Bill Maher Skewers 2016 ‘Hillary Equivocators’ & Third Party Voters: “You All Have To Eat It One More Time”

Bill Maher Skewers 2016 ‘Hillary Equivocators’ & Third Party Voters: “You All Have To Eat It One More Time”

Tyler Durden

Sat, 09/26/2020 – 11:45

HBO’s Bill Maher attempted to police and chastise third-party voters and “Hillary equivocators” among Democrats who see Joe Biden as just another establishment centrist. During his Friday show he told his audience “You all have to eat it one more time.”

“There’s no catching them in an inconsistency. They don’t care,” Maher said of Republicans. “The only rule Republicans play by is ‘the people who win make the rules.’ Power talks, losers walk.”

He added: “They have the power, and they’re going to use it to make a court with six conservatives. And when the 2020 election winds up in the lap of that court as they’re practically already promising it will, guess who wins?”

“How different it could have been…” Maher said, transitioning to 2016 and the question of Hillary Clinton.

He then he unleashed on fence-sitters and third party voters, which he appeared to blame for Trump’s taking the White House in the first place:

All the Hillary equivocators from 2016, the people who said she was racist, not really that different from Trump, the ones who voted third party, the ones who stayed home because, ‘you know, the lesser of two evils,’ sorry, but you all have to eat it one more time. Because oh how I would love me some of that Hillary evil right now. You know, the evil where liberals would currently have a 6-3 majority on the court, the evil where people wouldn’t be facing having their health care taken away or their right to vote or where America wasn’t sliding into autocracy…

He also provocatively quipped: “I hope you enjoy carrying your rape baby to term, you can name it Jill Stein.”

He urged that the only answer for progressives and liberals, even those not at all excited about a Biden presidency, is to give him an overwhelming victory in November.

But then again it is quite telling that this is where the Dems are: just like in 2016, Maher and others like Michael Moore must resort to policing their own amid complete lack of enthusiasm for sleepy Joe Biden.

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Previously in 2017 Maher admitted to CNN of Hillary Clinton, she “wasn’t a great candidate” while also noting she brought no energy to the party compared to Trump’s 2016 appeal to young people.

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Author: Tyler Durden