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Karol Markowicz: ‘Ultimate Revolutionaries’ – How The Woke Regime Indoctrinates Kids
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“This happened in a red enclave, in a red hamlet, in a red town, in a red county. I need these people to understand that this could happen anywhere.”

New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz was a self-described “New York supremacist,” having spent all of her life in the Big Apple. But she uprooted her family to Florida after the coronavirus pandemic opened her eyes to what she saw were “Soviet patterns” across American culture. ...read more

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The Nuclear Balance Is Changing Against Us #shorts #nuclear #ccp #communism


Michael Pillsbury: This Is What a War with Communist China Could Look Like
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“Right now the topic is: will there be war with China? How soon? Someday, there might be another set of questions. Can we win a war with China? If so, how?” says Michael Pillsbury, senior fellow for China strategy at The Heritage Foundation and a co-author of the new report: “Winning the New Cold War: A Plan for Countering China.” ...read more

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