WaPo Claims Election Result Will “Spark Violence” Unless It’s A Biden Landslide

WaPo Claims Election Result Will “Spark Violence” Unless It’s A Biden Landslide

Tyler Durden

Thu, 09/03/2020 – 18:00

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

The Washington Post has published an article asserting that the election result will “spark violence” unless it’s a Biden landslide, prompting some observers to view the prediction as a threat.

“The election will likely spark violence — and a constitutional crisis. In every scenario except a Biden landslide, our simulation ended catastrophically,” tweeted the newspaper.

This prompted numerous commentators to question the logic behind such a forecast.

“Sounds an awful lot like a threat,” remarked Ian Miles Cheong.

“WaPo is using threats of violence to interfere in an election,” tweeted Mike Cernovich, adding, “This is how the mob talks.”

“The media is telling us the election will be decided after election day and if Biden does not win there will be violence,” commented Jack Posobiec. “Tony Soprano was more subtle than this.”

On Monday, Biden himself suggested that the violence plaguing American streets will continue unless voters elect him, tweeting, “Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?”

As we highlighted on Tuesday, a polling firm with direct ties to the Biden campaign and the DNC says that it’s likely President Trump will appear to have won in a landslide on election night but may lose after mail in ballots are counted, which “will take days if not weeks to tally.”

With Hillary Clinton urging Joe Biden not to concede and Facebook revealing that it refuse to call the election result ‘prematurely’, many Trump supporters now fear that the political class will try to filibuster the election outcome in yet another attempt to subvert the Trump presidency.

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Author: Tyler Durden

One thought on “WaPo Claims Election Result Will “Spark Violence” Unless It’s A Biden Landslide”

  1. PROUD AMERICAN has the WAPO a crystal ball that they can predict the future? Or is this headline a notice to alert the dissidents to prepare for anarchy? Either way it sounds ominous to the average voter, almost like a threat, vote for my guy or something dire will happen to your loved ones! This is Mafia talk. This is beginning to resemble an election in a Communist country! If such a disastrous event were too occur it would be equivalent to an attempt to overthrow a legitimately elected President and lead to an uncivil civil war. There are few Conservatives who desire such a calamitous Outcome. Are the Demonrats that desperate that they would propose a war to elect a person who is totally unfit for any office. Or the believe they can gain the office by getting rid of Biden right after the election? These are people with great delusions and need help immediately.