The Best Way to Stay at Home


Another beautiful day in Sunny Cal. I can sum up where we are by noting what I just sent to the alumni magazine for Yale Law School.

The chaotic era of the pandemic and its attendant fear are trying to grind us down, and on some days they succeed. But my wife and I trudge the road of happy destiny as best we can. In Sunny Cal, we are supposed to stay home, but we have a lot of homes, none of which I can afford any longer, and they afford us the chance to “stay at home” and still be at our house in Beverly Hills or our house in Malibu or our house in Rancho Mirage. We also spent much of the summer at our home in Sandpoint, Idaho, right on magnificent Lake Pend Oreille, where we go roaring around on our boat. It’s a high life, and it has to change a lot as we age. My wife and I hate aging. One of the ways we fight it is to recall our happy times at YLS. It was life in an enchanted, magical bubble of privilege and power. Demonstrating for the Black Panthers by day and eating off Yale insignia china by night. How Yale protected us and also made some progress teaching us how to think. The gifts that the law school gave us were incalculable. What is that famous quote from the poet? “Bliss it was in that day to be alive, but to be young was very heaven.” Thank you, Yale Law School.

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Author: Ben Stein