New Emails Reveal Fauci’s Role in Shaping Paper That Established Natural Origin Narrative

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There’s new evidence that Dr. Anthony Fauci not only initiated efforts to cover up evidence pointing to a lab origin of COVID-19, but actively shaped a highly influential academic article that excluded the possibility of a lab leak. Fauci’s involvement with the article was not acknowledged by the authors nor by Fauci himself.

The article, Proximal Origin, argues aggressively for natural origin. While it was known that the authors’ privately thought the virus came out of a Wuhan lab, it had been unclear if the authors had reshaped their views to please Fauci or if Fauci had an active role in shaping the article himself.

Fauci controls a huge portion of the world’s research funds for virologists and at least three virologists involved in the drafting of Proximal Origin have seen substantial increases in their funding since the paper was first published.

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New Emails Reveal Fauci’s Role in Shaping Highly Influential Paper That Established Natural Origin Narrative | Truth Over News
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