“Mu Variant” Has Been Eradicated From US, Data Show

“Mu Variant” Has Been Eradicated From US, Data Show

Looks like Dr. Anthony Fauci may have been right about something (for once).

Scientists are saying that the “Mu” variant – also known as variant B.1.62 – which once sparked fears of igniting yet another wave of “breakthrough” infections has already been “eradicated” within the US. According to the most recent data on on the virus-tracking website Outbreak.info, Mu-related infections are accounting for 0% of new infections in the US.

Previously, the “Mu” strain had been found in nearly every US state. The variant peaked back in June when it accounted for just 3% of all new cases.

The strain was first detected in Colombia back in January. Since then, it has been detected in at least 40 countries.

As of Sept. 26, some 8,557 cases of Mu have been detected since it was first seen, the website said.

For those who haven’t been following the whole “Mu” variant situation, the WHO and CDC have three categories of COVID variants that make up their watch lists: variants of interest, variants of concern—which includes Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma—and variants of high consequence.

The WHO officially labeled the Mu variant a “variant of interest” on Aug. 30, which was around the peak of the “Mu” hysteria. The variant has genetic differences to the other known variants and is causing infections in multiple countries, meaning it might present a particular threat to public health.

The news comes as researchers in a Japanese study released on Monday showed that the Pfizer jab seems to offer “adequate” (76% effective) protection against Mu.

Tyler Durden
Wed, 09/29/2021 – 17:40

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Author: Tyler Durden

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