#CovFefe: SCOTUS Lagoa! Big Phrma, Jacobson, U1 #America1stHealthPlan

9/24: Today, as Flynn Docs unsealed, DS exposed, Lagoa’s Constitutional judgements show her to be Anti-mandatory V A X, unsealing Epstein docs, against lockdowns and anti-communisim!

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Please watch for record on Lagoa vs Bar_ett

Judge Barbara Lagoa stands against felons voting without paying retributions:

James Bradley running to unseat Ted Lieu! Wants to fight the CA V A X laws and to repeal the 1986 Act the Fa_ci forced through to make Big Phrma immune from lawsuits!

Please watch 1986 The Act, by Dr. Wakefield:

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Sarsour’s Until Freedom teams up with Nationalbailout to train rioters:

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Podesta plays Biden in COG Wargaming Coup to contest 2020 election:

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