Combating Ransomware: Key Recommendations from the Ransomware Task Force


Ransomware, a cybercrime in which attackers remotely compromise computer systems until a ransom is given, is posing an increasing risk to national security. These attacks can potentially cripple critical government infrastructure, disrupt schools and businesses, shut down hospital systems and other institutions, withhold and/or expose private data, and are on the rise; in fact, almost 2,400 facilities were victims of ransomware crimes in 2020 alone.

In an attempt to fight these crimes and stop the flow of billions of dollars in ransom money to global criminal organizations, the Ransomware Task Force was created. This team of experts from software companies, cybersecurity vendors, government agencies, non-profits, and academic institutions wrote a report, entitled Combating Ransomware: A Comprehensive Framework for Action: Key Recommendations from the Ransomware Task Force, to help readers understand the gravity of these attacks and provide a comprehensive framework for proactively mitigating the growing ransomware problem.

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Author: Lindsey Mastrangelo

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