MuckRock’s Fraud

A once respected organization trashes its mission statement and engages in sexism and intellectual fraud to shield Hillary Clinton from scrutiny.

Once upon a time, MuckRock was a respected organization that made its name with FOIA requests touting that MuckRock was,

Your essential weekly guide to the latest on FOIA, transparency and accountability battles, threats and wins. 

So how do we explain their sudden and complete capitulation to Hillary Clinton, which evicerates their stated mission? Is this merely another form of TDS or something far more pervasive?

This morning, MuckRock sent an email with the intellectual fraud of late, attempting to correlate Hillary Clinton’s criminal violation of installing a completely separated and completely secret server system in the basement of a private home, to Melania Trump using her personal email to conduct her business.

The fact that MuckRock just fell right into the mysoginist 101 playbook , “any vagina is interchangeable with any other vagina” aside for a moment, let’s look at the intellectual fraud they are trying to perpetrate.

Hillary Clinton was a paid government worker who installed an entire, self-contained server system that she kept secret from the public -in the basement of a private home- to conduct top secret and classified intelligence work via that server system rather than her appointed government email. This means all of the work done on that separate, self contained server system is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

 This is an actual crime unto itself.  Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, is subject to FOIA and all of the laws that govern her work, which she was paid for.

The fact that all of Hillary Clinton’s government work was done on a server not subject to FOIA -MuckRock’s claim to fame- might be the largest elephant in any room in MuckRock’s house.

The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) is whoever is married to the President. FLOTUS has no consequence to national security, deals with no intelligence information, no classified materials, no government work whatsoever, and has zero obligation to use a government appointed email in any way, shape or form.

FLOTUS may use any communication she likes, since it’s not a real job, she collects no salary, and has no work for the government.

FLOTUS is not a job.

That MuckRock would fraudulently link these two things in an attempt to white wash the actual crimes of a Secretary of State who set up an entire, self contained server system to avoid FOIA, discredits MuckRock on its own mission statement.

The Mysoginy of MuckRock

How can an organization like MuckRock engage in the basic sexist and misogynistic behavior of thinking one can simply interchange anyone with a vagina? It’s one step away from suggesting that any black man is comparable to any other black man, simply because he is also black. Reducing a person to their skin color is racism in the same way that reducing a person to their sex organs is sexist.

Any vagina doing any role in the government is now interchangeable and comparable to any other role held by a vagina? 

The woman married to the President, and the SECRETARY OF STATE have no relationship whatsoever, other than the fact that Melania has a vagina and Hillary has a vagina.

The fact that FLOTUS has a vagina and Hillary has a vagina is the connection MuckRock is promoting and advertising between the two things. And, they are using that as the reasoning to excuse illegal behavior because if one vagina did something, this affects all other vaginas regardless of the law.

This is what MuckRock is now trying to sell you.

How can anyone claiming to be touting “transparency and accountability“-rationally, morally or ethically defend such intellectually fraudulent behavior?