#CornPopped: RICO, USA Crim_nal Enterpr_se #PollWatchers

10/21: Tonight, POTUS holds Town Hall while B_den under LID for 5 days while FBI, DOJ, and Delaware State Police investigate the L_ptop….

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Gul_ani reports on L_ptop:

Lapt_p given to DE state Police:

After Pedophilia Accusations, Delaware Cops Refer Hunter Biden Laptop Case To FBI

POTUS Exec Orders on Human Trafficking October 2020:

Mayors must answer for China-sister-cities– 167 in USA

Senators Want Answers from US Mayors Conference on China’s ‘Sister Cities’

Recall N_wsome:


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Modrna executive Zaks, sells every bit of stocks and stock options predicted to be $90 million of profits by the end of 2020:

Corbett today questions answered:

Harvesting Corn in the Hunt_r Moon:

Please follow Leo Zagami, Freemasons, Romania, Epst_in/Gates, IPI:

International Peace Institute:

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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