9/11: Today, POTUS’ speech in PA recalls Heroism of Americans Acting to resist Ter_orism against the USA on Flight 93, 19 years ago. 19 years later we have another inside/cab_l Ter_orist Attack taking place in the USA…

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President Trump knew they couldn’t take down the WTC w planes:

POTUS in MI last night: "WE LOVE YOU":

Rick Grennel on the Kosovo/Serbia Peace deal:

Learn How to Protect your American community, Muster!

Excellent video on Patri_t Resistance and multiple arrests in OR on fire-arson in OR:

Arson, Censorship and Pedophilia: The Globalist Weapons Used To Level America

Keep up to date (subscribe) to Dutchsinse on the DEW Fires on W Coast USA:

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Seem to Be Starting Fires in California and Oregon

22 year old man who raped baby captured by US Marshalls:

Biden’s plan to escalate refug_e "immigration":

Blackberry 2.0- Weismann/Mueller wipe phones:

Austin Police Association warns public with Billboards: Enter At Own Risk

Schiff’s latest Whistle Boy:

Brian Murphy: DHS Whistleblower Claims Intel Was Bent to Match Trump’s Antifa Claims

Professor Krug, Jewish woman pretending to be Black at GWU forced out:

Peggy Hall info on how to fight Franken-V tyranny in your county:

Podesta plays Biden in COG Wargaming Coup to contest 2020 election:…

Lithium Orotate for healing methylation in the brain:…

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