He is also on the official list for a liver transplant but since prisoners routinely get passed over for such operations, that is not likely going to happen.

He’s lost over 50 pounds since he first arrived at Fort Devens. He was also badly injured in a scalding accident while working there.

None of this changes the fact that he may have been framed. Even the fact that being in a prison with a medical center that may have saved his life does not change the fact the John Tighe may be an innocent man.

Frank Report intends to try to find out the truth.

If John was framed, it may not have been Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere alone who did it. They likely had help and if they did, that help likely involves some sort of public corruption.

This is something that the Department of Justice [in the Northern District at least] may be reluctant to touch because one or more of their own might have been involved. First and foremost, the DOJ has to protect its own reputation. A special prosecutor is probably needed to properly investigate this matter.

During the trial of Keith Raniere, we learned a lot about him and the lengths he was willing to go to silence his enemies. Is that only the tip of the iceberg?

With Bronfman wealth and a small town like Albany, which is known worldwide as the corrupt capital of the most corrupt state, it is not an impossible reach to think that John was framed.

Did John take a plea deal to save his life and avoid the risk of serving 20 years? I think he did.

But he can’t talk about things until he gets out of prison.

Now that the Bronfman-Raniere racketeering enterprise is finally toppling, it’s time to unearth whatever stones are necessary to discover the worms in hiding – even if those worms are public officials.

Frank Report is committed to this task.

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Author: Artvoice

Part 2: Gems From Trial: Raniere: On Sex With Children: ‘Is the Person a Child, or Is the Person Adult-Like?’

This is Part 2 of “Gems from the Trial” of Keith Alan Raniere.

It includes a clip from a longer video shown at trial to the jury. The entire video is about an hour long and it features Raniere speaking to his students on a number of topics.

One of the topics, shown in the clip below, features Raniere, known also as the Vanguard [the leader of thought for his community] ,speaking about children having sex with adults.

Keep in mind that Raniere called himself an “ethicist.”

“An ethicist,” by definition [Wikipedia] “is one whose judgment on ethics and ethical codes has come to be trusted by a specific community, and is expressed in some way that makes it possible for others to mimic or approximate that judgment. Following the advice of ethicists is one means of acquiring knowledge.”

So the context of this clip is that Keith is speaking as the ethicist for his Nxivm community. He has thought out for them the ethics of certain things and they – the ones he has allowed to follow him – have accepted that he knows better than they what is ethical and that they can become wise by following his advice on ethics.

For me, the value of publishing this clip, perhaps first and foremost, is to show his remaining 100 or so staunch followers – some of whom I am told are now reading the Frank Report for the first time – what happened in trial and why he was convicted.

They have likely heard his teachings on adults having sex with children before. But it may be of interest to them to understand how he flubbed it, by failing to heed his own words.

[For Nicki Clyne, Michelle Hatchette, Brian and Marc Elliot, Danielle Roberts, Samantha LaBaron, Dawn Morrison, and a cadre of Mexicans – listen up. And yes, I realize, that Brandon Porter, Edgar Boone, Jimmy Del Negro, Esther Carlson, Omar ‘Cuckie” Boone, Lucas Roberts, Clare Bronfman, Jimena Garza, Jack Levy, Loreta Garza, Carola Garza, Chris Pearson Smith, Dani Padilla, and others, will not heed this. At least for now.]

The clip is also for people studying this unusual case and how it impacted others. It is a case study on the human mind and the ability for one man to control so many seemingly good and intelligent people and ruin so many lives – while his followers all the while thought he was sincerely trying to help them.

Here is Keith at his most manipulative. Trying to justify adults having sex with children – something he did himself – but chose not to reveal to most of his followers.  Although it does seem he was preparing the way for their acceptance of it.

Here is the transcript of the clip.

Keith Raniere:

Abuse is inconsistent, depending on where you are, what cultural you are, and things like that.

And that doesn’t mean that the person is somehow ultimately abusive. They are abusive by some standard and you have to understand not only what that standard is, but the morality behind that standard.

How does this relate to human conduct in the world? 

You know, the thing, for example, with sexual abuse. In some states, there’s ages. There’s the age of consent. Some states, it’s 17. Some parts of the world it’s 12. Some parts of the world it’s– right? What’s abuse in one area is not abuse in another.

But what is it really? Abuse is – is the person a child, or is the person adult-like?

Does the person have a certain type of understanding of, cognition, morality, to make such a choice?

Because that choice has effects potentially on them physically but also on effects in society later.

Often when you counsel people who were say children of what you call abuse. You know the little child, some little children are perfectly happy with it until they find out what happened in later in life, then it’s more society that abuses them than actually the parent.  

Because in other societies in the past – like in Rome or whatever – the standards were completely different.  But we’re not in Rome and we should know that. So, it is an understanding, a wise understanding of the society and the morality in which we live. That’s part of it.

Part of it is cultural you know. Someone outing another person for being gay in certain societies leads to death. 

You might say that it’s an abusive friendship. If someone has a trust that, alright, they let their friend know that they’re gay and then that friend outs them for money, or for glory, or for revenge or for whatever it is, that’s an abuse of their power because they have the power literally to cause that person to be killed.


Commentary on the Clip

They were no friends of Keith Alan Raniere who outed him as a pedophile. But they did out him, and it sunk him. Those non-friends were the FBI and US Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of NY.

Probably more than any other criminal act, it was pedophilia that convicted Keith Raniere.

I think it was the evidence of pedophilia that caused his five codefendants, all females — Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell – to take plea deals and not risk going to trial alongside him.

It was pedophilia more than any other thing that turned the stomachs of a jury of his peers.

Keith, residing in federal prison in Brooklyn, awaits sentencing for sex-trafficking and other crimes, including racketeering – where the predicate acts proven against him include possession of child porn and sexual exploitation of a minor.

That minor, Camila [or Cami], who was 15 at the time he took nude photos of her [November 2005], became one of his long-term harem members and, ultimately, a first line DOS slave. She is now 29.

Cami was the only First Line DOS slave whose last name was not used at trial. Her photo was redacted from exhibits released to the public. This was done in part because she was considered a victim of his sexual exploitation based on her being under the age of consent when he first began his sexual relationship with her.

Keith, however, and unfortunately for him, did not entirely practice what he preached in the video clip.

He said in it, “We are not in Rome and we should know that. It is an understanding, a wise understanding of the society and the morality in which we live. That’s part of it.”

His understanding evidently was not so wise. He had sex with Cami, a girl under the age of consent – even if she had, according to him, an adult-like persona. It was illegal. And he got nailed for it.

More than anything, Cami sunk him and this video – of him justifying it – was the icing on the pedophile cake.

He had kept nude pictures of Cami for more than a dozen years on a hard drive and it had the dates the photos were taken. And with this video clip, the prosecution had the alleged pedophile justifying pedophilia.

So let us take a moment to parse what Keith is telling his students in this video. His remarks are in bold.  My comments, in regular typeface.


Abuse is inconsistent, depending on where you are, what cultural you are, and things like that.

Keith is saying there is no fixed standard for sexual abuse. It varies based on geography, jurisdiction, etc..

And that doesn’t mean that the person is somehow ultimately abusive.

He is saying that a person who has sex with a child is not necessarily, ultimately, objectively abusive to the child merely because the society he lives in has an arbitrary standard of abuse which he violated.

They are abusive by some standard and you have to understand not only what that standard is, but the morality behind that standard.

Keith suggests that standards, made by society, which differ in different locales, create the standard of what is called “sexual abuse.” But, he says, it does not mean a person is actually a sex abuser. He might merely be living in the wrong place. Keith explains that a person has to understand what the standards are for the society in the area in which he lives – for his own protection.  If a person is going to have sex with a child under the age of consent in a certain area or jurisdiction, that person has to understand the standard [i.e. the law] and also whether that standard is moral or not.

How does this relate to human conduct in the world? 

Let’s make it practical for students. What kind of “sex with children” conduct can Raniere’s followers expect to engage in ethically?

You know, the thing, for example, with sexual abuse. In some states, there’s ages.

Actually, all 50 states have age of consent laws. These range from 16 – 18 years old.

Image result for age of consent in world


There’s the age of consent. Some states, it’s 17. Some parts of the world it’s 12. Some parts of the world it’s– right? What’s abuse in one area is not abuse in another.

In New York, for example, where he lived and had sex with children, the age of consent is 17. He had sex with girls from 12 to 16.  It would have been legal in Mexico or the Philippines.


Image result for age of consent in world



But what is it really? Abuse is – is the person a child, or is the person adult-like?

This is Keith’s ultimate justification for having sex with children below the age of consent:

“Is the person a child or is the person adult -like?

If a child is adult-like [and who judges this?] then, for Keith, there is no abuse. He is flatly saying the adult-like child is capable of deciding to have sex with an adult.

He is not saying, ‘adult”, he is saying “adult-like.” Note the use of language – he calls the child a “person.” “Is the person a child, or is the person adult-like?”

Does the person have a certain type of understanding of, cognition, morality, to make such a choice?

By choice, he means “to have sex.” By person, he means a child under the age of consent. He is here flatly saying a child – with a certain level of understanding – can choose to have sex.

The law states otherwise. That a child under a certain age – regardless of understanding  – and it varies from state to state, nation to nation – does not have the legal ability or right of self-determination to make the choice to have sex. The child will not be punished for engaging in sex, however.  The adult will.

But Keith is saying that a child with a certain type of understanding, an adult-like child, who has the cognition, the understanding of morality, can make the choice to have sex with an adult.

And the adult, by extension, also has the moral right to participate in sex with the child. Which is convenient for Keith since he chose to participate with several girls under the age of consent – in New York.

So, it is the child then, Keith claims, who can decide, regardless of the law, to have sex with an adult. But the child has to be careful in deciding to have sex with an adult, he adds.

Because that choice has effects potentially on them physically but also on effects in society later.

A child who is “adult-like” – who is perhaps 13 years old – should exercise care that she might not have a negative effect, physically. For instance, she might get pregnant or might get a venereal disease. [Keith was said to have herpes and spread it in his harem].

In addition to physical dangers, the child must also be cognizant that having sex with an adult [such as Keith] might also later cause emotional distress – because of society.

Often when you counsel people who were say children of what you call abuse. You know the little child, some little children, are perfectly happy with it until they find out what happened in later in life, then its more society that abuses them than actually the parent.

Here, Keith explains that many a “little child” was quite happy having sex with their parents or some other, wise and ethical adult [like Keith]. They were fine with it. It was good. But later, as adults, when they learn of society’s condemnation of adults having sex with children, they become distressed. It is society, Keith teaches, that abuses the child, [now an adult] – for having sex as a child.  The abuser was not the parent, or the wise adult [such as Keith] but it is society that abuses by having these arbitrary laws that punish adults for having sex with persons who are adult-like but happen to be under the age of consent.

Because in other societies in the past – like in Rome or whatever – the standards were completely different.  But we’re not in Rome and we should know that. So it is an understanding, a wise understanding of the society and the morality in which we live. That’s part of it.

Keith seems to have lacked that wise understanding of, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. For when in Clifton Park, where the age of consent it 17, and where a man goes to jail for violating this law, he had sex with 15-year-old Cami and then kept her nude pictures of her on a hard drive for the FBI to find.

Not wise at all.

Part of it is cultural, you know. Someone outing another person for being gay in certain societies leads to death. 

This is a slick analogy. Keith is comparing the brutal stoning of gays in some Muslim countries to the outing of an adult who has sex with children.

You might say that it’s an abusive friendship. If someone has a trust that, alright, they let their friend know that they’re gay and then that friend outs them for money, or for glory, or for revenge or for whatever it is. That’s an abuse of their power because they have the power literally to cause that person to be killed.

No. It was not for money, or glory, or revenge, but, I think, to protect little children from Raniere that he was outed – first in the Albany Times Union, then in Saratoga in Decline, then on the Frank Report – outed for having sex with children.

Finally, he was outed, and it was dispositive, by the Office of the US Attorney in the Eastern District of New York in their successful prosecution of Raniere.

When Raniere arrived in the courtroom just prior to hearing the verdict – he knew what it was going to be by the quickness with which the jury reached their verdict – he proclaimed, “This is not justice!”

But maybe it was. For it was Raniere who abused his power by raping little children.

And while the DOJ did not literally have the power to cause Raniere to be killed, in one sense they did.

They, through their splendid prosecution of him [they and the jury], have ensured he will be caged, most likely, until he dies, and no, never again, will he have the chance to have sex with children, even if they are, according to him, adult-like persons, ready, willing and able to decide to have sex with him, the monster, and be perfectly happy about it.

For most of us, we are happy that he will likely never see a child again for the rest of his life.

And that perhaps is something that the monster, in his head, may be just starting to realize. He may now be just beginning to have that certain type of understanding of, cognition, morality, a wise understanding – that he is utterly and totally, irrevocably fucked.  

MK10ART’s beautiful painting of Keith Alan Raniere, living in a secure and adult-like place – just where he belongs.

Rhiannon, Keith claimed, was adult-like when he started raping her when she was 12 years old. He once taught her to hug like an adult by pressing the pelvises together, and not just the upper body. The prosecution wanted Rhiannon to testify at the trial but Judge Nicholas Garaufis ruled that her testimony was not admissible because her alleged rape occurred prior to the time period which Raniere was charged with beginning his racketeering enterprise.

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Author: Frank Parlato

Tighe: Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Helped Expose NXIVM

John Tighe

By John Tighe

This is not an endorsement of any politician. I don’t write on national politics. There are thousands of other sites for that. I’m simply relating events as best I can remember them.


Back in 2010, I was called by Maureen (“Moe”) Tkacik, a young writer for the New York Observer. She wanted my help in doing a story on NXIVM – and offered to come up to Saratoga Springs to meet with me.

I picked her up at the train station, gave her the nickel NXIVM tour of all their properties in Clifton Park and Colonie, and then brought her back to Saratoga where I lived.

Over the course of the next couple of days, I was her NXIVM guide. Throughout that time, she was constantly harassed on the street and in her motel by what we both believed were elements of NXIVM.

Moe wrote in her story Poor Little Rich Girls, the Ballad of Clare and Sara Bronfman,

“On the evening of my visit to Saratoga Springs, Mr. Tighe called to inform me that a NXIVM member with whom I had met a few hours earlier had been ‘spotted’ talking to me by a few apparent members of the cult. A few times walking along the town’s main drag, I distinctly heard voices call out ‘Moe’ or ‘Maureen,’ then disappear into the crowd.”

I also introduced Moe to some of NXIVM’s enemies. Unfortunately, several of them felt that Moe used what they intended to be “off the record” comments in her story – and they had a falling out with her.

Moe came to the Albany area to write a story about Nxivm authorized by Jared Kushner.

Moe wrote:

The first occasion I spoke to anyone with direct involvement in NXIVM was a phone call from an anonymous Skype account. A female voice said that Mr. Tighe had disseminated my contact information among some of his sources. She had convened a conference call with a number of NXIVM dissidents willing to talk. They did not yet feel comfortable identifying themselves.

“But if none of you will tell me who you are.” I said. “How do I know you are actual NXIVM defectors and not actors?”

One instantly relented. “Very good point,” he said.

Didn’t Know There Was Competition for Story on Nxivm

I was unaware at the time that there was an intense rivalry between the owner and publisher of the New York Observer — Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner – and Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter who had been working on a NXIVM story for months.

From the New York Observer’s story on Nxivm and Clare and Sara Bronfman. Jared Kushner pushed to have this story published and devoted the resources to it.

Ultimately Moe got her story out first – an excellent story about the Bronfman sisters’ connection to NXIVM.  it was published on August 10, 2010.

Vanity Fair’s reporter Suzanna Andrews had been working on her Vanity Fair cover story for months. Her story was published two months later than the Observer – on October 13, 2010. It was also an excellent story entitled The Heiresses and the Cult. 

From the Vanity Fair story on the Bronfmans and Keith Raniere – back in 2010.

While the New York Observer has a smaller circulation than Vanity Fair – the Observer story hit them where it hurts. The Observer is big with its niche audience – a high-end demographic – the high stakes real estate crowd in New York City – the kind of people that Edgar Bronfman knew, did business with and socialized with.

Clare [l] and Sara [r] Bronfman

I was told the Bronfman sisters – and other members of the Bronfman family – were devastated by the story. Moe also mentioned me in it – which gave Keith Raniere and members of NXIVM even more reasons for them to despise me

Didn’t Know of Rivalry Over Bronfman Story

After the Observer ;published their story, Jared Kushner emailed me, thanking me for my help, and told me it was one of their most read stories that year.

He then copied me on a bitter exchange between him and Vanity Fair editor Graydon, who had accused him of undercutting Vanity Fair (There was no love lost between the two).

I liked Jared and thanked him for giving me a glimpse into the high-stakes world of publishing.


Donald Trump also had his own run-in with the Bronfmans – or more specifically with Sara Bronfman, who owned an apartment in Trump Tower. It seems her remodeling of the unit caused a flood in the building that eventually resulted in a messy lawsuit between her and the Trump organization. She claimed shoddy construction and Trump claimed she’s an idiot. The story was reported by the New York Post.

So, based on what I know, I would say, there is no love lost between the two families.

Which may mean that Joe O’Hara’s proposal to have the U.S. Attorney General appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate NXIVM-related crimes in the Northern District of New York has a better chance of getting approved than would otherwise be the case.


I would like to thank Frank Parlato for giving me a forum to write (I miss it). And I’d like to thank all of the Frank Report readers who have voiced your support for me in so many ways. You have no idea how much that means to me.

I miss Saratoga – and even Albany – terribly – and I can’t wait to get back home next year. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing.

John Tighe is the founder and former editor of the Saratoga In Decline blog. He is currently Federal Prisoner 21508-052

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Author: Artvoice

Part 1: Gems from Trial: Allison Mack Email Describes Threesome with Raniere and Dani Padilla

There were enough evidence and testimony in the trial of Keith Alan Raniere to lead 12 average American jurors to vote to convict the world’s smartest man on all counts and predicate acts charged against him – and to do so after less than 5 hours of deliberations.

Some of the evidence revealed in the trial will likely be used in the ongoing investigation and probable future case against the Bronfman-Raniere crime syndicate AKA Nxivm.

Some of the evidence needs to be further analyzed. Frank Report proposes to do some of that analysis for our readers’ information and entertainment, especially for those studying the case.

This will help readers ascertain some interesting and curious things – including some things that might help people come to terms with their own victimization and, in other instances, provide information for people who might wish to send letters to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis concerning the sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere, Clare Webb Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Kathy Russell, Lauren Salzman, and Allison Mack.

By the way – sentencing dates are:

Nancy Salzman – July 10 (11:00 AM)
Clare Bronfman – July 25  (2:30 PM)
Kathy Russell – July 31st
Lauren Salzman – September 11 (11:00 AM)
Allison Mack – September 11 (12:00 Noon)
Keith Raniere – September 25

Some of the evidence may point to the possible guilt of others in the Bronfman-Raniere racketeering enterprise. And provide additional evidence of new crimes by some who have already been convicted.

Some evidence [gems from the trial] are interesting, salacious or fun – little known facts about Vanguard and his minions.

Some of it might engender sympathy for some of those who have been portrayed as villains – and some evidence about some who are declared as victims might suggest they were perpetrating crimes themselves.

This may help in ascertaining the fine, grey lines of distinction between victims and victimizers – so often seen in this case. It may be true that there is only one, pure 100 percent victimizer – Raniere.

All the others may be a combination of victim/victimizer in varying degrees and some who are just plain victims. It is worthy to explore this and “Gems from the Trial” hopes to aid in this.

And to aid in clarity, for study and as a caution – so this kind of cult – wherever it exists – is identified and taken down in the future.

The first “gem” – an email from Allison Mack concerning a threesome she enjoyed with Raniere and Daniela Padilla – is salacious.  Yet I think it raises an important point: Mack was much denigrated at trial and in media reports. She was shown as a villain in the trial.

But this email shows her in a different light.

Lauren Salzman

Lauren Salzman came out more as a victim than Allison. That is largely because she testified for the prosecution. Allison was never called [more on that later] so we only have others’ accounts of her role – mainly DOS slaves, Jaye’s and Nicole’s – who were in Allison’s slave pod – and the picture they paint of her is not pretty.

But here is an email – in real time – showing Allison in what appears to be a mood of sincerity – in the midst of her involvement in DOS [before it blew up].

It is not dispositive but it tends to suggest Allison was sincere and that DOS to her was not about hurting other women. It was, at least in part, what she claimed it to be – a learning experience for her and, by extension, for those she recruited.

Mack wrote the email [it was shown to the jury] to Keith Raniere.  The date was March 4, 2016. It was after DOS had been in operation about six or seven months.

Allison had just had a threesome with Raniere and another of his collateralized DOS slaves, Dani Padilla. [This is not the same Dani who testified about her confinement in a room for nearly two years.]

It was a morning session. It may not have been her first encounter with these two. [Dani was the DOS slave that ordered paddles, hanging cages, butt plugs, and other items from an online sex toy store for DOS in 2017.]

Allison Mack with Dani Padilla.

Here is Allison’s email:

On Friday, March 4, 2016 10:19 AM, Allison Mack wrote [to]

i wanted to reach out to you both and thank you for this morning.

i arrived home and looked at myself in the mirror and what i saw was such beauty and grace.

i am new to this:

to being with more than one person.

to exploring and experimenting with my body and others in a free and open way.

to sharing and releasing and relaxing and enjoying.

the level of vulnerability is high and i feel nervous and insecure.

but when i am with you two something changes. i not only feel allowed to face this vulnerability with encouragement, i laugh my way through it.

i feel such gratitude for you both. you are the most dear souls to me and i feel such motivation to get better in every area of my life so i can provide even half the joy and satisfaction you have been able to introduce to my life.

i fight with my viscera sometimes – the unconventional approach to love and relationships is something i still wrestle with. but your care and commitment makes it so much easier. and what i find on the other side of this struggle is beyond what i ever imagined.

i am so glad to be tied to you for life.

i feel dedicated, eternally, to growing myself into a more loving, more kind, more generous, sensitive and genuine woman – even if it is only to be able to keep up with the two of you in the bedroom. 🙂

i love that i smell like a mixture of you both. i hold your love in my heart, it is obvious from the shine of my eyes.

“from wrong lead me to right.

from darkness lead me to light.

from death lead me to immortality”

within the shackles of commitment i find the greatest freedom of all. true love.



Let us review what Allison wrote, to try to ascertain what is going on.

Whether she is a pure monster, a foolish woman with good intentions, a mix of both, a victim, or maybe the world’s most misunderstood, sincere student who may have had the world’s most selfish and unenlightened teacher, is hard to say.

Her email is in bold – my comments follow in regular typeface.

i wanted to reach out to you both and thank you for this morning

Allison had what is likely an early morning sex session with Dani and Keith. Keith likes early morning, the predawn time. While his slaves generally had to rise, get up and go to work during the day [and by night he would awaken them with readiness drills] Keith would go to bed in mid-to-late morning and get his full seven or eight hours of uninterrupted sleep – in order to be able to begin again in the evening and into the early morning with his sleep-deprived [and undernourished] slaves.

This has been his lifestyle for years.

Threesomes have been his lifestyle for decades. Pam Cafritz used to arrange them and participate in them with him. Among his codefendants, Lauren Salzman testified that she participated in threesomes with Raniere. And Dani [the woman confined in the room] testified she had threesomes [albeit reluctantly] with Keith and Kathy Russell.

So, in this case, this was not Allison trying introduce threesomes to Keith, but vice versa.

Keith found one of his sex slaves – Dani Padilla – who evidently likes BDSM – to join them.  Dani Padilla, according to testimony at trial, evidently had threesomes with Keith for years with various other women.


Keith takes a stroll with Dani Padilla in Knox Woods.
Allison Mack and Dani Padilla at a baby shower for a fellow Nxivm member in Albany.

Dani Padilla was in Raniere’s inner circle and in his harem for years before DOS.

In reviewing Allison’s email, it is not clear if this is her first experience with Keith and Dani in an intimate encounter. Allison seems exhilarated and is trying to learn from it. Keith is very likely trying to persuade her that this is a learning experience – something a perv might say whether he believed it or not.

i arrived home and looked at myself in the mirror and what i saw was such beauty and grace.

Allison found this something warm and beautiful. It was not just pure lust but something she thinks improved her. She saw beauty and grace.

i am new to this: to being with more than one person.

We will take Allison at her word, She is writing to her master, her Vanguard. She would, it seems to me, likely to be telling the truth. This is something he is introducing to her – threesomes. Sex with him and another woman.

to exploring and experimenting with my body and others in a free and open way.

Allison revels in words like “exploring”, “experimenting,” in a “free” and “open” way. She is seeking freedom, not just some horny perversion, she claims. This is not typical lust-driven experience – or if it was, she is trying to mask it as something elegant and beautiful.

to sharing and releasing and relaxing and enjoying.

These are pleasant words, “sharing,” releasing,” “relaxing,” “enjoying.” These are not words of predators or, for that matter, victims.

the level of vulnerability is high and i feel nervous and insecure.

She admits she is uncomfortable but has placed her trust in Raniere. Yet, she is nervous about joining in threesomes and is insecure.

but when i am with you two something changes. i not only feel allowed to face this vulnerability with encouragement, i laugh my way through it.

She tells her Lord Vanguard – her master – that with his encouragement, she goes beyond fear of being in a threesome with a woman he selected – fellow slave, Dani, who is also encouraging her. Allison also makes an interesting statement: that she “laughs her way through it”; her “vulnerability,” she says, she masks with laughter. She uses humor. Her language does not have any hint of coercion or suffering.

i feel such gratitude for you both. you are the most dear souls to me and i feel such motivation to get better in every area of my life so i can provide even half the joy and satisfaction you have been able to introduce to my life.

She claims gratitude, the virtue of the sublime, and claims to want to become better in every area of her life – not just sex – and that this threesome with these two “dear souls” [not bodies, not people, but “souls”] provided “motivation,” “joy,” “satisfaction.” And it was both of them who introduced to her this joyful, and new experience.

i fight with my viscera sometimes – the unconventional approach to love and relationships is something i still wrestle with.

She has a negative, emotional reaction to not having a monogamous relationship.

but your care and commitment makes it so much easier. and what i find on the other side of this struggle is beyond what i ever imagined.

She fights her natural revulsion, or fear, and has a breakthrough and through it finds something greater than what she ever thought she would know – from sex perhaps, or life in general.

i am so glad to be tied to you for life.

She admits this is her privilege, to be tethered to Keith, to be his slave. She has learned something wonderful about herself.

i feel dedicated, eternally, to growing myself into a more loving, more kind, more generous, sensitive and genuine woman – even if it is only to be able to keep up with the two of you in the bedroom. 🙂

Listen to the language: She is “dedicated eternally.” She is “growing,” “more loving,” “more kind,” “more generous,” “sensitive,” “a genuine woman.” This is not the language of predators or victims. This is the language of a seeker, of a gentle, kindly soul, with good intentions.

Even if it is odd that she equates – jokingly – growing into a “more loving, more kind, more generous, sensitive and genuine woman” only in order to “keep up” with Keith and Dani “in the bedroom”, she hints that this bedroom experience is spiritual. “Keeping up” in this context suggests not necessarily physical stamina.

i love that i smell like a mixture of you both. i hold your love in my heart, it is obvious from the shine of my eyes.

This needs little comment – except that once we get beyond the embarrassing elements of it – she is trying to express love; that it was healing and positive for her. That she has a memory, enhanced by the scent of two people she loves who she was just intimately engaged with, who led her to heights she had not previously imagined.

“from wrong lead me to right.

from darkness lead me to light.

from death lead me to immortality”

Allison is quoting the Pavamana Mantra, from the Hindu scripture, Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad (1.3.28.). This mantra – which Keith might have taught her – was originally recited as an invocation to the Soma sacrifice. The Soma was purportedly a plant which in Vedic times was a rare tonic and miraculous health-giving plant – with possible psychedelic properties – supposedly a panacea for health and spiritual growth. Today, modern Hindus cannot even identify the Soma plant.

The message Allison invokes, however, is one of knowledge: “From wrong lead me to right.” This is a worthy desire. “From darkness lead me to light.” Does she believe this love-inspired threesome will help her come to the light?

“From death lead me to immortality”.  This is a common theme in ritualistic sex, such as Tantric Yoga, which Keith claimed to be a master in.  That through sex with various rituals and with spiritual rather than physical focus – a being can go beyond their body and become immortal.

It may be utter hogwash, but this is what Keith taught – perhaps merely to get women into threesomes.

Still, here we have Allison Mack leaving a threesome, writing about it to Keith, expressing exuberance and spiritual thoughts.

within the shackles of commitment i find the greatest freedom of all. true love.


This seems to be some of Raniere’s word salad: Slavery is freedom. Shackles are true love. Pain is love. The same mind-fucking by which he ultimately fucked himself.

Allison is saying that, for her, her greatest freedom is “true love.” She says she is finding it through him.  Allison does not look like an evil-doer here.  At worst, you can say she joined her kink-master in a threesome – and seemed to enjoy it, and found something in her brain or her heart from it that she thought was spiritual.

She would later admit, when she made her allocution at her plea hearing, that she was wrong about Raniere. She thought he was good when, in reality, she learned he was evil. But that was April 2019.

This is in real time, March 4, 2016. Raniere and DOS were at their pinnacle then.

As for Raniere, it’s hard to say what he thought. Did he have any fragment of his being focused on actually helping the women he held in thrall, or was he always manipulating them fully?

Was he preying on Allison’s weakness? Her desire to be a better, more spiritual person – to become enlightened, as she thought he was – a unified soul?

Was Raniere secretly enjoying mind-fucking a gullible woman into thinking his perv activities were guiding her to enlightenment?

He may not have been the world smartest man, but it is clear that his “little head” did some pretty good thinking. It seems to have gotten him everything he wanted for quite some time. He had scores of beautiful women who accommodated him – a rather mediocre looking man – repulsive to many – and had them thinking it was a great spiritual achievement to be with him.

He even had some of them coming out of threesomes quoting Hindu scriptures.

Keith Raniere, a man who could charm the pants off his slaves.

As for Allison Mack, her life is in shambles. Ruined. From great worldly success and fame to going to prison later this year in total ignominy.

But what if she really, truly did it all with the goal of being a better person, a more genuine woman, a more spiritual one, a woman who wanted to go from wrong to right, darkness to light, death to immortality, and the man she chose to lead her led her to darkness, to wrong, to death almost?

If that is true, is she not then at least in part a victim?

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Author: Artvoice

Where to From Here? – Let’s Start With Clare Bronfman

Several readers have asked what will happen to Frank Report now that Keith Alan Raniere has been convicted on all the charges brought against him by U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY).

Our answer to that question is very simple: We’ll move on to other aspects of the NXIVM case that have not yet resulted in true justice – and we’ll take on other cases in which guilty parties are not prosecuted and innocent ones are.


More Investigations – and More Prosecutions – Needed in NXIVM Case

While there is much to be happy about with respect to the conviction of Raniere – and the guilty pleas of Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, Lauren Salzman, and Nancy Salzman – there is still a great deal of “unfinished business” with respect to NXIVM.

To begin with, there are the four felony charges that were dismissed in the EDNY on jurisdictional grounds – and referred to the Northern District of New York (NDNY).

Those four charges are as follows:
– Sexual Exploitation Of A Child – Jane Doe 2 (Keith Raniere)
– Sexual Exploitation Of A Child – Jane Doe 2 (Keith Raniere)
– Possession Of Child Pornography (Keith Raniere)
– Conspiracy To Commit Identity Theft Regarding Jane Doe 7 (Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman & Others)


But those four charges are nothing more than the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the crimes that were part of NXIVM criminal enterprise’s operations in the Capital District area and elsewhere.

At a minimum, a comprehensive investigation needs to be undertaken with respect to these potential crimes:
– Aiding & Abetting
– Alien Smuggling
– Assault
– Bank Fraud
– Battery
– Blackmail
– Bribery Of Elected Officials
– Bribery Of Governmental Officials
– Bribery Of Law Enforcement Officials
– Bulk Cash Smuggling
– Child Abuse
– Child Neglect
– Coercion
– Computer Hacking
– Computer Tampering
– Computer Trespass
– Conducting Unauthorized Scientific Experiments
– Criminal Facilitation
– Defrauding the Government
– Encouraging/Inducing Unauthorized Aliens To Enter
– Endangering the Welfare of a Child
– Extortion
– Failure to Issue W-2 Forms and 1099 Forms
– Failure to Report Income Paid to Consultants & Employees
– Failure to Withhold & Pay Employer Taxes
– False Advertising
– Falsely Reporting Incidents To Law Enforcement Authorities
– Falsifying Business Records
– Falsifying Evidence
– Filing False Affidavits
– Filing False Business Records
– Filing Falsified Visa Applications
– Forcing Staff to Kick-back a Portion Of Their Wages
– Forgery
– Fraud
– Harassment
– Hindering Prosecution
– Identity Theft
– Illegally Accessing Personal Information
– Kidnapping
– Larceny
– Mail Fraud
– Money Laundering
– Obstructing Governmental Administration
– Operating Unlicensed Day Care Centers
– Operating Unlicensed Schools
– Perjury
– Practicing Therapy Without A License
– Providing False Documentation to Immigrants to Allow Them to Obtain Visas
– Rape
– Reimbursing Staff for Mandated Political Contributions
– Retaliation Against Whistleblowers
– Retaliation Against Witnesses
– Sexual Assault
– Sexual Exploitation
– Stalking
– Statutory Rape
– Structuring Bank Transactions
– Tampering with Private Communications
– Tax Evasion
– Tax Fraud
– Wire Fraud
– Wiretapping
– Witness Tampering

Obviously, even a comprehensive investigation will not result in charges being brought with respect to all those potential crimes.

But it is definitely what needs to be done in order to identify all the crimes that were committed – and all the people that were involved in them.

The question then becomes: Who should conduct this comprehensive investigation?


Should a Local Task Force be Appointed
Usually, this type of investigation would be conducted by a Task Force similar to the one that was appointed to investigate NXIVM’s crimes in the EDNY.

Such a Task Force would, under normal circumstances, include representatives from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the FBI Field Office in Albany, the IRS Office in Albany, the New York State Police – and possibly investigators from the Offices of the Albany County District Attorney and the Saratoga County District Attorney.

But these are not normal circumstances.

That’s because several of those agencies steadfastly refused – for well over a decade – to undertake any sort of meaningful investigation of NXIVM’s criminal activities even though they were provided with detailed documentation of those activities.

Some of them even aided and abetted NXIVM in its never-ending attempts to silence its critics and crush any whistleblowers.

So, relying on local staff to undertake a comprehensive investigation seems foolish.


Should the EDNY Task Force be Extended?
One alternative to appointing a Local Task Force is to extend the work of the existing EDNY Task Force.

And while that appears to be a much better strategy than relying on local agencies in the Albany area to do the work, doing so could also lead to a less-than-thorough investigation.

That’s because the EDNY Task Force includes members of the New York State Police who may be less than enthusiastic about investigating their colleagues (Despite multiple requests for it to undertake an investigation of specific members of the New York State Police regarding their role with NXIVM, the agency’s Internal Affairs Bureau has done absolutely nothing).

The EDNY Task Force has also been working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the NDNY – another agency that has sat on its hands for more than a decade and done nothing about a criminal enterprise that was operating in its own backyard.

It’s not that the current EDNY Task Force is not capable of undertaking a comprehensive investigation of NXIVM’s criminal activities – it obviously is.

It’s just that it may be asking too much for it to investigate the various law enforcement officials and elected officials who need to be investigated for their possible role in aiding and abetting the NXIVM criminal enterprise.


Should a Special Counsel be Appointed?
One alternative that is available to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) – and, more specifically, to the U.S. Attorney General, William P. Barr – is to appoint a Special Counsel to oversee an investigation of NXIVM’s criminal enterprise [This is the same type of appointment that led to Robert Muller’s investigation of Russia’s alleged attempt to influence the 2016 Presidential election and other matters].

Although it is unlikely that the DOJ will make such an appointment, such a request has already been made (See Joe O’Hara’s June 4th letter to Attorney General Barr).

And an online petition has been set up to encourage such an appointment. If you’d like to sign that petition, go to – and look for “Appoint Special Counsel To Investigate NXIVM/ESP”.


Who Should be Targeted for Investigation?
Any investigation of NXIVM’s criminal activities in the NDNY will necessarily include Keith Raniere because nothing related to NXIVM ever happened without his permission.

But there is another person who also needs to be investigated for the role she played in most, if not all, of NXIVM’s crimes – and that is Clare Webb Bronfman AKA Legatus.

Bronfman, who has already pleaded guilty to two relatively minor felonies in the EDNY case – one count of conspiracy to conceal and harbor an illegal alien for financial gain and one count of fraudulent use of identification – served as NXIVM’s Director of Operations.

Clare oversaw the day-to-day operations of NXIVM – and also financed most of them.

Without Clare, there would not have been a NXIVM – at least not the powerful and lethal version of NXIVM that ruined so many lives.

Without Clare taking care of the day-to-day operations, Raniere would not have had for his sick perversions.

Without Clare, NXIVM would not have been able to hire the horde of attorneys it used to persecute its enemies.

Without Clare, Raniere would have been taken down a long time ago.

NOW is the time to focus our attention on Clare Bronfman.

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Author: Artvoice

Shivani: Raniere May Have Little to Offer to Negotiate a Better Prison; What Has Bronfman, Mack, Salzman Already Told to Make Deals?

By Shivani

What bargaining info does Keith Raniere have left anymore?

Does he even know? I doubt it.

His habit of inveigling his posse of minions to do his dirty work has led to multiple arrests and plea bargains, along with personal confessions, much of which hasn’t been made public.

While Raniere sat locked up for over a year awaiting trial, investigators were tracking through wads of materials for nuggets of applicable, provable evidence. I think most of that substantial backlog of incriminating evidence hasn’t even been dealt from the deck yet. For example, just think of those who made plea bargains and didn’t get called to testify.

Now please pull up a chair, and let’s talk about everything that Clare Bronfman has told federal investigators and/or prosecutors. What exactly do we know about that?

How about what we know is zilch so far? We do not have the tea on any of that.

What has Clare Bronfman said? To what details has she confessed, and what was her demeanor? There’s a conspicuous yet tacit information vacuum about how Clare Bronfman is working things out for herself. She, of all people, could steal Raniere’s bargaining thunder and not bother to let him know about it, ever.

The quietness is similar with the non-testifying matronly Prefect, Nancy Salzman. Throughout the post-arrest saga, she’s been Bronfman’s muted, possibly indentured Tonto. Not even a word, awaiting the prison docket. Meanwhile, during Raniere’s trial, Allison Mack was exposed by nearly everyone who testified, and that left her with no grounds to open her mouth in court.

Predictably, it might never be revealed what Clare Bronfman has told prosecutors. At this point in her life, Bronfman might need a ghostwriter to form a complete thought for her. Or she might be a coherent sociopath, planning acts of vengeance. Regardless, she and her family have lots of coins to buy her plenty of anonymity.

What about the other co-defendants’ unpublicized admissions? What has Mack proven, admitted or acknowledged while plea bargaining? And how shredded is her credibility? She has made herself into a thirtyish woman placed in her parents’ custody. She’s being electronically monitored as a confessed criminal who was forced into involuntary retirement and awaits prison. Even still, she might have had lots of involvement as an ambassadress and tour guide for Raniere’s sexual interests.

Did she name names?

Maybe some of the other women involved (and a few men) have already named names concerning officials or others who got bribed or blackmailed by Raniere’s group and how it was done. There could be a trainload of that info already in prosecutors’ hands, but some behind-the-scenes “train conductors” might not want to risk opening Pandora’s box.

Raniere is likely to have no idea what dirt has or hasn’t been offered up by someone else before him. So many specific details haven’t been available for him to examine. We don’t know what the prosecutors, investigators and the judge know in its entirety. What we know is only what has had to be disclosed so far.

So it’s back to “give up your delusions of getting out.” What does he know about stoicism? Probably only that he hates it. He will have to quit being a nag, a whiner, a hypochondriac and a hairy little bitch. Come on. Do you really think he has it in him?




MK10ART’s beautiful painting of Keith Alan Raniere.  Mk10ART also quotes Kipling’s Law of the Jungle as a caption for this work:                                                                                    Now this is the Law of the Jungle – as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back –
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

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Author: Artvoice

Christine Marie: Insights on DOS and Help for DOS Victims

Editor’s Note: Christine Marie Katas, MBA, MA, is an author, speaker, human rights activist and women’s empowerment advocate. She is also a survivor of cult-based sex trafficking and founder of Voices for Dignity, a 501(C)3 that facilitates support, education and services for people who have survived coercive control groups and human trafficking.

She is a Certified Life Coach, Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS-I) and Sex Trafficking & Sex Industry Specialist (CCTS-S).  She lives in Southern Utah.

Christine Marie also has a personal connection to Keith Raniere. She dated Raniere in 1998, when he was launching Nxivm. She has told her story on Frank Report in the past.  Of her experiences, Christine Marie wrote for Frank Report on Dec. 29, 2017,  [this was before Raniere was arrested], “Keith Raniere tried to get me tied up with a slave contract.”

Clearly Keith planned years before DOS to try to enforce female slavery to him using written agreements.

Christine Marie told Frank Report, “When I felt sick about signing that slave contract, [in 1998] Keith ripped it up, but held it over my head….. I never got sucked into NXIVM, but Keith normalized sexual slavery as just sort of a guy’s kinky fantasy play. Soon after, when I met a man with the same disposition, I had my guard down. I thought, ‘If the smartest man in the world was into this harmless kink, it can’t be that abnormal.’ But the minute I let my guard down, I found myself stuck in the lair of a predator similar to Keith – and that’s how I ended up as a survivor of human trafficking. Ironically, Keith knew about this guy. That is why I founded Voices for Dignity, and how I developed my human trafficking expertise.” 

Christine Marie deserves credit for practicing what she preaches. She was one of the first people to come forward in her own name and on the record for Frank Report to help expose Raniere. This was prior to his arrest when he was still at large and ready to spend a fortune to destroy his enemies. 

She also was one of the first to recognize elements of sex trafficking in early stories published about NXIVM and called authorities [who did nothing] because she said she wasn’t hearing the word “trafficking” come up in any articles about Nxivm. That is, she said, until June 2017 when Frank Report broke the branding story.

Today Christine Marie regularly speaks on panels and at conferences on the intersection of cults and human trafficking. Here is her latest article for Frank Report.


By Christine Marie Katas

I am gratified to see that the state has validated the crimes of human trafficking against these DOS women. In case some members of the public, and possibly even some members of DOS, do not understand how what occurred could be classified as human trafficking since it looks nothing like “typical” sex trafficking portrayed in the media, I want to provide a little more education.

After all, it appears that these women consented, right?


“Consent assumes a physical power to act and a reflective, determined, and unencumbered exertion of these powers. It is an act unaffected by fraud, duress, or sometimes even mistake when these factors are not the reason for the consent” (Legal Dictionary, 2014).

In other words, consent under duress is not true consent.  Did the DOS women truly consent?

In human trafficking cases where there is force, fraud or coercion, consent is irrelevant. In other words, a victim can consent at the beginning of a relationship, but the moment there is force, fraud, or coercion to prevent the victim from freely walking away without fear of consequence, the original consent has been invalidated. The fact that DOS women had to provide collateral before they even knew what they were getting into, in my opinion, nullifies consent from the onset. They were enslaved.

For those women who participated in DOS but were not in the trial, the verdicts against Keith may make them wonder if they were victims of human trafficking as well.

My answer is a most likely, yes.

I recommend you find out for sure so you can get the support you need right now.

For those in New York, I recommend contacting the Coalition Against the Trafficking of Women (CATW) at

In the Los Angeles area, you can go to If you are in another state or country, contact the Polaris Project 1 (888) 373-7888 or

You will be asked to explain what happened, be given a case # (ask for it), and it is highly likely that you will be accepted into their database as a survivor of human trafficking, making you eligible for services such as therapy, or group support.

Finally, you can always call me – 435-612-2444.

The United Nations (2004) has defined human trafficking as “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons” (the act), “by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability” (the means), for the purpose of exploitation including “commercial and other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, forced marriage, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude, the removal of organs, or forced childbirth” (Trafficking Protocol, 2004, p. 42).

Only one act and one means must be present in order to define the exploitation as human trafficking.

Recruitment includes convincing, converting, enticing or manipulating the person. Clearly this happened in DOS. Force can be accomplished through either physical or psychological means. Exploited children, such as Cami, do not need any of the ‘means’ to meet the definition of trafficking. Taking nude photos of a child [Cami was 15 when Raniere took nudes of her in 2005] is a form of sexual exploitation. As a child, she could not consent to that. Whether Cami realizes it or not, she would qualify as a victim of human trafficking according to the United Nations definitions.

For adults, consent is irrelevant if any of the above ‘means’ were used to accomplish the exploitation (Trafficking Protocol, 2004). Let’s review trafficking in terms of the adults DOS.


Act                                          Means                                                 Purpose: Exploitation

Recruitment                            Threat, or Use of Force                       Sexual exploitation

Holding                                   Coercion                                              Coerced labor or services

Harboring                                Fraud                                                   Slavery or similar practices

Transferring                             Deception                                            Removal of organs

Transporting                            Abduction                                           Forced marriage

Receiving                                Abuse of power                                   Prostitution of others

Abuse of vulnerability                        Debt bondage

Receiving Payments or benefits         Other form of exploitation

One from each category above meets the definition of trafficking. I have underlined the obvious ones that I see in DOS, the Dani, and Cami situation.

Others may apply as well.

Human trafficking is primarily about exploiting vulnerabilities. A common misperception is that human trafficking only happens to foreign children, or that it requires physical force, abduction, being locked up or being transported across borders (Polaris Project, 2014).

Actually, human trafficking does not require movement across borders at all, as the Raniere verdict shows.

It can take place within a single location and does not require an individual to be physically shackled or held in bondage.

Did you know that most trafficking victims are not physically locked up? Rather, they have powerful psychological chains that prevent them from leaving. Exploited individuals can have the ability to leave the premises, yet still qualify as victims of human trafficking.

Despite her jovial nature, was Allison Mack actually a sex trafficking victim?

“Many human-trafficking cases appear to fall somewhere between consent and coercion. Those who are willing are easier to coerce. Thus, trafficked persons often begin as voluntary” (Kim 2011, p. 461).

Was Keith Alan Raniere a sex trafficker – despite the so-called consent of the DOS women?

An example of this would be a woman who originally consented to being exploited, but later was forced or coerced to continue the program after she desired to quit. Once there is force, fraud or coercion to compel a woman to stay in her situation, she becomes a trafficking victim and her initial consent is invalidated (Farley, 2003).

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2012), or UNODC, describes vulnerability as “those inherent, environmental or contextual factors that increase the susceptibility of an individual or group to being trafficked” (p. 15). Factors of vulnerability include poverty, inequality, discrimination, gender-based violence, precarious social status, lack of social networks, dependency, threats to disclose sensitive information, the abuse of an emotional or romantic relationship, and even religious and cultural beliefs.

The United Nations defines the “abuse of power” as “any situation in which the person involved has no real and acceptable alternative but to submit to the abuse involved”

In the case of DOS, threatening the release of collateral was the abuse of a vulnerability as well.

Furthermore, in human trafficking cases, it is common for victims to not even realize they are victims!

Why? Because often human trafficking takes place in the context of relationships to which the victims originally ‘consented.’ Relationships can be further sealed by ‘trauma bonds’ which are very difficult to break. Those in these precarious relationships where there is an imbalance of power may do what is necessary to make peace with their impossible circumstances, including making the best of their situations. This could include acting happy, or providing ‘evidence’ that they are acting on their own free will.

The reason this kind of evidence is invalidated as a defense in the courts is because the predator who controls the victim controls the creation of the defense evidence!

It is commonplace for traffickers to get their victims to create evidence like smiling photos, letters, videos, contracts – things they can use for their defense later. In the Raniere case, the prosecution wisely covered this. Even genuine moments of happiness and love in a relationship does not negate the elements of trafficking. They were recruited, coerced, and exploited – the three prongs needed to meet the definition of human trafficking.

John Little, a former slave in antebellum America, explained how they used moments of happiness as a survival tool, but this did not negate the atrocities against them.

“They say slaves are happy, because they laugh, and are merry. I myself and three or four others, have received two hundred lashes in the day, and had our feet in fetters; yet, at night, we would sing and dance, and make others laugh at the rattling of our chains. Happy men we must have been! We did it to keep down trouble, and to keep our hearts from being completely broken: that is as true as the gospel!”


John Little and his fellow slaves were as brutalized and abused as human beings can be, yet they tried to make the best of it so they could survive. No one could ever use that as evidence that they were happy in their slavery.

For those of you in DOS that might question whether you are really a victim of trafficking since you wrote letters expressing happiness or provided collateral, your brain did what it needed to do to survive. Period.

Please do not blame yourself!

This must be a very tender time for those of you who were in DOS, including Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, and Dr. Danielle Roberts, who I have no doubt were also coerced to play the roles they did, and would also meet the definition of trafficking victims.

Dr. Danielle Roberts performed the branding with a cauterizing pen. Is she a sex trafficking victim herself?

Traffickers commonly coerce women (or men) to become the enforcers with severe threats against them if they do not comply. When a brain is under duress or threat of avoiding harm, it engages survival thinking, not critical thinking. Let us continue to focus the blame on one person: the trafficker himself, Keith Raniere.

Now, there is something all of you can do to help other victims in the future.

Please write to the various human trafficking organizations and ask them to include literature and photos that are also representative of cult-based trafficking. So often these organizations will have only photos of stereotypical international trafficking in their materials, making it awkward when a survivor of cult-based trafficking goes to the web site to explore whether to call them for help.

I have long been advocating for these organizations to acknowledge the role of religion and cults as tools of human trafficking, but change is slow.

I have compassion for you all and grieve for your life losses. Please feel free to reach out for help. And I invite all NXIVM survivors to come to Southern Utah by Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon for a healing retreat! My organization, Voices for Dignity, facilitates horse therapy, art therapy etc. How about a healing reunion in mid-August? Anyone up for this? Let me know.

Remember, I’m here for any of you even if you just want to talk 435-612-2444.

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Bangkok: It Won’t Be Easy to Exonerate John Tighe

By Bangkok

I agree that people should help donate money to John Tighe’s prison account, if he needs it.

The thing is, I really doubt that he needs people giving him commissary money since you can only have a small account balance anyway.

I’m sure that John’s doing just fine with his commissary account.

I think it’s rather bizarre that everybody here is assuming John’s penniless and without friends or family who can send him his monthly commissary balance.

However, there’s another point I want to make.

Frank is telling us that he believes there will be an ‘exoneration’ of John Tighe.

But Frank is not acting in his capacity as an unbiased journalist here. Instead, Frank is acting in his capacity as a guy totally ‘enamored’ with John Tighe.

This is nothing more than ‘fairytale-style’ wishful thinking on Frank’s part.


Because no state trooper will EVER admit to framing John Tighe.

It will take MORE than John’s own ‘word’ that he was framed.

John’s WORD (all by itself) is not enough to even get him a hearing on the matter.

In the eyes of the law, John is a convicted felon and his WORD is equivalent to every other felon who says he’s innocent. They all claim that.

Frank is just not being honest with us about the complexity of exonerating a convicted felon.

Frank is leading us to believe that if John gets out of prison and writes a blog post accusing NY state troopers of framing him, the Justice Department will immediately hold a hearing and clear his record. LOL.

That’s BULLSHIT. It’s a lot harder than that to ‘exonerate’ somebody.

Even with REAL EVIDENCE it can take YEARS for that to happen.

However, in John’s case, there is no evidence other than his ‘word’ (which has the meaning of shit to authorities, cuz he’s a convicted felon).

What about the testimony of Keith or Clare Bear?

Regardless of John’s hope that Keith will eventually come clean, he just won’t. Ever. For any reason.

What about Clare Bear helping John in exchange for lesser jail time?

Nope. The chances of that happening are SLIM since the government ain’t gonna cut her any special deals UNLESS she’s got REAL EVIDENCE that NY State Troopers have actually framed John Tighe.

Her WORD (all by itself) won’t be enough to even get a hearing on the matter, since she’d have an incentive to lie if it meant lesser jail time.

And I seriously doubt that NY State Troopers sent Clare emails talking about how they intended to frame John Tighe. LOL.

Likewise, I seriously doubt that anybody from NXIVM ever ‘paid off’ any NY State Troopers directly, so there’s likely no financial trail to prove corruption there.

Here’s the likely reality…

NY State Troopers knew that Keith and Clare wanted for Tighe to be indicted. They didn’t need to be told directly.

Therefore, they likely took matters into their own hands to facilitate that indictment, without actually being paid off or sending emails to confirm what they were doing.

They were likely doing favors for NXIVM in the hopes of being given future favors themselves.

Look people, Frank couldn’t even get Clare Bear tried for racketeering, LOL, even with TONS of REAL evidence proving her involvement in the NXIVM racketeering enterprise.

Getting John Tighe ‘exonerated’ will take a HELL OF A LOT more effort than convicting Clare Bear of racketeering.

Frank needs to be more honest with us about the chances of exonerating John Tighe. It won’t be a cakewalk.

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Liz from Albany: If You Want Action from Law Enforcement in Albany – See the New York Times!

Editor’s Note: Liz, whose last name is known to me, works in the national radio news business and lives in the Albany area. Her letter calls into question the inaction of local law enforcement, and particularly the US Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of New York, which is where she lives and was the home turf of Keith Alan Raniere.

By Liz From Albany

Eight men and four women down in Brooklyn did in just four hours what the entire government 100 miles north couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do for over a decade: They declared Keith Raniere, leader of NXIVM, guilty.

I have been following this story for more than two years. It’s much bigger than this one guy, Keith Raniere, but at least he’s knocked down. For now.

The operation still continues, but maybe a bit less openly and a bit less efficiently, operating in this country, Mexico, Canada, the UK. The children’s daycare centers are mostly still running (except in Miami, where they were shut down shortly after the Epstein case started to be re-examined).

The bigger, wealthier, more famous players are still free — save for a few that have been sporting ankle bracelets for several months and will be sentenced after the media attention dies down and hopefully the public has forgotten about this monstrous organization still existing.

Well, maybe.

There are new charges reportedly coming, charges that should have been filed a long time ago, charges that the wounded took to many different law enforcement and government agencies only to be ignored. In the course of celebrating this week’s victory, the FBI [In the Eastern District of NY] explained that when the NY Times ran the article about this group, that’s what sprung them into action.

Never mind that the newspaper up here, the Albany Times Union, did extensive and detailed coverage of this group in 2012 and their series resulted in nothing other than lawsuits against some of the sources of the story, the loss, or near loss of a journalism career by a distinguished journalist who won an AP award for this very coverage, [James Odato] and a lot of other hi-jinks.

Never mind that the New York Post, MacLeans, Forbes, Vanity Fair and other publications had been covering this story for years also.

And there is that dedicated reporter from Niagara Falls NY who held onto this story like a feral dog that just got a bone and would sooner bite you than let go of that bone.

I can only wonder why their words never reached anyone in the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of NY, who were in a position to do something about all of this.

It was the NY Times that finally got the attention of the FBI in the Eastern District of New York.

I guess when we want to report crimes from this point forward, we, in Albany, should just take a bus down to Port Authority, walk across the street and see if we can garner the attention of some NY Times reporter.

Go to this building to report crimes in the Northern District of New York — the New York Times Building [Photo by José Antonio Rodríguez]
Although most of the Nxivm crimes were committed in the Northern District of New York, it took the big boys and girls in the Eastern District to finally collar Keith Alan Raniere and his criminal companions.
The Eastern District of New York is geographically small, but has a large population. Few Nxivm crimes were actually committed in the EDNY, but law enforcement officials there had the wherewithal to pursue and bring Keith Alan Raniere and his deep pocketed enabler Clare Webb Bronfman to [at least partial] justice.

Ah, but this is a cynical viewpoint. Raniere is behind bars now and will be, probably, for the rest of his life — experiencing the kind of confinement and psychological trauma that he dished out to lots of women and men over the past decade. A vengeful public applauds and smacks their lips because they think they have tasted justice. But have they?


Keith Alan Raniere [not an actual photo].

What is to happen to those who were damaged by this still-operating organization?

Well, some of the more prominently featured folks in this story will be making money selling their stories. HBO has something in the works right now, and there are other major documentary in progress as well. Books will be written, speaking arrangements made, this will be the Summer of the Scary Cult. And then it will go away, while Keith Raniere sits in jail, growing more angry every day and thinking he got a raw deal.

Maybe he did. He’s just a schmuck from Albany who was set up to be the point person for something waaaaay bigger than what he is. I’m not excusing the very real things he did — not by a long shot. But the power and reach of this organization couldn’t have grown to the size that it did merely under his leadership. He didn’t have enough money to do that by himself. He didn’t have enough connections to do that by himself. And despite his claims of being the world’s smartest and most ethical man, he simply could not see that the conman was being conned by those who were more skilled at the game.

So yeah, it’s a good thing this little perch was pulled from the waters. But I wonder about the bigger fish out there who still swim in the murky waters of human trafficking.

My guess is that they will re-brand themselves (while still branding others, but with a new logo) and continue business as usual. Because, apparently, life is a Cabaret, old chum and money makes the world go round.

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