Yang Slams Democrats As Party Of ‘Coastal Urban Elites’

Yang Slams Democrats As Party Of ‘Coastal Urban Elites’

Tyler Durden

Sun, 11/08/2020 – 17:25

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang says his party needs to do some serious soul searching if they want to connect with working-class Americans, even if Joe Biden is elected president.

During a discussion panel on CNN this week, Yang said that Democrats are out of touch

“You have to ask yourself, what has the Democratic Party been standing for in their minds?” said Yang, adding “And in their minds, the Democratic Party, unfortunately, has taken on this role of the coastal urban elites who are more concerned about policing various cultural issues than improving their way of life that has been declining for years.”

Earlier in the discussion, Yang said that while campaigning “I would say, ‘Hey! I’m running for president!’ to a truck driver, retail worker, waitress in a diner, and they would say, ‘What party?’ And I’d say ‘Democrat’ and they would flinch like I said something really negative or I had just turned another color or something like that.”

As the New York Post notes, Yang cautioned Democrats not to underestimate the size of Trump’s base in a Thursday tweet.

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Author: Tyler Durden