CNN calls out Biden for false claim about Trump

Biden also claimed that the Trump campaign had not asked him to release such a list until after Bader Ginsburg died.
“We can’t keep rewriting history, scrambling norms, ignoring our cherished system of checks and balances. That includes this whole business of releasing a list of potential nominees that I would put forward. They’re now saying, after they — after Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, they said, ‘Biden should release his list.’ It’s no wonder the Trump campaign asked that I release the list only after she passed away. It’s a game for them. It’s a play to gin up emotions and anger,” he said.
CNN pointed out that Biden was wrong as the Trump campaign, as well as Trump himself, had repeatedly said that Biden should release a list of prospective Supre Court nominees pointing out that when the Trump campaign released his list on September 9, the campaign issued s statement saying that “Biden must do the same,” and reiterated it again on September 17, the day before Ginsburg died.
On August 24 at the Republican National Convention Trump said “I’m demanding, actually, a list: let Biden put up a list of the judges he’s going to appoint.”  In a June 22 interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Trump said “You ought to ask a guy like a Biden or ask his campaign: give a list of judges, see where they stand on pro-life, see where they stand on it.”
Biden’s other miscue according to CNN was when he was trying to bolster his case that the Senate should wait to confirm the next justice until after the election he said “By the way, there’s no court session between now and the end of this election.”
CNN labeled this “simply inaccurate,” since the court is scheduled to start its next session on October 5, nearly a month before Election Day on November 3.
President Donald Trump has shown the American public that he is committed to appointing conservatives to the Supreme Court while Joe Biden tries to obfuscate in an effort to hide his true agenda from the voters.

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Author: Don Irvine