Congress has right to reject Electoral College votes: Rep. Brooks; Staff can adjust Dominion tally

00:00 Congress Has Last Word in Election: Brooks
Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks has at least twice taken time on the House floor to talk about election integrity. And, in an interview on American Though Leaders, he said Congress has the right to reject potentially fraudulent Electoral College votes.

02:04 Dominion Agreement With Santa Clara County Allows Staff to ‘Adjust Tally’
A 2019 agreement between Santa Clara County, California, and Dominion states the system allows staff to adjust the tally based on a review of scanned ballot images. California’s Secretary of State says the system uses ImageCast X, which allows voters to use their paper ballot on the same machine to cast their vote. Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell says the machines were designed to be easily hacked.

03:49 Alliance Urges China to End HK Crackdown
The Five Eyes intelligence-sharing group is urging Beijing to reconsider its actions against Hong Kong’s elected legislature. And China gave them a dire warning: be careful or else.

04:46 Rockefeller Tree’s Surprise Holiday Gift
A surprise! The holiday season came early this year to New York City. The iconic Rockefeller tree came with a gift: a little owl hidden in its branches.

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