Abortion-Shaming Herschel Walker (READ DESCRIPTION BOX)


Are you also shaming 60 million women?

what’s the difference in a person who still advocates for that and someone who is not that person anymore. In both cases, no one should shame anyone for having that past. there are alot of abortion shamers in the black church in particular…’fast tale’ ‘fast little girl’..People don’t come to the Lord that way. you have to give them a chance to grieve and move on…a safe space.

white women vote 70 percent Republican despite having slightly more abortions by raw numbers than black women. there’s a desire to move on from the past and have that fairytale dream. they don’t talk themselves down as if they are not deserving of the fairytale because of their past.

we’ve been told in the black community that we are not deserving of the fairytale. self actualization. so we continue doing that which we feel guilty of…and her shamed publicly for it. instead of the elders allowing you to grieve secretly in their presence.

well…at my southern baptist church we have counseling centers…and we invite people to church.
I famously remember a local news anchor caught in a compromising position and a church friend invited him to church..Everyone was nice. No one gave a funny look. We were ‘on code’ be ause there’s a soul that deserves happiness in Christ and we want him to experience experience

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Author: {Ashley Loren}

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