#14thAm: Res 718, Rank V_ting, We Are The 99.99% #Pray4Ron

9/25: We Pray for Ron Paul, We fight the DS C_up, We fight the Fake Fasc_st worldwide Medical Tyr_nny and roll out of domestic health surveillance…

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We pray for Ron Paul:

Rand Paul will Refer Hunter B_den for DOJ Criminal Investigation:

Sen. Rand Paul will refer Hunter Biden for DOJ criminal investigation

Senate passes Resolution 718:

Laurene Powell Jobs’ Atlantic article now being used as in Lincoln Project ads:

President Trump’s incredible speech announcing "Platinum Plan" to promote Black Americans Economic Success in Atlanta, GA:

Rank Voting the new S_ros funded push to get Dems/Radicals elected:

Please watch Colonel Black calling out the Co_p: (Please sub to Sarah Westall)
Part 1:

Part 2:

PLEASE WATCH: President Trump Liberty Truth to the 75th UN Assembly:

James Bradley, running against Ted Lieu in CA fights Big Med/Phrma abusing vets and poor in testing v a x and drugs:

Want to help Vets in need right now, Code Of Vets!

Red Pill Expo 2020 October 10/11!

Home (2020 Jekyll)

Please attend CSPOA event in Lynchburg, take the course and be part of supporting Sheriff training across America to protect our Liberties!


AG George, US VI, Demands release of Epstein Flight Logs:

C I A federal Lab announced:

Trump to participate in Catholic Prayer Breakfast, AG Barr honored:

AG Barr to be honored at virtual Catholic prayer breakfast

Do we need to be concerned about Jesuit SCOTUS influence?

Who’s Afraid of Amy Coney Barrett?



Boot camp with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on how to defeat Medical Tyranny:

FALL 2020 MVI BOOT CAMP – Enrollment is Open Today – Sept 14,2020

Happy Hour Prayer Wave with Dr. T!:

Podesta plays Biden in COG Wargaming Coup to contest 2020 election:

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:

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