Will Israel and Neocons Assassinate Hezbollah Donors? 

John Bolton sent out the following tweet yesterday ahead of the rumored Israeli attack on Lebanon this summer that will target civilians (according to Israeli Major General Amir Eshel). 

Those able to “disrupt” Hezbollah finances may receive $10 million “reward,” courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Hezbollah “is treated in an overly simplistic way by US officials, meaning the State Department sees no problem asking questions about donors and ties. It would be unthinkable, however, for them to make similar inquiries, offering large cash awards, for any other country’s major political parties’ donors,” writes Jason Ditz. 

Now that Iran has designated the US military as a terrorist organization in response to the US declaring Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group, it would be only fitting for the mullahs to offer a bounty for info on donors to the war party political class in the United States, in particular those calling for attacking Iran. 

The Iranians might want to start with casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. In addition to donating millions to politicos who have sworn loyalty to Israel, Adelson famously called for nuking Iran. 

Imagine the response if Hassan Rouhani called for nuking the US (an impossibility, of course, as Iran does not have nukes, unlike the US and Israel). 

Considering the history of Israel and its use of political assassination, it is more than likely the outing of Hezbollah donors will result in murder. Normally, any such assassination would be considered terrorism, but the propaganda media in the US doesn’t report it that way. 

Hezbollah’s track record on terror is largely speculative. There is no evidence the group kidnapped the president of the American University in Beirut, Davis S. Dodge, or is there conclusive evidence it attacked the US embassy in Beirut or truck bombed a US military barracks in Lebanon. A number of other murders, bombings, and airplane hijackings have been attributed to Hezbollah, again with scant evidence. However, for the neocons, evidence is not required. Big Lies suffice. 

History is, of course, left out of the equation. Hezbollah was formed after Israel invaded Lebanon (to steal its water) and began imprisoning and torturing Shi’a Muslims, most notoriously at the Khiam detention center (see this Amnesty International report on the torture and ill-treatment of detainees at the Khiam facility). 

Hezbollah is now an integral component of the Lebanese government and removing it wholesale from politics will prove to be impossible short of killing just about every Shi’a in Lebanon. 

I believe this is what Israeli Major General Amir Eshel was talking about when he said the innocent will pay for Hezbollah resistance to Israeli plans in Lebanon. 

The Israelis seem to believe killing thousands of civilians will turn the population against Hezbollah. Instead, it will strengthen the resolve of the Lebanese people to resist Israeli invasion and occupation. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo


Saudis Bomb Churches in Sri Lanka

I admit the above headline is unfair. There is no evidence the medieval Saudis are responsible for the deadly terrorist suicide bombings in Sri Lanka. 

Blame for the attacks was put on the National Thowheed Jamath, although so far nobody has claimed responsibility and the Islamic group denies it was involved. 

If National Thowheed Jamath is responsible, then we can say with a fair degree of accuracy Saudi Arabia is an accomplice—it has long supported, encouraged, indoctrinated, and “radicalized” Sunni Islamic groups. 

The modus operandi of this attack—coordinated attacks on Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Shi’a Muslims, anybody who is not a crazed and violent Salafist—is a hallmark of al-Qaeda and Islamic State terrorism inspired by the Wahhabi cult. 

Not that we should expect “professional journalists” at The Washington Post and The New York Times to make such a connection. They’re too busy reading and repeating official government scripts.

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Trump Neocons Put War Agenda on Fast Track

The neocons firmly in control of US foreign policy under Donald Trump are ready to make the next move as they wend their way toward all-out war with Iran. 

There will be no waivers for the importation of Iranian oil. Trump took to Twitter to make yet another one of his notorious and worthless promises.

No doubt the vile and reprehensible Saudis will celebrate not only the prospect of increased oil sales, but also the advancement of the US and Israel plan to target Iran, impose an oil embargo, and starve the Iranian people into action against the rule of the mullahs. 

In response, Iran announced if it is prevented from exporting oil, it will shut down the Strait of Hormuz, the busiest oil transport chokepoint in the world. 

In the first week of May, we will know one way or the other if the neocons will get their shooting war with Iran—and astronomical gas and oil prices and further economic disaster for a world economy teetering on the edge. 

Most Congress critters support economic warfare against Iran. Most will fall in line when the missile begin flying. The fact this attack in the name of Israel will violate the Constitution is not even an issue on the war party’s radar. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Vile MAGA Warmongers and Other Vermin

I have yet to see the MAGA cult turn on its hallowed leader, the leader of the “free world” (sic) who recently vetoed and left tire marks on a measure that would have put an end to US involvement Saudi Arabia’s organized mass murder campaign on the impoverished nation of Yemen. 

Trump explained his veto in a letter sent to the Senate. “This resolution is an unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities, endangering the lives of American citizens and brave service members, both today and in the future,” the Donald (or one of his handlers) wrote. 

Of course, the starving people of Yemen don’t pose a threat to America and wouldn’t threaten “brave service members” had Bush (actually his neocons) not descended on Iraq and Afghanistan like a host of rapacious scabies. 

Obama continued the agenda—destroy Arab and Muslim nations for the sake of tiny Israel and neoliberal vandals—with his arming of Syrian “rebels” and the attack that turned one of Africa’s most advanced nations into a failed state (the CIA asset Khalifa Haftar is taking care to crush the warring tribes of Libya and set the stage for a handover of its bounty of oil to transnational corporations). 

Back in 2011, I wrote:

As it turns out, Mr. Hifter is a CIA operative, which likely explains his lengthy stay in Virginia. In 1996, the Washington Post reported that a Col. Haftar (a variation on Hifter) had arrived in the United States and he was “reported to be the leader of a contra-style group based in the U.S. called the Libyan National Army,” the Wisdom Fund noted at the time. “This group is supported by the U.S., and has been given training facilities in the U.S. It’s a good presumption that Col. Haftar’s group operates in Libya with the blessings of our government.”

In short, the blessings of the national security state, of which the CIA is a vital component, and its current frontman, President Donald Trump. 

Trump praised the al-Qaeda associated Haftar. He talked with the long-time CIA asset by phone and lauded his effort to usher Libya back into the the neoliberal-corporatist fold. 

“In their phone call, Trump ‘recognized Field Marshal Haftar’s significant role in fighting terrorism and securing Libya’s oil resources, and the two discussed a shared vision for Libya’s transition to a stable, democratic political system,’” Al Jazeera reports. 

Trump is little different than his predecessors, never mind rhetoric from a zombified MAGA cult that he is taking on the “deep state” (Democrats) and “draining the swamp,” although we don’t hear much about that these days. MAGA supporters are obsessed with a porous border and the plan to flood America with third world immigrants, no shortage fleeing the violent result of neoliberal machinations in Latin America and the gross poverty it harnesses as part of the effort to turn the world into a giant corporate plantation. 

The editors of Breitbart (essentially established in Israel) took a break from bashing their liberal counterparts to provide an excuse for Trump’s decision to veto the measure and end US participation in the wanton murder of civilians in Yemen. 

The excuse for starving babies to death and bombing wedding parties? It’s all part of the US-Israeli effort to control access to oil and confront Iran. 

According to Breitbart’s Joel B. Pollak:

Yemen sits on the eastern side of the Bab el-Mandeb strait a key shipping lane for traffic through the Suez Canal. The U.S. Navy has a major base across the strait, in Djibouti—as do many other countries, including China. Allowing an Iranian proxy to command the eastern side of the strait, across from a crucial U.S. Navy asset that helps control piracy and terror, and where China is challenging U.S. dominance, would be foolish to the point of lunacy.

The late Zbigniew Brzezinski spelled it out:

To put it in a terminology that hearkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together. 

Breitbart, Infowars, Drudge, and thousands of Trump partisans on social media—those not banned or suspended—are not concerned about neocons and CFR neoliberals pulling Trump’s strings like Edgar Bergen. Most are focused on the border and the endless running street battles of diversionary politics. They are not outraged by the accessory role the US plays in the Saudi religious war on a Shi’a faction in Yemen. MAGA cultists apparently have no problem with Trump flip-flopping on his promised troop withdrawal or his murder of untold thousands in Syria and Iraq during his phony war on the Islamic State, a Pentagon psyop hatched during the US occupation of Iraq. 

It’s safe to say the MAGA crowd is right up there with the neocons. They are enthusiastic about murder, theft, starvation, disease, and the destruction of societies. 

Boss Trump promised to “bomb the shit” out of civilians and steal oil from Iraq and Syria to pay for the wars of his predecessors. He acted as salesman of the month for the military-industrial-security complex. 

The takeaway from the Trump administration is clear—it hardly matters who is in the White House, the agenda remains the same: forever war, rendition and torture (the awaited fate of Julian Assange), neoliberal debt schemes and strip mining of natural resources, and the ability to convince a dumbed-down and politically illiterate public through interminable propaganda that mass murder and “creative destruction” are in their best interest and represent the hallmark of “democracy.”

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Death of Free Speech: Criticizing Israel Will Land You in Prison

Soon, this blog will be illegal.

No, I’m not selling drugs or peddling child pornography. I write about America’s wars and the primary objective of those illegal and immoral wars—to make Israel the hegemon of the Middle East along with Saudi Arabia. All US foreign policy in that region centers on those two nations.

The following may soon be classified as hate speech and anti-semitism (as increasingly criticism of the Jewish state and its Zionist political ideology are considered crimes). 

Jewish neocons found their way into the Reagan administration and later the Bush Junior White House and Pentagon. Huddled under the wing of Vice President Dick Cheney, they plotted to attack and destroy Israel’s enemies. Neocon ideologues strategized and published papers on these manufactured wars, most notably a paper presented to then Israeli president Bibi Netanyahu. It called for taking out Iraq and Syria. Israeli academics have written on this subject for decades. The nation’s early leaders engineered border provocations and false flag attacks (the Lavon Affair) to destabilize the region. Southern Lebanon is considered a valuable asset primarily for its water resources (e.g. “Operation Litani”) and the Golan Heights in Syria was occupied for its strategic value. 

Israel, of course, is unable to destroy its enemies, so that task is left to America and its neocons. The American people were lied into a war on Iraq. Both Israel and the US knew Saddam Hussein didn’t have the capability to threaten Israel militarily. Beyond its oil, Iraq held little strategic value for the US and its corporatocracy. However, it did have the ability to cause trouble, especially in regard to the Palestinians. 

Syria’s relationship with its Lebanese neighbor and its stubborn refusal to simply handover the occupied Golan to the Israelis is also a problem. It was one of several objectives behind a manufactured color revolution in Syria under the aegis of the “Arab Spring,” an objective that has thus far resulted in the murder of around 600,000 Syrians. 

The Bush era neocons (including John Bolton, now national security adviser, and Elliot Abrams, a key Bush coconspirator) had an ambitious laundry list of nations to be destroyed—Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and importantly Iran, the only serious challenger to Israel. The Obama administration added Libya and began covert operations in Africa. 

Trump took the baton from Obama after he told us he wasn’t into “nation-building” and was a populist “America First” noninterventionist. The American people were lied to again, but then this is now normal behavior. 

After 9/11 and years of aggressive war propaganda, it is now common for the American people to believe these lies. Meanwhile, endless diversion in the form of super-hyper and potentially violent partisanship between factions of the establishment political class keep most Americans distracted from larger issues—war and the bankster-rigged economy. It should be noted that criticism of central banks and monetary policy are also considered hateful antisemitism. 

In short, US foreign policy, directed by high-level neocons, is not conducted in the interest of the American people. It benefits Israel, which also takes billions every year from the American taxpayer. 

Bush the intellectual midget was unable to provide and explanation why nuclear and biological weapons were not found in Iraq—instead, he made a comedy routine out of this “intelligence failure” and the systematic murder of eventually well over a million Iraqis. In truth, WMDs were not the reason for the invasion and occupation. The real objective was to produce violent sectarianism and division, thus making sure Iraq was preoccupied with its own serious problems and not calling for Palestinian justice. The same basic plan was reproduced in Libya, another oil-rich nation with a strong sense of pan-Arab nationalism, thus aligned with the Palestinians and regarding Israel as a renegade Zionist apartheid state. 

Donald Trump’s sycophantic fawning over Israel—undoubtedly under the influence of his Orthodox Jewish son-in-law—has opened the floodgates: the US embassy moved to Jerusalem, Trump signed off on Israel’s theft of Syria’s Golan Heights, and of most value for Israel, the US under Trump is ramping up rhetoric, imposing additional sanctions, and promising military action against Iran. The latest move: Trump has designated Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization (and the Iranians in turn designated the US Central Command as a terrorist organization).

Such criticism of Israel will soon be illegal. Democrats and Republicans are working together to make criticism of Israel a criminal offense. South Carolina passed a law making it illegal to boycott Israel, while Florida passed legislation outlawing antisemitic thoughtcrime. Tennessee worked to pass what it calls the Anti-Semitism Awareness Bill. After this failed to gain traction, Tennessee passed a resolution declaring unequivocal support for Israel. At the same time, the US House enacted a resolution “condemning anti-Semitism” following remarks made by House freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar’s criticism of AIPAC and the influence of Israeli-American lobbying. 

Now that criticism of Zionism and the Israeli state is on par with throwing Jews in crematoria ovens—according to the propaganda media and a manipulative ruling elite—we can expect any principled discussion of Israel, its treatment of the Palestinians, and its effort in unison with the neocons to get a shooting war going with Iran, to be punished by muzzle, fines, and possible prison time. 

Remarkable or not, this situation—most prominently the disassembly of the First Amendment and another devastating war—is hardly even a minor concern for many Americans. The criminalization of speech is something that happened in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and East Germany under the watch of the Stasi, and we were told it was impossible in America with our bounty of rights. 

Those rights—rights we are born with—are now increasingly denied by law. In the near future, such laws may be used to shutdown any number of websites and social media accounts that dare criticize Israel, as that criticism—that speech—is now equivalent to violence.

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Open Letter to President Trump on the Arrest of Julian Assange

Mr. President,

Your Deep State handlers have finally managed to have WikiLeaks publisher and editor Julian Assange dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London and arrested. He faces extradition to the United States where more than a few people in high places have called for his execution.

If your administration follows through on a promise to prosecute Assange, it will look bad for you. After all, you praised Assange during the presidential campaign after he leaked the DNC trove. More than any fictional Russian attempt to spin the US election, the DNC leak turned people against Hillary Clinton and the Democrats and may have helped you win the election.

It really doesn’t matter if you support Assange or not. It is obvious you are not in control of your administration—the so-called Deep State and the neocon rabble are fully in control. It seems the only thing you really control is your smartphone and Twitter feed. 

I believe you will go along with Assange’s persecutors as part of a futile attempt to take down the “lying media,” but only because they lie about you, not because they lie to the American people. 

Mr. President, it is obvious, and has been since the campaign, that your presidency is about you and your overinflated ego. It has nothing to do with public service and the American people. 

All presidents since Truman—with the possible exception of Kennedy, assassinated for deviating from the establishment script—have served the interests of the financial elite and its national security state, its intelligence agencies (most prominently the CIA), and associated industries, notably the military-industrial complex, the latter which you served as salesman of the month for while on a whirlwind sales tour last year. 

It’s important to note that when British cops hauled Assange out of the embassy, he held a book in his hand: Gore Vidal’s History of The National Security State. It is precisely these people who are responsible for the persecution of Assange. They need to send a message: if you reveal “national security secrets”—the murder of journalists, for instance—you will be hunted down, renditioned, tortured, locked in solitary confinement, prosecuted, and possibly executed (as a number of our “representatives” and their script-reading talking heads have demanded). 

It is obvious you will not fight the Deep State or drain the swamp. You can’t even keep insider and neocon operatives from infiltrating your administration. On the other hand, you have warmly embraced the racist apartheid state of Israel and its corrupt leader, Bibi Netanyahu, thus making it obvious you support totalitarian violence against innocents. The bombing raids you ordered in Syria and Iraq have killed thousands of civilians. 

For you, Mr. President, Assange was merely another stepping stone in your ego-driven quest to become the most important person (at least in popular imagination) in the “free world.” Like your supporters who naively believed your flaccid commitment to bring the troops home and put an end to “nation-building,” Assange faces betrayal. He is no longer of use to you. 

Assange will be extradited and charged as a “hacker,” and when convicted (a certainty) the sentence will be five and a half years max. Your Justice (just-us) Department knows it can’t get him on espionage, so they’ll go for a lesser charge, but one that sends the same message—reveal the truth about the United States and its crimes and face prosecution. 

I sincerely doubt, Mr. President, you care about the First Amendment and the freedom of the press. I don’t believe you are concerned about a development concurrent to the persecution of Assange—the effort to shut down alternative media. 

I say this because, over the last few months, you have complained about and promised a response to leaks within your administration. Your endless complaints and often antagonistic responses (primarily on Twitter) to admittedly unfair media coverage demonstrates an animosity toward the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

I urge you to pardon Julian Assange after the Deep State wolves make an example of him. I seriously doubt you will do this. You are apparently more comfortable with the likes of the psychopaths John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and the host of neocons and CFR operatives embedded in your administration, and not the American people. They need to know the truth about what the government does in their name. I don’t see this happening. And I don’t see your faithful MAGA supporters calling for it. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Trump Neocons Target Cuba

On Friday, the Trump neocons and the Treasury Department and its Goldman Sachs alumnus boss imposed sanctions against 35 ships and two companies involved in the legal transport of oil from Venezuela to Cuba.

Cuba has been “illegal” for sixty years. In other words, it has successfully if tragically resisted the imposition of the neoliberal order following the Cuban Revolution. 

It’s safe to say the average American knows virtually nothing about Cuba and its history. They don’t know about Fulgencio Batista, the brutal military leader who enforced a neoliberal (and Mafia) status quo in Cuba. At the time, foreign corporations, primarily American, owned 70% of the arable land, and Batista served as a middleman for transnational business deals. 

“By the late ’50s, U.S. financial interests included 90 percent of Cuban mines, 80 percent of its public utilities, 50 percent of its railways, 40 percent of its sugar production and 25 percent of its bank deposits—some $1 billion in total,” writes Natasha Geiling.

In 1952, unable to gain the support of the Cuban people in his bid for the presidency (his party was in last place), Batista staged a military coup. He was aligned with the Cuban elite, the owners of sugar plantations, and received logistical, military, and financial support from the US government.

“He aligned himself with the Italian and the Jewish mafia from the United States who controlled drugs, gambling and prostitution rings in the U.S. The Batista government was favored by American-based corporations that had invested in Cuba,” writes Timothy Alexander Guzman. 

In order to crush dissent to his dictatorial regime, Batista imposed iron-clad media censorship. He ordered his Bureau for the Repression of Communist Activities to kidnap, torture, and murder political activists. 

Batista created an anti-Communist secret police to silence the public with violence, torture and public executions. It is estimated that there were between 10,000 to 20,000 people murdered under the Batista regime with financial and military support from the Washington. During Batista’s reign of terror, the July 26 Movement organized by Fidel Castro and other anti-government groups throughout Cuba were forming a rebellion against the Batista government.  

In 1959, Castro rejected the characterization that his movement was communist, preferring instead to call it humanismo. However, in order for the US to intervene (as did later with the failed Bay of Pigs invasion), it portrayed Castro as a communist and a threat to US national security (which, of course, means it was a threat to predatory banks and corporations). 

It’s hardly surprising Cuba became a Marxist-Leninist police state. “The Soviet Union, the socialist camp, the People’s Republic of China, and North Korea helped us resist, with essential supplies and weapons, the implacable blockade of the United States, the most powerful empire ever to exist,” Castro said. 

On October 19, 1960, in the waning months of the Eisenhower administration, the US place a crippling embargo on Cuba. This resulted in Castro nationalizing US and transnational business interests. 

The Council on Foreign Relations explained how it and the government planned to tame Castro: “Since 1961, the official U.S. policy toward Cuba has been two-pronged: economic embargo and diplomatic isolation.” 

At the same time, Eisenhower was working secretly with the CIA to assassinate Castro and re-install a neoliberal autocracy. 

The CIA plan was dubbed Trinidad and it was based on successful CIA coups in Iran and Guatemala. Trinidad envisioned an amphibious invasion. The idea was to carve out a beachhead and establish a council that would gain international recognition and support by the US and the Organization of American States. 

After Kennedy was elected, the CIA produced a revised plan, codenamed Zapata, later known as the Bay of Pigs plan, and it turned out to be a spectacular failure. This plan and other unsuccessful attempts to destabilize Cuba resulted in Castro’s move toward communism and the imposition of a police state and widespread political repression. 

Relations between Cuba and the US thawed a little during the Obama administration, but after Trump was elected and the neocons began dictating foreign policy the old anti-Communist animosity returned with a vengeance. 

“[The Obama administration] made a deal with a government that spread violence and instability in the region and nothing they got, think about it, nothing they got, they fought for everything and we just didn’t fight hard enough, but now, those days are over,” Trump said during a speech in Miami. “We now hold the cards. The previous administration’s easing of restrictions of travel and trade does not help the Cuban people. They only enrich the Cuban regime.”

The “violence and instability” Trump mentioned includes Cuba sending doctors to Venezuela. 

According to the Gray Lady of Propaganda, The New York Times, this medical aid isn’t about helping needy Venezuelans, but a cynical political move. 

“In interviews, 16 members of Cuba’s medical missions to Venezuela—a signature element of relations between the two countries—described a system of deliberate political manipulation in which their services were wielded to secure votes for the governing Socialist Party, often through coercion,” the Times reported last month. 

Now that Washington has targeted oil shipments between Venezuela and Cuba, it is likely only a matter of time before a tanker is seized or sunk by the US military. 

Rabid “exceptional nation” neocons are running US foreign policy again and the possibility of armed conflict between the US and Cuba is heightened to a level not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis. That one nearly resulted in a nuclear war. 

I doubt this engineered crisis will terminate in a nuclear showdown. However, considering Trump’s belief nukes can and should be used, and the venomous pronouncements of his neocons toward not only Venezuela and Cuba, but also Russia and China, it’s not difficult to imagine the unimaginable. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Pompeo Appoints Fox News Neocon as Spokesperson

And the neocon-ization of the Trump administration continues. While The Donald is packing away Big Macs and Diet Cokes, his neocon secretary of state is appointing likeminded warmongers. 

Ortagus is a deep insider with connections to both sides of the war party and its “creative destruction” directors on Wall Street and within prominent neocon “think tanks.” 

From Bezos’ propaganda mill, The Washington Post:

Ortagus has been a fixture of the GOP foreign policy establishment for more than a decade. She has served as a press officer at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), a financial intelligence officer at the Treasury Department and an intelligence officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve. She has also worked with several political campaigns, as well as a political action committee, and has experience working on Wall Street and in foreign policy consulting.

In addition to working with spooks and a federal agency that undermines elections and foments coups in foreign lands, Ortagus “served on the boards” at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a coven of warmongers run by Kimberly Kagan, wife of notorious neocon Frederick Kagan. 

ISW is funded by the death merchants—Raytheon, General Dynamics, DynCorp, and others—and it pushes the concept of the indispensable nation engaged in forever war around the world, a conflict promoted in the name of “democracy,” which is code for mass murder campaigns waged by the financial elite in its quest for total domination and theft of everything valuable on planet Earth. 

Naturally, some folks over on the so-called “New Right” support the appointment of an ardent neocon—a former pretty face from Fox News—at the State Department, thus demonstrating they are little different than establishment Republicans, or for that matter Democrats. 

Jack’s photo of Ortagus in the jump seat of a fighter jet is appropriate. She will be covering up war crimes and pushing neocon propaganda on Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Russia, China, and North Korea. 

Trump’s now largely forgotten promise to bring home the troops and get out of the “nation-building” (creative destruction) business was swept into the dustbin of history soon after the election. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Sec. State Pompeo: Jesus, the Psychopath

Where does Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo get his inspiration? From Jesus Christ.

Mike’s version of Jesus Christ may not be the same one millions of others know. The Pompeo version of Christ is a psychopath and a full-throated defender of endless war abroad and open-ended surveillance at home. 

The Christ followed by Pompeo believes the official enemies of America should be starved to death, go without electricity, have their industries sabotaged by sanctions and malware, and expect to have their leaders brutally assassinated. 

Pompeo is a non-Jewish neocon. His adoration for the apartheid state of Israel is boundless. 

Trump’s secretary of state would be more comfortable in the Old Testament where an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth is advised in response to transgressions, both real and imagined. It’s difficult to believe Mike follows the Sermon on the Mount. Christ teaches that if slapped on your right cheek, turn the other cheek in response. For Mike, an adversary doesn’t need to slap a cheek before he is killed by a fusillade of cruise missiles and white phosphorus. 

Mike doesn’t follow Christ. Jesus said love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you. Christ’s advocation of peace and nonviolence spans four Gospel accounts. Is it possible Mike missed this instruction during Sunday school? 

Mike Pompeo is a self-professed Christian of the Zionist strain. The Christian Zionists believe Christ will return and establish the Kingdom of God, and this will only be possible after Israel declares a state on stolen land gained through violence and ethnic cleansing. 

Israel’s daily demonstrated racism and violence gets a free pass because the Christian Zionists in America believe any criticism of the Jewish state is criticism of God. Instead of citing Jesus, they turn back to the Old Testament and the blessing of Isaac in Genesis—“Those who curse you will be cursed, and those who bless you will be blessed.” 

The Palestinians are cursed for the sin of having lived on the land for centuries. Iran is cursed because it dares defend itself against US-Israeli sabotage, assassination, and terrorism. Lebanon is cursed because it is home to Hezbollah, the Lebanese political party that began as organized resistance to Israeli invasions. Syria is cursed because it defends its national sovereignty and decries the Israeli theft of its Golan Heights. 

For Christian Zionists like Mike Pompeo, the New Testament is something that either must be ignored—or selectively read and interpreted—and Christ’s promise of world peace must be shelved until the work of killing Palestinians, Syrians, and Iranians is complete. Mike isn’t a normal Christian, he’s a Judaic-Christian, a Christian neocon. 

“Christians are not political Zionists,” writes Tom Usher. “Real Christians can’t stand the political Zionism of Herzl and Jabotinsky and the various terrorists who brought this anti-Jacob state called Israel into being.”

Pompeo is preaching to the choir and rallying the troops to fight the next Israeli war, this time targeting Iran. The US has already assisted in the “Greater Israel” effort to undermine and destroy all those who oppose Jewish racism and nationalism. 

Iran is not targeted because it poses a threat to Israel. It is targeted because it dares to speak truth to Israeli crimes and has built defenses against the endless violence of the Zionist state. 

Mike Pompeo will work toward this end—the destruction of Iran. He will strive to accomplish the work of destroying Syria. This is the long-standing neocon agenda. Destroy the enemies of Zionism and Jewish supremacy. Ethnically cleanse Gaza and the West Bank—the latter now in motion due to the efforts of the Kahanist Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party, an unabashedly racist offshoot of the Likud Party that will likely be included in next Israeli coalition government. 

Yes, as Pompeo declares in his tweet, his “belief in [a distorted and perverse] Jesus makes a real difference,” not for peace, but for endless war stretching from Iran and Syria to Venezuela and beyond. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Neolibs and Neocons Declare All Options On the Table in Venezuela

Even though we now know there is zero evidence Donald Trump colluded with the Russians, neocon talking heads are still babbling about the discredited conspiracy theory and working it into facile monologues. 

For instance, Samatha Vinograd, a “national security” analyst at Propaganda One, CNN. Ms. Vinograd is a former Obama NSC member and a former senior advisor to the president, a David E. Rockefeller Fellow at the Trilateral Commission, a Millennium Fellow at the Atlantic Council where the Russian collusion nonsense is kept alive, and also a facilitator of fascist relationships—public-private (see “Economic Fascism” by DiLorenzo)—in service to the vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, Goldman Sachs. 

There is very little the US can do about Russia in its “backyard”—and it has no internationally recognized right to do so unless Russia directly threatens the United States, which it has not (unless we consider delivering humanitarian aid to starving Venezuelans an act of war, as the neocons do). 

Vinograd is not simply another attractive young talking head selling the establishment line on foreign policy. As noted above, she is a Trilateralist and a member of The Atlantic Council. This means what she tells us during this interview will more than likely be adopted in some form or other by the Trump administration, now fully neo-conized at the highest levels. 

It is important to note Vinograd’s opening remark combines a criticism of the president’s performance and also the debunked and discredited Russian election collusion op engineered by a petulant Hillary Clinton and the DNC to take down the duly elected president of the United States. 

It’s not that Vinograd doesn’t know about the Mueller investigation summary admitting the special inquisitor doesn’t have a case against Trump. Rather it is an attempt to move away from that reality and continue to target the New Hitler, Vladimir Putin. This is the new meal ticket for the military-industrial-surveillance complex now that the artificially manufactured Islamic State is almost “defeated” in Syria. The government long ago stopped promoting peace dividends. 

Now we have the ever-pugnacious John Bolton, neocon foreign policy demagogue and special national security adviser to the president. Bolton told Russia the US government and its owners lay claim to the Western Hemisphere. 

“We strongly caution actors external to the Western Hemisphere against deploying military assets to Venezuela,” said Bolton, “or elsewhere in the Hemisphere, with the intent of establishing or expanding military operations… We will consider such provocative actions as a direct threat to international peace and security in the region.”

Neocon John can only get away with saying this due to the lamentable fact most Americans are almost entirely clueless on the history of US intervention in Central and South America. If they knew anything about the coups, election rigging, paramilitary death squads, and and massive corruption they might think twice about what Bolton said. 

Bolton’s threat came two days after Trump said, “all options are on the table” in regard to Russia’s presence in Venezuela. In typical Trumpian fashion—somewhere between a mob boss and a festooned carnival barker—the president demanded Russia “get out” of Caracas. He made the remark in Washington during a meeting with Fabiana Rosales, the wife of Juan Guaido. 

Putin checkmated Trump and his neocons—for now. On March 25 Venezuela said, “self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido and other opposition leaders were involved in a plot to carry out acts of terrorism employing foreign paramilitaries trained in Colombia,” according to sources at Venezuelananlysis.com. 

According to [Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez], Venezuelan intelligence services uncovered plans to contract mercenaries from Colombia and Central America and bring them into Venezuela to execute targeted killings and acts of sabotage, adding that “at least half” of the armed groups managed to make their way into Venezuelan territory and are currently being sought.

If Venezuela’s intelligence is accurate, one the largest private banks in the country served as a paymaster for these mercenary terrorists. 

The [Whatsapp] screen captures [on the phone of Guaido’s arrested chief of staff, Roberto Marrero] also revealed details of alleged bank accounts through which payments to the paramilitary groups were supposed to be made. One of them was in Banesco’s Panama branch. Banesco is Venezuela’s largest private bank, and Rodriguez called on Banesco owner Ricardo Escotet to inform security services whether this account exists and what movements have been made.

President Trump is known for his impatience. He wants to do something now about Venezuela and its massive oil reserve, the largest in the world. Russia is in Caracas to foil any attempt to outright invade the country and provide assistance to track down mercenaries plotting to stage violence and terror attacks. 

The neoliberal masterminds with their neocon collaborators behind US foreign policy know going to war with Russia is not doable. They believe a “democratic revolution” in Venezuela from below—using the usual NED and subversion NGO partners—or short of that a violent coup attempt, are not possible if Russia stands in the way, as it did in Syria. 

For now, we will continue to hear neocons like Bolton and globalist insiders like Vinograd declaring Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine are still in force and represent the will of the American people, which is of course a wagonload of manure. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo