Can You Hear Me Now: Nokia Set To Build Cellular Phone Network On The Moon

Can You Hear Me Now: Nokia Set To Build Cellular Phone Network On The Moon

Tyler Durden

Thu, 10/22/2020 – 04:15

Today in “things our government is preoccupied with while a second economic stimulus check remains unfinished” news…

NASA has tapped Finland’s Nokia to build the first ever cellular network on the moon. The network is going to be part of NASA’s plan to return humans to the moon by 2024, CBC notes.

The network is also part of a plan to build “long-term settlements” on the moon after returning. Nokia says the network will be built on the lunar surface in late 2022, before humans even return. 

The goal is to have a lunar base built by 2028 and “eventually sustain a human presence” on the moon, according to CNN. NASA has awarded over $370 million to a dozen companies to start putting the infrastructure necessary in place. 

Nokia plans on building the network by partnering with Intuitive Machines and delivering network equipment to the moon that will “configure itself” and establish an LTE network there.

“The network will provide critical communication capabilities for many different data-transmission applications,” Nokia said. 

“[This is] including vital command and control functions, remote control of lunar rovers, real-time navigation and streaming of high definition video,” Nokia continued.

“Nokia’s LTE network – the precursor to 5G – is ideally suited for providing wireless connectivity for any activity that astronauts need to carry out, enabling voice and video communications capabilities, telemetry and biometric data exchange, and deployment and control of robotic and sensor payloads.”

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Author: Tyler Durden