Malware and the War on Russia

Buried in their hubris and a false sense of superiority, the global elite actually believes they can roll over Russia and reduce it to a neoliberal vassal state. This illusion may soon result in war and the destruction of civilization.

On Saturday, The New York Times reported the US Cyber Command “is reportedly going on offense against Russia’s power grid by placing ‘potentially crippling malware’ in its systems.

The cyber incursions, authorized to Cyber Command under new authorities that do not require presidential approval, have gotten more “aggressive” and seem to be a warning that the U.S. can respond to Moscow’s past cyber attacks, such as the 2016 incursion into the Democratic National Committee and its attack on Ukraine’s power grid.

This is an amazing paragraph. It says that the Pentagon can wage war—and placing malware on another nation’s crucial infrastructure is an act of war—without going to Congress or consulting the president. The excuse for this is based on an obvious lie—Russia cyber-attacked the US election. 

I am seriously dumbfounded by the fact Russia has not responded to this and other US attacks and acts of intimidation (most recently in Poland) and continues to insist on diplomacy and non-confrontation when it is obvious the US is pushing for war on all fronts, not only against Russia but the other nuclear power, China. 

The United States is the Empire of Lies, the most recent example being a lame Pentagon video that supposedly reveals evil Iranians either placing or removing a magnetic limpet bomb on the hull of a Japanese oil tanker. The video shows nothing of the sort, but that doesn’t matter to the corporate war propaganda media. If you headline skim, as most Americans do, you come away believing another Big Lie rationalization in favor of an ultimate war that will wipe out life on Earth.

Let’s be clear—the US (or rather the financial and corporate elite in control) has declared war on both Russia and China, be it through sanctions (also a declaration of war), subterfuge (malware and cyber penetration), victimizing Russian and Chinese nationals and corporations (Maria Butina, Meng Wanzhou, Huawei), a fatalistic trade war, and provocation from the South China Sea to the Black Sea and beyond. 

Finally, I find the Alt-right aka New or Dissident Right’s outrage over Trump being left out of the loop on the plan to cyber-attack Russia rather indicative of its inability to see the forest for the trees. Trump is in control of very little beyond his tweets. He is incapable of accomplishing much—a primary example being his wall—because what he wants is contrary to what the so-called deep state has in mind for us. 

Forget the polls. I don’t think he will be re-elected, the elite cannot afford to let that happen. They will push for the goofy quisling Joe Biden, the man who admitted he long ago sold out to the elite. He may be a bumbling fool, but he’s the elite’s bumbling and easy manipulable fool. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo


Neocons: The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

It only took a couple hours for the latest false flag directed at Iran to go down in flames, derided as unconvincing even by The New York Times.

I wrote the other day the Trump neocons wouldn’t release purported evidence of the Iranian complicity in the bombing of two tankers, as cited by former CIA boss Mike Pompeo. 

I was wrong about that. 

The Pentagon followed up Pompeo’s press conference with a grainy black and white video that shows… basically nothing, certainly not Iranian sailors detaching a limpet mine from the hull of a tanker. The video shows two ships, one big and the other small, and that’s it. 

Trump said the video is proof positive Iran was behind the supposed bombings. Now he looks like a total blockhead, which is nothing new. This is, after all, the Idiocracy presidency. 

The fumbling neocons are running on fumes, unable to convince anyone beyond their compeers that Iran was stupid enough to bomb a Japanese tanker, the Kokuka Courageous, while Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with the Iranians. 

The neocons, of course, will try again, probably with an equally shoddy false flag, but they may not—we hope and pray—get the chance. If Trump wants to dial-down the tension, he will need to deep six his national security adviser, the crucial link between executive power and troublemaking think tank neocons. 

Ditto Mike Pompeo, although that is less likely to happen. Mike knows what side his bread is buttered. He said God sent Trump to set things straight. The Donald likes it when underlings polish and wax his ego. Throwing in God earned Mike a gold star on his forehead. 

The neocons, Israelis, and the Saudis will have to come up with something more substantial if they’re going to get a war going against Iran. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Iran and the Invisible Limpet Mine 

Four nameless people from an unspecified government department told Reuters the US has the goods on Iran. This is being dutifully reported by the war propaganda media.

Of course, you won’t be permitted to see the video. Just take the government’s word for it. Just sit back and allow CBS and the rest lie you into numb somnolence. 

Notice how these overpaid propagandists don’t bother asking to see the video or demand the American people be allowed to see it. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Pompeo Speaks as Alt-Right Media Parrots War Propaganda

In the neocon hall of mirrors echoing with the cringe-worthy reverberation of lies, no evidence—or investigation—is required before casting blame on designated enemies. Such is the case today with Iran. 

Hours after the unclaimed and as of yet investigated attack on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, Sec. State Pompeo blamed Iran directly, which is hardly a surprise.

Mike thinks we are ignorant cows, and a lot of us are, especially the headline skimmers and those who believe just about everything the government says, never mind a past littered with thousands of government lies, many resulting in death and unbelievable carnage. 

Is it possible God told Mike to lie? 

Meanwhile, the Trumpers on the Alt-right cum New or Dissident Right are parroting the administration, once again demonstrating there is nothing “dissident” about them, they’re merely a cheering section for Donald the Clueless and his assorted neocons. 


The tankers in question are not flagged by the United States—unless you consider the Marshall Islands (“trusteeship” ended in 1990) and Panama part of the United States—and so Ms. Gabriel is way off base, but then we should expect this from a neocon fellow traveler. She heads up ACT for America, an Islamophobic organization that predicts Sharia law in America. 

Dubowitz heads up the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (or Defense of Zionist Israel). Naturally, as a seasoned neocon, Dubowitz is all in favor of attacking Iran. His schtick about Iran and North Korea colluding together is his trademark. 

Finally, Alex Jones. Back in the day, when I worked as Infowars editor, Jones was more or less antiwar. But things changed after the Clueless One was elected. Now Jones is a full-blown neocon, just like so many other alt-neocon “dissident” Trumpers. 


Standard clickbait lie for Infowars. Iran has not admitted bombing tankers in the Gulf of Oman. But then it appears the neocon disease of back-to-back (and often easily debunked) lies is a contagious disease. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Tanker Wars, Bolton, and a “Batshit Crazy” Trump

In regard to those troops Trump the Clueless wants to send into Poland, Robert Wenzel writes the president’s national security adviser John Bolton lives “rent free in President Trump’s head” and The Donald is nothing less than “a dumb and arrogant asshole.” 

You won’t get any argument from me, Bob. 

Troops antagonizing Russia aside, this morning I awoke to news two oil tankers are ablaze in the Gulf of Oman after an attack. It’s too early to place the blame on Iran but wait for it. Later this afternoon, the Trumpers will place the blame squarely on those evil mullahs who want nothing more than to destroy America and Israel.

Batshit Crazy Trump will defer to Bolton and the neocons, even though he has said he’s not interested in starting World War III and a possible nuclear war that will kill every living thing on the planet. Not even neocons in their underground bunkers will survive. 

A couple weeks ago speculation had it Bolton was on the way out. However, he’s still there and driving US foreign policy. 

Of course, this latest attack will be blamed on Iran, never mind the stupidity of believing Iran is inviting a war that will kill thousands, possibly millions, and probably escalate into Game Over for life on Earth. 

The Saudis didn’t waste any time fingering Iran and promising “grave consequences,” whatever that means. 

Forget what I wrote above about the batshit crazy neo-neocon administration waiting until this afternoon to say Iran did it. 

And so the narrative is off and running. It will now pick up speed and soon reach terminal velocity. 

Of course, the average American will be hit squarely in the pocketbook. 

But that will be nothing compared to what we can expect if the missiles begin flying. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Blowback Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

The Express is quoting a “former ranking US Air Force strategist who now lives on the strategically vital Straits of Hormuz” as saying if the US attacks Iran in response to the latest incident—undoubtedly a false flag—there will be hell to pay.

“That will lead to an emboldened Iran, more committed to backing their Shiite government than ever. Not the best outcome—which is why the US military is VERY hesitant to start a war —it would likely be a very unconstrained affair, with no end date.”

And he warned any conflict would spill over onto the streets of mainland USA with multiple terror attacks. He added: “Iran will undoubtedly use terrorism to strike the US if push came to shove.

“It’s easy to be brave NOW, but the US isn’t under attack. If a real war happened, we would have MULTIPLE Shiite attacks on targets like Times Square, Mall of the Americas, Disneyland…. You get the idea. So does Iran. So does Hezbollah.

It would be just what the neocons ordered—a fearful and enraged public ready to fully and enthusiastically support an unwinnable war with Iran. 

Lost in all of this is the real final objective—bombing Iran back to the Stone Age. The neocons aren’t necessarily interested in fighting a protracted land war, they are interested in destroying Iran the same way they destroyed Iraq.

Iran will not sit by like Saddam Hussein. The mullahs will not hide in “spider holes” like a bearded and disheveled Saddam or crawl in a drainage pipe like Gaddafi. They will strike back and Americans will die. Imagine a terror attack at Disney World and a burning Magic Kingdom littered with the dead and maimed. Or a suicide bomb at a crowded Mall of America during Christmas. Maybe a car bomb exploding when the ball drops at Times Square. 

Meanwhile, the AUMF covering all bases is in the process of being dusted off and paraded around to get things moving. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Clinton and Biden in Bizarro World

Let’s get Joe Biden out of the way first. He’s apparently so desperate to be president he’s taken to making an outrageous claim—if elected he will cure cancer.

Obviously, Joe is a blithering idiot, or he thinks you are. Either way, I seriously doubt he will be elected, although establishment Democrats have no other nominee choice.

Now, Clinton. I find this woman to be one of the most disgusting politicians in an expansive rogue’s gallery of reprehensible Democrats. Her particularly odious character came to the forefront recently during a speech delivered at Wesley College. Clinton’s sore loser persona was on full display when she alluded to Trump being the New Hitler that has put America on the path to fascism. 

Hillary Clinton knows better, but she believes Americans are gullible idiots with zero understanding of history and politics. Unfortunately, she is right on that count. 

If she were honest, she’d stop lying and tell the truth—we already live in a fascist country, not the racist Nazi variety, but rather Mussolini’s “public-private” corporatist crony capitalist state. 

Clinton, of course, is merely attempting to scare dumb-ass Democrats into voting for whatever political careerist, sociopath, and narcissist is selected to pretend he or she represents the American people. 

America is a bizarro world where up is down, black is white, and self-serving turnstile “public servants” are politely applauded as they tell easily proven lies. In a normal world, one where people actually care about the truth and seek to know it, this psychopath would be pelted with rotten tomatoes and horse dung. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Mayor Pete Just Shot Down His Presidential Campaign

On Tuesday Pete Buttigieg flew his presidential campaign into the side of a mountain. He made one of the worst mistakes a hopeful can make—he criticized Israel. 

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports:

During a speech at Indiana University, Buttigieg said that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will go forward with his pre-election promise to annex settlements in the West Bank, “he should know that a President Buttigieg would take steps to make sure that American taxpayers won’t help foot the bill.”

Buttigieg then made a second political mistake. He said he supports the so-called two-state “solution” to the conflict. 

It looks like Mayor Pete is trying to appeal to a growing segment of so-called progressives who have finally come around to the glaring fact Israel is an apartheid state that sucks billions of dollars every year out of the pockets of American taxpayers. This money is used in part to kill Palestinians, cut down Arab olive groves, and send bulldozers to plow under their homes. 

Hey, Pete. If you really want to be a pariah, you should call for ending the subsidies to this psychotic state, adding it to the list of international terrorist organizations, and returning sanity to Congress where zionist lobbyists run wild in the aisles making sure apartheid in Palestine remains a thing.

If a presidential hopeful makes this mistake, not only will he be prevented from running for anything—including dog catcher in Beaverhead, Montana—but may find himself on the public dole. High profile critics of Israel often have their careers ruined. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

NYT Defames Syria Girl

If you’re not a particularly astute news consumer, you might think large social media corporations are primarily blocking access and denying ad revenue to “conservative” voices, that is to say members of the alt-right that has at its core a large contingent of Trump supporters. 

This is a big red herring. It’s not simply so-called “conservatives”—as you might note, I have a problem with this designator—but also those of us not self-identifying as alt-right, New Right, whatever. Social media is also shutting down anti-war voices, both left and right.

A primary target is a woman known as Syria Girl, a popular anti-war (and importantly anti-zionist) activist on social media. In the following video, she details the latest attack on her by The Gray Lady of War Propaganda, The New York Times. 

The corporate media want to shut her down, not because she is spreading “fake news” or “misinformation,” but because she does an exemplary job of countering the war and zionist narrative—and also because she is popular, intelligent, and attractive, all which drive traffic to her various social media accounts. 

Russia Insider—merely glancing at this site will transform you into an unAmerican Putin-Nazi dupe—posted a photo of the NYT front page with the story, “The Making of a YouTube Radical.” 

Included in the front page photo collage we see the following alt-right or Dissident Right luminaries: Stefan Molyneux, Steven Crowder, Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Southern, Jordan Peterson, Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopolous, and Ben Shapiro.

I certainly wouldn’t include Syria Girl in this mélange of self-promoters.

Most of these folks rarely if ever talk about the endless wars now owned by Trump. A few even indirectly contribute to the wars by making Islam out to be a murderous religion dedicated to wiping out the infidels and raping every blonde teenage girl in Sweden. For some reason it escapes many of these people that Trump is in fact promoting Wahhabi terror by making military deals and palling around with venal Saudi monarchs. 

Instead of opposing endless war and taking Trump to task for reneging on his promise to bring the troops home, most of these people spend their time attacking Democrats and so-called progressives. It is a turbulent mosh pit of venom, slander, defamation, and ridiculous ill-informed political performance art mostly designed to draw attention to these individuals and their pet projects. 

It does zero to end the wars. In fact, it draws attention away from the psychotic nature of the war party and the military-industrial complex. Pepe the Frog is more interested in trashing Democrats than saving the lives on innocents in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, ad nauseam. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo

Forever War and the Talmudic Psychopath

Once again, Philip Giraldi hits the nail squarely on the head. He writes what the corporate media is either forbidden or afraid to write. In doing so, of course, he is considered an antisemite, that is to say, a peddler of hate speech as defined by the ADL and others anxious to obliterate your right to speak and write. 

“Trump’s A-team in the Middle East is headed by his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner who is being personally advised by a group of Orthodox Jews,” he writes. 

Bingo. That’s the problem. Orthodox Jews driving US foreign policy in the name of a radical and racist religion that rivals the violence of the Islamic State. 

Granted, Israel’s Orthodox Jews are not throwing gays off rooftops or shooting and drowning infidels in cages, but the hatred and willingness to engage in horrible violence is there, driven by religion. The difference is you rarely if ever hear about the hatred and violence embedded in Orthodox Judaism. 


Some of us are outraged by the systematic murder of Palestinians protesting at the Gaza fence, what is in actuality an apartheid barrier locking Palestinians in the largest open-air prison in the world. 

Most of us here in America don’t care. Millions of Americans are resigned to either accepting forever war as a given. But that may be too forgiving. Rather, most of us are so apathetic and distracted we hardly notice the criminal behavior of the government and its collusion with a racist and genocidal state. 

Maybe in a few years what I am now writing will be illegal. It certainly looks like things are going that way. Today in South Carolina and Florida, it is illegal to organize boycotts against Israel in response to its hateful racist violence. In Europe, criticizing Zionism will get you thrown in the clinker. 

Even a largely inconsequential blogger such as myself has faced death threats and harassment for the sin of pointing out the dastardly crimes of the Bush neocons, now the Trump neocons. That sort of intimidation will only grow as more people realize the forever wars in the Middle East are hatched in Israel. 

It is a small number of people who understand the truth. The forever wars in the Middle East and South Asia are not about “democracy,” they’re about making Israel an undisputed hegemon and bully lording over dispirited and emasculated Arabs and Persians locked in poverty-stricken bantustans where raw sewage runs in the streets, as it now does in Gaza. 

The forever wars are certainly about a warped form of American exceptionalism that has given birth to a perverted primacy. Bolton, Pence, and Pompeo talk about democracy, national security, and saving the world from wicked terrorists, mullahs, and communists in our “backyard,” but the real benefactor of endless violence in the Middle East is Israel.

In order to get a handle on all of this, one must do some reading. I know a lot of Americans are averse to reading—being more accustomed to gawping at screens of distraction—but those who really wish to understand why the wars go on and on like the energizer bunny must-read books, mostly obscure literature, and if known would be considered fake history by our corporatist and statist overlords. 

Begin with “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” by the late Israel Shahak. It is available here as a PDF. After reading this short book the reader will understand why Israel tortures and kills Palestinians. It’s not merely a covetous drive to steal land supposedly promised by God. It’s a deep-seated hatred and loathing of the Gentile, the non-Jew, be he or she Muslim or Christian, Hindu or Buddhist. 

The South African racist hated and feared indigenous black Africans. The Israeli racist and religious zealot hate all who are not Jewish and accepts only those with maternal Jewishness in their lineal descent. Everyone else in Israel is a second- or third-class citizen. 

The basis of this hate and desire to deceive and exploit is contained in the Talmud and the Kabbala—not the expurged and sanitized version for gullible Gentiles, but the real deal in Hebrew. Shahak, a Jew who escaped the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, points this out with shocking clarity. 

In January, Nikolay Mladenov, the UN’s Middle East envoy, called for Israel to “put an end to settler violence and bring those responsible to justice.” 

Mladenov’s naiveté is astounding, especially for a man who is supposedly an envoy to the region. He should know this will never happen because the Orthodox settlers committing horrendous crimes against Arabs in Palestine are justified by their religious belief all goyim exist in a space somewhere between animal and human, and thus it is entirely moral and legal to slaughter them in large numbers. In fact, it is a duty. 

If one even peels back a small corner of this truth, he or she is considered an antisemite, never mind the murderous and racist philosophy at the core of Orthodox Judaism. If you are dedicated to ending the wars—and, regrettably, this is not on the radar of most Americans—it is necessary to understand the philosophy of the Zionist, the Orthodox Jew, and the psychotic settler who is supported by the president’s son-in-law. 

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Author: Kurt Nimmo