The Miracle of American Business

The nation and our people are being torn apart by a violent split over the recent election for President. Here where I live in Beverly Hills there are demonstrators running up and down the street right in front of our house and police cars and police helicopters on the streets and overhead. In West Hollywood right next door there are pro-Trump pickups and black people doing strange dances and shouting at each other.

Naturally the MSM are literally sobbing with joy that Biden and Harris stole the election successfully. I mean literally sobbing.

The miracle is that in the midst of this confusion, the grocery stores are still full of fabulous food and drink. The gas stations have gasoline. That may change.

But for now the MSM and the politicians are in utter confusion and wickedness but America’s business is business is business as Coolidge said and that’s working fine.

The miracle of free enterprise.

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Author: Ben Stein