Heidi: Clare Bronfman plea deal an outrage to justice

By Heidi Hutchinson

The delightful news that Keith Alan Raniere will be crucified at trial by his most loyal disciples on Good Friday morning was entirely eclipsed by the Court’s horrific revelation at the hearing later in the day of a too-short prison term and too-small monetary penalty for heiress Clare Bronfman — which may set a lower bar of punishment for defendants other than Keith Alan Raniere — including his politically well-connected, decades-long business partner, Nancy Salzman, if not for KAR himself.

The vast discrepancy in justice re: RICO charges being passed over for ONLY the privileged defendant Clare Bronfman is also deeply, darkly disturbing.

Frankly, I fear for my son, myself, my family from Clifton Park and the Albany, NY area, especially — who have previously been threatened by Clare’s “flying monkeys” — as Catherine Oxenberg aptly calls them in her book — and Mexican Espians connected to the PRI party and Mexican drug cartels.

Yes, I’m afraid for my fellow cult freedom fighters, for un-freed Nxivm [DOS] slaves and scarred, unhealed victims, and for those who have dared to speak out against Nxivm and what it stands for.

I’m afraid, because I know one of the predominant reasons these perpetrators violated the law and exploited so many so flagrantly is that their money and privileged status has and continues to protect them from consequences.

So they persist in their crimes undeterred in the belief and the fact that they will not face the same consequences as the less privileged.

In fact, many NX and Mexican Espian members who are known to have perpetrated crimes — albeit perhaps not within the jurisdiction of the EDNY Federal court — have not been charged with any crimes and face no consequences at all.

Hell, reading what happened to Clare Bronfman, I fear for the fate of our youth to become as morally destitute, bereft of justice and ultimately of opportunity and freedom as any other corrupt system of government overtaken by dictatorship — firstly, by the principles of greed, injustice and inequity that empower these monsters and put them into power.

Clare Bronfman’s sweetheart plea deal and lack of restitution to victims is an outrage and another bitter disappointment for we whistleblowers who’ve sought justice for so long.

Instead, we are, and likely may continue to be, punished due to the undeterred escalation of NXIVM’s criminal methods, corrupt associations and brash, inhumane acts.

“Liberty and Justice FOR ALL” is the alleged pledge of America. We must keep that promise in order to keep America great and ourselves safe to live freely.

Please pray that we can rally good people together to redeem this outrageous injustice with Clare Bronfman and bring justice and freedom through prosecution of outstanding NX crimes in the proper venues.


In the meantime, Clare’s payoff was grotesquely self-serving.

Of course, she didn’t need or want more money but with NX she could buy the image and status she craved among the pure blue blood side of the Bronfman family and portray herself as being an “ethical” world leader, more powerful and richer than her father, Edgar Bronfman, whom she may have been taught to compete with and despise by her commoner mother.

Or just maybe Clare’s a psycho herself walking around with more DNA from her bloody-minded gansta Grandpa Sam — maybe she is more of a pure blood than any of them?!

Salzman, brainwashed though she may have been, Clare Bronfman gleefully gained from NXIVM, and the fact that she continues to feed the sharks defending Keith Raniere and covering-up for, colluding, with the Mexican-Espian elite shows she is entirely unreformed and unrepentant and will more than likely “revert” to her criminal ways.

A month ago she conspired with nearly convicted multi-felons like extortionist Pimp Micheal Avenatti to bribe the DOJ — leaving another, Gregaros, on her payroll still — and who says we’d know about it at all if not for NIKE?! And Karma.

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Author: Frank Parlato


Irish Mother: Clare Bronfman, the Six Million Dollar Woman

Editor’s Note: This note came by email from a brave mother in Ireland who rescued her teen daughter from the clutches of Allison Mack and the likely cruel brutality of DOS – in the nick of time.  The mother realized the grave danger her daughter was in, she said, thanks to revelations contained in the Frank Report. Her daughter is safe now. And Mack has been stopped from her overseas and domestic recruiting of other young women for DOS.  At the same time, Clare Bronfman exceedingly light punishment has outraged many people, most particularly her victims.  

By An Irish Mother

Good evening Frank. Just to let you know our national BBC television and internet service did cover Clare Bronfman from early Saturday morning our time throughout most of the day.

It then faded away by tea time on Saturday. All things considered, it did get a fair bit of coverage on our BBC internet news which is picked up on all smartphones.

As soon as I picked up on Friday that she was due in court at your time 4 p.m. [our time 9 p.m.] I knew what it was all about because it happens over here too. They like to shovel things under the carpet at holiday time.

As for Clare being a Bronfman, I assume she does not adhere to Shabbat – as she would have not picked Friday.

When I stay with my extended Orthodox Jewish family in Toronto, I’m the only one allowed to switch the lights on or even boil a kettle at Shabbat. They certainly would not be making court appearances. I shall say no more on that score.

I know you must be incredibly angry at “The Six Million Dollar buy off” and, while I’m on that subject, there’s a title for a byline: The Six Million Dollar Man or rather the Six Million Dollar Woman — that for sure took me back in time!!!

I want to try and give you some heart tonight. Of course, I’m angry with the sweetheart deal – and so is everyone else and I’m going to say this sincerely from my heart: So many times in my life, and particularly at the moment when things do not appear to be going the right way, or the chips are down, from out of nowhere comes the most incredible twist, something that you couldn’t possibly have envisaged and things turn right round.

I’m 63. I’ve seen this hundreds of times in my life. I bet you’ve seen it also. You saw it last year when they were arrested.

You have done more than any human being. No one had the bravery, the guts, or the chutzpah and the sheer bloody determination than you. So it’s tail shaking time for all of us. Keep moving forward and wait and see what’s going to come round the corner when you least expect it.

Little prayers from Ireland can do great things in America. Watch this space; my sincere love to you and yours: Onwards and upwards Frank — and Godspeed.

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Author: Frank Parlato

Dr. Brandon Porter files bankruptcy; human fright doctor now selling insulation

Dr. Brandon Porter, 45, the notorious physician who conducted human fright experiments for Keith Alan Raniere and Clare Bronfman’s Ethical Science Foundation, has hit financial rock bottom.

Dr. Porter filed for bankruptcy on March 30, 2019, along with his wife, Jane Jeffries.

The couple has three children and a dog.

Frank Report obtained the bankruptcy documents from PACER::

Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case

Voluntary Petition for Individuals Filing for Bankruptcy

Dr. Porter declared, under penalty of perjury, a number of things that we will explore in this post:

Dr. Porter and his family live in Clare Bronfman’s former residence at 91 Button Rd. in Waterford, New York.  It is a 3100 square foot house.

The property is owned by Percenceo Inc., a corporation originally owned by Sara Bronfman-Igtet.  Clare Bronfman lived there for several years. Clare has claimed to Nxivm members that her sister, Sara, gifted her the house.

91 Button – is the house set back in the clearing in the woods.

According to the bankruptcy filing, Porter does not pay rent or utilities at the home.

He does not own any real estate. He formerly owned a home at 45 Oregon Trail in Waterford, which, records show, he bought in 2014, for $348,000. Porter sold the home for $352,000 in the summer of 2018.


On his bankruptcy filing, Porter lists assets of $28,075.  That includes two cars – a 2006 Honda Accord [$3,000] and a 2016 Odyssey Wagon [$10,000];  $2,000 in household goods; $1,000 in electronics; $500 in clothing; $500 in jewelry; $850 in bank accounts and $10,000 in a 401K retirement account.

His total debts are $170,469.

Porter owes various banks about $110,000 – including:

Bank Of America
Barclays Bank Delaware
Citibank Corp/Centralized Bankruptcy
Chase Card Services
Citibank/The Home Depot
Credit First National Association
Discover Financial
Quicken Loans
Saratoga National Bank
State Employees Federal Credit Union
Veridian Credit Union

Dr. Porter also lists $60,000 in debts to “family and friends” but does not disclose who those friends and family members are.

Sources who know Allison Mack and Dr. Porter say some or most of the $60,000 was lent to Dr. Porter by Allison Mack.

Did Allison Mack lend Dr. Brandon Porter money which he now seeks to discharge in bankruptcy?

Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy on April 9 – ten days after Porter filed for bankruptcy.

It is hard to fathom why Porter should choose to file bankruptcy.  He has few assets and few or none of them can be seized by creditors.

One expert on bankruptcy said Porter may be seeking to shield inquiries about the money he owes Allison Mack. By Porter discharging the debt, Allison will not have to list the money she is owed by Porter on her financial disclosure form with the court since Porter no longer legally owes the money to her. This may reduce her restitution amount since her assets will be lower.


Dr. Porter claims his income is $2,352.34 per month [$28,224 annually.]

He is one of few physicians in New York State who earn less than $30,000 per year.

However, he is no longer working as a physician. According to his bankruptcy filing, Dr. Brandon Porter has worked as an insulation salesman since December 2018.

He works for Global Dwellings Insulation of High Falls, New York.

Dr. Porter makes house calls. He will come to your home and give you an estimate for:

  1. Attic Insulation
  2. Basement Insulation
  3. Crawl Space Insulation
  4. Wall Insulation
  5. Floor Insulation
  6. Garage Insulation
  7. Blown-in Insulation
  8. Rigid Foam Insulation
  9. Spray Foam Insulation
  10. Sealing Duct Insulation
  11. Sealing Strategies Blower Door Test
  12. Custom Audit
  13. Infrared Diagnostic Testing
    A crawl space, when insulated, can save on heating bills. For more info, contact Dr. Brandon Porter.

Dr. Porter says, on his bankruptcy filing, that his $2300 a month income might soon go up. “Hope to make better sales with commission soon,” he writes.

According to his filing, he no longer holds a medical license.

“# 27  Licenses, franchises, and other general intangibles
Examples: Building permits, exclusive licenses, cooperative association holdings, liquor licenses, professional licenses
“„ No”


This would suggest, he has lost or surrendered his medical license.

On the same filing, he is asked if he had any administrative proceedings against him in the year prior to his bankruptcy.

“9- Within 1 year before you filed for bankruptcy, were you a party in any lawsuit, court action, or administrative proceeding?”

While he answered “no” to question #9, the New York State Department of Health’s medical oversight board accused him in April 2018 of showing “human subjects an actual video of the horrific and brutal murders and dismemberment of four women by machetes; and violent film clips, including a male African American being viciously stomped by a Nazi; a conscious male being forced to eat a portion of his own brain matter; and a graphic gang rape.”

An administrative hearing was scheduled in June 2018, which suggests Porter had an administrative hearing within one year according to Dept, of Health records.

The New York Post reports that ’The DOH charges against Porter are still pending”.

But it seems likely he no longer has a medical license.


From medicine to human fright experiments to helping people save money on heating bills in their homes in the cold climate of upstate New York, Porter’s life has changed since Frank Report broke the story of the DOS branding and Dr. Porter’s human fright experiments.

It was September 13, 2017 – a month before the New York Times published their first story on DOS branding, that Frank Report published the first story on the human fright experiments with a story entitled “Dr. Brandon Porter conducting human fright experiments on slender young ladies… Why?”

In October, Porter was fired from his job as an emergency room physician at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany.

Porter’s income took a huge dip.

According to his bankruptcy filing, Porter made $170,675 in 2017.

In 2018, he made $1,320 for the year.

At his current income of $28,232, the Porters qualify for food stamps and are $1,000 below the US Poverty Level for a family of five, which is $29,420.

The New York Post, which broke the Porter bankruptcy story, reported that “Porter did not return a call seeking comment. A woman who answered the door at the Halfmoon home Friday but would not identify herself said, ‘The media has ruined our lives. We have been blocked from everything. Please give us our privacy. You can see this is private property.’”


Was it the media that ruined their lives? Or was it Keith Alan Raniere and Clare Bronfman?



In a testimonial for NXVM/Executive Success Programs, Dr. Porter disclosed how Executive Success Programs (ESP) helped him.

His testimonial: 

As a physician and scientist, my background is in science. I entered into my MD/PhD program with the hopes of learning the tools of science so I could use them to help humanity. It was during my training as an MD/PhD student that I was first introduced to Executive Success Programs. Initially, I was intrigued by the strength of the intellectual content and the philosophical concepts introduced in the model.

However, with time, I became even more impressed by the emotional strength I was gaining as the result of these unique and innovative tools.

Simply put, prior to taking this training, I was scared of experiencing my emotions (and other people who had emotions). You could say I identified very easily with “Spock” from Star Trek. However, as with Spock, this lack of emotionality made for a sterile and frustrating experience of life. I wanted to be emotionally present, but I felt more comfortable coming from a place of intellect and logic. However, (to my great joy!) with this new toolset I was able to craft an ability to have deep emotional experiences AND hone my tools of logic and scientific inquiry together. (It turns out, unlike in Star Trek, emotional strength and logical ability are not mutually exclusive.)

As a result, I feel more like a living, breathing, compassionate human being and I think my friends, family and patients experience me this way too. I also gained a greater capacity for scientific investigation, but, in hindsight, this seems like a pleasant side effect.


Dr. Porter compared himself to Sci-fi character Mr. Spock of Star Trek.
porter (1)
While showing intensely violent films to unsuspecting young women, Dr. Porter sat behind them and noted their reactions on his EEG machine.


If anybody has reason to suspect anything improper in Dr. Porter’s filing, please contact the trustee, Paul Arthur Levine− of Lemery Greisler, LLC. Phone (518)433−8800; email: plevine@lemerygreisler.com

d po
Dr. Porter went from internist to insulation salesmen in two years.


Image result for warning signDid Dr. Brandon Porter have a scientific reason for showing slender young women horrific films without telling them in advance?
A scene from the Accused shown to slender young ladies by Dr, Porter.




The photo is blurred out, but the film Dr. Porter showed blurred out nothing. He showed actual snuff films featuring human decapitation of women. He did not warn the women in advance of what they were about to see. He needed to see their reaction in order to properly conduct his experiments.














Dr. Brandon Porter 










Here is one frightening monster, Keith Alan Raniere, who claims on his biography that he is a scientist.

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Author: Frank Parlato

Agnifilo: ‘We’re Going to Trial’ – Bronfman and Russell ‘should never have been charged’

“We are going to trial,” said Keith Raniere’s lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, outside of court on Friday, following the guilty plea deals of Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell.

“We don’t believe Ms. Russell and Ms. Bronfman should have been charged, and we are happy they’re out of the case,” Agnifilo said, speaking for both himself and his client Keith Alan Raniere.

As far as is known, Agnifilo did not say the same of Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman or Allison Mack when they pleaded guilty earlier this year.

In the past, Agnifilo said Raniere’s sexual encounters with women were all consensual, and denied the child pornography allegations.

He said of one of the predicate acts included in the recent second superseding indictment – the allegation of Raniere possessing child porn and his sexual exploitation of a minor – that they “serve only to taint the jury pool. If the charges were legitimate, they would have brought them a year ago” when Raniere was first indicted.

Prosecutors found sexually explicit images of a Mexican girl they allege was 15 years old at the time Raniere allegedly took the photographs. The images were found on a hard drive seized by the FBI from Raniere’s sex lair at 8 Hale Dr. in Clifton Park.

In previous filings, Agnifilo dismissed prosecutors’ accusations of Raniere engaging in relationships with underage girls as “hearsay.”

In recent filings, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said they intend to introduce the images of the 15 year-old girl as evidence at trial.

Agnifilo has repeatedly said, “everything was consensual” and that branding women near their vaginas is not anything to be overly critical of.

“There are well-known groups of men who brand themselves,” he said to NBC News some months ago. “A group of women do that and suddenly they’re victims.”

When pressed further about the branding allegations, he replied, “I’m not qualified to say what is normal.”

How Agnifilo intends to rebut allegations of Raniere both possessing and posing the girl in sexually explicit poses which he allegedly photographed with his camera, raises some interesting questions.

Raniere is not charged with child porn or sexual exploitation of a minor in the present case [though he may be charged for that later in the Northern District].

The prosecution is intending to show the jury the pictures to prove a pattern of racketeering – which pattern includes his slaves and harem women finding other women and girls for him to fuck.

If Agnfilo can cast doubt on the then-15 year old girl’s images – – if he can suggest she was older than she was – that the photos were allegedly taken in 2005 – he may be able to nullify the impact on the jury.

The then 15 year old girl – who is now 29 and in Mexico, reportedly still loyal to Raniere – is not expected to testify for the prosecution.

If Raniere can arrange for her to testify via closed circuit TV [a motion is pending] she may testify for Raniere. Indeed she may tell the jury she was older than the age of consent when the picutres were taken, The age of consent is 17 in New York.

Who knows she might even say [ethically] it is not her in the pictures.

According to our Mexican sources, the woman – referenced as Jane Doe #2 in the second superseding indictment – has been served with a subpoena by the US DOJ.

It is believed she has been advised by Nxivm leaders Jack Levy [who is her Nxivm ruler] and Nxivm leaders Omar and Edgar Boone, that the subpoena has no force of law in Mexico.

She is living in Guadalajara under Levy’s control and works for Rainbow Cultural Garden and Nxivm.

One of Jane Doe’s sisters is also a steadfast loyalist to Raniere and both sisters are part of Raniere’s harem – though it remains unclear when, if ever, he will have the chance to be with them again.

In any event, the jury cannot charge Raniere, and are not asked to charge him, for possessing or taking the photos of the girl.  It remains only a predicate act to help establish the kind of criminal enterprise Raniere allegedly operated.

Agnifilo’s statement that he is glad that Bronfman and Russell are out of the case, suggest that neither are going to be called as witnesses against him.

And while Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack will not be sentenced until September, both Russell and Bronfman will be sentenced in late July, which is probably shortly after the trial will be concluded.

This does not necessarily mean that Bronfman and Russell still stand behind their Vanguard.

It could mean that the prosecution does not need them, having more than ample evidence and witnesses ready to testify.

As far as we know, neither Bronfman nor Russell mentioned Raniere during their allocutions.

This is in sharp contrast to Allison Mack who repeatedly blamed Raniere for her crimes.

And it was in sharp contrast to Lauren and Nancy Salzman who both admitted that Nxivm – which Raniere ran – was a racketeering enterprise.

Neither Russell nor Bronfman pleaded guilty to racketeering and face the lightest sentences of the defendants.

This may be fair in the case of hapless Kathy Russell – who was a low level minion of Bronfman and Raniere, but seems a travesty in the case of the wealthy Clare Bronfman – who was director of operations and was in charge of most of the criminal operations of the enterprise.

It is unclear why the prosecution agreed to drop the racketeering charges against her.

Meantime, it now appears that Keith Raniere will stand trial – as the sole defendant and it should be quite a shit show.

We’ll be there covering it for readers.

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Author: Artvoice

Government Sells Out Victims – And Mainstream Media Misses The Story

Yesterday was a day of infamy – both for justice and for the mainstream media.

First, the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) prosecution team sold out the numerous victims of the NXIVM criminal enterprise by allowing Clare Bronfman to plead guilty to two relatively minor felonies – and agreeing to a sentence that amounts to nothing more than a slap-on-the-wrist.

Then, the mainstream media aided and abetted this miscarriage of justice by writing stories that covered up what really happened.


Let’s start by revisiting Clare Bronfman’s plea deal.

Before yesterday, Clare was facing the following charges in the EDNY: one count of Racketeering – and one count of Racketeering Conspiracy. Each of those charges carried a maximum sentence of 20 years.

In addition, Clare was also facing the likelihood that she would be charged with at least one count of Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft in the Northern District of New York (NDNY).

She also could have been charged with at least two other crimes in the NDNY – i.e., Identity Theft, Money Laundering – both of which were listed as predicate acts in the EDNY case (If the NDNY ever did a thorough investigation of the NXIVM criminal enterprise – which now seems less and less likely – she probably could have been charged with many more crimes).

Instead, Clare walks away from all those problems with two relatively low-level convictions: one for harboring an illegal alien – and one for enabling credit card fraud.

She also got a sweetheart deal in terms of her punishment:
• A prison sentence of 21-27 months;
• Restitution of less than $100,000; and
• No requirement that she agree to cooperate against the remaining defendant in the case, Keith Raniere.

We also believe it’s highly likely that Clare’s deal included a “Non-Prosecution Agreement” from the NDNY (We are seeking confirmation of this – and will provide an update when we have more information)

And why did Clare get such a good deal?

For one reason only: she agreed to pay a $6 million fine to the U.S. government.

With a net worth of more than $200 million, Clare Bronfman’s $6 million fine amounts to about a 3% penalty against her net wortth.

A great outcome for Clare.

A career-boosting outcome for the lead prosecutor, Moira Kim Penza – and the other members of the prosecution team.

And a totally shit deal for all the people that Clare harmed over the years,


And while it’s bad enough that Clare Bronfman was able to buy her wait out of her legal problems, it’s even worse that the mainstream media – and, for that matter, even the non-mainstream media – did not print one word about this travesty.

Rather than acknowledging that the U.S. criminal justice system had just failed miserably, other media sources focused on the fact that Clare had pleaded guilty in a case that included charges of sex-related crimes.

Let’s take a look at the headlines from several other media sources:

“Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman to plead guilty in Nxivm sex cult case” – New York Post

“Seagram’s liquor heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty in NXIVM cult prosecution, to pay $6 million forfeiture” – New York Daily News

“Clare Bronfman Pleads Guilty in Nxivm ‘Sex Cult’ Case, Leaving Leader to Stand Trial Alone” – New York Times

“Seagram’s Heiress pleads guilty in NXIVM sex slave case” – CBS News

“Heiress pleads guilty in NXIVM sex slave case” – The Daily Mail

“Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty in New York sex cult case” – New Hampshire Union Leader

“Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman becomes latest to plead guilty in connection with NXIVM sex cult” – The Georgia Straight

“Billionaire heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty in NXIVM sex cult case” – Courier Mail“Seagram liquor heiress Clare Bronfman pleads guilty in NXIVM sex cult case” – Business Insider

“US Liquor heiress pleads guilty in sex cult case” – Hindustan Times

“Heiress pleads guilty in sex cult case” – The Canberra Times


Even the few media sites that did not use the words “sex” or “cult” in their headlines failed to include any mention of the fact that the EDNY had just sold out the victims of Bronfman’s mean-spiritedness and vindictiveness for $6 million that will go into the government’s coffers:

“Bronfman, Russell plead guilty in NXIVM case” – The Times Union


I understand that headlines are often used to attract attention or “clicks”.

What I don’t understand is how no other news organization besides Frank Report recognized the huge injustice that was done yesterday.

Other may have forgotten about all the lives that were shattered by the power that Clare Bronfman’s money gave to Keith Raniere.

We have not.


Before Clare, Raniere was a punk con-man who had to weasel his way into the hearts and minds of people.

But with the money that Clare (and her sister, Sara) provided – and with Clare directing all aspects of the NXIVM operation – Raniere became a powerful and intimidating force.


Clare Bronfman is the equivalent of the North Korean scientists who provided nuclear weapons to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


Image result for Kim Jong-un.
Kim Jong-un


Keith Alan Raniere

She transformed Raniere from a pudgy little mad-man into a diabolical force.

I fully expect that after she’s sentenced, Clare will come back with a vengeance to continue her attempt to destroy Frank Parlato.

She will likely do the same to anyone else who has been willing to stand up to her and Raniere.


The EDNY sold out all the victims of NXIVM for the proverbial “few pieces of silver”.

How appropriate that they did that on Good Friday!


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Author: Artvoice

Kathy Russell takes plea deal – faces six to 12 months

By Village Diane 

Kathy Russell pleaded guilty today to one count of Visa Fraud.

Apparently she made one of more false statements regarding a Visa application for a Rainbow Cultural Garden nanny.

The government said she presented documents with false statements regarding a job description and salary on a Visa application.

Kathy faces a maximum of 10 years.  However, the judge said her likely sentence is going to be six to 12 months. He said, she can only appeal if she is sentenced to 18 months or more.

She was wearing a dark gray suit.

Restitution and forfeiture for the nearly destitute former bookkeeper for Nxivm will be determined by the court.

In her allocution, she said she knowingly presented documents that contained fraudulent information in support of a Visa application for an foreign national.

“I’m very sorry for the trouble I have caused,” Kahty  told the judge, her voice breaking. “I compromised my own principles.”

She said it contained false descriptions, false statements of a job description and a phony salary.

She mentioned Nxivm and Rainbow Cultural Gardens and said that an alien was promised a management position but ended up in Rainbow Cultural Gardens and was not getting the salary put on the application.

Kathy said she knew what she did was wrong and that she compromised her own principles. She was crying when she said that.

I did not hear her mention Keith Raniere.

She will be sentenced on July 31.

Afterward, her lawyer made a statement that Kathy Russell was “happy and relieved to get this painful chapter behind her. And she wants to be going forward to rebuild her life.”



Kathy pleaded guilty to a single count of visa fraud. In 2014, she made false statements in a document to the United States Consulate in Mexico to help Loreta Garza Davila obtain a visa. Loreta, a DOS slave headed Rainbow Cultural Garden and was with Raniere in Mexico when he was arrested on MArch 26, 2018.

Photo Tom Gargiulo: KAthy Russell leaves court after pleading guilty to one count of Visa fraud.
Moira Penza [r] leaves court after a days’ work. Clare the absolute director of Nxivm faces 21-27 months. Kathy Russell – on the lowest rung of Nxivm faces 6-12 months. Photo by Tom Gargiulo. 

More photos of Kathy leaving: Photos by Village Dianne:


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Author: Artvoice


If anybody wants to understand the US criminal justice system check this out.

Clare Bronfman, director of operations for NXIVM – which the president of the enterprise, Nancy Salzman, has already admitted was a racketeering enterprise, will face the lightest of sentences when she goes before Judge Nicholas Garaufis for sentencing on July 25.

Isn’t it great to have money?

Village Diane reports 

Clare Bronfman was wearing the same outfit she wore many times in court.

She was dressed in a tan shirt, and billowy light blue pants. She wore a gray and blue scarf printed with elephants that I don’t recall seeing her wear before.

She had the same kind of hairstyle, just pulled back in the front end and hanging down in the back.

Before the hearing, which was at 4 pm, she and her lawyers were in the courthouse cafeteria.  Then they went to the courtroom, Clare sat hunched over in her chair while waiting for the judge.  She may have naturally poor posture, but certainly she was sitting kind of hunched over.  Her pointy shoulders were sticking out of her shirt.

She spent most of the time chatting with a female lawyer who had dark blonde or light brown shoulder length hair.  Her lead attorney, Mark Geragos, was on his phone for part of the time while waiting for the judge to arrive.  Clare was facing away from him speaking to the other lawyer.

At some point, Geragos put away the phone and all three lawyers chatted. Clare looked like a combination of a haggard woman and a lost little girl.

The spectator area slowly filled up and was almost completely filled.  At 4:25, Kathy Russell appeared in the courtroom and sat down in the spectator area.

Moira Penza was wearing a black suit and dark pink power heels.

Clare looked nervously as her attorneys went over to the defense table and then she walked over to the defense table to sign things.

She pleaded guilty to to two felonies. The first count was conspiracy to conceal or harbor an illegal alien for financial gain and the second count was fraudulent use of identification.

The judge said, “I have an important question. Are there any promises not in this agreement?” Clare said “no.”

The judge said that count one came with a maximum of 10 years and no minimum and the second count has a maximum of 15 years, no minimum.

The judge said the sentences can run consecutively or concurrently.

The judge said the sentencing guidelines were between 21 to 27 months. And that the only way she can appeal is if she gets sentenced to more than 27 months.

The government said Clare would pay $6 million in lieu of forfeiture of real property, and it must be paid within 60 days.  In addition, Clare will pay restitution of $96,605. 25  to Jane Doe #2.

At some point, there was discussion about the name and credit card of Jane Doe #7 whom the government alleged Clare misused.

Clare made her allocution which was much shorter than Allison’s or Lauren’s. She spoke so softly it was extremely hard to hear.

During her allocution, Clare cried softly at first and said that, “Your honor, I was afforded a great gift from my grandfather and father but that privilege … does not come with the ability to break the law … It comes with a greater responsibility to uphold the law.”

She admitted she “did harbor an individual” who she helped “live and work in our country in a way that would be undetectable.”

After court, there was a gaggle of photographers waiting for Clare’s exit. Clare walked alone ahead of her attorneys. Geragos was behind her.

He told the media, “If you don’t chase Clare, I will make a statement.”

He told reporters he was gratified that the racketeering charges have been dismissed against his client.


So there you have it – No RICO charge. Clare Bronfman bought her way out.

As far as sentencing, she may not be sentenced to anything prison at all.

Compare her pleading – which comes with a maximum of 10 years and 15 years [total max of 25] to Allison’s and Lauren’s two RICO charges – 20 years each [total max 40].

As for Jane Doe #7 – this was the late Pam Cafritz.

Bronfman and Raniere used her American Express credit card after Pam’s death.

According to a report in the New York Times, Bronfman told the judge, “I am truly remorseful. I wanted to do good in the world.”

A prosecutor, Moira Penza, told the court on Friday that Ms. Bronfman had made a false statement to the government about an undocumented immigrant who provided “labor and service” for herself and Nxivm. Ms. Bronfman had also made it possible for Mr. Raniere to use a credit card belonging to someone who had died, Ms. Penza said.

Clare said at her allocution that she was “afforded a great gift from my grandfather and father but that privilege … does not come with the ability to break the law … It comes with a greater responsibility to uphold the law.”

What she forgot to mention is that with the gift she got from her father and grandfather, it also gave her a greater ability to buy off the law, to break many laws and get away with it.

Today, the DOJ proved that money may not be able to buy everything – but can buy jurtice from them. There is a two tiered system of justice in America – one for the wealthy and another for the rest of us. We saw it on display today.

The government snags $6 million for themselves for restitution and less than $100,000 for her victim. Nice going.

By the way, kudos to Mark Geragos. He certainly earned his fee today. Geragos said Clare did not sign a cooperation agreement. She didn’t have to, of course. Not her.

Finally, in less than two years – maybe sooner – we will see the return of Clare Bronfman. It remains to be seen if she will be seeking vengeance on those who put her to this inconvenience.

Mark Geragos explains to reporters who Clare Bronfman was not charged with RICO in the Nxivm case.


Money can’t buy you love – but it can buy you ‘justice.’
Moira Penza [r[ leaves court – all smiles, but not probably nearly as smiley as Clare Bronfman who bought a measure of justice today from the American people. Money will out! Photo by Tom Gargiulo.


We will have more on this later tonight. Next up Kathy Russell.

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Author: Frank Parlato

And then there was one

With today’s pleas – with Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell pleading guilty – there is but one man standing in the case of the US v. Keith Ranere et al.

It is funny, laughable really, for the world’s smartest man to come to this. His whole plan – for years – was to put everything in other’s names – so that if law enforcement ever came down on him – he’d be in the clear.

Talk about miscalculation. He will almost certainly face the longest prison sentence. Whether he survives it or not, whether he actually spends more time in prison alive than his female codefendants, is another question, for another day.

At the end of the day, though – this day – this Good Friday – he will be alone – the sole defendant and most likely all five of his former co-defendants – Clare, Kathy, Allison Mack and mother-daughter Lauren and Nancy Salzman –  will be poised to testify against this man that only little more than a year ago they were pledging undying loyalty — he was their Vanguard.

With Clare pleading today – to what will likely be one racketeering charge and one racketeering conspiracy charge – both with 20 year maximum sentences [and no minimum] – and in line with what Lauren and Allison pleaded to recently – Clare will have ended her tenure as Keith Raniere’ chief enabler – with an allocution, a sentencing date – likely in September – followed by a stretch in prison.

For years, these two monsters, Clare and Keith, scared, threatened and punished  enemies, abusing the civil and criminal courts – and did so with impunity – as they held together that criminal enterprise known as Nxivm.

She used her money to corrupt the system [and money itself corrupts the system – for the wealthy can buy their justice and she had hundreds of millions to spend]. Now that system is working against her and her money most likely will not be able to buy her the injustice of getting out of this mess she got into 16 years ago, it comes full circle.

As for hapless Kathy Russell, the low level bookkeeper of Nxivm, she is likely to plead guilty to one charge of racketeering conspiracy – for that is all she is charged with. If this is so, then Nancy and Kathy get off the lightest – with one felony each.

Allison and Lauren and Clare [if she pleads to two counts today] will be on par – pleading guilty to one count each of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

Odd, the most culpable Nancy will be on the same terms as the least culpable – the hapless Kathy Russell – but Nancy got on the plea deal bus first and Kathy got on last.

All the codefendants – who are now [or will be by the end of today] convicts – will be sentenced by Judge Nicholas Garaufis.

If there is a trial – if Keith goes the distance – then the level of their cooperation may be a factor in sentencing.  If there is no trial – or even if there is – sentencing may be impacted by letters to the court – both pro and con – on these various convicts.

If you have had an experience – either good or bad with Mack, Salzman, Salzman, Russell or Bronfman –  you might want to consider writing a letter to the judge for his consideration in sentencing these ladies.

The judge has huge latitude. He can go anywhere from 20 years per count to zero. He can let them walk, or have them subject to home arrest or sentence them to what the sentencing guidelines suggest – which is likely in the 3-6 year range – for convicts such as these – who pleaded guilty before trial, took responsibility for their criminal actions, and agreed to cooperate with the prosecution.

The convicts themselves can speak on their own behalf [expect a number of tearful pleas for leniency] and their lawyers will, and the prosecution also will make their own recommendation.

Victims may also be permitted to speak in court at sentencing – and the judge just might welcome this for the record.

On top of that, Pretrial Services – who have been monitoring the defendants since their arrest – will also make recommendations.

As of today, the trial is set to begin on May 7 with Keith Raniere.

Of course he may plead too. He has an uphill struggle now. Everyone will be testifying against him. And it is unlikely he will be able to get the Mexican faithful to come up to testify that they were glad to be branded.

The evidence is overwhelming now.  And maybe it was the child porn evidence that the prosecution discovered at 8 Hale Drive [Raniere’s sex lair] that truly unhinged the codefendants’ resolve to stand by their Vanguard and take their chances at trial.

And now, what incentive – what incentive at all – does the prosecution have to offer Raniere any kind of plea deal? They know they can convict him.  If they do, he will get life in prison.

What would they offer? Something with a 20 to 25 year sentencing range?

Keith has nothing to trade, nothing to offer.  He’s going down and everyone – even he must know it. Unless of course he is so delusional that he knows nothing of the reality of his own situation.

There is no viable deal on the table for Keith Raniere and for that reason alone he may go to trial.

He faces racketeering, forced labor and sex trafficking charges and I cannot imagine the prosecution offering him anything less than racketeering and sex trafficking – and that means decades in maximum security prison and, if he ever gets out, a lifetime on the sex registry.

For me, on this Good Friday, there is a sense of partial closure. My fight with Nxivm began – the Frank Report commenced – because Clare Bronfman chose to file a criminal complaint against me with the FBI.

She – probably taking orders from Keith Raniere – but I suspect glad to it just the same – signed a complaint which, if successful, would have placed me in a prison – just like the one she is now going to be placed in.

She wanted to cage me – and she will be caged.

For my own part, I am glad she is now stopped from hurting others, using her wealth and vindictive nature to punish people because she could – because of her wealth.

But of course she could have spared herself this ordeal. Chances are Clare could have done a lot better earlier in the game. She could have made a better plea deal if she had chose to do so earlier.  But critical thinking was never her strong suit. She let Raniere do her thinking.

Today she is headed for court and an allocution that Nxivm was a criminal organization and that she foolishly followed a very bad man.

After today, all eyes will be on Keith Alan Raniere.  Will he plead guilty or go to trial?

Either way he will be alone and his former faithful followers all lined up against him.

We will have updates on Clare and Nancy later today. Our correspondent Village Diane will be present at the hearings.



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Author: Frank Parlato

Prosecution Seeks To Admit Evidence Of Uncharged Criminal Acts – Which, If Approved, Will Almost Certainly Guaranty Convictions

[Editor’s Note: The motion described in this post was filed on March 13, 2019, one day after Nancy Salzman pleaded guilty to one charge of Racketeering Conspiracy – and several weeks before Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack entered into plea deals. Needless to say, things have gotten worse – much worse – for the remaining defendants in this case as a result of those pleas].

The prosecution has sought approval from U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to admit evidence of “uncharged criminal acts and other acts committed by the defendants and other conspirators”.

If the prosecution’s motion is approved, it will be allowed to introduce such evidence to prove:
– The existence of the criminal enterprise that is the basis for Count One: Racketeering Conspiracy and Count Two: Racketeering in the second superseding indictment;
– The defendants participated in a pattern of criminal activity; and
– The defendants were members of – and participated in – the criminal enterprise.


The evidence of “uncharged criminal acts and other acts” that the prosecution plans to introduce includes, but is not limited to, the following:
– The way in which Consumers Buyline, Inc. (CBI) was structured and operated – and the fact that it served as a model for the way that NXIVM was structured and operated. One member even referred to NXIVM as “CBI Part 2” in an email to Nancy Salzman.

– The fact that Keith Raniere was aware of unpaid tax liens and other judgments against him and CBI – and did nothing to resolve them. In addition, he proactively worked to keep assets out of his name in order to avoid paying his past judgments – and to keep himself “judgment proof” going forward.

Keith may not have invented the internet but he did create Consumers Buyline, Inc.

– NVIVM’s practice of allowing individuals who could not afford to pay for more classes to commit to “exchanges” of their labor in lieu of class fees – but never providing a clear accounting of what these individuals had paid off or how much they still owed. In one instance, a couple accumulated more than $300,000 of debt through such “exchanges” – which eventually forced them to file for bankruptcy.

– NXIVM’s practice of recruiting people to work for the company by offering them lucrative positions – and then informing them, after the fact, that they were not being paid everything they were owed because they had “issues” that needed to be resolved before that would be done. In order to resolve those “issues”, the recruits were encouraged to take EMs (“Explorations of Meaning) – which often cost more than what they were owed.

– The fact that NXIVM members were often told they had committed “ethical breaches” – i.e., some sort of harm that they supposedly caused to the NXIVM community – that they needed to remedy in order to advance in the organization. These supposed “ethical breaches” were arbitrary – and could include things like failing to complete assigned tasks in an appropriate manner, failing to lose weight quickly enough, “playing the victim”, causing negative publicity for NXIVM or Raniere, etc.

– NXIVM’s teachings that women were inferior to men, that men were naturally inclined to have multiple sexual partners while women were meant to be monogamous, and that women who had been sexually assaulted were likely to blame for what happened to them.

This is an artist’s conception: Keith Raniere [standing in shower left] teaches a beta male of The Society of Protectors [lower center on hands and knees ] and his DOS slave wife

– The use of various techniques to illegally bring cash received from foreign students taking classes in other countries into the U.S. Thereafter, NXIVM would record those students as having received “scholarships” in order to avoid having to pay taxes on the fees they paid to the company.

– The use of multiple schemes that were designed to hide NXIVM’s true profitability – and its tax liabilities. In addition, similar schemes were used to disguise the reality that Raniere had access to and controlled all the financial resources of NXIVM and its various affiliates.

– The fact that at least 14 members of the NXIVM community were directed to make the maximum possible financial contribution to the presidential primary campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2007 with the understanding that they would be fully reimbursed for their “contributions” by Clare Bronfman or Nancy Salzman. The overall purpose of this scheme was to gain political influence with the candidate so that “perceived enemies of Raniere” could be targeted in the future.

– The attempt to illegally secure visas and immigration status for dozens of non-citizens so they could work in NXIVM and/or in one or more of its affiliated organizations. Several of these non-citizens obtained visas in order to work as “Research Analysts” for a company owned by Clare but actually ended up working as “Multi-Cultural Development Specialists” (AKA unqualified “nannies”) for Rainbow Cultural Garden LLC.

– The use of various illegal schemes to assist sexual partners of Raniere to enter – or remain in – the U.S. This specifically included hands-on assistance from Kathy Russell and Clare Bronfman.

– The arranging of “sham marriages”, often at the direction of Clare or Keith, so they could have various non-citizens remain in the U.S. This included Allison Mack’s “marriage” to Nicki Clyne.

– The recruiting and grooming of sexual partners for Raniere – which was done at his direction – both before and after he founded NXIVM. This included at least several underage girls: i.e., a 12 or 13-year girl when Raniere was running CBI – and a 15-year old when he was running NXIVM.

– The use of aggressive – and, in several instances, illegal tactics to gather personal information about perceived enemies of Raniere. “The targets of these efforts included federal judges overseeing litigation in which Nxivm was a party, political operatives, high-ranking politicians, reporters, ex-girlfriends of Raniere, Nxivm’s own lawyers, legal adversaries, and their families, John Doe 2 and John Doe 1’s employer”.

– The use of abusive litigation – and the obstruction of justice – “to seek retribution against individuals who left Raniere, defected from the Nxivm community or who spoke critically of either”. This included Clare’s active attempts to get various people indicted – and Keith’s false and misleading testimony in his lawsuit against AT&T and Microsoft.


So, just imagine what kind of impression a juror will form about whichever of the current defendants – Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell – ultimately decides to go trial when they hear about all those “uncharged criminal acts and other acts”.

And remember, the jurors are going to hear all that BEFORE the prosecution introduces any evidence about the crimes that each of the remaining defendants has been charged with.

Seriously, if Judge Garaufis allows this evidence to be introduced – which I believe he will do – you’ve got to wonder why any of the defendants would choose to go forward with the trial.

Viva Executive Success!

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Author: Artvoice

Kathy Russell’s Motion To Dismiss Is Denied: Plea Deal Seen As Imminent

Kathy Russell’s last-minute Hail Mary pass has been batted down by U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

In a very detailed and well researched Memorandum & Order, Judge Garaufis has denied Kathy’s request to have her indictment dismissed on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct.

And then, to add disdain to the denial, Judge Garaufis also denied her request for an evidentiary hearing that, if granted, would have allowed her to see all the evidence that the prosecution has amassed against her.


Russell’s travails began when she was served with a subpoena on April 25, 2018 that required her to testify before the grand jury in Brooklyn, NY that was hearing evidence about the NXIVM criminal enterprise.

Rather than retain her own attorney who would be able to give her unconflicted legal advice, Kathy decided to utilize one that was being paid for by Clare Bronfman, the Director of Operations and de facto Chief Executive Officer for NXIVM.

That turned out to be William Fanciullo, an Albany, NY-area attorney who once served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney.

William Fanciullo is supposedly a top-flight attorney in Albany, NY. At least Clare Bronfman thinks so. 

Fanciullo reviewed the subpoena – and apparently decided that since it was not accompanied by an “Advice of Rights” form or a letter indicating that Kathy was a target, she was only being called to testify as a witness.

On April 30th, Fanciullo sent an email to the prosecutors in the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the EDNY to inform them that he was representing Kathy.

Within 15 minutes of receiving his email, the prosecutors contacted Fanciullo – and offered to discuss Kathy’s scheduled appearance before the grand jury.

But Fanciullo never responded to the offer – and, instead, simply accompanied Kathy to Brooklyn on May 10th.


And so Kathy appeared before the grand jury with only a scrap of paper in her hands to protect her.

On the paper were the words that she would read whenever she chose to invoke her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

After she was sworn in, Kathy was informed that she was not a “target” of the investigation. She was not, however, told that she was not a “subject” – and never asked any follow-up questions about her status.

Even before the prosecution informed her about her Fifth Amendment rights, Kathy decided to invoke them when she was asked the following questions:
(1) Was she paying for Fanciullo’s legal services?
(2) Had she recently destroyed any NXIVM-related documents?

Not exactly the ideal way to get started. Especially when she decided not to invoke those same rights when asked many other questions.

For the next 1½ hours, Kathy was asked questions about a range of topics, including her experiences with Nxivm; the courses she took; her positions within Nxivm; the nature and philosophy of Nxivm and related entities; and certain Nxivm rules, rituals, and ranking systems.

Sometimes, she answered. Other times – approximately 50 times – she invoked her Fifth Amendment rights.

Some of the topics that Kathy refused to answer questions about are as follows:
• Her education level;
• Her weight;
• Her decision to move to Albany to work for Nxivm – and leave her son behind in Alaska;
• Her duties and responsibilities as Nxivm’s bookkeeper;
• Keith Raniere’s sexual partners;
• Whether she was a member of DOS or had ever discussed DOS with Keith Raniere;
• Why she did not ask other NXIVM members whether they were branded;
• Whether she knew anyone in Nxivm who had had an abortion;
• Whether NXIVM stored cash at Nancy Salzman’s house; and
• Whether she had ever heard of anybody being confined to a room for a long period of time.

After a short break – during which she conferred with Fanciullo – Kathy returned to the grand jury room.

This time, however, she invoked her Fifth Amendment rights on almost every question she was asked.

These included questions about:
• Whether Keith Raniere has any children;
• Whether she knew if certain individuals were members of NXIVM;
• Whether she had any debts; and
• Whether she knew of cash being brought into the U.S. by agents of NXIVM.

When Kathy was done testifying, the prosecutors, along with several FBI agents, met with her and Fanciullo – and offered to meet with them pursuant to a proffer agreement.

On May 14th, Fanciullo requested – and was provided with – a copy of the proffer agreement. On May 22nd, he turned down the offer, thereby sealing Kathy’s fate.


Kathy was indicted on July 23rd – along with Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Clare Bronfman.

On August 9th, Justine A. Harris replaced Fanciullo as Kathy’s lead counsel.

Justine Harris is now Kathy’s lead attorney.  

Since that time, Harris and her partner, Amanda Ravitch, have filed numerous documents in support of Kathy’s request for a dismissal.

That battle is now over.


At the same time that Harris and Ravitch have been seeking to have Kathy’s indictment dismissed, they have also been engaged in plea deal negotiations with Moira Kim Penza and the other members of the prosecution’s team.

Most court observers believe that the prosecution has no interest in prosecuting Kathy to the fullest extent possible.

Evidence of that can be seen in the second superseding indictment – which includes only one count of Racketeering Conspiracy against Kathy.

The first superseding indictment had also included one count of Racketeering – and two predicate acts: conspiring to illegally transport a woman across the Canadian border – and installing a “key-logger” on a computer of an accountant who worked for NXIVM so they could monitor his emails.


So, what’s next for Kathy?

Well, unless she has absolutely no sense of self-preservation, she will cut a deal – and agree to testify against Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman (She’ll probably also have to agree to testify in any subsequent NXIVM-related trials).

Making that choice would be an easy task for most people.

But Kathy is not most people.

Instead, she’s a woman who abandoned her young son – and moved more than 4,000 miles away to be with her Vanguard.

And she’s a 60-year wannabe ballerina who is still doing recitals with 10-year-old and 12-year-old-girls.

Hopefully, her two attorneys can convince her to make her first smart decision in almost 20-years – and get on with her life.


The prosecution is probably anxious to get a plea deal worked out with Kathy – and remove her as a defendant in the case.

That will allow them to concentrate all their firepower on Raniere and Bronfman – and expose them for the horrid people they both are.

Having Kathy be part of the trial would be a distraction – both for the prosecution and the jury (Kind of like having a little puppy wander onto the field in the middle of a football game).

Let’s hope the prosecution gives a deal that requires only a short amount of prison time.

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Author: Artvoice